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Wildlife Safari in Oregon: 10 Tips to Remember

Who does not love a wildlife safari? And if it is in a place like Oregon, we are all in for it. If you are someone who likes to enjoy a wildlife safari, then this place is for you.

Observing the wildlife in their natural habitat is one of the most fun things to experience if you are someone who loves the jungle and wild animals. In the previous days, hunting was one of the activities that influenced a lot of people to go on a wildlife safari. But since it is restricted now, people generally go on safaris to enjoy and explore the jungle.

Here is a guide to the wildlife safari in Oregon.

1. Wildlife Safari in Oregon

World Wildlife Safari was created by Frank Hart in southern Oregon on October 1972. He was a frequent visitor to Africa, and this organization, later on, became a non-profitable organization in 1980.

In the year 2021, the members of the wildlife safari in Oregon organized a program under the wildlife conservation and education act. This program resulted in the birth of 231 cute little cheetah cubs. The program was organized to make sure that the species of Cheetah does not get extinct in the near future. These little cubs were then distributed in many zoos and natural habitats across the place.

2. Things to Know About the Wildlife Safari in Oregon  

Wildlife Safari Oregon is the best recreational and joyful place for kids and adults as well. It is full of greenery which relieves you from stress and works as therapy. If you are looking for the best time to visit this place, then select the weekdays.

There is also a zoological park in this wildlife safari that helps the kids in knowing various things about different animals. Apart from a recreational area, this place also acts as an educational source for the children. They will be able to learn many new things while playing and enjoying themselves in the greenery.

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Courtesy – Wildlife Safari in Oregon

The wildlife safari village is surrounded by an open park, and a petting zoo to visit wild animals and endangered species that roam free in their habitat. You can also walk through an exhibit displaying animals for visitors from across the world.

3. Feeding Animals in Wildlife Safari in Oregon 

The most interesting part and adventurous event of your trip is sure to be feeding the animals here. They will collect a reasonable fee from you for a single cup of animal food to feed the animals like giraffes, and hippos.

Feeding the birds here is also one kind of experience. The birds that are present in various cages inside the wildlife safari get very excited when they are fed by the visitors. Seeing these little creatures happy can act as a stressbuster too.

4. Rare and Endangered Species in Wildlife Safari in Oregon 

The main mission of this wildlife safari was to rescue and save the endangered animals. They aimed at providing proper care, nourishment and protection to these animals so that their name can be erased from the list of endangered species.

The safari is almost spread across 600 acres of land and has 500 different species of animals, birds and other creatures. Oregon Wildlife Safari is dedicated to the education, research, and conservation of various endangered wildlife species around the world.

Wildlife Safari, Oregon | Drive Through 600 Acre Safari - Animals Roam Free!!!

There are some unique species that you can find here, these include Baird’s Shrew, The pacific Shrew, the Red tree vole, the Camas pocket gopher, the grizzly bear, the gray wolf, and a few other large carnivores.

Apart from these, there are some other dangerous animals here that include Mountain lions, Black Widow Spiders, and Western Rattlesnakes. You will also be able to spot the beaver here.

5. Trekking in the Wildlife Safari

There is a special trekking service available here where the visitors can trek through a 4.5-mile loop. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot various animals like lions, bison, elephants of Africa, cheetahs, tigers, giraffes, hippos, cubs, elephants, and elk along the way.

Along with the animals, you will get to enjoy the breathtaking views of nature. Animal lovers can contribute anything they want as a donation to save rare species of animals in the park on this trip.

6. Suggested Tips While Visiting the Wildlife Safari 

  1. If you are looking for a complete experience of the safari, it is better to take help from a guide.
  2. Avoid coming in contact with local people as they might not be the best people who would help you to explore the place.
  3. Make sure to carry a pair of binoculars. It will not only help you to see distant objects but will also help you in spotting various things that might not be visible with bare eyes.
  4. Make sure you have a downloaded version of the safari map with you.
  5. It is always better to carry a water bottle and a pack of food, in case you feel hungry.
  6. Always carry an umbrella, irrespective of the weather condition.
  7. Also, do not forget to carry a first aid kit.
  8. Maintain proper physical distance from the animals in the safari.
  9. Do not intrude in their personal space, but enjoy their presence from a distance.
  10. Switch off your mobile phones or keep them in aeroplane mode. This is to avoid any radiation that might harm the birds here.

7. Facts About Oregon 

  • Do you know that Oregon State has one bite rule? This means that if a pre-owned dog bites you, the owner is liable to pay you the charges for your treatment.
  • Oregon is a fence-out state rather than a fence-in from the beginning of history.
  • Wildlife Safari in Oregon also provides an internship program to students to educate across the world and the interested ones can grab this opportunity.

8. Conclusion 

These are some of the things that you should know before visiting the Wildlife Safari in Oregon. Make sure to pay a visit here with your friends and family and enjoy an amazing day out.

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