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Zorvino Vineyards: A One Stop Guide to Know

In beautiful Southern New Hampshire, Zorvino Vineyards (226 main street Sandown) is a lovely location famous for its intimate new England setting for weddings and a winery venue with a huge selection of delicious, great wine.

Zorvino Vineyards: A One-Stop Guide to Know

Zorvino vineyards provide various services: wine tastings, wedding packages, corporate and social events, and a patio area.

Zorvino vineyards surely us a lot to talk about, be it for weddings or wine tasting, so without further ado, let’s dive into knowing more about this amazing place for your next visit to a vineyard at 226 main street Sandown NH (New Hampshire).

  1. About Zorvino Vineyards

Zorvino Vineyard is not just any other usual vineyard where you go for wine tasting or wine purchase, they also offer great event services to host events like romantic weddings while acting as an event planner and coordinator.

You also witness a gorgeous gazebo overlooking the vineyards and water features.

Zorvino Vineyards is owned by a family and operated winery by Jim and Cheryl Zanello located at 226 main street Sandown NH. If you look into the name of this vineyard, “Zorvino,” it’s made up of two words: “Zor” and “Vino.”

“Zor” is taken from their family name, “Zorzanello,” whereas “Vino” is an Italian word that means “Wine.”

So basically, they chose the name for the vineyard, “Zorvino,” to show their focus on this winery where the family and wine come together. Isn’t it thoughtful?

Zorvino Vineyards
Photo by Pieter Biesemans on Unsplash

1.1 History of Zorvino Vineyards

The family-owned and operated, Zorvino vineyards have an interesting history to tell about.

In 2000, Jim and Cheryl Zanello purchased land of about 80 acres at 226 main street Sandown NH (New Hampshire) and started to plant vines in their backyard as a hobby; four years into this hobby, they established “Zorvino” vineyards. It’s so much fun to know that this famous vineyard was established just out of a hobby.

In the beginning, for a few years, they just focused on growing and planting different types of vines (2500 approx) and made wines with fruits as 100% ingredient and unique Z lab creations.

But the inviting and rustic ambiance of Zorvino Vineyards attracted many visitors asking to organize events and weddings.

This journey of a family-owned and operated winery turned the business just made out of a hobby into a successful venture. Seems quite inspiring, right?

1.2 Directions to reach Zorvino Vineyards

If you are interested iningin visiting Zorvino Vineyards, let us guide you with directions to reach this amazing vineyard.

It is located in the middle of New England hardwood forest in Southern New Hampshire, Sandown, which is approximately 30 minutes drive from Manchester.

To reach Zorvino Vineyards from Manchester, head to Bridge St toward Ash St. Then take the road to NH-121 S/ Manchester Road and continue going onto NH-121 to reach 226 main Street Sandown, NH, and search for Zorvino Vineyards.

1.3 Property Information of Zorvino Vineyards

Zorvino Vineyards serves absolutely beautiful event spaces with all the details, a rolling green landscape for a romantic wedding, a stress-free approach to the wedding, a tasting room with absolutely delicious wine, an incredibly accommodating location, and a large outdoor patio area.

Zorvino vineyards have endless places in its large 80 acres lot to offer something to everyone’s preference. The vineyard has a ballroom, a loft, a vineyard, a garden, and a winery full of wine barrels.

1.4 Awards and News

Zorvino vineyards are both a family-owned and operated winery and a successful venture. Over the past years, it has won many awards for its winery with great wine and wedding planning process. Some of the awards are:

  • Winery of the Year-2016
  • Best of the Seacoast- 2 consecutive years (2018-19)
  • The Knot- Best of Weddings- 2019. 2020. 2021
  • The Knot- Best of Weddings- Hall of Fame
  • WeddingWire- Couples’ Choice Awards- 2019, 2020

Zorvino vineyards have been many times in the news for all the good reasons. Once, it was considered in wineries to visit during the summer sipping season. The press also covered its grand opening of a large outdoor patio and pergolas.

Zorvino vineyards were also featured in chronicles! A local magazine of Sandown, NH, “NH magazine,” also talked about the amazing wines of this one of the famous wineries in New Hampshire.

It is not just an ordinary vineyard with wine barrels; there is so much more about this amazing place.

Visit a NH winery: Zorvino Vineyards

  1. Services provided by Zorvino Vineyards

Zorvino vineyards open ample opportunities to visit Zorvino Vineyards and its winery. You get so many services with perfect pairing with your needs. Generally, this well-known vineyard offer services such as:

Zorvino Vineyards
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Winery– The winery of Zorvino vineyards serves various types of wines (mostly hybrids), having something for everyone’s preference. They have several great wines like red, white, rose, fruits, z wine with a unique style, and fall flights.

Tasting room – Do not miss trying out their signature red barn.

Winery tours– Zorvino vineyards offer winery tours to interested visitors, but you need to book a tour for the winery before your day of visit.

Gift shop– Zorvino vineyards have a separate gift shop to help you with easy gifting options to your loved ones when you visit such a beautiful destination and take a token of memory in the form of wine as a gift.

Custom labels– To escalate the gifting level, they also have the option of in-house custom labels for your close ones on the bottle of great wine.

Z patio– Z patio is the apt place to enjoy snacks and flights on a sunny day.

Weddings– if you manifest a rustic and romantic wedding in a vineyard with lush vines, then Zorvino vineyards are perfect.

Corporate and social events– A special day with a special event in a vineyard is something you imagine for your next event, then Zorvino vineyards are best for you. You can also add wine tasting and tours to the main menu for the event.

  1. What’s special in Zorvino Vineyards?

    Zorvino vineyards is a well-known, family-owned and operated winery, but what makes this vineyard/winery so popular?

    There are so many doubts regarding Zorvino vineyards’ popularity, but the main question is: What’s special about them which makes them stand out? What’s so special in Zorvino vineyards? What unique style do Zorvino vineyards offer?

    Well, the answer is pretty simple, the delicious and sweet wines, which are 100% fruit wines, beautiful event spaces for weddings and other special occasions, beam venue, and perfect photo op (a vintage bus and an artificial koi pond).

    There is also a handcrafted post with a massive selection at the original medium, and seamless event plannings make the Zorvino vineyards stand out among other vineyards and seem so much fun and special to visitors.

  1. Zorvino Vineyards’ Winery

Zorvino Vineyards
Image by 3D Animation Production from Pixabay

Zorvino Vineyards’ wines have been in demand since Jim and Cheryl Zanello purchased a vast land due to their love to grow a vineyard as a hobby, and they eventually started the business.

Now, Zorvino vineyards sell about 7000 cases of wine every year. They provide 100% fruit-based wines and unique style Z lab wines, which are a great hit among wine lovers.

The winery of famous Zorvino vineyards has wine-tasting rooms, tours, a wine purchase area, a gift shop, and a Z patio area.

4.1 Wine Flights – Zorvino vineyards have numerous wines available. Some of the wine flights offered by Zorvino Vineyards are Red (Lambrusco, Barbera Reserve, Malbec, Sangiovese Reserve), White & Rose’ (Sauvignon Blanc, La Cresent, Riesling), Fruit & Blends (Black Magic, Pear, Cherry, Cranzeeno), Fall Flight (Cafe Vino,’ Apple Pie, Mapplez) and Z wine labs (Cucumber Tomato, Tropical Punch, Hopped Lychee).

4.2 Z Patio – Zorvino Vineyards introduced the Z patio to offer a great sunny day with a few flights and bites. It’s the perfect place when you are in the mood to sit, sip, and relax!

You can also enjoy a gorgeous gazebo overlooking the beautiful vineyard, water features, and the artificial koi pond.

4.3 Gift Shop – The gift shop by this famous winery is not just about gifting wines and wine-related novelties in a box; it is a unique style shop as it also offers local snacks, apparel, and other gift options are also available. Other gift items you can find in the gift shop by Zorvino vineyards are-

a) Specially made cheese and cheese spread

b) Personal embellished trays

c) Artisanal Crackers

d) Local chocolates and fudge

e)Cutting boards made by the locals

4.4 Where to buy wines by Zorvino Vineyards – You can purchase wines from Zorvino vineyards at their on-site store. You can also buy their famous wines at other stores like Greg & Jane’s Beer & Wine, Hannaford Supermarkets, Market Basket, J & B Butcher, Metro Market, and Shaw’s.

4.5 Custom Labels – If you don’t want to gift an ordinary wine bottle, What about a wine bottle with a twist? Zorvino Vineyards provide a custom label to their wine bottles if you want to gift them to your loved ones.

You can ask for custom labels on their full-bottle wines and split wine, whatever is in stock. Sounds interesting, right?

5. Zorvino Vineyards as a Venue

Zorvino vineyards were initially just a vineyard with a winery; still, when many people came asking and requesting to have events and weddings in Zorvino vineyards’ beautiful location in the New England hardwood forest, Zorvino vineyards came into the business of event planning and providing their beam venue for the set-up of a romantic wedding.

If you organize an event in Zorvino Vineyards, you get the beauty of a large outdoor patio in the middle of the new England hardwood forest.

If you book Zorvino vineyards for your event or special day, you won’t need to worry much as they offer a stress-free approach to the wedding planning process and a seamless event that shows your unique style.

5.1 Corporate and social events

Zorvino vineyards are open to giving you a beautiful set-up for any special event, be it an anniversary or a corporate meeting.

They have lush vineyards, accommodating staff, delicious food, and a beam venue to make your event a great deal and talk among your guests. You can customize the main menu for the event and include wine tasting and tours to your event to be more happening.

5.2 Picnic area

The vast Zorvino vineyards are full of gardens and greenery in the heart of New England Hardwood Forest. Zorvino vineyards, thus, make a perfect place to be used as a picnic spot for your next outing with friends and family.

You also get delicious food from their special Patio menu and enjoy some bites and sips.

5.3 Wedding Venue

Zorvino Vineyards
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The handcrafted post of Zorino vineyards and their beam venue makes a perfect place for a beautiful location for your special day with an intimate new England setting.

If you wish for a romantic wedding with an absolutely beautiful background, search Zorvino Vineyards, and you will get to your dream wedding location.

The team of Zorvino vineyards provides wedding planning with all-inclusive packages for a perfect wedding day according to your needs. Their inviting and rustic ambiance will surely leave your guests in awe of the beauty of Zorvino Vineyards.

Amenities provided by Zorvino vineyards for the wedding day: Dressing rooms, a reception area, a ceremony area, and indoor event spaces.

They can accommodate up to 200 guests in their original venue for the wedding day. Settings available for the wedding day in Zorvino vineyards are Ballroom, garden, loft, winery, barn, and vineyard.

Zorvino vineyards’ team also provides information on their preferred vendors. They have a vendor list for almost every possible thing you would need for the wedding day, from flower decorations to music set-ups.

  1. Things to do near Zorvino vineyards

    Coming down to Zorvino vineyards(226 main street Sandown NH) and not exploring the surroundings isn’t a good idea. The neighbourhood of Zorvino Vineyards has a lot of things to visit whenever you come to this family-owned and operated winery.

    Some of the top things to do or places to explore near Zorvino Vineyards are-

    Canobie Lake Park – The Canobie lake park in Salem, New Hampshire( just a few kilometres away from Zorvino Vineyards, Sandown, NH) has many joyful rides, entertaining live events, and attractions to make your day filled with fun.

    Yoga Room – A wellness center in Hampstead near Sandown, NH, Yoga Room is a good stop for your trip to Zorvino Vineyards. Doing a little yoga might give us a healthy vibe after hours of wine tasting.

    Robert Frost Farm State Historic Site – This historic site is where the well-known Robert Frost used to live, raised his family, and wrote his famous book. And guess what! This site is nearby Zorvino Vineyards.

    Sweet Baby Vineyard – On the way to Zorvino Vineyards, you can see many vineyards. The sweet baby vineyard is one of them; you should stop and try their wine, as we should never skip a chance to taste new and great wine.

    A & A Balloon Rides – Located in Chester, A&A Balloon Rides is a fun place where you can enjoy entertaining fun rides with balloons and have a fun time with your family while being on a trip to Zorvino Vineyards (226 main street Sandown NH)

    Taylor Mill State Historic Site – Taylor Mill is another ancient rustic-looking historic site in Derry which is quite close to Zorvino Vineyards, 226 main street Sandown NH.

    Plaistow Town Forest – A forest part in Plaistow town, near Zorvino Vineyards, perfect for families as the Plaistow town forest has numerous trails and many entertainments which kids will love.

    Searles Castle – A beautiful and small castle amid Windham, Searles castle is a great place to visit and get mesmerized by its architecture. This place is also just a few kilometres away from Zorvino Vineyards, New Hampshire.

    Kingston State Park – On the way to Zorvino Vineyards(New Hampshire), if you wish to stop for a little while, then Kingston State park will be perfect. Kingston State park is a good place for picnics and swimming.

    America’s Stonehenge – If you are attracted to nature and its mystery, then you should stop by America’s Stonehenge (formerly known as Mystery Hills). This ancient ruin place has different types of rock structures with unique shapes and designs, some made by humans.

  2. Top Competitors of Zorvino Vineyards

    With Zorvino Vineyards, a family-owned and operated winery in the limelight for its great wine and wedding packages, many other competitors have stood in front of this old vineyard of New Hampshire.

    We all have heard that it’s always better to check the competitors in the location you are considering and compare them to find the best deal for you.

    So, to help you in comparing the best options you can consider, we have briefed you about some of the top competitors of Zorvino Vineyards:

    Novelty Hill Januik – Novelty Hill-Januik Winery, located at Woodinville-Redmond Road NE, Woodinville, WA, is a beautiful location if you love farm weddings. The Novelty Hills- Jaunik winery serves the popular wines made by legendary Mike Januik. They promise to provide a beautiful, stress-free, and seamless event.

    Alvino – Allvino is a global name that aims at offering great wine at a great price to American customers. They have various unique wines which make you explore and experiment with different tastes.

    Gotham Winery – A winery based in New York City, Gotham winery is a modern winery that focuses on providing wines of great quality with a sustainable approach. Their wines have many favourable comments, so one should try wines from Gotham Winery.

    Bacchus and beery – Located in Texas, United States, Bacchus & Beery have mouth-watering wines with a large variety to choose from.

    Scribner Bend Vineyards – A vineyard in River Road Sacramento, CA, Scribner Bend vineyard is a famous vineyard that offers almost the facilities Zorvino Vineyards do. They offer services like wine tasting, tours, weddings, private events, wine club, live music & winery events, and a paisanos courtyard kitchen.

    Clovis Point – With a headquarter in Southold, New York, Clovis point is a famous winery that offers great wines to wine lovers. Expanded in 10 acres of land, Clovis Point winery has signature red wines made from their grapes.

    They promise a remarkable experience while attending an inviting tasting room or a tour of the winery in Clovis Point vineyard.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

8.1 Is there a restaurant in Zorvino vineyards?

Yes, Zorvino vineyards have a restaurant as a separate patio area where you can enjoy sips and bites.

8.2 Do we need reservations to visit Zorvino Vineyards?

Yes, you need to book your visit to Zorvino Vineyards in advance.

8.3 Are wines of Zorvino vineyards expensive?

The Zorvino vineyards’ wine falls in the expensive medium range.

8.4 Is Zorvino Vineyard a family-owned and operated winery?

Yes, Zorvino vineyards are a family-owned and operated winery in Sandown, NH.

8.5 Why is Zorvino vineyard so famous?

Zorvino vineyards are famous for their 100% fruit wines and intimate new England setting.

8.6 Is there a parking facility in Zorvino Vineyards?

Yes, Zorvino vineyards have a parking facility.

8.7 Are dogs allowed in Zorvino vineyards?

Yes, Zorvino vineyards are dog-friendly, but dogs are only allowed in the outdoor area.

8.8 Where are Zorvino vineyards?

Zorvino vineyards are located at 226 main street Sandown NH in the middle of the new England hardwood forest.

8.9 Who is the owner of Zorvino vineyards?

Jim and Cheryl Zanello are the owners of Zorvino vineyards.

  1. Final Thoughts

    Zorvino Vineyards is a place that has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are a wine-loving individual or searching for a wedding venue, you should visit this beautiful vineyard to experience its inviting and rustic ambiance.

    The vineyard has a convenient parking facility with separate bike parking. A cherry-on-top-this property is a pet-friendly premise that allows your pets in their vast outdoor gardens. Good news for pet parents, right?

    They have an inviting and accommodating staff, making your visit remarkable. Head down to Zorvino vineyards which offers the finest winery near Manchester!

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