Win Clients With Impressive Business Proposal Presentation  Win Clients With Impressive Business Proposal Presentation 

Win Clients With Impressive Business Proposal Presentation 

The first thing you need to know is that your business proposal presentation doesn’t need to be something complicated, the idea should be extended into basic slides with a small amount of information on each slide.

Win Clients With Impressive Business Proposal Presentation 

The order of the presentation should always start with an introduction slide which should include your logo and a catchy phrase, followed by a cover page which already establishes the purpose of the proposal. 

The next step would be a graphic design section where you present several ideas for your company’s branding or design.

This part is usually made up of more than one slide so they have enough time to properly look through everything and choose what they want.

In addition, it’s best to include a final slide where you put all the contact information from the company together, just in case they have any questions or want to schedule a meeting with you.

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The design should be simple, but still impressive and everything must be shown on paper before they can see your amazing work. They need to see how professional you are and believe that you’re capable of executing their project successfully.

​So here you have it, a first impression is everything when it comes to a business proposal presentation so just make sure yours reflects how professional and precise you are.

Here are some simple steps to make your business proposal presentation stand out without any effort. This is especially useful for startup businesses that need to attract clients fast.

The best way is by giving them a compelling business proposal that is presented concisely and accurately.

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1. Organize your ideas by using business proposal templates.

The first step is to brainstorm at least 5 points that can convince the client to go on with you.

Do not just write something anyhow but rather, think about what they want and what you can offer them.

Organizing your ideas doesn’t have to be made from scratch as there are lots of templates you can find for whatever you need. This will make your job so much easier so might as well use them!

2. Put an introduction slide in your business proposal format.

This is best done by adding a catchy phrase with your company’s logo on it touting what you can offer them.

Make sure that the font, positioning and size of the phrase/logo give out a professional vibe to set the tone for your presentation.

3. Use visuals as in the business proposal example below.

It does not only look good in their eyes but it also helps them understand better especially if they are new to the business industry. It could be a simple Google image or any other painting software depending on your presentable skills.

You are allowed to be creative as long as it makes sense and matches your subject matter which will also match their interests of course!

Usually, clients would like to see images that represent your services instead of just words. 

Vengage template. Source: Venngage

4. Include a cover page.

Use your best business lettering for the title of your business proposal presentation and make it impressive enough to catch their attention.

You can also add a background image or colour that reflects your company’s image or theme.

This will play a big role in attracting them later on during the process because if they do not like what you have served them at first, there is no way they would want to read through the rest of your content.

5. Be very specific about who you are targeting.

If you are targeting a specific type of client, make sure you present yourself in a way that reflects your main idea.

They need to know the benefits they would get especially if you are offering something considerably unique.

Vengage template. Source: Venngage

6. Have a final slide to list down your contact information.

You must give them easy options to contact you if they need anything else because it could be as simple as answering a question.

In addition, it also shows how capable and approachable you are to anyone who wants your service or products.

This was a brief explanation of how you can make your business proposal presentation stand out without spending too much money and time as well as effort into it.

You do not need to be a professional to create something that will look good enough for people’s eyes!

Just be creative and think about what you would like to see if YOU are in their shoes.

7. Of course, be sure to check out some short business proposal samples for your reference.

It is always the right choice to look for samples online for inspiration. Your job shouldn’t always be hard.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your proposal presentation today with Venngage.

With their easy-to-use templates and tools, you can create a professional presentation that will make an impression on your audience. And who knows, it may just land you that new contract!


And there you have it, making an impressive business proposal presentation just got easier than ever!

Try applying these steps and see the difference for yourself. Check out Venngage now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make a good business presentation?

Gather the data that will be essential to your presentation, such as facts, figures, or other useful material. Choose a flow that is appropriate for you and that delivers a compelling story by laying things out in a speech storyboard.

2. What is the 5 5 5 rule for presentation?

Some experts advise adhering to the 5/5/5 rule, which states that there shouldn’t be over five words in each line of text, five text lines in each presentation, or five consecutive slides with a lot of content.

3. What are the 7 C’s of presentation?

The seven C’s—clear, customer-focused, compelling, concise, crafted, contagious, and call to action—are powerful formulas for creating a memorable presentation.

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