Workout plans for women Workout plans for women

Workout Plans for Women: Amazing Guide

From toned limbs, flat stomachs, and small waists to curvy hips & big butts, women always had and to date have too many figure specifications to achieve.

And attaining each specification requires adhering to different workout routines.

Workout Plans for Women: An Amazing Guide

So, workout plans for women need to be constantly upgraded and modified to cope with such configuration whims.

For example, ladies wanting curvaceous profiles would need to include more squats in their workout routine, than the women desiring lean and slender frames. Workout regimes tend to vary depending on the fitness goals of individuals.

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Kick-Off Your Workout Routine

Hesitating to embark on a fitness journey, because of a lack of planning? Or don’t have anyone or adequate knowledge, to guide you through your fitness journey?

Depended totally on cyberspace for guidance, but disoriented about to-dos and not to-dos?

Then this interesting, informational piece of ‘workout plans for women’ might be the guide you were looking for.

Essentials to Remember

1. Workout a Plan

Now, don’t make the mistake of setting off on a fitness journey with intense, vigorous workout plans, if there is no previous workout experience.

Jumping from a novice level to a pro-level in one day can prove to be strenuous for both your mind and body.

Therefore, take baby steps and start the workout routine with easy and simple exercises. Once accustomed, increase the duration, counts, and vigour eventually.

2. No Ditching in Between

Weave the daily or weekly workout routine around the fitness goals set by you.

From including extensive cardio workouts to intense strength training workouts, it all depends on individual targets, i.e. whether one is aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or just maintain an active lifestyle.

Also, remember to set achievable targets, so that a feasible workout routine can be laid down and adhered to, as ditching the workout plan in middle is a total no-no.

Learn & Follow the Ideal Workout Plan for Women

Are you aware of a certain celebrity’s big, lifted butt? Or of celebrities dawning curvy bodies?

If you are a 21st-century woman, who is on social media, then you are bound to be familiar with such physique specifications.

Women nowadays work out just to attain certain physical traits, those are in trend and are considered beauty standards.

Having a big lifted butt, and curvy body is a trend in today’s world and credit goes to certain celebrities, while slender, symmetrical profiles are not so much in demand.

Upper Body Workout for Women: 10 Best Exercises

Rather than indulging in full-body workouts, they prefer focusing on certain body segments. But to be honest an entire body workout routine would do more good than limiting to certain body parts.

Exactly why, you will come across all kinds of workouts in this write-up of workout plans for women. Now, leaving the duration part to you, whether to follow it as a 5-day workout routine, weekly routine or monthly routine is totally up to you ladies.

From cardio workouts to strength workouts, all kinds of exercises that should be included in women’s workout routines are covered in this workout plans for women write-up.

Warm Your Way In

If you don’t want to land up in the hospital, then don’t forget to do pre-workout warm-up exercises. Give the body a head start with a pre-workout warm-up routine and get the nervous system and muscles ready for what is coming.

Not aware of what pre-workout exercises to do. No need to freak out, this workout plan for women piece will show you the way.

Given below is a list of exercises to follow:

1. Knees Lift

Knee Lifts Exercise Video Guide | Muscle & Fitness

As the name suggests you will have to lift your right and left knee respectively. Maintain a standing posture all the while retaining a certain distance between your feet.

Now, lift your legs one at a time, while bending the knees in the process.

Also, arms should be resting behind the head and keep up this act of stretching for 30-60 seconds minimum.

2. Jumping Jack

How To Do: Jumping jacks

This exercise is all about arm and leg coordination. Keep your arms straight sideways, and feet at hip distance apart with your head straight.

Moves your arms from sideways to up above your head and bring them back to their previous position, along with that jump, spread your legs outward and return to the previous stance again.

All these have to be done simultaneously and movements need to be reversed as well.

3. Side Reach

Pilates Standing side reach

by Rehab My Patient/ youtube

Put your feet at a hip-width distance, and maintain a standing posture. Now, make use of your knee joints to tilt sideways. Bend your left knee to move on the left side and your right knee to tilt to the right.

Along with inclining the body sideways, stretch out your arms diagonally one at a time all the while maintaining alignment with the posture. Stretch out the right arm when tilting on left, and the left arm when tilting on right.

Other than these three there are several other warm-up exercises and if you intend to keep searching, then visit the best warm-up exercises and enhance your knowledge.

All About Cardio Workouts

1. HIIT Cardio Workout Routines

HIIT workout cardio treadmillby Kzenon/depositphotos

Never heard of HIIT workouts before, and don’t know what it is, then keep scrolling to learn. Crowned as the best fat-burning workout of all time, the HIIT workout routine operates on the principle of working hard and then taking it easy.

Make your heart go berserk for a few minutes by continuing an intense workout for a few seconds. Gradually reduce the pace and intensity, then either continue with lighter exercises or take complete rest to restore your energy.

Be it workout plans for women or men, HIIT cardio workout is essential for all kinds of workout plans as it is an indispensable weapon for weight loss. It is needed at the end of a day’s workout routine, but certainly not every day.

Ensure an interval of one or two days amidst every HIIT cardio workout routine, so that energy balance in the body can be restored. Exercises that are part of the HIIT workout routine are enlisted below in the workout plans for women piece.

Given below is a list of exercises to follow:

1. Mountain Climbing

Did push-ups before? If yes, then get in position for push-ups, but ensure a slight twist by elevating the upper body a few inches. Pull the knees towards the rib cage one at a time, all the while levelling the hips with the floor in a straight line.

Put the entire body pressure on the left foot and both arms, while pulling in the right knee. Keep the same act up for the left knee, and continue this alternating pulling act going at a swift pace.

2. Jump Ups

Squat down while retaining a hip-width distance between feet, with arms lifted and stationed at eye level. Jump up from that squatting position and throw the arms backward simultaneously.

Continue with more repetitions in the same manner, with short breaks in between to catch some breath.

3. Squat & Reach

With arms bent in front, squat down in the same manner as jump-ups, while holding a hip-width distance between feet. What makes it any different than jump-ups? Well, there is a catch.

Elbows should be touching the knees while squatting, along with that make use of toes and heels to push yourself up and upright. Project the arms upwards towards the sky while shooting up from the squatting posture.

meghan holmes wy L8W0zcpI unsplash 1 scaled
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4. Squat Punch 

Maintain an upright posture with arms bent at elbows, and forearms creating a 90-degree angle with upper arms. Clutch upper arms close to the side of the rib cage, and hold the feet in attention stance, i.e. pressed to each other.

Spread the legs in such a way that the knees get bent, the feet gain more than a shoulder-width length between them and you acquire a squatting position. Hold up this shuffling on both sides and throw punches simultaneously.

Remember to coordinate the punches accurately with the feet movements, i.e. when squatting towards the left throw punches with the right hand and when squatting on the right throw punches with the left hand.

2. Steady-State Cardio

The exact opposite of HIIT cardio workouts is steady-state cardio. Rather than, shifting back and forth between high and low heartbeat rates, this cardio workout plan involves constant and continuous physical workouts.

Preferred and liked by women, hence it is a mandatory section of workout plans for women.

Maintaining and retaining a steady and continuous rhythm of physical efforts for 20 -30 minutes is the storyline of this cardio workout routine.

Unlike HIIT, one might need cardio equipment to accomplish such exercises, namely –

  • Treadmill for running or walking.
  • Stair climber.
  • Stationary bike or elliptical.

Through these workouts, you can lose weight without tiring yourself out in the process. For example, by running at a steady speed you can burn a lot of calories, but won’t get tired easily.

If you want how running benefits then visit 6 Easy Steps And More On Running For Weight Loss to know in detail.

Carve Out the Abs

Like men even women want abs, yes maybe not six-pack or eight-pack, but possessing toned abdominal muscles is every women’s dream.

But not everyone is aware of how to work out the cores. Well, this arrangement of workout plans for women is here to aid you.

Given below is a list of exercises to follow:

1. Dead Bug

dead bugby goami/depositphotos

Prepare to commence the workout by aligning the waist and pelvis with the floor while laying down, then stick out the arms straight upwards above the chest while uplifting the legs from hips with knees bent at 90 degrees.

Now, get into a steady motion of simultaneously lowering one leg and one hand from its pointing upward stance to beside the head. Keep the lowering act up until the heels and hands come in close contact with the floor.

Keep the motion up in a well-coordinated manner, i.e. lower the left hand with the right leg and the right hand with the left leg. See the magic unfold on your abdomen with 15-20 repetitions of the dead bug in your daily workouts.

2. Inchworm

Stand straight on your feet while keeping a hip-width length space between your feet and then bend forward as if you are intending to touch your own feet.

Go on bending till the hands touch the floor and once in contact with the floor then slowly walk forward until the back is straightened.

But remember not to let your hips fall or touch the floor. In a nutshell, you will have to go from standing tall to holding a plank posture.

After attaining the plank posture, pause, take a breath and then walk back to the bent stance and eventually return to standing tall.

This exercise is exceedingly effective in shaping up the abdomen if followed on regular basis. Hence, it has been included in the description of workout plans for women.

3. Hip Lifts

Prepare for the action by lying down on your back and aligning the back with the floor. Point the legs upwards, making a 90-degree angle with the torso in the process.

Set into a motion by drawing in the abdomen muscles to haul up the hips a few inches above the floor while keeping the legs straight.

Make sure that during the entire effort, the arms remain rested on the sides with palms faceplanted on the floor. Done with lifting, then let hips sink to the floor again. Now, continue it for another 15-20 times at a steady pace and achieve the desired results.

Shape Up a Strength Training Session

Women have always been stereotyped as weak, well it’s time to become strong and break such stereotypes. From enhancing strength, and endurance to building lean muscle and strengthening muscle fibres, strength training will help you achieve all these and more.

Strength training turns the spotlight on the backside of the body also, which often gets neglected in other drills. Hence, strength training is an essential addition to workout plans for women.

Renowned as resistance training as well, this training session ensures better metabolism and bone density. For women, it is not only recommended but is necessary. So, it is a crucial addition to workout plans for women.

Given below is a list of exercises to follow:

1. Upright Dumbbell Press (Upper Body)

Along with smoothening body coordination and enhancing body equilibrium, this strength workout also ensures boosting upper body strength by refinement of the chest, shoulder muscles, and triceps dimensions.

Therefore, it deserves to be mentioned in any workout plans for women.

Get into starting position by standing straight while holding a hip-width distance between feet and dumbbells in each hand resting by side. Begin the workout by pulling up the weights inches above the shoulder.

Take the next step by lifting those weights above the head, with palms facing outward. Revert to the standing position once done with the procedure.

Carry on this weight-lifting exercise for 2-3 minutes, doing 8 -10 repetitions.

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2. Dumbbell Curls (Upper Body)

Are you framing workout plans for women? Then don’t forget to mention this muscle-building and strengthening crucial weight training. Exactly why dumbbell curls are here, as it is an article regarding workout plans for women.

Workout routine for women may or may not include a barbell back squat, but should necessarily include dumbbell curls. Begin the workout by either standing or sitting on a bench while keeping feet at shoulder-width apart.

Keep a steady hold on the dumbbells and let the arms rest by side. Lift the weights towards the shoulder by keeping elbows close and palms facing towards the body. Increasing tension on the biceps through weight lifting is bound to stimulate muscle growth.

Let the arms get back to starting position of resting by side after each curl and continue this curling and uncurling action 10-15 times.

3. Triceps Throwback 

Get into starting position by bending the knees slightly and grasping dumbbells in each hand. Possess a firm grip on the dumbbells while the palms are facing each other. Project forward a little with a straight backbone by bending a little at the waist.

With shoulders squared and pressed close to the body, keep the upper arms aligned with the torso while using the elbow joints to bring the forearms forward.

Begin the action by straitening out the elbows and throwing back the forearms without disturbing the upper arm position.

Return the arms to their front spot and repeat the motion to make the triceps go alive with this constant push and pull motion.

4. Romanian Deadlift (Lower Body)

The muscle group in the backside of the body attracts all the attention in this heavyweight workout. Amidst all the backside muscles, hamstrings and glutes receive special attention during Romanian deadlifts.

Maintain an upright stance with the barbell clasped in your hands. Palms should be facing towards the body when grasping the barbell, also shoulder-width distance must be retained in between the grips.

Begin the workout by lowering the barbell towards the floor all the while keeping the legs straight as much as possible. During the descent, the butt will move backward and the spine will get straightened.

On feeling the hamstrings getting stretched, let the knees bend a little and lower the barbell just a few inches below the knees. After completion of the whole act revert to the starting position and begin again.

5. Goblet Squat (Lower Body)

Goblet Squatby lunamarina/depositphotos

Shape up the glutes and the entire lower body with workouts like goblet squats. Either for a gym workout routine or home workout sessions, squats are essential.

And the use of weights like kettlebells while performing squats puts the cherry on the cake and completes the story.

With toes directed outwards and feet at the shoulder or hip-width length apart, maintain a standing posture. Press the shoulder blades closer to grasp the kettlebell closer to the body in front of the chest.

Follow the familiar squatting procedure,i.e. make a descent by bending the knees while rounding up the posterior.

Create stress and tension in the legs by squatting as much as you can, also don’t forget to keep the chest up and straight.

Also, ensure that pressure is being generated on the legs when returning to starting stance. Performing 10-15 repetitions of this workout will do the job.

6. Dumbbell Lunge (Lower Body)

From calves, hamstrings, glutes to hips, and quadriceps all can be taken care of with dumbbell lunges. With a hip-width length between feet and toes facing outwards, stand straight gripping a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing towards the body.

Embark on this stability challenge, by darting forward with one leg either right or left in such a way that the other leg will also have to bend down to ensure maximum stretching. For example, when the left leg is being bent then ensure that the left thigh remains parallel to the floor.

And the heel of the right leg will be raised off the floor to grant support to the frame. All the while the dumbbells would remain clutched in hands resting beside the thighs.

Put this workout worth 8-10 minutes on your workout routine and witness the change in yourself.

Dumbbell Lunge | POPSUGAR Fitness

Calorie Story

Without the calorie and nutrition story, any workout plan, be it for women or men would remain incomplete. And, since the article intends to complete these workout plans for women, it cannot dare to miss out on the calorie story.

Like a car needs fuel to run, the body being the most complex machine also requires a constant and ample supply of fuel to operate.

Looking forward to performing daily workouts, then you need to be in good form as well. If you are indulging in physical exercises on daily basis then ensure to consume more protein.

Losing calories by going into calorie deficit mode can prove to be beneficial sometimes, but not always. So eat healthily, maintain healthy fats, and don’t forget to include cheat days in your plans.

workout plans for women
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Winding Up the Workout Session

The most popular and effective workouts have been enlisted in this, ‘workout plans for women’. Even so, there are numerous other physical exercises out there that can be followed to achieve individual body goals.

Since it is not always possible for all women to go to the gym, hence given above includes more or less enlisted workouts that can also be performed effortlessly at home. You, ladies, can undoubtedly follow this workout plan for women piece to attain specific configurations.

But after some time, make small changes amidst this plan, to obtain better results. Don’t let your body fall into a routine or get used to one plan, keep challenging your body. Along with challenging yourself don’t forget to restore your energy as well.

Therefore, never forget to include the much-needed rest day in the workout routine, or else your body will have to face severe consequences.

Of course, one doesn’t need to change the entire workout plan, but replacing a few of the exercises with some new ones will work.

So follow this workout plan for women write-up to achieve great shape, but keep your search alive on the side, so that you can keep upgrading it for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many days a week should a woman work out?

Aim for any of the following in general: 30 minutes of medium cardio exercise at least 5/7 days (150 minutes per week) three days a week of minimum 25 minutes of brisk aerobics or cardiovascular exercise (75 minutes per week).

2. What should I eat before working out?

The usual recommendation is to consume a substantial meal three to four hours prior to doing out, higher carbohydrate snacks two hours prior, and/or a smaller, easily digestible carbohydrate just before you begin.

3. What is a good workout routine?

Try 3 days of strength work, 2 days of cardiovascular exercises, and 2 days of resting if you want to exercise five days a week and improve both your strength and aerobic endurance.

Evaluate your objectives if you want to exercise four days per week: if your objective is to build muscle, skip a cardio day.

Best Workout Plans For Women

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