what skills do you bring to the job what skills do you bring to the job

What Skills do you bring to the Job: 8 Amazing Soft Skills

Getting confused about how to answer teh question “What skills do you bring to the job?”. Then worry, not we are here to share with your 8 major soft skills which will help you to stand out in your next interview. 

The employer asks you many interview questions to understand whether you are a fit for their company. So they ask this basic question what will you contribute to this company? 

Check this one to know what motivates you to do the job at work.

What skills do you bring to the job” is the question which every interviewee wants to clear. If you want to crack your job interview and looking for this interview answer to this question, then read our article carefully.

Job Interview Question: What Skills do you bring to the Job

What skills do you bring to the job? There are some things that employers may ask you at the time of the interview. Here is the list of things mentioned below which will help you to answer the question.

Do proper research about the company. Go to their official website and grab as much information as possible provided under the about us section, including the company’s history, services, products, culture, and activities.

Look on various company reviewing platforms where you can see customer reviews about the company.

Check youtube videos, Pinterest, and other company social media pages. Customer reviews, product information, and so on.

All this acquired information helps you greatly during the interview because the hiring manager will ask questions about the company.

2. Unique Skills

What skills do you bring to the job?
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Impress your hiring manager and believe that you are especially different from other candidates. Show your unique skills.

You can use the STAR technique so that your interviewer got trusts you. Star approach means your situation, day-to-day tasks, action, and result towards the work.

How you handled the situation by doing the task, what action you take to complete the work, and finally, give the result.

Show your ambitious attitude. It will help them understand that you can tackle difficult situations more easily and that you will be a valuable candidate for their company. If you have any previous job experience, that will also help you a lot.

3. Research the Job Description

When a company wants to hire an employee, they will specify that they need certain requirements to fulfil the position.

For example, suppose a company is hiring for a content writer post. In that case, they will check whether they have a good command of written language and some knowledge of SEO, proofreading, and other content writing tools. If a candidate fulfils the criteria, they will easily hire them.

If you check the requirements of the company, then it will become easier for you to give the interview answers very quickly.

4. Traits

What skills do you bring to the job?
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What skills do you bring to the job? An employer will always look for all these traits while hiring an employee.

Let’s take out real-life examples; if you are hired for a marketing role, your marketing manager will be able to check whether you have convincing skills towards the customers. Are you able to handle arrogant customers politely or not?

What Skills do you bring to the Job: Important Skills

What skills do you bring to the job“? We require skills to perform a job efficiently and effectively. To know more about the skills you should read our article in detail.

Let’s understand the concept of hard skills and soft skills that are essential to perform a job.

1. Hard Skills

What skills do you bring to the job?
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These are the skills you gained through an experience like training and education. For example, operating a machine, expertise in different languages, accounting, proficiency in software, and technical skills like programming and coding are considered hard skills.

Hard skills are skills generally defined in a job posting or description in which it is mentioned that a particular skill set of a person is required for the job.

Hard skills are acquired through hands-on experience on the job training, certifications, online courses, etc. So at last what if an employer asks you what skills you bring to the job? You can elaborate them the hard skills. Now let’s understand the concept of another skill.

2. Soft And Transferable Skills

What skills do you bring to the job? Soft skills or transferable skills are the skills that are natural or god-gifted, like good communication, critical thinking, self-motivation, time management, etc.

Both skills are required for getting into the job. Let’s discuss these soft skills in detail.

Let’s discuss some of the soft skills that are required to get into the job, and they are as under.

1. Effective Communication

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Before going to any job, it is better to work on your communication skills so that you can easily communicate your words to the person under which you are working. A good communicator always attracts teammates, managers, and everyone around them. 

If you have powerful communication skills, you can understand the work and tackle any problem related to the work because you have excellent communication, which is needed for both voice and non-voice purpose jobs.

How you can enhance your communication skills then this link. 

2. Motivation Skills

What Skills Do You Bring To The job
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What skills do you bring to the job? Motivation can be monetary or nonmonetary items. If you have the power to motivate yourself in any situation, then you can easily able to handle your job.

For an example of you, if the company has given you a target to cross $1000 in sales and you have crossed near around $900, you still have yet to achieve the target, but if still, you motivate yourself the next time, you can do that. Motivation skill is one of the crucial factors in bringing you to the job.

3. Initiative Activities

What skills do you bring to the job? Managers like the initiative people. If you would like to handle new work or organize new things, it will help you greatly in the future.

With initiative work, your managers impress you and would like to remain you as a permanent employee for their company.

4. Flexibility

What skills do you bring to the job? Flexibility means you can adjust yourself in any situation and cannot get rid of that. A flexible can have the power to do any job without fear. They are more confident and self-responsible.

5. Positive Attitude

What Skills Do You Bring To The job
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What skills do you bring to the job? Of course, a positive attitude. A positive attitude means you can handle things positively. A positive person with a positive attitude gets respect everywhere and can easily achieve their work just because of a positive attitude towards everything.

A Positive person never gets afraid of negative situations or obstacles and is easily hired for the job. Learn to develop a positive attitude.

6. Teamwork Skills

What skills do you bring to the job
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What skills do you bring to the job? Teamwork is required for any work in a company or organization. With the team, we can succeed in our work.

The person who can make the teamwork can hold his position for a long way in the company; otherwise, there are chances of failure. Project success depends on each other’s work.

7. Time Management Skills

What Skills Do You Bring To The job
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What skills do you bring to the job? Add time management skills to improve your resume.

In this competitive era, productivity and quality matter the most for the clients. Those who can complete their work with the deadlines are hired and stay longer in any organization because managers love to hire these types of people, and they will give them more responsibilities compared to other people. 

8. Leadership Skills

What skills do you bring to the job? Every organization or company needs a good leader, and leadership skills play the most important role in the growth of a good company.

Accountability, vision, confidence, people management, and positivity are important leadership skills. Even in small teams or through managers, leadership skills are demanded.

Key Takeaways

What skills do you bring to the job? In the end, if you can learn all the above skills and put effort into applying them to your job, then no one will be able to stop you from becoming a successful person in your career.


1. What are the skills you can bring to the job that an employer is looking for?

Ans. Skills are very important to get a job. The top priority skills employers look into for their future employees are Excellent communication skills, a desire to learn new things, better teamwork coordination, punctuality, multi-tasker, and being an energetic worker.

2. If a company hires you what is the best thing you can bring to them?

Ans. Show positive things like your punctuality and dedication towards the work. If you have work somewhere else, your work experience matters the most.

Most important is the positive approach towards the work. Problem-solving ability and deciding on a limited amount of time shows your capability to work through any challenge and pull everything on your shoulder.

3. How can you impress the interviewer?

Ans. Be on time. The attire should be professional. Good posture and eye contact are important. Pay attention to everyone on the panel and show interest in the job, Be straightforward if you don’t know anything, then clear it politely.

Show your skills and experience if you have, and tell them how you are different from other candidates and how you will be fruitful for them.

Better to answer clearly and correctly. Quality answers matter the most instead of long-stretched answers. Show them how you are a valuable asset to them.


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