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What to do in Orange Beach Alabama? – Your 15 Best Options!

Orange Beach is a beautiful little city found on the Gulf shores of Alabama. The city is a famous hub for water sports. Alabama is a great place to stay. But you must be wondering What to do in Orange Beach Alabama?

You must know Orange Beach has much more to explore and enjoy! And there will never be a single moment in Orange Beach that will be dull or boring.

In light of this, visitors need to know about the remarkable things to do and see in Orange Beach, Alabama. So, what to do in Orange Beach Alabama?

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama? 

Let us now see some of the beautiful Orange Beach Activities that you can enjoy and revel in during your visit to this spectacular place:

1. Spend a Delightful time at the Orange Beach Waterfront Park

The Orange Beach Waterfront Park on Wolf Bay is a quiet spot to spend time with family and friends. Away from the beach and sun will do you good for a few hours.

You will have a delightful time at the library and the Learning centre. It also includes picnic shelters, a playground with a BBQ, and a pier.

Let us now explore some fun things to do and see at the Ocean Beach Waterfront Park. Here are some ideal comebacks for that special question of what to do in Orange Beach Alabama

Below are a few things you can try on Orange beach waterfront park.

what to do in orange beach alabama
Image by Sariann Irvin from Pixabay

a) Immerse Yourself at the Coastal Arts Center

The Coastal Arts Center features an art gallery of more than 9999 square feet. It is well known for beautiful architecture and captivating works of art.

Visitors are treated to breathtaking compositions by famous artists, mesmerizing photographs, and sculptures from worldwide. Furthermore, the Coastal arts centre is also a splendid wedding venue that is extremely popular.

Aerial video of the new Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach

b) Join a Pottery-Making Class at the Clay Studio

Are you interested in learning more about pottery? Well, all you need to do is to walk across to the Clay Studio found beside the coastal arts centre and watch the talented pottery artists at work.

Moreover, you are also allowed to sign up for pottery-making classes as well.

Intro to Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach

c) Go Fishing on the Pier and Let Your Kids Enjoy the Waterfront Park Play Area

The Pier found on the Orange beach waterfront park is built on the lake. You can have a great time fishing on the Pier. However, it is currently under renovation since the last hurricane. You can visit after it has been renovated. 

If your kids are screaming into your ear, about what to do in Orange Beach Alabama, then you should take them to the Waterfront Park Play Area.

The newly built playground has plenty of swings and a man-made fort ready for climbing. An ideal place for kids and little ones to have a diverting time.

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama
Photo by Emily Talbot on Unsplash

d) Learn to Sail at the Water & Wind Learning Site

On the western part of the Waterfront Park is a learning centre for learning more about sailing and kayaking.

What can you do in Orange Beach Alabama? You can attend the sailing camp and go kayaking. All children aged seven years and up can train for sailing. The kids are taught sailing skills, safety, and everything related to sailing.

At the end of the training, they are allowed to participate in a delightful race.

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama
Image by Meadowphoto from Pixabay

2. Have a Marvellous Time at the Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park is one of the prominent state parks in Alabama. You can hike or go fishing here. Or you can bike around it, or better still, camp to enjoy an overnight stay at the State Park.

As you contemplate the question, of what to do in Orange Beach, Alabama, you will be thrilled to know that Gulf State Park Activities is an answer to your dilemma. Here are some top activities to do in Gulf State Park.

a) Fishing on the Gulf State Park Pier

The pier on the Gulf State Park is wonderful to enjoy watching the sun go down. You are treated to grand views of the beautiful beach and the landscape.

shutterstock 1406721446
Photo by Jacob Boomsma from Shutterstock

You can watch the fish below the pier or enjoy looking at some of the wild animals found here. Some important facts about the longest Pier in the city of Alabama:

  1. The pier has railings that are nearly 2500 feet.

  2. It was built in 1968.

  3. Angler Academy at the Pier teaches you all about fishing.

b) Camp on the Park Campground

Gulf State Park Campground Review || Family Friendly Park in Gulf Shores, AL

Camping is fun at the Gulf State Park. With a swimming pool, an exclusive centre for nature, a drive-in theatre, and accessible pathways to the beach or the lake, you will find Gulf State Park has much to offer!

c) Stay at the Eagles or the Lodge’s

So you are not a fan of the outdoors? It does not matter because you can stay at one of the classic cottages at the Gulf State Park. It overlooks the Lake, which is known for its incredible views.

Another location would be the Lodge. A new place to stay in Gulf State Park is a delightful place called ‘The Lodge.‘ Amenities and places to eat are simply superb. You will have a fantastic experience.

3. Have a Day of Adventure on the Adventure Island

Adventure Island on the Gulf Coast has been instrumental in offering multiple attractions to its visitors for more than 29 years.

It is a family-owned business and has never failed to impress anyone looking for a day of adventure. A fantastic wonderland filled with all sorts of outdoor and indoor games. It also boasts the largest fun arcade in the region.

So, what to do in Orange Beach Alabama? Have loads and loads of Fun on Adventure Island.

Adventure Island

Fun Activities on Adventure Island

  • The Alligator Gaming Alley is an Arcade that has over 90 video games.

  • A simulator called the Max flight would thrill you like no other.

  • A fun alternative to the game of tag is the one with a laser called laser tag.

  • Bump and shoot one another with a water gun on Bumper boats.

  • Kids are treated to exclusive fun rides.

4. Enjoy a Round of Mini Golf

Orange Beach, Alabama, is well-known for its mini golf courses. You will love to play mini golf with your family and friends.

Kids will enjoy this activity as it is fun and exciting. Furthermore, different types of mini-golf courses are available to kids of all age groups.

Do you want to know what to do in Orange Beach Alabama? You must explore the various mini golf courses. Well, here it is.

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama
Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay

a) The Beachside

The mini golf course, Beachside, is a terrific location on Beach Road. The course has nearly 20 holes and is accessible to the handicapped.

Apart from Golf, you can enjoy views from the Lighthouse and the spectacular sounds of the waterfalls.

b) The Track

The Track‘ mini golf course is located on Gulf shores and also features joyrides, go-karting, bumper boat rides, and much more.

Orange Beach, Alabama Mini Golf

c) Adventure Golf – Pirate Island

What is better than regular mini-golf? A themed mini-golf! That’s right, folks, at Pirate Island, you get to follow a pirate and be like one!

The entire experience is quite an adventure. It begins on the shores of a famous lagoon and continues to explore the vast treasures of the pirates.

The golf course, you see, is a tremendous big riddle! It superimposes lovely landscapes, beautiful streams, and waterfalls. It is mini golf like no other, and one must experience it to know how it feels.

5. Have a Cuppa at the Southern Grind Coffee House

A speciality Coffee House that features awesome signature coffee blends. The coffee shop also serves delicious food as well. It includes pasta salads, big sandwiches, and full wraps.

The Southern Grind Coffee House is the place to be if you want nourishing American food.

A dream comes true business venture of the brother and sister duo of Orange Beach is a phenomenal success.

The Southern Grind Coffee House is open at the Wharf and the Hotel Indigo. Is there ever a question about what to do in Orange Beach Alabama? Come over to Southern Grind for the best coffee and great food.

6. Go on an Enthralling Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin cruises are an out-of-the-world experience. It is quite mesmerizing to watch the delightful sea creatures doing what they do best on the lovely waters of the Gulf Shores orange beach.

Many tour operators are offering Dolphin Cruises in Orange Beach. Hop on any time you have the urge for a fitting reply to the question, What to do in Orange Beach Alabama?

Here are a few activities you might try on your dolphin cruise.

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama
Image by Simon Mettler from Pixabay

a) Fun Boat Dolphin Cruises

A wonderful cruise started by a joyful family for wholesome fun and adventure to all who come on their fun boat.

The Fun Boats Day Time Dolphin Cruises

The captain of the boat is passionate about his passengers and crew. His desire is to offer everyone a chance to view the dolphins. Experience has taught him that dolphins do not appear in the same place twice.

But rest assured, you are given the best viewing adventure. After watching the dolphins, have an amusing water fight with another fun boat.

b) Sailing Charters

Sailing Charters offers some of the best dolphin cruises in Orange Beach Alabama. A unique experience offered to its passengers is the Sunset cruise.

Awesome sunset views coupled with dolphins jumping above Gulf shores waters is an encounter that will never be erased from your mind.

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama
Image by Gilles Lagnel from Pixabay

c) Cetacean Dolphin Cruise

The Cetacean Dolphin Cruise is a lovely tour lasting nearly two hours.

The tour includes watching dolphins on Orange Beach waters and an awesome nature tour where you might encounter Eagles, Deer, or an Alligator.

7. Know all about the History of Alabama at the Orange Beach Indian Museum

If you are keen to know all about your native Indian buddies and long for an answer to the question of what to do in Orange Beach Alabama, you must pay a visit to the Indian Museum in Orange Beach.

It is a great place where special Indian artefacts are kept. They have had a wonderful collection of fishing goods since the Native Indian American period.

Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum

The museum is a simple reminder to the new generation of Americans that the traditions of native Indians are not forgotten.

8. Experience Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing on Orange Beach is an extraordinary experience and a great answer to the perpetual question What to do in Orange Beach Alabama?

Over 100 charter boats on the Gulf shores are readily available to take you on a fishing trip like no other.

The coastline of Orange Beach runs nearly many miles so a fishing trip can last according to your heart’s desire. You can go on a two-hour fishing tour for a short trip, and if you are looking for a longer schedule, you can charter the boat for nearly two days.

What to do in Orange Beach, Alabama
Photo by William McAllister from Pexels

You will find many millions of fish species on the Gulf Coast. So don’t be surprised if you catch a redfish or a flounder. It is all a day’s work for the captains of the charter fishing fleet.

So go ahead and book your charter fishing trip and be thunderstruck at the sight of the blue fish or the King Mackerel.

9. Sunbathe on the Warm Cotton Bayou Beach

Cotton Bayou Beach is considered the best among the many lovely beaches in Orange Beach, Alabama. The best response to the perpetual predicament of what to do in Orange Beach Alabama would be to sunbathe on Cotton Bayou Beach.

shutterstock 1695361135
Photo by Ground Picture from Shutterstock

Known for its soft white sand, this is an ideal location for swimming. It is a great beach for enjoying the water too.

Things to Note Before Heading to Cotton Bayou

  • Generally has a crowd due to the central location of the beach. It is advised to be early to the venue on weekends.

  • Visitors have access to restrooms and Showers. They are given free parking.

  • It is recommended to have beach chairs.

  • No pets are allowed. There is a fine of $500 for those violating the rule.

10. Connect with Nature at the Branyon Backcountry Trail

The Branyon Backcountry Trail is found inside the beautiful Gulf State Park of Orange Beach, Alabama.

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama
Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay

It has more than 25 trails and nearly ten ecosystems within the state park. The trails are well-paved and can be used as a jogging or biking track.

You have many options to enjoy while hiking on Branyon’s backcountry trail. You can hike, skate or go rock climbing.

What to do in Orange Beach Alabama

The wildlife found on the trail is pretty spectacular too. Nature buffs and photographers would love to find exotic wild animals wandering about the trail.

11. Explore the Endangered Wildlife at The Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge 

A Safe habitat for endangered coastal barrier species is what Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is all about.

Herein lies some of the world’s most near-extinct animals. Some of them are the last known species of their kind.

Welcome to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Oct. 21, 2019

A very noble cause created to help safeguard the coastal barrier habitats, Bon Secour national wildlife refuge is a natural sanctuary for all who need it.

This place is perfect for all precious nature activists who are wondering. Bon Secour is for everyone looking to make a difference in the world.

You can enjoy a quiet little walk and become one with nature or get a chance to develop a close bond with the Green Sea Turtle.

12. Visit the Wharf to Experience a Shoppers Delight

The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama, is great for wholesome entertainment and a true shopper’s paradise.

Oh yes! It is a spectacular district that offers delightful places to eat and to have a marvellous time with the ones you love.

The Wharf Orange Beach, Alabama

Fun, entertainment, and shopping are all that the Wharf’s popularity is known for! So the next time you wonder What to do in Orange Beach Alabama, you must visit the Wharf for a visit like no other.

13. Watch Exotic Birds on Alabama Point East – A Nature Lover’s Heaven on Earth

The State of Alabama truly is devoted to its surroundings. Many locations are safeguarded for the future.

One such place is Alabama Point East. A remarkable and stunning location found in the Gulf state park.

As you ponder on a lazy afternoon, what to do in Orange Beach Alabama, you must give Alabama Point East a chance. Even if you are not a nature lover, the odds are that you will fall in love with the beautiful landscape found here.

Alabama Point - Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, Alabama

White Sandy Beach, which stretches for more than 5000 feet that has boardwalks, picnic shelters, etc., is the highlight of Alabama point east.

Observing birds in their surroundings and catching fish to satisfy your hunger for excitement are some wonderful ways to spend time at Alabama Point.

14. Take your Kids to Fat Daddy’s Arcade and have a Jolly Time

For family fun and lively interaction, one must visit Fat Daddy’s Arcade to be satisfied to answer the question, what to do in Orange Beach Alabama?

With over 75 arcade games, your kids will love to win and have an enjoyable day they will forget.

Fat Daddy's Arcade in Orange Beach

15. Amuse Yourself at the OWA Amusement Park

OWA is a lovely resort located on a 500-acre land. The amusement park has many rides and is the biggest indoor activity water park.

what to do in orange beach alabama
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The food is great, the shopping is out of the world, and the entertainment is first-class.

One of the perfect ways to respond to the question of what to do in Orange Beach Alabama is to be thrilled with unlimited fun and joy at the OWA park.

7 Things to Know about Orange Beach Alabama 

Here are some of the things that you need to know about Orange beach Alabama, before visiting.

1. Is Orange Beach Alabama Worth Visiting?

Orange Beach is a phenomenal place where lovely blue waters are washed across white sand beaches.

Here the sea is mystical, and the breeze is pure and cool. And most important of them all, people are warm and friendly.

Orange Beach, Alabama

2. Which is the Best Season to Visit Orange Beach?

You should plan to visit Orange Beach during the fall season. Why? Because the days are very cool in fall as compared to the heat in summer or spring.

Another important reason to visit Orange Beach during the fall season is that it is less crowded.

3. Which is Better, Gulf Shores or Orange Beach?

shutterstock 1777771565
Photo by blandas71 from Shutterstock

Gulf Shores is the best location for those visiting with families. But if you are looking for a place with a quiet atmosphere that resembles that of a pretty little town, then you must consider Orange beach.

4. Can you Drink Alcohol in Orange Beach Alabama?

shutterstock 432153001
Photo by Jag_cz from Shutterstock

Orange beach does allow its visitors to drink alcohol on the beach. However, it forbids them to use any glass containers for drinking alcohol.

5. Does Orange Beach Have White Sand?

Yes, it does! Remarkable, isn’t it? The theory behind the pristine white sand beaches goes like this. The sand is made up of white quartz crystal.

It was deposited during the end of the Ice Age from Appalachian Mountain. Enjoy the white sand over there if you are wondering what to do in Orange beach Alabama.

6. What Airport do I fly into for Orange Beach, Alabama?

The Jack Edwards Airport (JKA) is the nearest location from Orange Beach through the coastal junction of Alabama point east.

shutterstock 551576716
Photo by Maridav from Shutterstock

Kindly note that JKA is a relatively smaller airport offering more private flights than commercial ones.

7. Can You Drive to Orange Beach?

shutterstock 557719861
Photo by fanjianhua from Shutterstock

No, you are not allowed to use your vehicles on the beach. Vehicles for maintenance and those authorized by the government are the only ones allowed on the beach.

Key Takeaways

There are plenty of reasons to visit Orange Beach, Alabama. For the perfect answer to the lingering question, what to do in Orange Beach Alabama? One has to experience the incredible attractions firsthand.

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Photo by JMcQ from Shutterstock

Crystal-white sandy beaches with amazing activities and glorious sunshine will keep you and your family cheerful and smiling all day long.

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  1. Is Orange Beach Alabama worth visiting?

Ans. Yes. Orange beach is a magnificent beach in Alabama. This beach brings together a charming community of both old and youth people. 

2. Does Orange Beach have a downtown?

Ans. Yes, Bay Circle is the original downtown in Orange Beach.

3. Can I go to Orange Beach at night?

Ans. yes, Orange Beach is really un at night. People go there with flashlights to look out for crabs. 

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