What to do in times square What to do in times square

What to do in Times Square – 16 Awesome Things You Shouldn’t Miss!

What to do in Times Square is a question that bothers all people visiting New York City. The Big Apple is undoubtedly the hub of wholesome entertainment, drama, food, and so much more, right?

What makes it even more attractive is the numerous destinations it offers its people to roam. One such stunning destination is Times Square.

What to do in Times Square
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New York, NY 10036, located in midtown Manhattan, is one of the most popular tourist destinations that the entire world has seen. It is home to some of the most beautiful nightlife in New York City.

But have you ever wondered what to do in Times Square? Would it be hard for you to cover such a vast area? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Below are some coolest things that will answer your question of “What to do in Times Square?”, assure you will have a great time.

History of Times Square

Currently, Times Square is the centre of attraction in New York City and the entire world. But back then, during the 1890s, it was the main area for illicit and illegal activities. It was known for these impure practices until the 1900s, after which it was converted into a residential area.

It was first known as Long Acre and later changed into Times Square after New York Times opened its office in that area. Ever since, it saw major developments, where people used to gather in large numbers during New Year’s Eve for the ball drop and wait for the midnight moment to celebrate the new year.

Time Square
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Earlier, the famous ball drop on New Year’s eve was hosted in Times Square, where many people would turn up and enjoy a gala feast. At present, different broadcasters telecast this ball drop to spread the word.

Later the entertainment industry took over, and theatres saw a huge demand.

Ed Sullivan theatre is one such popular theatre that attracts many even today. Before this came into existence, people would wrack their brains on what to do in Times Square.

It is used as a great advertising medium as advertisers knew that their product and services would reach an all-time high, owing to the large crowds coming up.

What to Do in Times Square? – Top 16 Things to do!

Times Square has many things to offer to its people. Everyone will find something to enjoy in this prestigious area, from kids to adults. Head below to find out what to do in Times Square. Below are some fantastic things that you can do

1. Shopping

Times square shopping
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No doubt, everything is at its absolute best in Times Square. You can find different brands of clothes, accessories, makeup and anything from A to Z! There are also some shops which give you tons of free things and goodies on a minimum shopping.

It would be very surprising to know that all stores in Times Square are incredibly affordable with reasonable prices. And what’s more incredible is that they provide you with amazing discounts.

Top Places that You Should Try Out

(i) Rockefeller Center:

Depositphotos 26788267 XL scaledby pedro2009/ depositphotos

The Rockefeller Center is a must-try for all shoppers as it’s known for its excellent work in giving shoppers great experiences and goodies to take back. Not just shopping but this centre also offers amenities like dining and a rooftop bar.

(ii) M&M’s World

M&M world Time Squareby M&M’S Store/Pinterest

s most famous landmark, M&M’s World, is a popular destination for all those with a sweet tooth. People from all around the world come here to get chocolates and shop for many more things.

You could cover the entire avenue since some trains and buses will give you free tours. So make sure that you save money and hop onto these!

2. Meet Your Favorite Cartoons and Entertainers

If you are clueless about what to do in Times Square, you will find so many of your favourite cartoons, which are soft and furry. You could go right there and hug them! One of Times Square’s signatures, humans dressed up like cartoons, would be seen everywhere. Talking to them and even taking pictures with them is free of cost!

So the next time you go to Times Square, make sure you meet your furry friends.

3. Visit the Empire State Building

Empire State Building
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you went to Times Square and did not visit the Empire State Building, it would be a disgrace!

The Empire State Building is a great tourist attraction in NYC. What makes it even more notable is that it is a 102-story building filled with modern art and designs.

Since it’s just a 5-minute distance from Times Square, visitors prefer to hop onto buses or take a walk to get there. Ensure that you don’t miss this destination!

4. Experiencing the Midnight Moment

The question of what to do in Times Square will remain incomplete if we miss the midnight moment! This midnight moment is not just the one that happens during New Year’s eve; it happens every night.

At this time, one can witness the historic digital exhibition containing modern art portrayed all over the place. This moment is also when the electronic Billboards get lit up for people to watch. The show begins at 11:57 pm and runs until midnight. It is considered one of the largest digital exhibitions, which signifies modern art and its artists.

5. Take a Walk to Central Park and Bryant Park

(i) Central Park

Central park in New York
By S.Borisov from Shutterstock

It is an urban park that is very popular in New York. It is noted to be the fifth-largest park in the city, with many people gathering every day. After visiting Times Square, Central Park is within walking distance, on the Upper East side of Manhattan.

Bright lights are lit up in this park during the night, making it a romantic gateway for many couples in the city.

(ii) Bryant Park

Byrant Park in New York
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Bryant Park is also a great park to look out for in New York. It is a location with greenery and amazing scenery. Located in Manhattan’s town square, Bryant Park is very close to Times Square, which makes it an ideal place to relax and get a walking tour.

6. Getting a Taste of the Yummy Food of New York City

The food available here is yummy, which is why Times Square is the epicentre of quality and delicious food. The area which stretches north has a wide variety of food with different cuisines available.

People from all over the world come here to give their taste buds a delightful treat. Times Square offers you a beautiful fine dining experience in some of the eateries in the restaurant row. Rooftop bars are also prevalent as they give a lovely view of the entire New York City.

Some Places you Should Check Out

(i) Knickerbocker Hotel

Most restaurants are connected with rooftop bars as people come here to relax and get themselves sorted.

Knickerbocker hotel is located southwest of the street and provides an excellent ambience for all. Knickerbocker hotel should be your go-to place if you are a view-seeker.

(ii) Olive Garden

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant, one of the most popular in the restaurant row. It is known for its salads and pasta, and many people appreciate it. Having its pin code as New York NY 10036, it is extremely family-friendly as the type of dining appeals to all family dinners.

(iii) Havana Central

Havana Central, located in west Times Square, is a Cuban-themed restaurant. Every night, it gives the customers live music and a rooftop bar experience. It is designed in a Retro way, which gives people a retro vibe, which is one reason why the restaurant is sought after.

(iv) Virgil’s Real BBQ

Virgil’s Real BBQ is near Times Square, south of the avenue. It is known for its massive BBQ range of all sorts of meat. It is one of the largest meat joints in the city, which is near radio city. Crowds team up near Times Square and visit this BBQ in large groups to have a tasty treat.

(v) Hyatt Centric

Hyatt is a well-established brand in the field of food and lifestyle. As visitors, people who come to New York City often plan their stays in Hyatt Centric hotels. They say that the rooms are beautifully designed with a proper view of the entire city, including Times Square.

Located in New York, NY 10036, Hyatt Centric has various amenities for its guests. Every year, it organizes grand eatery feasts, where people from around the world come to rejoice in their days. It is also known for its excellent food deals with multi-cuisine facilities.

Guests also say that this place is quite affordable. If you are visiting New York City and looking for a centrally located hotel, this will remove all your worries.

7. The Theatre District

Theater in Times Square
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Times Square is home to a large number of theatres.

Ever since the demand for theatres grew after the World War, this has been the epitome of bringing a revolution for many famous theatres.

Two such notable theatres are:

(i) New Victory Theatre

The famous New Victory theatre is joining the list of famous theatres in Manhattan’s theatre district. It is an off-Broadway theatre, which both kids and adults immensely love. It is known for its exemplary work in running shows of music, dance and puppets for all age groups.

The New Victory theatre won the Drama Desk Award for providing wholesome entertainment to those in Times Square.

(ii) Ed Sullivan Theatre

Ed Sullivan Theatre is considered to be one of the oldest theatres in the city. It is located in Midtown Manhattan, where crowds watch live shows and other popular events. It has a gothic style architecture and is a television studio in the present.

If you are a fan of plays and dramas, then make sure to check this out!

8. Watch The Large Scale Performances

Performers are aplenty in Times Square. Since many people visit this area, performers and artists use this opportunity to get noticed. The most popular shows are listed below.

(i) Broadway Show

The Broadway Show or Broadway shows are most sought after by onlookers. They are a set of theatrical performances, including different forms of art. The Broadway show is powered by Broadway productions. This show has gained extreme popularity because of its large audience viewership.

The Broadway comedy club is one such popular show. One can buy tickets to all such events through the TKTS booth. You can also see many street performers and famous musicians showcasing their talents and getting recognized.

Sometimes these performers hand out free things and, in some cases, free dancing lessons if you’re lucky! If you’re going to Times Square, you may rest guaranteed that you’ll be able to see The Tonight Show.

9. Take a Tour

New York NY 10036, Times Square is a vast area to cover; hence one should do a proper tour. Many agents arrange sightseeing tours, bus tours, and walking tours.

If you are a lively person, a recommendation would be to check out the behind-the-scenes tour of the shows you love as it would give you an insight into the many aspects involved in production.

To make your sightseeing tour more memorable, make sure you click amazing pictures and cherish those memories in the years to come. To stay safe from getting robbed, ensure all your belongings are safe!

10. Times Square Church

The Times Square Church is a renowned destination. As many call it, the square church is an ancient church prevalent since the late 1900s. During the opening night of Christmas and New Year, the Times Square Church is decorated and lit with lights to commemorate the special occasion.

It is believed that one who worships here wholeheartedly gets his wish granted. This is why, every day, Times Square Church sees millions of people coming out with candles and proposing their wishes.

11. New York Public Library

New York Public Library
Photo by Siggi Tittjung from Pexels

New York Public Library is a famous destination for bookworms.

A large number of books dating centuries old are present here. It is also a great place to gain knowledge, so many schools in the big apple, New York City, come here for educational trips.

12. Rock Observation Deck

Rock Observation Deck
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Top of the rock” is a popular sight in Times Square. It provides a rooftop ambience where one goes to the rock observation deck to get the perfect view of the city’s life. Top of the rock is also known for its great service in providing rock observation deck offers for its customers.

It is located in the Rockefeller Center of New York, NY 10036. In this area, you will find many people watching the sunset or just the views, which is why it is one of the famous landmarks. It is also known to be where some of the great romantic proposals take place.

Want a nice profile picture? Go here!

13. Visiting the World Trade Center Memorial

The 9/11 attacks took a toll on the lives of so many innocents. If you are visiting Times Square, make sure to check out New York city’s most eminent place, the World trade centre memorial, which is a 15-minute distance.

It is a popular destination as you will get to see the different aspects such as names of people who lost their lives, memory notes and other remains of the World Trade Center. People also conduct prayer ceremonies for those who lost their lives during these attacks.

14. Pedestrian Plaza

This is a special place designed only for pedestrians to walk or take a stroll. It is located near Times Square and is considered one of the world’s largest pedestrian-only zones.

The Other Attractions

(i) Radio City

Near the plaza is Radio City. Top RJs do their shows here and gain a large set of viewers. You should check out The Tonight Show to get your evening sorted.

(ii) Ice Skating Rink

And East, towards seventh avenue, is the ice skating rink. Here many skaters and first-timers come to spend their day. This is also a great activity to exercise and pass your time. It is close to Bryant Park.

(iii) East River

Up next will also appear the east river, which many world leaders have visited. It is located near the Rockefeller Center in New York City. Here tourists come to see the beautiful scenery of Midtown Manhattan.

What to do in Time Square?

15. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

A historic place in New York City, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum has carved a name for itself by being one of the most desirable locations for people who visit New York City. Though it was originally started in the United Kingdom, now the Times Square sector of the museum is extremely popular.

One of the top things that one should do is visit New York City, one of the most popular answers to what to do in Times Square.  It is situated on 42nd street, in New York, NY 10036. Some of the popular stars who have their sculptures here are:

  1. Alicia keys

  2. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

  3. Marvel Superheroes

  4. King Kong

  5. The Presidential Senate officers

  6. Other Hollywood and Bollywood stars

16. Grand Slam New York

Times Square is undoubtedly a beautiful place. Keeping this in mind, many tourists would love to gather some souvenirs to take back home. If you are looking for the perfect memory store, then Grand Slam, in Midtown Manhattan, is what you should be looking for.

It is a top souvenir shop which offers many gifts for others to buy. Located very close to the Rockefeller Center, this should be your go-to store if you are looking for the treasures you want to take back with you to tell them what to do in Times Square.

Key Takeaways

Broadway in Times Square
Photo by jimmy teoh from Pexels

Above are some awesome things you should try when you get to Times Square in New York City. People come here at their own pace and spend the day brightly while taking back tons of memories.

The National Geographic encounter would have been an excellent place to check out but owing to reasons, the place has now been permanently closed. The next time you go to Times Square, don’t end up in a black hole. Instead, make sure you check out all that is mentioned above.

Keeping in mind all these aspects, you are sure to make loads of memories. The place is also home to beautiful photo locations, so get your Instagram profile pictures updated! We hope this answered your question of What to do in Times Square if it did, then do try out everything listed here.


1. How is one day spent in NY Times Square?

Ans. Tourists visiting NY Times Square for a day can explore the following places first:

  • Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
  • Dave and Buster’s
  • Hershey’s Times Square
  • M&M’s World
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not Auditorium
  • National Geographic

2. Will I enjoy visiting NY Times Square?

Ans. Yes. People love visiting NY Times Square as this is the hub of all the attractions. The sky is lit pretty with all the skyscrapers and thus it is always fun to take a stroll in this amazing place. 

3. Which months are best to visit Times Square?

Ans.  September to November is the best time to visit Times Square. 


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