what to do in Malibu what to do in Malibu

What to do in Malibu? 10+ Things to enjoy!

The city of Malibu, California is in Los Angeles Country. It is located between the ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains and the east Pacific coast highway. Beautiful, picturesque, cinematic landscapes and beaches intertwined with luxury in the city of Malibu. What to do in Malibu is the most common question that can come to your mind if you visit here or planning to do so.

What to do in Malibu? Enjoy these 10 Fun Activities

Malibu, California offers you a wide range of versatile tourist places and activities of different interests. 

Here is a brief description of what to do in Malibu and its related spots.

1. Walk Down The Malibu Pier

What to do in Malibu?
What to do in Malibu? – MALIBU PIER – Website, Screenshot

Malibu Pier is the first and foremost thing on the list of what to do in Malibu. It is the most popular, loved, and recognizable Malibu tourist attraction.

2. Relax and Soak up the Sunrays on Malibu’s Picturesque Beaches

It is one of the best and most common things to do in Malibu. The versatile beaches range from long, wide sandy shorelines to secluded beach cloves to beaches with unique, magnificent rock formations and spectacular ocean views. Given below is a list of a few beaches.

  • El matador state beach.

  • Zuma beach.

  • Leo Carrillo state park beach.

  • Point Dume state beaches.

  • Big dume state beach.

  • Carbon beach.

  • Surfrider beach.

  • Westward beach.

  • Paradise cove beach.

  • Nicholas canyon beach.

3. Appreciate Malibu’s Grandeur of Architecture and Museums

People interested in marvellous architecture, history, and artefacts collection can visit museums like:

4. Get Adventurous and Go Hiking in The Magnificent Santa Monica Mountains

What to do in Malibu?
By Andrei Tanase/Pexels

One of the best things to do in Malibu is hiking on the hiking trails located within the Santa Monica mountain range and getting close to nature by camping too. Some hiking trails are:

  • Backbone trail.

  • Solstice canyon park.

  • Malibu creek state park.

  • Point Mugu state park.

5. Experience Extravagant Shopping in Malibu

The shopping experience in Malibu is amazing and different. You have stylish fashionable boutiques in big malls with small retail centres at beaches too.

  • Malibu country mart, Malibu, CA.

  • Malibu surf shop, Malibu, CA.

6. Fine Dining Experience at Restaurants in Malibu

You can relish some fine, scrumptious cuisines, especially seafood here in Malibu. Some dinings are as follows:

  • Malibu cafe.

  • Reel Inn Malibu.

  • Neptune’s net.

  • Duke’s Malibu.

  • Geoffrey’s.

  • Nobu Malibu.

7. Have Fun Activities at the Beaches of Malibu

On your visit to beaches if you want to do something extra other than typical sunbathing, beach walking, and swimming. Here is the solution as Malibu beaches offer different water sports and beach activities:

  • Surfing.

  • Stand-up paddle boarding.

  • Fishing, whale watching, and cruises.

8. Visit Different Places in Malibu, California 

(a) El Matador Beach, Malibu Ca

El Matador beach
Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels

It is part of Robert H. Meyer memorial state beach located between Point Dume State Beaches and Leo Carrillo state beach in Malibu California. Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach is a beach with three small “pocket beaches” that are El Pescador, La Piedra and El Matador. El Matador beach has incredible monoliths, rock formations, caves with small sections of sand, and coastal landscapes.

What to do in Malibu, at el Matador Beach?

El Matador state beach, a part of Meyer memorial state beach has a beautiful shoreline and cliffs with mesmerizing ocean views. You can explore caves, snorkelling, enjoy birdwatching, surfing, beachcombing, oceanfront picnic, building sandcastles, watch the sunset or sunrise, and do photography.

It offers different amenities for your convenience. It is less popular so will get more privacy but less accessibility.

(b) Zuma Beach, Malibu CA

Zuma beach is a classic famous Malibu California beach, having one of the largest coastlines in the area extending for approximately 2 miles. Zuma beach has a white golden shiny-sand shoreline, a picturesque landscape, and an excellent surfing facility.

What to do in Malibu, at Zuma beach?

Zuma beach is great for walking, photography, water activities, swimming, windsurfing, bodyboarding, body surfing, scuba diving, fishing, and surfing. Zuma beach has amenities like picnic areas, restaurants, restrooms, lifeguard stations, and volleyball courts. 

(c) Point Dume State Beach and Preserve, Malibu Ca

Point Dume State Beach and Preserve in Malibu California is a beautiful beach that offers breathtaking views of the North Pacific ocean.

Point dume state beach is a captivating sandy beach shadowed by overhanging headlands and cliffs, with rocky caves and a soft white sand expanse. So you get oceanic water mixed with sand and greenery.

What to do in Malibu, at Point Dume State Beach?

Point dume state beach is operated and maintained by Los Angeles County and offers you lots of facilities and activities. Malibu coastal adventures like scuba diving, swimming, and surfing can be done here. People can also go fishing at suitable spots.

It is the most popular spot for looking at California Gray whales between December and April that is during their migration period. You will get to see unique seashells, and splashing tidepools.

There are mild ascending hiking trails that take hikers to a unique accumulation of coastal buff dunes. On a clear day, this bluff offers amazing views of Santa Monica bay, the Malibu coast, the Santa Monica mountains, and Catalina Island. You can also enjoy watching beautiful sunrise and sunset from the coast.

(d) Leo Carrillo State Park, Malibu Ca

Leo Carrillo State Park is a beach park with a rugged shoreline of 2 miles. It is named after Leo Carrillo, a well-known actor, preservationist, and conservationist.

What to do in Malibu, at Leo Carrillo State Park?

It has many beaches with natural beauty where you can enjoy numerous activities while experiencing the fresh ocean breeze. You can see coastal caves, tide pools, backcountry trails, campgrounds, and interpretive displays.

Leo Carrillo State Park is a perfect beach for activities like swimming, surfing, windsurfing, and beachcombing. It has a shady campground for a night’s stay and to experience nature. At low tides, you can explore exposed marine life at reef tide pools, and coastal caves too.

At this California beach, you can enjoy fishing and giving fishing lessons to children, and building sand sculptures with them.

(e) Surfrider Beach, Malibu CA

surfrider beach
Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels

Surfrider Beach is a quintessential Malibu beach and is a must-visit for surfers.

What to do in Malibu, at Surfrider Beach?

Surfing is the most common activity to do here. Surfrider beach is known as World Surfing Reserve, and it boasts three-point breaks in the wave that is popular among short boarders and longboarders.

(f) Malibu Pier, Malibu CA

Malibu pier
Photo by Catherine Leclert on Pexels

Malibu Pier is a well-known hot spot for tourists, the centre of surf culture in California. Also called “The Riviera of America” and is the icon of the region.

It is located on the shores of the North Pacific ocean. The wooden planked fishing pier is built in 1905 and is 780 feet long. The Beach is famous for its natural three-point break that creates waves up to 300 yards.

What to do in Malibu, at Malibu Pier?

You can have the pleasant experience of strolling or walking just before sunset or sunrise and enjoy mesmerizing views of the pacific ocean and California coastline. It is the favourite spot for watching surf riders and scanning Dolphins in the ocean.

The Pier is dotted with brackets for fishing rods and reeks, so good spot for fishing. You can have a fine dining experience. Malibu farm cafe or Malibu farm restaurant located at the pier are highly recommended. And, don’t forget to enjoy Souvenirs shopping, a day out under the sun here.

(g) The Getty Villa, Malibu CA

The Getty Villa
Photo by Malasoca on Pixabay

The Getty Villa is designed as a 1st-century Italian villa and is the former residence of Paul Getty. Opened in 1974, presently serves as an educational centre and museum housing Greek and Etruscan artefacts from Getty’s collection. It is also home to the University of California’s Archeological and Ethnographic Conservation program.

What to do in Malibu, at Getty Villa?

The Getty Villa has permanent collections of 1,200 works exhibited in 23 galleries, while 5 galleries are dedicated to changing or visiting exhibits. The collection has a wide range of themes, ranging from the Trojan War to ancient Gods and Goddesses.

A large, beautiful, manicured formal garden having roses and English ivy with numerous Roman statues in between the greenery surrounding the Villa. A big clear reflecting pool with collonaded walkways is also there, along with seminar rooms, conservation labs, and research libraries.

(h) Adamson House, Malibu CA

Adamson House is a stunning marvel of architecture located over the Malibu Lagoon state beach, in Malibu California. 

Adamson House is known as the Taj Mahal of tiles, which has an eccentric, quirky, unique but beautiful interior that was originally designed for promotional or marketing interests.

It was established in 1929 on 13,000 acres of land, covering the city of San Antonio and an area of land inhabited by Spanish people.

The history behind this grandeur architecture is that it was built by Rindge who were dairy farmers. In 1926, they started a pottery studio in Malibu named Malibu potteries. They erected the Adamson house for their elder daughter’s wedding.

What to do in Malibu, at Adamson’s house?

Adamson house’s theme-based ceramic tiles make it a one-of-a-kind building based on Mediterranean Revival architecture. The 60-foot-long “Persian rug” is constructed entirely of tiles that welcome visitors.

The interior from the bathroom to the kitchen, fountains to the swimming pool is made with these customized tiles showcasing Art Deco to Native American and nautical to Andalusian theme arts. You can walk through a lush green garden, surrounding the house from the exterior.

(i) Malibu Lagoon Museum, Malibu CA

What to do in Malibu?
What to do in Malibu? – Adamson House Museum – Website, Screenshot

Malibu Lagoon Museum is a cultural heritage located next to the Adamson house.

What to do in Malibu, at Malibu Lagoon Museum?

Visit here to witness the rich collection of artefacts, photographs, and rare documents related to Malibu’s history covering the era of early Chumash Indians to the era of Spanish California.

(j) Backbone Trail, Malibu CA

Backbone Trail is a 67-mile National Recreation Trail traversing through the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area from east to west, in Malibu California.

What to do in Malibu, at Backbone Trail?

The short section trail from Mishe Mowka to Sandstone peak (the highest point in the Santa Monica mountains) is the best hiking trail. This challenging adventurous trail offers spectacular viewpoints and can be completed in a loop including an Inspiration point.

(k) Solstice Canyon, Malibu CA

Solstice Canyon is located in Santa Monica mountain, Malibu California, and has huge historical value with panoramic views. You can reach here to the top by an easy 2-mile hike or by another strenuous 6-mile trek.

What to do in Malibu, at Solstice Canyon?

Flanked by tall, gorgeous, cascading waterfalls, a stone house “shell” is present in between Solstice canyon (Santa Monica mountains).

It was built in 1865 by a man named Matthew Keller, it is believed to be the California city’s oldest stone building. It lasted through multiple wildfires but was ultimately ruined by the Correl fire of 2007. Its bare-bones walls are the most fascinating attraction of Malibu.

(l) Malibu Creek State Park, Malibu CA

It is also called the “crown jewel ” for recreation of the Santa Monica mountains and is often referred to as the Southern California region’s Yosemite. It was opened in 1976.

What to do in Malibu, at Malibu Creek State Park?

Malibu Creek State Park has an enormous area of 8000 acres of land. This state park has oak savanna trees, plains of tall grass, and thick forests with dramatic hill peaks and mountains. It also has hiking trails like the 15-mile oak and sycamore woodland trail by the stream.

You can try wildlife roaming and spot some animals in this Malibu creek state park in the Santa Monica mountains. For a long time, it was owned by 20th century Fox Studio and this picturesque state park was used for shooting movies.

(m) Point Mugu State Park, Malibu CA

Point Mugu state park is a 5- mile long beautiful coastline located in the Santa Monica mountains.

What to do in Malibu, at Point Mugu State Park?

It is spread over around 40,000 acres of land with adventurous 70-mile hiking trails with a beautiful view of coastlines, canopies, dunes, and more. You can go surfing, swimming, and spot migrating whales during winter.

Campgrounds named Sycamore Canyon and Thornhill Broome are also available which can be used for trailer camping or tent camping as needed with a view of the blue ocean and hills.

(n) Malibu Country Mart, Malibu, CA

What to do in Malibu?
What to do in Malibu? – Malibu Country Mart – Website, Screenshot

Malibu Country Mart is the shopping destination. It is located in Malibu civic centre.

What to do in Malibu, at Malibu Country Mart?

It is spread over 6-acre areas offering a good combination of high-end luxurious shopping, playing, and dining areas. This “boutique mall” has different buildings in Spanish, modern, Mediterranean, and rustic styles.

These buildings have a beautiful garden dotted with sculptures, a kid’s playground, picnic areas, and outdoor restaurants. You can also spot celebrities sometimes. Places like Malibu kitchen offer sweet treats and Grom Malibu offers gelato.

(o) Malibu Farm, Malibu Ca

Malibu farm restaurant and Malibu farm Cafe both are Located on the Malibu pier and serve you direct farm-to-table food using local healthy ingredients with spectacular views of the water.

What to do in Malibu, at Malibu Farm?

It offers delicious seafood like smoked salmon, fish tacos, and crab-cake sandwiches. It serves gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian foods as well, satisfying a wide range of customers.

Its most popular options are open-faced omelettes and fun rainbow mimosas, grass-fed burgers, and cauliflower pizzas with popular breakfast choices being burritos and BLT.

(p) Reel Inn Malibu, Malibu CA

This is the best place in Malibu for eating fresh seafood. While answering what to do in Malibu, at Reel Inn, keep in mind to try out the fish tacos here.

fish tacos
Photo by Hana Brannigan on Pexels

(q) Geoffrey’s, Malibu CA

Geoffrey’s is an excellent chic California eatery for fancy meals and intimate special occasions. It was first opened in 1948 after transforming into a contemporary California restaurant by famous architect Richard Neutra and was a prime spot for some celebrities like Lara Turner, Marilyn Monroe, and Shirley MacLaine.

What to do in Malibu, at Geoffrey’s?

It has an elegant dining hall with sophisticated decoration and an outdoor terrace set up with mesmerising ocean views too which gives you a classy ambience. Executive Chef Bijan Shokatfard serves here and the menu mainly focuses on seafood and wines.

Popular Loved dishes here are Ahi Tuna tartar served with Tobiko caviar, ginger, avocado, scallions, and wonton crisps. Puff Pastry stuffed with baked brie is also popular here.

(r) Neptune’s Net, Malibu CA

Neptune’s Net is a famous seafood restaurant in Malibu. Its been operating since 1956 and is located at County Line beach.

What to do in Malibu, at Neptune’s Net?

It offers you a beautiful environment with a vibrant, colourful, front porch with splendid water views. It is a screen star and has been a famous shooting location for movies like Iron man 3, and GTA 5. And, its most popular dishes are clam chowder, seafood basket, shrimp tacos, and fresh lobster.

(s) Duke’s Malibu, Malibu CA

Duke’s Malibu is a restaurant bar situated near the waterfront where you can get splashed sometimes. The ambience around here will transport you to Hawaii.

This eatery is named after Duke Kahanamoku, a Native Hawaiian matter waterman, and Olympian. He is famous for his surfing and swimming prowess. This place honours the great man’s legacy.

What to do in Malibu, at Duke’s?

With fun, lively and funky style surfboard decorations around and splendid views of the ocean, you will experience a laid-back but vibrant atmosphere.

Delicacies you should try out here are furikake ahi tuna, coconut shrimp, hula pie, and other Hawaiian-inspired cuisine and do not forget to try a Mai-Tai cocktail.

(t) Nobu Malibu, Malibu CA

Nobu Malibu is a renowned seafood restaurant located on the Pacific coast highway on a low cliff perched above the beach. it has stunning panoramic ocean views with modern sleek Japanese architecture and delicious food. 

What to do in Malibu, at Nobu’s?

It serves Japanese and Californian fusion food.

The owner Nobu Matsuhisa is famous as an “Iron Chef“. His special delicacies to try out our Tiradito, Rock Shrimp Tempura, and Black cod miso.

You Should also try the dishes of Executive chef Gregorio Stephenson like Ribeye with Truffle butter sauce. And, visit in the evening time to enjoy a beautiful sunset from the rooftop area.

9. Drink Malibu Wine in Malibu CA

Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels

Some great winemaking estates and vineyards are located in the Santa Monica mountains in Malibu, California. You should taste some Malibu family wines.

The tours to the vineyard are private and customizable ranging from SUVs for 2-6 people to luxury buses for large groups. The tour includes a knowledgeable guide, wine culture education, and pairing food and dessert platters.

Most tours include 2-3 wineries like Cornell winery, Cielo Farms, Malibu wines, and Beer garden.

10. Enjoy Surfing in Malibu CA

Photo by alexandre saraiva carniato on Pexels

Surfing is the top beach activity in Malibu and is woven into the local culture. It is one of the tourist attractions. Novice surfers should take surfing lessons before starting on their own.

11. Do Stand-up Paddleboarding in Malibu CA

Stand-up paddleboarding or SUPing is one of the Malibu coastal adventures to do. Experience beautiful Malibu coastline views from the waters, secluded coves are ideal for paddleboarders.

Other Things to do in Malibu 

There are many other things to do here in Malibu or other places to visit. Some are as follows:

  • Ranching/ horseback riding.

  • Visit the vineyard and drink local Malibu wines.

  • Explore underwater with scuba diving.

  • Celebrity homes and beaches tour.

  • Stay at Malibu Beach Inn.

  • Malibu, CA tours.

  • Coastal California tours.

Key Takeaways

There are numerous places and activities to do in Malibu. Here you got the idea of what to do in Malibu. Pay a visit to this beautiful city and enjoy and try other parts of California city like Northern California too.

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