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What is the Capital of Arizona? 4 Exclusive Facts You Must Know

Do you know what is the Capital of Arizona? It is Phoenix.

Phoenix is known for its extremity of hotness. It is a southwestern state or province in the United States of America on the North American continent.

If you have been wondering what is the capital of Arizona, or confused about the status of the present capital of the state, here is your answer in the form of this article.

It may seem a little weird and more intriguing to anyone who finds this fact for the first time that the capital of Arizona has been changed about four times in the past twenty-five years of its history.

We will be knowing about all these interesting facts about Arizona and its capital city that will surely clear up your question of ‘What is the Capital of Arizona?’

What is the Capital of Arizona?

Phoenix is the present capital of Arizona. But it has not been so since the beginning. The first capital of Arizona was in Chino Valley in 1863. It was Fort Whipple.

What Is The Capital Of Arizona
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For a period of four years, the capital of the Arizona territorial legislature was established at Prescott, and then it was translocated to Tucson in 1868, and then moved to Prescott again after a period of 11 years.

Ten years later, the state capital was shifted to Phoenix in 1889. This is how Phoenix became the state capital and has continued to be for more than twenty years.

Now, in the following section, we will know 4 facts about Arizona that are sure to interest you!

4 Facts about Arizona – Must-known Facts

1. Know the Capital Cities of Arizona – Tracking down the History

These four cities of the United States had the luck and opportunity of being the capital of the Grand Canyon state in the past decades.

  • Prescott (1864–1867)

The American government named Prescott as the state capital in 1864, and it held the position for a period of four years.

  • Tucson (1868–1878)

What is the Capital of Arizona?
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For a year more than a decade, Tucson remained the capital of Arizona. The capital was moved from Prescott to Tucson by the 14th Arizona Territorial Legislature Assembly under Governor Richard Cunnigham McCormick.

  • Prescott (1879–1888)

For the second tenure, Prescott was voted as the state capital in 1879. It was basically because Prescott had good political strength in the legislature from Yavapai County (twelve representatives).

On the other hand, the southern abode of Tucson had only seven representatives from the Pima country.

  • Phoenix (1889–1911 to present)

What is the Capital of Arizona? - Phoenix - Website, Screenshot
What is the Capital of Arizona? – Phoenix – Website, Screenshot

Finally, in 1889, Phoenix was made the capital of Arizona territory.

The development of the Phoenix area as the capital of the state is owed to its City Hall which was used as the capitol at the time when the capital was first moved to Phoenix, this is exactly what the next topic deals with – Establishment!

2. How did Phoenix become the Capital of Arizona?

The establishment of the Phoenix area as the capital city of the state was majorly the changing politics of the country, and by the time of the establishment of the 15th Territorial Legislature, it was the new city hall development in the city which favoured Phoenix in being chosen as the capital of Arizona.

The city hallway was large enough to hold the state legislature decided its prospective quality of being the capital of Arizona, against Prescott which was the then capital of the state.

15th Arizona Territorial Legislature Assembly

It was on 21 January 1889 that the 15th session of the Arizona Territorial Legislature Assembly took place in the then capital of Arizona Territory, Prescott. On 7 February, the capital moved to Phoenix.

What is the Capital of Arizona? - Website, Screenshot
What is the Capital of Arizona? – Website, Screenshot

The Legislature Assembly continued till 11 April, extending the sixty-day limit set for holding the Arizona Territorial Legislative Assembly. This was mainly because of the majority of the Republicans in the council. Because of this extension of the assembly, this session is popularly called the “Hold Over Legislature.”

Evidently, the main legislation of the session was the relocation of the capitol’ from Prescott to the newly built and developed city of Phoenix.

When did Phoenix become the Capital of Arizona?

It was in 1889 that Phoenix first became the capital of the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. It was declared the permanent capital of the state on 4 February of the same year.

The American Civil War (1861-1865) was a motivating factor in the transfer of capitals, which later also became a cause for the establishment of Phoenix as the capital city. However, the 15th Legislature decided the capital status of Phoenix.

Supporters argued that the centrally located Phoenix area, being a well-developed city, had ancient roots with shreds of evidence of Pueblo Grande ruins, the south-central part of Maricopa County, more resources, and the City Hall which could play the prospective role of the capitol legislature.

what is the capital of Arizona
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Before the Civil War, there were two capitals of the state of Arizona, and there were two divided Arizona; it was with the ending of the war that the real shape of Arizona clarified as the one which we know today.

The transfer of the capitol to Phoenix was also shown as a way to secure and assure confederate sympathy as it did not exist in the southern territory any longer.

3. Do you Know the Meaning of Pheonix?

Phoenix is a bird, famous for its immortal character and known to rise from its ashes. It is believed to have such magical properties that it can regenerate from its ashes after it has burnt itself post the completion of its lifecycle.

As it has been for me, most of us have found about the bird Phoenix from the famous and favourite of many of us, the Harry Potter Book (or Film) Series.

A Greek Mythological character, the Phoenix is said to have a lifecycle of 500 years, after which it regenerates itself. However, whether it regenerates from its ashes or dead decompose is doubtful. And as you may have guessed, the Phoenix is not real. At least, not today, who knows it may have been in the past;)

The Grand Canyon State of Arizona (AZ) has Phoenix as its capital. Here are some most intriguing things to know about the capital city named after the very famous and aspired Phoenix (bird).

  • Pheonix – The Fifth Largest City and Largest State Capital in America

Phoenix is the fifth most populous city in the entire country. Additionally, it is the only state capital of the United States of America which has a population of more than a million mark. Besides its much-marked state capitol building, Phoenix is also known to be the largest state capital in America based on population.

  • Museums – A Major Tourist Attraction

This is the most common and known one. So, here are just a few major attractions of the city you must indulge in, especially the capital museums.

  • Desert Botanical Garden

What is the Capital of Arizona? - Website, Screenshot
What is the Capital of Arizona? – Website, Screenshot

Desert Botanical Garden is home to more than 50,000 desert plants.

  • Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo has more than 1200 animals, it’s a must-visit petting zoo!

  • Papago Park

Papago Park has a magnificent scenic view and a zoo, it’s a hiking haven.

  • South Mountain Park and Preserve

South Mountain Park and Preserve will be your perfect location for scenic views and hiking adventures!

Key Takeaways

Phoenix is the fourth, official, and new capital of the southwestern American state of Arizona moved from its previous capital city of Prescott. It is the present capital city of Arizona territory made by the 15th Arizona Territorial Legislature Assembly and is known the world over for its extremely hot conditions.

Home to major tourist attractions such as the Camelback Mountain, OdySea Aquarium, Pueblo ruins, and many more, the fifth largest city of America, Phoenix is one of the best travel-to-places in the U.S.!

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1. Where is Pheonix located in Arizona?

Ans. Pheonix is located in the south-central part of Arizona.

2. What is Pheonix famous for?

Ans. Pheonix is famous for its hot and humid climate, luxurious resorts and beautiful deserts. The city is also known for its golf game.

3. What is the official language of Arizona?

Ans. The official language of Arizona is English.

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