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Where To Stay In New York City? Here Are 8 Great Places You Should Consider!

If you’re planning to visit NY and have no idea where to stay in New York City, don’t miss out on this thorough guide to the amazing York City hotels to help you plan your beautiful New York City trip. From the best luxury hotels to budget hotels to suit your travels. Wandering around the streets of New York City, you’d come across Central Park, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and many more tourist attractions.

These NYC hotels can be found near tourist attractions which will make your trip convenient and help you save money. Since New York City is famous as the most elite and expensive, I have also mentioned budget hotels for easy trips and luxury hotels for business travelers.

NYC neighborhoods like the Upper east side, East Village, Upper Westside, West Village, Lower Manhattan, and Downtown Manhattan are filled with many stunning hotels out of which I’ve picked some of the best hotels around York City. Particularly, iconic NYC hotel rooms have great locations beautifully decorated with German and Austrian art. Let’s check out where to stay in New York City.

8 Places to Stay In New York City

1. Crosby Street Hotel, SoHo Neighborhood

where to stay in new york city
Image Source: Crosby Street Hotel Website

Crosby Street Hotel is exceptionally one of the best where you can stay in New York City. Hospitality has helped people of all sorts. It is a 5-star hotel situated on the cobblestone streets in the SoHo neighborhood. Top tourist attraction like Lower Manhattan is a 3-minute walk from the hotel, including the famous Italian restaurant called Rubirosa.

The hotel is within walkable distance from the New York City subway station – Spring and Prince St. It has a beautiful, friendly, and well-stocked SoHo rooftop bar where they are always willing to accommodate you. You can find some healthy options to choose from, expensive but worth it.

1.1. Why Stay Here?

Where to stay in New York City? Indeed, here. It is one of York City’s gorgeous properties, and the location is well suited with an amazing Oasis of charm and a comfortable environment. The elegant rooms are beautifully decorated with fabric, and it really feels like a home away from home. Rooms have powerful showers and sun streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. You’d find the service warm and professional, not pretentious.

The linen fragrance spray in the rooms will make you even more relaxed. The neighborhood has its famous urban park – Central park, situated between the upper west side and upper east side of the Midtown Manhattan skyline. It also puts guests within walking distance of some of York City’s art galleries in Lower Manhattan as well as Downtown Manhattan.

The major attraction people come across while in New York City SoHo neighborhood is Little Italy, famous for its amazing restaurants serving Italian cuisine. Little Italy has its best Cannolis ever, so make sure you don’t miss out on it. Although the place is small with a packed neighborhood, it is colorful and busy. You can see people celebrating holidays and festivals in style.

2. Walker Hotel, Greenwich Village

where to stay in new york city
Image Source: Walker Hotel Greenwich Village Website

This hotel in Greenwich Village boasts some of the top attractions like Bryant Park, situated in the borough of Manhattan. The Walker Hotel is one of the options you can give out to people if someone asks you ‘where to stay in new york city?’ You can find people scattered all around the park of 9 acres. The park is so famous that it’s visited by almost twelve million tourists. Another park you can visit is Washington Square, located in Greenwich Village, where people gather for cultural activities.

The neighborhood of the Meatpacking District has high-end designer clothes for the elites, some cool and trendy restaurants to have delicious meals, and is home to the Whitney Art Museum.

Arena Madison square garden is one of the busiest landmarks for visitors from all around the world. This multi-purpose indoor arena is used for concerts, ice shows, circuses, and other sorts of entertainment. The hotel is a four-star hotel featuring amazing amenities and stained glass for the look.

2.1. Why Stay Here?

This boutique hotel is well-equipped, having 18 floors with 113 rooms; the rooms are modern and comfortable, affordable to the new public that is also very -well-located. It also features a 24-hour fitness gym built in the hotel and a new American restaurant called the Society Cafe. It is only seven minutes from the Rockefeller Center to let you explore the best shopping and dining.

The elegant lobby feels intimate with music and more like a stylish living room for the elites. They can also arrange transportation for you at the airport. It could be your favorite option while staying for work. Make sure to ask them for a higher floor, which can contribute to the quiet mood if you’re looking for one. The vibe, the location, and the views all seem high-end however the prices are more in line with the best hotels and an excellent option for people looking for answers to “Where to stay in new york city?”

3. Hotel Mimosa, 79 Division Street

where to stay in new york city
Image Source: Hotel Mimosa Website

Another option to the question, “Where to stay in new york city?” is this place.

Overlooking the beautiful Brooklyn bridge park, Hotel Mimosa is one of New York’s budget hotels where people can relax with mid-range hotel accommodations. The hotel has nearly 30 rooms with a rooftop bar to chill with family and friends. They also offer a coffee shop right downstairs serving delicious espressos.

If you’re with your children, feel free to take advantage of the babysitting service. On-site, you can enjoy their landmark views and order room service while you’re away. Their A la carte has too many options to choose from, which will give you a sense of taste.

It is a perfect place for exploring the Grand Army Plaza, famous for its American Revolutionary War. You can also visit the World Trade Center, a building complex known as York City’s financial district, where you can learn about its natural history.

3.1. Why Stay Here?

Going around New York City, you can choose the subway station to make the whole trip easier and more convenient for yourself. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located just a few minutes away and is at 1000 fifth avenue. Its main building is at fifth avenue along the Museum Mile having amazing collections containing over two million works. Some of the rooms are pretty small; however, there’s a chance to upgrade if you ask them. Rooms are fresh and well-maintained by the staff. You’ll find aesthetic art pieces on the white walls right behind the bed.

As said earlier, the location is great for tourist attractions. It is a sixteen-minute walk from East River over the Brooklyn Bridge and a four-mile drive to the Empire State Building, one of the busiest and most famous attractions.

4. Lotte New York Palace, Midtown Manhattan

where to stay in new york city
Leonard Zhukovsky on Shutterstock.Copyright 2022

Here is Lotte New Palace Palace as an answer to “Where to stay in new york city?”. It is one of the luxury hotels run by a family. Their modern rooms are stunning with the architecture of the historic hotel.

Staying in this hotel would give you the vibes of living in an actual Palace. This hotel is a great find for a universal vibe. Attractions like Central Park and the Natural history museum are located in the Upper Westside of Midtown Manhattan.

4.1. Why Stay Here?

When you stay in Midtown Manhattan, you don’t have to worry about getting to tourist attractions since you can always rent a bike and wander around for a short period.

The palace has some of Manhattan’s famous and spacious and expansive suites. They have plush bathrobes and a comfy bed mattress. You’ll also find a stocked refreshment area and a modern fitness center. They have amazing spa service, so don’t forget to check it out. Steps away from St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center, you can find high shopping end and also visit the Observation deck.

5. Hilton Garden Inn, New York Times Square South

where to stay in new york city
Image Source: Hilton Garden Inn New York City Website

The Hilton Garden Inn is a longtime favorite hotel on the cobblestone streets of York City’s heart. The Grand Central Terminal and Grand central station- just a mile away, are convenient options for you to save up and enjoy your trip. Walk into that stunning-looking lobby and then into one of their elite, comfortable, and cozy rooms.

Yes, it is one of the great options for people who are looking to get the answer to “Where to stay in new york city?”

5.1. Why Stay Here?

This posh hotel is only a few minutes away from Times Square, which also makes it easy for you to visit the most famous landmark of New York City. It consistently ranks top among the luxury hotel in New York City.”

If you’re looking for amazing Al Fresco dining, make sure to visit Bryant Park, eight minutes away from the hotel. It is one of the best hotels to have complimentary WiFi, a fitness center to change your mood as well as morning coffee to get you going.

Some rooms offer wonderful views of New York City with a built microwave, iron and ironing board, and coffee machine facilities. The services will make your visit a lifetime experience, and you wouldn’t regret it.

6. Double Tree By Hilton, New York Downtown

where to stay in new york city
Helen89 on Shutterstock.Copyright 2022

The DoubleTree by Hilton has its chain reputation of modern art throughout the hotel. After a new transformation, aesthetic art pieces, and lovely colors, the hotel is home to well-appointed rooms which are quite spacious with excellent views of the city. The service and staff will make your visit a trouble-free experience. They also have cute balconies where you can enjoy sipping tea or coffee. The hotel is family-friendly and has a special salon, a business center, and even a conference room. Refer to this hotel as well, if someone asks “Where to stay in New York City?”

6.1. Why Stay Here?

The famous Houston street, a few minutes away, was named after William Houstoun and is pronounced as “How-Sten.” You can find delicious-looking restaurants along the Bowery, Greenwich Village, and Hudson River. The New York Stock Exchange is one of the most prestigious buildings on Wall Street; you can take photos along the landmark facade and listen to the opening bell at 9:30 am every weekend.

7. Hudson River Hotel, 442 West 36th Street

Image Source: Hudson River Hotel Website

Where to stay in New York City? The Hudson River Hotel is another answer. The Hudson River Hotel is located in the landmark of midtown Manhattan. It is within walking distance of many York City attractions like Times Square, Greenwich Village, and even Brooklyn Bridge. The bedrooms of the hotel are pretty small and cozy.

Showers have great water pressure and nice hot water. The beds are very comfortable with wooden furniture around. If you’re looking for cute restaurants, make sure to visit the river, where you can find a few affordable ones. Although the hotel is now closed to the public because of the Covid-19 pandemic, this budget hotel will soon open, and you will get to experience the small but decent facilities of the Hotel.

7.1. Why Stay Here?

The hotel is budget-friendly, so don’t expect much, as heard by the reviewers. It is perfect for travelers who are on a budget. If you want to save up on breakfast, booking through Agoda gives you the benefit of a room with breakfast often included with the room for a lesser amount than buying it at the hotel. You can also enjoy breakfast at no additional cost.

8. The Evelyn Hotel, 7 East 27th Street

where to stay in new york city
Image Source: The Evelyn Hotel Website

The Evelyn Hotel is a fifteen-minute drive from The Brooklyn Bridge. It is a four-star hotel in New York’s NoMad neighborhood. The hotel is also close to the Empire State Building, which places guests moments from the art-decor inspirations. More art can be found around the building, giving this spacious hotel a museum-like look and vibes. They have richly fine finished rooms for the guests overlooking the beautiful New York City views. This artistic hotel provides you with elegant rooms, comfortable beds, and amenities. Indeed it is one of the options to be given to “Where to stay in New York City?”

8.1. Why Stay Here?

The Meatpacking District became more public after the New York magazine called it ” New York’s most fashionable neighborhood.” If you, by chance, visit places on a Sunday, make sure to grab the cute brunch buffet on the streets of the Meatpacking District. Don’t forget to take advantage of the designer stores and trendy restaurants at your interest in the Meatpacking District.

The hotel is most famous for its La Colombe coffee and delicious Leonelli Focacceria e Pasticceria Pastry. Rooms have a vintage touch with musical accents and antique furnishings. They offer you the beautiful Superior Queen, Deluxe Queen, Deluxe King, and most importantly, The NoMad King Suite. The rooms are so spacious and give you the luxury looks and an artistic ambiance.

These are the top hotels you can come across in New York City, which is also near Madison Square Park, World Trade Center, and many more York City Hotels. Even if you’re visiting in the summer or winter, something or the other thing is going around this city. The Boroughs of the Bronx and Staten Island of New York City are other landmarks to visit if you’re in the City for a while.

The Bronx is famous for its rap and hip-hop music and is also home to professional baseball teams; make sure to visit your interests. Interested in green spaces, museums, and historical buildings? Staten Island is the best place to find what you love. Just a 30-minute drive from downtown New York City.

The West Village is a great spot to hang out after a long day in NYC; the street is lined up with amazing stylish cafes and gastropubs you’d love to visit every day. If you like stunning architects and mesmerizing boutiques, Upper East Side is the go-to place for its famous museums. People interested in Stock Exchanges, including businessmen and women, often visit wall street, which is home to the NYC stock exchange.


Where to stay in new york city? The above-mentioned areas are the places that we recommend tourists visit and where the top attractions are located in the whole of New York City. I’d also recommend visiting the entertainment districts first if you are one of the first-timers in New York City. New York has the coolest neighborhoods in the world where you can see all the fashion and artistic people. It also has its multi-cultured districts allowing the public to get a glimpse of the world.

You can also visit famous New York residential buildings on Upper West Side, like the ones you come across in movies. You’d definitely love the artistic neighborhood with friendly people all around. On the opposite, we have Upper East Side, where you can find art galleries, antique piece stores, and many auction houses for the public.

If someone asks you “Where to stay in New York City,” feel free to offer them this guide and share! If you liked the article, you may also want to see our other guide, Top 10 Things to Do in Long Island. 


1. What is the safest part of NYC?
Of the five boroughs in New York, Staten Island is considered the safest, with a crime index of 47 (meaning it’s safer than 47 percent of other cities in the U.S.).
2. Is the subway in NYC safe at night?
The short answer is yes. The subway system (just like city parks) reflects the overall safety of the city. And when New York City violent crime is near record lows and subway ridership is at record highs, it is safe to assume nothing will happen to you on the subway
3. How much does the train cost in NYC?
For most riders, the subway fare is $2.75. Reduced fares are available for people 65 and older, people with disabilities, and low-income New Yorkers. Learn more about fares

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