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What Motivates You to do a Great Job at Work? – 20 Insights

After completing our education, we often search for a job or do our own business. Whatever the purpose, maybe performing your job at work passionately is most critical than any other factor. Here are some views which answer the question – What motivates you to do a great job at work?

One of the prime and important questions interviewers ask when they are interviewing is what motivates you to do a great job at work. And it’s important that you answer it with wit to catch their interest in you.

Read this article till the end to gather information about the above question.

What Motivates You to do a Great Job at Work?

5 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work | Brian Tracy

There are a lot of factors that help you to understand what motivates you to do a great job at work.

1. Working Under Challenges

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What motivates you to do a great job at work? “Working under challenges works for me!” Well, that is indeed a witty answer!

When we are doing anything, whether we are doing business, a job, running a boutique, or any other thing, we often face challenges in our life. These challenges give us too much strength to do our job passionately, and we thus achieve success.

2. Learning New Things

In a project, learning new things will help you to kill your boredom activity on your previous Work and boost your confidence and skill. This will help you to understand that you can learn and grow with new things and that you are well enough capable of starting to do new things and will achieve tremendous professional success.

3. A Good Team Leader

What motivates you to do a great job at work? The next answer can be being under a good team leader.

A team leader can inspire every member of the team. It should be a person who can always motivate us. It is good to create synergy between all the team members to encourage the employees.

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They are not the ones who always say negative things about us, but they should be the person who can tell us our negative things straightforwardly and help us overcome them so that we won’t repeat our mistakes and improve ourselves at that stage.

4. Opinions Welcomed By Superiors

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What motivates you to do a great job at work? “Expressing myself gives me a boost to work fantastic at my job.”

If we have ideas in our mind, then we should get such freedom that we can easily express ourselves in front of our team leaders and managers because new leaders welcome our ideas then we can find ourselves easily connecting with the Work and person feel upbeat to do our Work with more dedication.

5. Delivering Quality Work

If you are giving quality aspects, it will give gain valuable insights related. You will get inner happiness and immense motivation from the inner side. Self-motivated individuals are the person who motivates themselves and does their great Work at jobs and contributes towards the company’s vision.

6. Overcome Your Problems

What motivates you to do a great job at work? Next will be our approach to dealing with problems.

If we have any problem in our job or business, we must share it with the other person without hesitation because it encourages us to perform our duties with great effort.

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Little knowledge is very dangerous; try to gather as much information from your seniors if you face any work-related issues. From time to time, re-evaluate yourself, which will give you long-term motivation to do great Work at your job.

If we do not share with the other person, it remains with us, and we cannot perform our job well, which will also affect productivity.

7. Setting Up Goals

Fulfilling your goals with the correct path also motivate you to perform your great job at work.

For example, my target is that I can write 2000 articles every day, and I should receive 100 plus views in 5 days. If I can write the article and get the views in 5 days, it motivates me to perform my job with great enthusiasm and optimism.

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To achieve your goals daily, you have to set up small goals to motivate yourself ultimately. Also, it will be helpful in the organization’s profitability, and also you can create valuable insights for the company. It can be done only through continuous practice, this is what motivates you to do a great job at work.

8. Incentives

Everybody in a job or any other profession wants to have some incentives, increments, or gifts after achieving their targets.

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What motivates you to do a great job at work? Incentives can work!

For example, a sales representative in a sales job is set up that if you give more than 1000 dollars in significant sales growth, the company will offer you an incentive of 2% of the profit it receives. These incentives help us do our Work with great effort and passion.

9. Monetary Compensation

Suppose we have worked in the same organization for the past few years. In that case, we often want to increase our salary because these increments motivate us to do our work with great enthusiasm and dedication. A salary increase would improve our quality and productivity at both times.

10. Recognition of Efforts

The efforts of employees’ great work to the organizational benefit must be recognized from time to time. Moments of appreciation, be they monetary or non-monetary, motivates employees to a great extent to work efficiently.

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Businesses nowadays ultimately lead to different challenges, and if an employer suggests the best idea distinction to overcome this challenge, then a successful manager should welcome their ideas. This is the biggest motivation for them to do great Work at their job.

11. Personal Achievement

Personal achievement is one of the most important factors that motivate us to do great Work at our job. It can be defined as any success you have received after many hurdles, whether personal or professional. Your previous job, the first job, will give you the experience of personal achievement.

12. A Good Superior

If your employee faces any problem in their job and if they trust you and straightforwardly tell you that they are might facing these problems, then instead of ignoring them, just listen to them carefully and if you don’t have the solution right away, just tell them that they have to wait for a certain period until you come up with the answer.

This will help you to create a better relationship between an employer and employee, and they won’t leave the job.

If you don’t have a solution, just tell them clearly; at least they got to trust in you, and they will work for you and understand that you have listened to their problems.

13. Team Meetings/ Personal Meetings

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Suppose you think an employer is not working correctly with complete dedication or lacking in some areas. In that case, it is better to have an individual or team meeting instead of telling them unprofessionally.

It makes them understand that you are not criticizing them but helping to remove their weakness so they can perform their work better.

14. Promotions

Who doesn’t like to have a promotion in their professional life? If you think that you have achieved the company targets and you are well enough good in all areas of work, don’t hesitate to ask for a promotion from your employer.

If they don’t promote you, ask why you don’t get the promotion and if you have not completed your tasks or targets, then finish it off because there will be a chance that the company will promote you. It will help you to do great work at your job.

The company loves to promote internal employees instead of getting them from outside because they have to incur more costs in this case. So it is good to do your work with sincerity then no will stop you from success.

15. Compliments

If we have completed our work with total productivity and quality as human beings, we want to hear praise from the employer. Even if you are doing anything, for example, you can take the household cores activities. Try to develop motivation habits.

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If a person prepares good food for you and you praise him or compliment him, he will feel happy and do his work with more dedication. Compliments and praises attract humans, just as humans work, and help us achieve the desired results in any field.

16. Self Motivation

You can set up your small targets and try to finish those within the deadlines and limited period. When you achieve those, you will get self-motivated from time to time, and you don’t require outside support.

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You will start loving yourself, and don’t expect anything from anyone else. Nowadays, motivation is more required than inspiration from others; it improves your job productivity you can motivate yourself. There is no need to go to people.

17. Competitive Environment

In today’s technology time, competition is too harsh; it is in our hands how to deal with tough clients, how to make a team building, complete projects on time, gather motivation, how handle tough customers,s and so on.

18. Healthy Work Culture

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If you are working anywhere, whether in mind a domestic company, the culture should be healthy because it will affect your overall mindset and help you to do the job with total concentration.

19. Extracurricular Activities

Extra circular activities also help an individual to do his work with great enthusiasm in a week for one hour; you can start watching guitar videos with your employees or do some fun activities.

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It will give them the energy to recharge themselves for their work, and they will be more energetic than in their previous jobs.

20. Beat Deadlines

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Beating deadlines also help you to do your work with great enthusiasm. It will give you calm confidence that you can do something within a particular time period. You will feel re-invigorated.

Key Takeaways

This article attempts to answer the question – what motivates you to do a great job at work? Work is an important aspect of our daily life. Sometimes it feels consuming to work straight for days and months, and things feel monotonous.

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So at that time, remember this article and re-read it because it has great insights to motivate a person who intends to put his efforts into his work and succeed. 


1. Can I stay self-motivated at work?

Ans. Yes, to some extent you can stay self-motivated to do your best at your work and then extrinsic motivation from the employer is very much needed to boost your performance level.

2. How can I motivate myself to work hard at my job?

Ans. You should know the sole purpose of your work. Also, the end use of your work can also motivate you naturally. Suppose, if you are teaching, then know that there are students whose studies and knowledge rely on your teaching. With this thought process, you can easily excel at your work.

3. What is good motivation at work?

Ans. Achievement, Power, Affiliation, Security and Adventure are some of the good motivations at work.

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