Wardle Fields Regional Park at Utah Wardle Fields Regional Park at Utah

Wardle Fields Regional Park – 7 Spectacular Things to Do

Do you live in Bluffdale, Utah, or nearby and are planning a weekend getaway on Friday night? The Wardle Fields Regional Park is the right place for you.

Other than Wardle Fields Regional Park, you can visit various State Parks in Utah for a Naturistic Vacay.

Wardle Fields Regional Park

The 80-acre Wardle Fields Regional Park is a theme park in the American city of Bluffdale in Salt Lake County which is owned and run by the Wardle family.

Bluffdale is near the Salt Lake City. It has a wide range of activities for kids including a huge splash pad area, pickle ball courts, playground area, etc. It is a relatively new park.

For nearly fifty years, the Wardle family produced alfalfa, barley, and sugar beets on the site.

After his passing, the family sold the property to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Then Salt Lake County acquired it in 2008. To know more about the Wardle Fields Regional Park click here. The master plan was made by ‘Think Architecture’.

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Things to Do at the Wardle Feilds Regional Park

There are plenty of things to do and enjoy at Wardle Feilds Regional Park and some of them are mentioned below.

1. Visit Utah’s Largest Splash Pad

The Wardle Fields Regional Park is home to Utah’s largest splash pad and theme park. Splash pads are popular among parents as they are extremely safe for kids, even without a lifeguard.

Wardle Fields Regional Park & Splash Pad

The splash pad at the Wardle Fields Regional Park is very famous for its large size and water features.

You can leave your kids here for a while but remember that the current operating hours of the splash pad are from 11 am to 7 pm, weather permitting.

Some features at the splash pad here are water cannons, overturning buckets, and other entertaining water toys that inspire play and exploration in kids.

2. Explore The Playground Area

There is a large playground area with all the playground equipment there is to be. This area is mostly for toddlers.

There are multiple rides and swings here. There is a spinning pyramid, which is safe for small children.

There is also a pyramid that does not spin and is for kids to climb. The climbing pyramid is 20 feet high.

The playground area also has a huge tower slide with three slides coming out of the main tower. The tower is 25 feet tall. Toddlers will like this area of the park.

3. Try Ziplines

There is also ziplining at the Wardle Fields Regional Park. This activity may be better for older kids, and might not be ideal for toddlers.

Ziplining at Wardle Fields Regional Park
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There are two zip lines here so it can accommodate more children at a given point in time. It is advisable to be with your children while they engage in this activity to avoid accidents.

4. Play Basketball on Basketball Courts

There is a full-size basketball court at Wardle Fields Regional Park. This can be utilized by adults, older children, and young adults.

The basketball court is very impressive. The court has a total of six hoops.

5. Play Pickleball at Pickleball Courts

There are also 16 pickleball courts in the park. The game is popular among many. If you walked past the playground, you will find the courts.

On courts that are smaller than tennis courts, pickleball is played with a ball with holes. A paddle is also used.

The goal of pickleball is to hit the ball over the net and within the court lines whether it is played singles or doubles.

6. Go for Picnics

You can also just go for a chill family picnic at the Wardle Fields. It is the favorite part of the people of Utah.

You can spend the whole day there around the grassy hills. There are also shade tents for when it’s too sunny.

There are many teeter-totter things that you can enjoy on a picnic here. There is also a jungle gym.

You can go for a fun picnic
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Make sure you bring food with additional picnic items. The park is usually crowded, make sure to reach early to get a front-row spot for your family.

7. Spend your Time in the Beautiful Parks of Bluffdale 

(a) Bluffdale City Park

This is the main park in Bluffdale. It is popular for a bunch of activities among individuals of varying ages.

Some amenities include a playground, a splash pad, a pavilion, athletic fields, walking paths, and much more.

(b) Independence Park

Independence Park is another popular park in Bluffdale. The amenities include a large playground that is suitable for kids of all ages, a pavilion, a volleyball court, walking paths, etc.

(c) Porter Rockwell Trailhead Park

This park is great if you want to go for a hike. The Porter Rockwell Trail is a 9-mile trail that winds through scenic areas of Bluffdale, Draper, and Lehi. This trail is open to visitors.

Other than this, the amenities include a picnic area at the park with picnic tables and barbecue grills, walking paths, and a playground.

(d) Hidden Valley Park

This is another popular park in Bluffdale. Other than a large playground for kids there are also large baseball and soccer fields for older kids and adults.

The park also has a pavilion with picnic tables and a barbecue grill that can be reserved for events and gatherings.

Plan Your Trip Now!

With many amenities such as a huge playground, a splash pad, and athletic fields, the Wardle Fields Regional Place is the perfect place to be.

You can plan a trip with your immediate family or even invite your sister or brother’s family.

A place is a great place for a fun, little Sunday picnic. The pavilion includes many amenities if you wish to go for a picnic.

Plan your trip today
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There are picnic tables and a BBQ grill in the pavilion, next to the playground area. You can get in touch with the Bluffdale City Parks and Recreation Department to reserve the pavilion or visit their website for further details on availability and rental costs.

If you wish to visit for a day out with your kids, the splash pad and the playground will make your children very happy.

May it be a picnic or a day out with your kids, the Wardle Fields Regional Park is an ideal location for either. Plan your trip today!

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