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Where is Greenville California?: All You need to Know

Where is Greenville California? This beautiful city, Greenville is located in Plumas County California. This is one of the most beautiful cities in California for its exquisite places and food.  Encircled by rugged mountains, and scenic views, this is placed on a mesmerizing valley. In this guide, we will know all about Greenville California.

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1. History of Green Ville California

Where is greenville california
Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

The suspenseful history begins in the valley Area, the population living there is a tribe named ”MAIDU” which lives till the current date in Greenville, for centuries. Around that time” GOLD RUSH” was ongoing and some English-speaking settlers arrived in Greenville. An early structure building in the community was a boarding house operated by Mr. and Mrs. Green. His wife and the town were named after them who were killed in the collapse of the first-round valley dam.


where is Greenville California
Image by Ylvers from Pixabay
  • After rain Hammered Northern California, the Dixie Fire, California’s second-largest wildfire in history, was reported.
  • The Dixie Fire burned 963,309 acres, or more than 1,505, in Butte, Lassen, Shasta, and Tehama counties after igniting July 13 north of the Cresta Dam, which is not far from where the 2018 Camp Fire destroyed northeast of Paradise claimed the lives of more than 80 people. Leaving the rest of the surviving citizens in an ordeal. Government aid was given.
  • More than 5,400 firefighters were withstanding the Dixie Fire, which merged over the weekend with another nearby blaze, the Fire department, and had burned through about 200,000 acres of land according to Cal Fire, the state’s fire agency.

1.2. Climatic Conditions of Greenville, California –

  • Hot Summer Days 

Summer begins by the end of May in Greenville. The temperature rises high around 80 degrees until September and peaks in July with an average high of 90 degrees, and August has to have some occasional 100-degree days. In the evening the temperature decreases below 70.

  • Winter Days

January has the coldest nighttime where winter temperatures approach around 6 degrees Celsius to -3 degrees an average density of 24.9°. This is one of the coldest places in California. In the small town of Greenville, according to the climate maps, there are 139.2 days annually when the nighttime low winter temperatures fall below freezing, according to climate data which is one of the coldest places in California.

  •  Rainy Days or Wet Winters – 

In July there is rainfall in some areas of about 5 inches. and an average of 51 inches of rain a year. compared to the National average which is 38, the rain comes from thunderclouds or regular currents. if you are new here, it will most likely be a shock for you to see so many thunderstorms.

  • Snowy days

An annual snowfall of 71.1 average snowfall inches in Greenville means that it is one of the snowiest places in California. January is the snowiest month in defined Greenville with 18.2 average snowfall inches, and 7 months of the year have significant snowfall with average density.

2. Living in Greenville California

where is Greenville California
Image by Ernest_Roy from Pixabay

2.1. Median Household Income

Greenville, CA has a population around is around 785 people with a median age of 51.2 and a median household income/median family income of $32.344.The population of Greenville, CA declined between 2019 and 2020.

The average household size was 2.30 and the average family size was 2.90. The age distribution was around 24.6% under the age of 18, 7.2% was the rate from 18 to 24, 25.0% from 25 to 44, 24.1% from 45 to 64, and 19.2% 65 or older people. The median age was 41 years. See in detail the average household income of Greenville

2.2. Greenville’s Education and Schooling

where is Greenville California
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Regarding education, Greenville’s students attended Greenville school and public schools. Greenville University is a private institution that was founded in 1892. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 890 (fall 2021), its setting is rural, and the campus size is 50 acres. It makes use of an academic calendar which is based on a 4-1-4. ranking of Greenville’s universities in the 2022-2023 edition of and Colleges is Regional Universities of Midwest, which is ranked at #127-166.

3. Traveling along the Greenville California

where is Greenville California
Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

3.1. Homer & Deer Heart Lakes Trail 

If you are fond of birding, hiking, and walking, it’s the best place for you, it is usually noisier but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of the day. The best times to visit this trail are June through September. Dogs are also welcomed and may be off-leash in some areas.

3.2. Round Valley Lake Trail 

This mellow loop takes you on a stroll through the forest with beautiful glimpses of Round Valley Lake along the way. In the winter, there are some parts where the trail crosses periodic streams and areas that can stay grimy. It is a great thought to wear waterproof hiking boots, especially in the cold winter season. This trail delivers a good quantity of shades and a spot where everyone is willing to stop fa or picnic.

3.3. Greenville Zoo 

It is located in the southern part of Carolina, United States. It was inaugurated in 190 and is located at 150 Cleveland Park Drive, near Interstate 385, on a 14-acre site. The zoo features animals like the African lion, Masai giraffe, and several species of primates. The zoo also contains a farm exhibit with features domestic animals and a reptile that displays lizards, frogs, reptiles, and snakes.

3.4. Falls Park on the Reedy 

Falls Park on Reedy is a park adjoining downtown Greenville, the park was founded back in 1967 when the club named ”Carolina foothills garden” reclaimed 26 acres of land that had been formerly used by textile mills.

The park’s most striking feature that people like the most is the ”Pedestrian Bridge” that waterfall on the reedy river. Beside the bridge, The main entrance to the park is dignified by Bryan Hunt’s 16th (4.9m).

The bronze sculpture ”fall lake fall” contains a restaurant and some other tourist amenities at the newly built falls park Centre. The park also which an assemblage of public gardens and a wall from the original 1776 grist mall built on site.

3.5. Runaway Park 

Runaway Park is located in the community corridor of the Greenville Downtown Airport. Runaway Park has been ranked 4th in the ”TO DO” list according to US News and Word Reports Travels section. This aviation theme park will amaze your children’s minds as the plane takes off.

3.6. Greenville County Museum of Art 

It is considered one of the premium American Art museums in the South, it is also home to the largest public collection of watercolors started by the most talented artist Andrew Wyeth. It has many latest paintings and prints of famous artists like Jasper Johns, an astonishing pottery collection by David Brake, and the largest collection outside the  Smithsonian of work by William H.

4. Activities You Can Do in Greenville, CA 

  • Taylorsville Tavern – For the ”party-goer” it’s the best place to visit, offering exquisite beverages and alcohol, spending the night. offering services at a reasonable price, it’s one of the ”must go” places in Greenville.
  • Almanor Lake – It’s a place you must visit if you are fond of fishing, the place delivers beautiful scenery and refreshing delightful weather. one can get different types of Fish like bluegill, brook trout, black bullhead, and many more.
  • Ponderosa Flat Campground -“If you are ever near Lake Almanor and are looking for a place to camp that is less crowded, Valley Lake is one of the must-go places. That’s correct,…” it is one of the best locations for you to camp, covered with trees, it gives a thrilling camping experience.

5. Best Mouth Watering Foods to Try in Greenville

where is Greenville California
Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

In today’s date,e Greenville is well known for its exquisite dining scene and thriving farm-to-fork movement. It’s also described as home to the energetic Euphoriant food festival, an event that pulls out the food-loving crowd and puts the city precisely on the map of dignitary delicious food destinations. It is located in falls park on Reedy, Underneath all that energy lies a drift of localized flavor—foods that are powerful enough to favor among inhabitants of Greenville.

5.1. Passerelle café

Screenshot 2023 05 12 122146
Screenshot: Passerelle Bistro

Supreme dish: Pan-Fried trout

This delightful downtown Restaurant, which is located on the banks of the Reedy River, is famous for serving classic café fare with a  pinch of French flavor. While you can not imagine getting an awful dish at Passarella the pan-seared mountain trout has garnered an enormous, well-settled fan base.

5.2. Duke Sandwich Company

Screenshot 2023 05 12 122814
Screenshot: Duke Sandwich

supreme dish: Homestyle sandwiches

A little more than 100 years ago, Duke Eugenia sold sandwiches to the hungry which is located in downtown Greenville. In the essence of her venture, Duke Sandwich Company pridefully brings on the culture, by serving homestyle sandwiches using most of the popular spreads at Duke’s arsenal, for example-cheeses like pimento, chicken salad, pork ham, onions and peppers, and egg-based salad. Though it’s not indulged with the mayo operation, this beloved little sandwich outlet makes sandwiches as our moms put in our lunch boxes.

6. Greenville Rebuilding After the Tragic DIXIE FIRE

where is Greenville California
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
  • Greenville is still in the process of reconstructing its town after the latest devastating fire.
  • ”The community is in a time of transition and rebirth”, according to the county”
  • The California governor’s office of Emergency Services reported in April 2022 that the process of repairing, rebuilding, median income,e and rehousing people in the community is still ongoing. As of April, more than 96,000 tons of debris had been removed, but other protocols, such as soil testing, erosion control, and tree removals continued with occupied units.


1. How Greenville, got his name? 

Present-day Greenville was named after John Winthrop and his dear wife. There was a boarding house operated by them and they used to meals and accommodation from their cabin, it was not that much of a hotel but it was so popular among the people that the town adopted their name ”Greenville”

2. What is so special about Greenville?

The transformation is remarkable over the last 30 years. The focused goal of revitalizing downtown has led to many public-private partnerships from the peace center to the Bilo Center (bond secure arena) coming to downtown. The rebuilding of the point sale hotel a historic fixture and the massive creation of Falls Park on the Reedy. If talking about specialty Greenville has some amazing restaurants and café.


3. What is Lake Almanor known for? 

Lake Almanor is a very well-known place, and it is one of the largest lakes in Northern California. it is termed as WATER SPORT by the public. During the Summertime, the surface temperature is considered about 75 degrees makes. It makes the place blissful and ideal for activities like boating, water-skiing, fishing, wakeboarding,  sailboarding, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, and paddle boarding

4. What is Plumas county board?

The Heads of the Plumas County Board supervise of county government and many special districts including Flood Control, the Community Development Commission, lighting districts, county service areas, and sewer maintenance districts.

7. Conclusion 

Greenville, is a very beautiful city with so many places to visit, having so many remarkable destinations for travelers, and talking about the food and beverage out there is also another thing to mention, having an exquisite meal or beverage to having a wonderful night, Greenville never fails.

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