when is it time to leave job when is it time to leave job

When Is It Time To Leave Job: 15 Signs To Look For

One of the hardest pills you will have to swallow in your professional career is choosing whether you want to continue work or quit the company. If you are willing to go to your current job and eliminate the job responsibilities, do not think twice! Sometimes you may not like something about your job but whether to leave it or continue to adjust to it is your call.

Finding out the right time to quit by figuring out the challenges is very important. If your work environment is unreliable or you cannot balance your work and personal life, it is better to rethink.

When is it time to leave the job is a common question many employees ask. We will try to solve this today. 

When Is It Time To Leave Job:

Leaving a toxic workplace can contribute greatly to your growth opportunity in professional and personal environments. Your current company might not suit you, but your next job might be a jackpot.

1. Not Using Your Skills Properly

If you are stuck in a phase where you do not get to showcase your talent or show your skills properly, it is better to issue a resignation letter as soon as possible. Though most people find it comfortable, it is better to keep it aside if you do not have a healthy challenge in your workplace. If a place or company culture makes you feel undervalued, staying there is no use.

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If you stay in this situation for a long time, you may stagnate your growth potential and feel frustrated sometimes. Doing the same work every day might be monotonous, and you will surely get bored after some time. In this case, you must look for better opportunities and leave the company as long as you are still on good terms.

2. You Have Stopped Following Your Passion

When you realize that you have stopped following your passion and are doing completely different things to earn money, it is one of the biggest indications that you should stop that work immediately. Rather, it would be best if you were searching for other options that bring you money even when you follow your passion. 

When you are passionate about something, your work to be precise, you will be able to deliver better results with more perfection. If you are passionate enough about your work, you will notice that you are more productive and can submit a lot of work in no time. Sometimes, it may also give you the feeling that you are not working.

Where there is no passion, the work will start to get boring over time, and it will be more of a job rather than a beautiful career. The thought of not using your skills properly might also cross your head.

If you see that all the work in your organization is not exciting you or there is no scope for where you can use your skills, it is better to take the right move before it gets too late.

Always remember that you can switch as many jobs as possible until you find the right one.

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3. Work Environment Is Not Suitable 

One of the biggest signs to consider is whether your workspace suits you. Working in an unhealthy environment might affect your professional life and harm your physical and mental health. It is always better to have an honest conversation with your senior about the reason that influences you to quit your job.

Some examples of a bad workplace can be the manipulative or dominating nature of the seniors, dishonesty or distrust between employees, harassment or public shaming of employees, and lack of communication.

If you see all these going on in your company, my friend, it is time to quit your job. 

4. No Growth Opportunities

 Certain companies have no growth potential. You will see that you are still in the same position even after working in the organization for a long time. No matter how well you perform inside the company, you will still be stuck in your current job if you do not quit on time.

Opportunities in a company or organization are not limited to getting a promotion or a hike in your current salary. Growth can also be seen if you are given a different project to work on, if your team members are changed after every interval, or if you are facing positive challenges in your current job.

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If you do not find all these happening and your work gets monotonous over time, it indicates a bad job. You should either search for a new position or look for other ways to enhance your career.

In cases when you do not understand what to do, you can consult a career coach who will guide you through the process.

5. There Is Doubt About The Company’s Future

If you are in a company that does not have security in the future, it is better to leave the place at the earliest. Though most companies face ups and downs, if there is no hope for your company to rise back up, it is preferable to find a better opportunity.

How will you understand if your company has any future or not? For-profit organizations, you can determine whether your company has profited from its yearly sales. If you review your company’s financial reports annually, you will be able to find the difference it has made in sales compared to the previous years. If you sit and calculate that, you can determine whether your company is towards profit or lagging behind a lot.

In the case of a non-profit organization, you can figure out the status of your company by seeing the reduction in the client base, salary, staff cutoff, and many more. These are some of the ways by which you will be able to find out if the financial condition of your company is going to be stable or not.

If you can figure out that you won’t be able to gain profit by staying and serving this particular company for long, keep searching for other good options as soon as possible. If you do not want to continue a job, you can start your own business and even be your boss.

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6. You Are Compromising Your Ethics

Not only in your workplace but if any situation forces you to change or compromise your ethics and decision-making ability, it is time to leave as soon as possible. You often compromise your ethics in a professional career because you want the work so badly. But remember, you will get another job if you leave this, but you will not be able to look face yourself if you keep losing your ethics for something else.

One example of going out of your ethics is when you are forced to work under harmful customer policies because it brings revenue to your company. Even for your company’s success, it is better to speak up if you are asked to do something wrong. You can even quit your current role if you want to.

7. You Are Under Compensated

If you are undervalued or under-compensated in your current job, it is better to search for something else. Most of the time, people settle for lower salaries in return for new and challenging opportunities, which is fine. But if you are being paid less even after offering a noticeable performance in your company for a long period, it is time to say “bye”. 

In these cases, the company generally makes their workers overwork and expects them to provide A+ performance in return for a very low salary. Though some people choose to stay because of their needs, it will be better if you leave.

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You can then look for a job that pays you well for your skills and negotiate the salary if unsatisfied. Selecting a job that pays you well for all the skills required in the company is very important as it will boost your confidence and provide you with the energy to work.

If you continue to work in a company that provides you low salary, it can also affect you mentally and lead to distress and frustration, as surviving on low pay is very challenging.

8. Your Values Do Not Align With The Organization’s

If you are in a place where your values do not match the organization’s, it is a major indication that you should be out of this place at the earliest. The misalignment of ethics and values can cause pressure which can, in turn, result in serious effects on mental health.

A happy workplace is where you can express yourself perfectly and your values match the company. If your values do not match that of the organization, it will not be a suitable experience for you.  In that case, you may face several problems at work, different approaches to work, different priorities in the work field, different ways of solving problems, and various other issues that can arise.

Before all these problems become a reason for your mental breakdown, it is better to look for another job.

9. You Are Not Able To Complete The Job Responsibilities

During the job period, there can be many problems that you may face. It can be professional, personal, health-related, or any other issue. Irrespective of the reason, it is better to quit if you cannot deliver the responsibilities that are asked. It is better to leave the position if you cannot have your work or duties due to the abovementioned problems.

The workload or pressure in this particular company might be too much for you to handle along with your own life. In this situation, you can look for some other job where you will be able to balance both your personal life as well as your professional life.

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Getting fired may affect your career, and getting a job in any other company might be difficult. On the other hand, if you stay in a company where your job responsibilities are compromised, you are likely to be terminated. In this case, please submit your resignation before they take any such action.

You can always consider trying for one last time before quitting your job. Leaving is a good option if there is no positive feedback or you are unhappy with your performance.

10. There Are Better Opportunities At Other Places

You should consider taking-up new and better opportunities even if you are at a company you are comfortable with. We understand that after working in a company for some time, you tend to get comfortable with the workspace, with colleagues, and the type of work that is dealt with inside the company. But these should not be your excuses for not trying for better opportunities.

Better chances and opportunities mean a higher salary, a broad professional network, career advancements, and professional fulfillment. If you are too comfortable with the company, you can look for better options inside your company where you will be provided the facilities mentioned above. If you find one, try for it as soon as possible.

But through research, if you find some other organization is providing these opportunities, you should leave. Always remember going to a place for a better chance is needed from time to time.

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11. You Need Work-Life Balance

Working overtime is one of the most common problems you will face in your company. You might have to work longer than the dedicated work time sometimes. It is time to reconsider if you are doing it often. 

If you cannot get proper rest during your work life, it is one of the major signs that show it is a sign to leave this job. If you work for much more than the dedicated work hours every week, it can hurt your health and cause problems in maintaining the work-life balance. It can also hamper your productivity as you will get less time to rest, and hence your brain will not be able to function properly.

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12. You Are Worried About Going To Work

Looking forward to weekends is the most common thing we do when working. Not only weekends, but people also wait for getting vacations when they are in a job. But it is not the right job if the thought of waking up the next morning and reporting to your office makes you anxious.

If you cannot sleep and are tense about going to work the next day, my friend, you should start looking for another job option as soon as possible.

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Looking for a place that makes your work time happy and not boring would be best. You should be excited to visit the office daily and complete the work. You should also be enjoying the work that you are given. But if it is not the case, it is sadly not the right place for you.

People generally spend a lot of time the day at work, and if your energy is drained by the time you come back, it is a major indication for you to quit.

13. You Don’t See Yourself There In Long Term

If you are in a company where you cannot see yourself in the long run, my friend, it is time to leave. Like every other thing mentioned above, if you cannot see yourself in the company for a long time, start searching for a better option.

If you start searching for a better option, it might take some time. So it is advised to search at the earliest. 

14. You Don’t Want Your Close Ones To Join There

If you would not recommend your company to your friends or close ones, is the company even worth working for? People generally want the best for their close ones, family, and friends. Looking at the scenario from this angle will help you decide whether this company suits you.

After getting your desired job in a good company, you can submit a week’s notice. Soon after the weekends, you can choose to submit your resignation. You will be able to find a lot of similar job options online if you spend some time on them.

15. You Feel Overwhelmed

Getting tensed or stressed at work is one of the most common feelings. But if you feel anxious or overwhelmed at every setback you face at work, it is a clear indication to leave the workplace.

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If the tasks or projects seemed interesting before feeling like a burden, it is a major sign to look out for. You may not be able to figure it out in the beginning, but this is a sign that indicates you are being over-pressured.

It is time to reconsider if you are in a place that continuously over-pressures or overloads you with work.

Consideration Before Quitting The Job

We know that staying and working in a place that does not match your values and ethics is one of the hardest things to do. You should remember these things if you have already decided to quit. 

You should keep these things in mind to ensure that you face no problems even when you leave your current position.

  • You should have the offer letter from another job before quitting. 

  • Always find a better opportunity before leaving the current position. 

  • Find a better opportunity that also has a good salary. 

  • You are supposed to submit the notice only when you get confirmation from any other company. 

  • You can also search for the same job role if you are comfortable with your current job position. 

Even after trying all these things, if you still cannot find a suitable job, you can choose to resolve the problems you are facing in your current company.

Even if you try to solve things, you might be successful. You can come up with various ideas and logic that will help in the better functioning of the company and will also resolve your problems.


There will be a lot of cases where you will have to face various problems in your company. Some of these problems will be negligible, whereas others can drain you. If the problem is insignificant, make sure you devise a solution.

But if the problem is quite big and is not negligible, you can try solving it first. If you still see yourself facing the same problem, you can choose to quit. Do not listen to others’ advice, as you are the best person to identify when it is time to leave your job. But always ensure you have another option in hand whenever you submit your resignation letter.

You can even look for a job with a similar job role, or you can even switch roles; it is completely up to you. Just make sure you find one that suits you the best.


1. How do you know when it’s time to leave your job?
If your job makes you feel burnout and exhausted and you do not find time or energy to do anything else, it is time to quit your job. It would be best if you kept in mind that any job that takes more than it gives is not worth it. Going to work should not feel dreadful and should enrich your life professionally.
2. Is 3 months enough to leave a job?
The consequences of leaving just after a few months will have an impact on the company as well. The resources of the company in the form of time and money were wasted on you. Plus the area you were into and the role you played, will suffer setbacks. Now the company will have to go into a new hiring process.
3. What is a good reason for leaving a job?
Some good reasons for leaving a job include company downturn, acquisition, merger, or restructuring as well as the desire for change — be it advancement, industry, environment, leadership, or compensation. Family circumstances may also be a factor. Deciding to leave a job is a tough decision.

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