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Traverse City Breweries: 11 Interesting Breweries

Traverse City Breweries in Traverse City, MI, is the perfect place for craft breweries, microbreweries, and brew pubs. The city is known as one of the top beer destinations and offers a lot of options for all those who love beer. Taking a beer tour is one of the popular activities to do while travelling to Traverse City.

Northwest of Traverse City is the Michigan-grown hops, where dozens of cherry and beer hop varieties are grown. These small farms near Traverse City, where hops are grown, are a good place to visit along with your Traverse City Breweries trips.

Traverse City MI

traverse city, mi

Traverse is the largest city in the North Michigan region and, apart from the breweries, is famous for its vineyards, beaches, forests, and skiing areas. There are lots of exciting things to do in Traverse City if you are planning a trip to that city. Be it summer or winter, there is a lot to do here.

Traverse City is located at the South end of the Grand Traverse Bay, which is formed by the Leelanau Peninsula and where the Boardman River empties into the West arm. The Boardman Lake, one of the waterbodies of the Boardman River, is popular for fishing. The Bay is divided into East and West by the Old Mission Peninsula.

Visit the Grand Traverse Commons at Grand Traverse County and go shopping or on a history tour and delve into the sights and sounds, and culture of Michigan. Hiking, biking, and nature watching can be experienced at the Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area.

Suttons Bay is one of the scenic locations to visit while in Traverse City. With its beaches, dining areas, and shopping, Suttons Bay is a cute place to include in your must-do list if you are in Traverse City, MI.

Traverse City Breweries

Traverse City, MI is known for some of the best breweries, and there are different and unique ways to tour the top breweries in the region to enjoy the beers, open space, and live music.

TC Cycle Pub in Traverse City, MI is an unconventional way to go on beer tours. They offer 7-14 seater passenger TC Cycle Pub or 4-6 passenger Circle Cycle and take you on a pub crawl to some of the best breweries in Traverse City, Mi.

Traverse City Breweries
By TC Cycle Pub

A whole world of craft beer exists in Traverse City, MI, and for all those who love to drink beer, this is a good city to travel to if you are in the vicinity and looking for a weekend getaway.

1. Acoustic Tap Room

Planning to visit Traverse City Breweries while you are in Traverse City, MI? Then Acoustic Tap Room is an interesting brewery place to go if you like craft beer, the vibe is incredible, and their patio is always a happening place with music, art, poetry, and great conversations. Mead, ciders, good music, and more will attract you to this place.

This is one of the best places to be with family and friends because there is always something happening at the Acoustic Tap Room.

Traverse City Breweries
By Drink Acoustic

2. Earthen Ales

Founded by a husband and wife duo, this brewery offers a variety of beers and should be there on your to-do list if you enjoy craft beer. There are indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and the place not only brews beer but also brings people together.

They do not serve food, but there is a food truck outside where you can eat. The place is welcoming, warm, and family-friendly and can be put on your must-visit list if you are on a tour of Traverse City Breweries.

3. Farm Club

The Farm Club, which is in Leelanau County, is a farm, a restaurant, a brewing beer place, a bakery, and a marketplace and an ideal spot to visit if you are in Traverse City MI and looking for craft beer in Traverse City Breweries.

It is located 7 miles away from the city and can be reached by TART Trail. There are outdoor tables and bars to enjoy and their marketplace is always stocked with canned beer, fresh produce from the farm, and fresh bread.

Traverse City Breweries
By Farm Club

4. Jolly Pumpkin Restaurant and Brewery

Jolly Pumpkin is one of the places to visit if you are in Traverse City Mi or Old Mission Peninsula. The location of the Brewery is wonderful, and they have a good selection of beers, and their full food menu is delicious.

This restaurant and brewery specializes in sour beers and has a full restaurant food menu. The setting of the place is cozy, rustic, and comfortable, and the cottage-like setting is a perfect place to go if you are in Old Mission Peninsula. Enjoy their handcrafted beers, spirits, and ciders if you are in Old Mission Peninsula.

5. Lake Ann Brewing Company

Traverse City Breweries
By Lake Ann Brewing Company

This brewing company, located on First Street, St. Lake Ann, Michigan, is a rustic ‘up north’ tavern with a large outdoor patio and live music every Tuesday all year round.

The Lake Ann Brewing Company is a very casual and comfortable space for all those looking to have some fun with family and friends in one of the Traverse City Breweries in Traverse City, MI. There are outdoor seating, lawn areas, outdoor taps, restrooms, and even blankets to make your time there exciting.

6. Mackinaw Brewing Company

Located in the heart of downtown Traverse City MI, Mackinaw Brewing Company is one of the Traverse City Breweries in the Traverse City, MI area you should visit if you are in that area.

They are known for good food and excellent handcrafted beers and are one of the best breweries you should go to if you are taking the city beer tour. This brewpub is a favourite among the local community and is a good joint to go out for an outing with your friends during the weekend and summertime.

7. Right Brain Brewery

Right Brain Brewery is a good place to make a stop if you are in Traverse City MI and looking to visit one of the Traverse City Breweries. Located in the downtown Traverse City area, Right Brain Brewery is a fun place to be for all beer lovers.

There is a wide selection of beers here, and they brew high-quality styles like Ambers, Stouts, and IPAs. Their brewed beer has no extracts, and they come from the ground, and the variety they offer is varied and unique.

8. Rarebird Brewpub

Started on a partnership between Nate Crane and Tina Schuett, this place boasts a German beer hall seating inside. The interiors are done up well, and it has its own menu for beers and a good selection of ciders, wines, and spirits.

You can snack on fresh salads and tacos in case you feel like snacking, and gluten-free items and snacks are available. Looking for a unique experience at the Traverse City Breweries, then this 1931 restored brick building gives you both, good drinking and dining places to visit.

9. Stormcloud Brewing Company

This pub is in downtown Frankfort and is two blocks away from Lake Michigan. Stormcloud Brewing Company’s pub was named the best new brewery in Michigan by MLive Media, and the pub is open all through the summer months.

The place is also good for picking up some fantastic t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, stickers, and more. Looking for Traverse City Breweries, then this is one of the best breweries in town.

Traverse City Breweries
By Stormcloud Brewing Company

10. The Filling Station Microbrewery

Looking for Traverse City Breweries in Traverse City, MI, visiting The Filling Station Microbrewery is a must to enjoy the beers. They have great beers on tap, delicious flatbread pizzas, and salads.

The place is located next to the train tracks, and if there are no tables available, carry your food and eat across the tracks at the park. The ambience is great, and you get to know the vibe of the local microbrewery scene in the place.

Traverse City Breweries
By The Filling Station Microbrewery

11. The Workshop Brewing Company

This pub at 221 Garland Street, Traverse City, MI, has a great vibe and is a great stop if you are looking for beers and great food. This brewery was originally founded by Pete Kirkwood in Pennsylvania and is now become one of the top breweries in Traverse City.

The simple menu and vast selection of beers make it one of the most popular pubs to visit. The Workshop Brewing Company has partnered with Archie’s Food Truck for its food menu that offers delectable items, and together they honour the traditions of craft brewing and retain the natural environment in Northern Michigan.

In The End

If you are looking for good restaurants, wine tours, a brewery tour, and craft beers, then Traverse City, MI, is a place that will fulfil you. Michigan has a number of breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs, and Mi Breweries in the State will not disappoint any beer lover.

Traverse City Breweries give you innumerable options to choose from the craft breweries you want to visit and enjoy an evening with your family or friends. Going on a beer tour is a good way to know more about craft brewing and how the breweries in Northern Michigan make their own beers.

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