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Planning on a vacation but don’t know which hotels to choose? Here’s a guide to the Coolest Hotels in NYC for things to get much easier for you!

New York City often referred to as NYC in short is the most populous city in the whole of New York State and the United States. One more fun fact about New York City is that most of the billionaires are situated here.

New York City is home to the largest number of billionaires in the world and hence the reason for having more fun hotels in New York Hotel cluster. Times Square is one of the busiest crosswalks and well-known hubs of the Broadway Theater District. It is also one of the major and crucial centers of the world’s entertainment industry.

Due to most of the famous city attractions being known worldwide, it is a great center for vacations and tours. There are numerous best hotels and many fabulous boutique hotels around here. There are some of the coolest hotels in NYC with some of the best boutique hotels, trendy rooftop bar rooms, and much to experience here.

coolest hotels in nyc
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The Empire State Building is now considered to measure the height of various other architectural structures. The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located in Manhattan that perfectly shows the Manhattan skyline. The Empire State Building is the 54th tallest skyscraper in the world.

Manhattan’s real estate is among the most valued market in the world. It is a 24/7 running and continuous service provided to the citizens of the state as well as the visitors. Wall Street is one of the most popular things around the world. Wall Street is known as the world’s leading financial center or as the world trade center.

New York USA. The largest city in the US

Coolest Hotels in NYC near Central Park

Central Park is a modern world park located in NYC, between the Upper East and Upper West sides of downtown Manhattan. It is the fifth substantial park in the city. Central Park is one of the most visited and popular parks in the United States and is a popular spot for shooting movies, videos, etc around the world.

There are many coolest hotels in NYC, some of which are scattered around the central park because it is a prime location.

coolest hotels in nyc
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1. Hotel Central Park

Hotel Central Park, a 5-star hotel, is located at 1414 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States. It is one of the most popular hotels among visitors as it is situated in a prime location.

It is also one of the coolest hotels in NYC.  It has various high-maintained hotels in New York city nearby for having dinners, famous Broadway shows, and also the Time Square and Rockefeller Center. There are many modern amenities provided at the hotel with bright rooms and oak floors or hardwood floors. It also provides you with free wi-fi.

It at a point accommodated the most influential figures of its time. It has a paid parking service, a local coffee shop located nearby, a fully equipped gym, soundproof rooms, and much more. The hotel provides you with an excellent city view as it is centrally located. It is a little far from Times Square but it’s close to Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Carnegie, and much more.

1 Hotel Central Park - Video Tour - One Of New York's Best Hotels

2. Ace Hotel

Madison Square Garden is one of the most attractions in New York. This boutique hotel located in central Manhattan is one of the coolest hotels in NYC. Ace Hotel is only a 10-minute walking distance from Madison Square Park.

coolest hotels in nyc
Image from: Madison Square garden

Ace Hotel is also just a 5-minute subway ride to Times Square. Ace Hotel has all the modern amenities needed for a comfortable trip. Ranging from free wi-fi, 24-hour front desk availability, flat screen tv, a fully stocked minibar, and a refrigerator anything can be provided here.

Ace Hotel New York seems to be the bearer of the hip hotel chain. This boutique hotel has unique guest rooms which are designed and decorated individually. This one of the coolest hotels in NYC is located inside a historic building and hence its style is inspired by local artists and designers.

You can enjoy gourmet coffee at the Stumptown Coffee Roasters Cafe. There is also live music playing in the hotel lobby to maintain a jolly and serene environment. Times Square is just a 5-minute subway ride from here. And the Empire State Building is also nearby.

Ace Hotel New York

3. Luxury Hotel

Luxury Hotel is located in Midtown New York. It is located facing Central Park. Fifth Avenue, and Midtown New York. It is ideal for business tours or travelers but it also provides a great experience to one staying for their vacation.

This New York Hotel provides you with many amenities including a spa, fitness center, bar, and many good restaurants around it. It has elegant decor and impressive layouts. This modern hotel is one of the coolest hotels in NYC.

Just as the name suggests it’s one of the most popular New York hotels with luxurious rooms, refined and stylish decor, and excellent services.

Best Hotels In Midtown Manhattan - For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget

4. Boutique Hotels with Rooftop Bar

Made Hotel and The Ludlow Hotel are some of the best boutique hotels in New York City. Boutique hotels are known for their smaller capacity of guest rooms (mostly 200 or even 50 at times) with their vintage decor including vintage furniture, contemporary art, and some modern amenities, all crafted by hand.

Some of its most famous features would be rent or free biking, a rooftop cocktail bar which is the specialty of a boutique hotel, and customized services. One example of these boutique hotels is The Hotel at Fifth Avenue located within the walking distance of The Empire State Building is a great place to be at.

Top 10 Best Rooftop Bars in New York | NYC 2023

5. Made Hotel

Made Hotel is one of the most stylish boutique hotels that you will find out there. It is one of the coolest hotels in NYC. This terrace-highlighted hotel restaurant is located in New York City, 600 m away from the Empire State Building.

Made Hotel is a 4-star hotel, offering you a bar, flat-screen tv, free wi-fi, 24-hour front desk, and many such benefits. There is also a hotel lobby lounge patio located on the 18th floor with a spectacular view of New York City.

The boutique hotels in New York City are much known for their city skyline. Made Hotel also provides you with a floor-to-ceiling window attached to some of their rooms for the guests to enjoy the view peacefully.

There are all services made available at these boutique hotels for the guests to enjoy their American breakfast, lunch, and dinner at The Ferris, a well-known restaurant, and even has a coffee shop attached to serve them coffee, tea, and other beverages including baked goods in the morning and crafted cocktails and aged wines in the evenings to set the mood.

MADE Hotel

6. The Ludlow Hotel

The Ludlow Hotel offers you a spectacular view of the high skyscrapers and long bridges of New York City. It is one of the coolest hotels in NYC. The hotel provides you with various services, some of which are- free wi-fi, a 24-hour ready-to-help front desk, a lobby bar and lounge, a 24-hour open fitness center, flat-screen tv, and much more.

Providing the best view of the bridges and skyscrapers of New York City, this hotel is found in the Lower East side of the neighborhood.

The Ludlow Hotel also provides you with a great view of the Manhattan skyline. This boutique hotel provides you with luxurious rooms and trendy restaurants around it.

It also has a minibar with a 24-hour fitness center. It is one of the fun hotels to be at within the list of the top York hotels. One of the best services is provided here out of all the boutique hotels in the state.

A Hotel Tour Of The Ludlow Hotel In NYC

7. Bowery Hotel

Located at the most popular and known spot of East village, this hotel is one of the best hotels to be at. Bowery Hotel is a dream come true hotel with comfortable bedding, loft rooms, and vast and sturdy windows with some mesmerizing views.

The restaurants there also follow the vintage style of the hotel. It will provide you with a vintage experience while providing modern amenities and services.

It’s the kind of place where it wouldn’t be unusual to spot a celebrity chilling or nursing to a cocktail in the lobby. The hotel attracts the thickest of fashion insiders and celebrity crowds.

The decor is inviting and warm. The lobby has floor-to-ceiling windows to get correct ventilation and also to provide an explicit view of the hotel.

The Bowery Hotel, New York City, United States of America

8. Crosby Street Hotel

Crosby Street Hotel is one of the coolest boutique hotels located on a Soho property. It is located on a cobbled street with present-day design features, with an inner courtyard and an on-site terrace restaurant. The Crosby Street Hotel also provides you with a rooftop bar that serves you gourmet items including breakfast and heavy brunch.

The hotel provides you with facilities like free wifi, free parking, a good and well-equipped gym, a fabulous view, and much more. The Street Hotel just as its name suggest is sleek in its appearance and is a treat to your eyes.

Crosby Street Hotel, New York, United States of America

9. Dream Downtown Hotel

The lower east Downtown Hotel is one of the coolest hotels in NYC and also one of the best boutique hotels located in the heart of New York City. It is also one of the coolest hotels in NYC.

The Dream Downtown Hotel provides one with many luxuries and helps make your stay comfortable with luxury rooms and suites. It also has a rooftop lounge where you can chill with a book or a glass of wine and just relax yourself and a rooftop pool to dive in. It provides one with loft-style rooms and an exciting view.

The rooms and suites have designer furnishings and Egyptian soft cotton bedding with plush bathrobes. Pets are allowed here. The hotel has free wifi, sufficiently paid parking, and trendy nearby restaurants.

It is within walking distance of the High Line and the Whitney Museum of American Art. The hotel also has a casino and a pool to keep you entertained during your stay.

This hotel is a lifestyle hotel with great services and an exciting after-dark life. There is a nightclub with DJ and many more evening entertainments. The hotel also provides most rooms with a private balcony.

Dream Downtown Review - New York , United States of America

10. Hotel Hugo

Being located in Soho, it is hard to live up to the expectations of the people around there, but Hugo makes the task a piece of butter and effortless. Hotel Hugo is one of the coolest hotels in NYC.

The Hotel provides you with sleek-looking vintage rooms and suites for your comfortable stay, with a rooftop cocktail bar with a fantastic view of the Hudson River. It gives you a feeling of laying as the main character in a historic drama due to its historic decorations and feels.

This hotel is located between SoHo and Hudson. All the rooms have free wi-fi, 24-hour front desk services, luggage property, a large screen TV, a coffee machine, an air conditioner, Italian glass tiles in the room, and a minibar.

Guests are free to have and nurse a cocktail while enjoying it at the hotel’s glass-enclosed rooftop bar. They also can enjoy the savoring tastes of the farm-to-table American fare at Cafe Hugo. And if you are willing to take your pets with you, this is the perfect spot for you as pets are allowed within the hotel grounds.

Hotel Hugo Review - New York , United States of America

11. High Line Hotel

The High Line Hotel is located at a distance of a 1-minute walk from High Line Park, New York. It is one of the coolest hotels in NYC. This is one of the best hotels providing you with a garden and a bar. It also allows bike rentals. It is just a 6-minute walk away from the Chelsea Market and is located well enough to be so popular.

There is also a meatpacking district located near the market. The meatpacking district is a commercial area on the west side of New York. The High Line Hotel just has 60 guest rooms and hence is the smallest hotel on the list. It has cozy rooms giving vintage feels and also floor-to-ceiling windows to have a great experience.

The High Line Hotel evokes the homey, lived-in feel with one-of-a-kind furniture. It is a charming boutique hotel with a fantastic location and great experience. It has spacious rooms for a comfortable stay. The rooms each have a flat-screen tv, loft-style rooms, marble bathrooms, and much more.

A Hotel Tour Of The Standard High Line Hotel In Chelsea NYC

12. Greenwich Hotel

The main attraction and one of the coolest hotels in NYC are that none of its 88 rooms and suites have any similarity. But all of the rooms promise you elegant decor and marble bathrooms.

It also provides you with stay-in cozy penthouses with a rooftop bar. It is a good option for the ones who are searching for a luxury hotel in New York.

The guests of the Greenwich Hotel have access to most of the well-known attractions in New York. The hotel provides you with many services such as a 24-hour front desk and room services are provided. It also provides you with a minibar, a pool, an on-site restaurant, etc.

The hotel is made up of red bricks with a simple exterior. The interior of the hotel is what attracts one’s attention. There are 88 rooms and suites provided to the guests. The hotel is all about comfort.

The interiors include rustic wood paneling, thick and soft rugs, comfy and stylish leather sofas, with large and sturdy beds. This feels like a sweet home away from home. It is indeed a beautiful place to be at.

The Greenwich Hotel New York, a story about passion and tradition.

13. Thompson Hotel Central Park New York

This New York Hotel one of the coolest hotels in NYC is reconstructed from its previously known Le Parker Meridien hotel which runs for 40 years. The renovation has changed the hotel to an elegant charisma.

The only thing that they didn’t change was the Burger Joint, a restaurant with exposed brick walls with graffiti on it. Thompson Hotel can also be considered one of the boutique hotels due to its capacity of 600 rooms. It is even close to Madison Square Garden.

Thompson Hotel is a short walk to Carnegie Hall, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and many more fine and elegant restaurants around the Thompson Hotel. This hotel offers you everything from the original experience with its world-class decor suited for a meet, gather, drink, and dine, to New York City’s world-famous cuisine, nightlife, and all the entertainment that you should not miss.

The hotel provides you with many services such as free wifi, a restaurant on-site, pet-friendly, and much more. This Hotel focuses on equality and treats everyone with care. This Hotel is one of the best choices for elder people as they are provided the care and attention they need and no other complications take place.

The Hotel also favors people with disabilities and hence is a good spot for them. It helps them achieve a seamless experience.

Thompson Central Park New York Tour + Review | Newest 5-Star Hotel in NYC!

14. Maritime Hotel

Maritime Hotel, one of the coolest hotels in NYC is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York across from the Chelsea market and not even 1 km away from the Chelsea Piers. It provides you with various services such as minibars, an on-site restaurant, and much more.

The on-site restaurant, Catch Steak, also provides you with an option to choose your steak your way. It is where the authority of a classic and stunning steakhouse with a fun, energetic vibe of a Catch Hospitality Group property meets.

Bike rental services and Concierge services are also available at the Maritime Hotel. Free access to the gym is given to the guests. It helps to be more accessible to the Art Museum and the city as it is located near the 9th Avenue subway station.

The Maritime Hotel Review - New York , United States of America

15. Bryant Park Hotel

Bryant Hotel one of the coolest hotels in NYC is located in central Manhattan and is just across from the Bryant Park Hotel. It is one of the coolest hotels in NYC. This is also considered a boutique hotel offering top-class amenities and facilities. It is located 161 meters away from The New York Public Library.

The rooms here are made up of hardwood floors. The hotel has everything that one would need. There is a huge lobby for the guests to just rest and do their work peacefully. The gyms here also come with personal trainers.

The famous locations of New York such as Times Square, The Empire State Building, and the Grand Central Terminal all are just 700 meters away from the Bryant Park Hotel. It is one of the best hotels to book when you’re near Grand Central Terminal, New York. The location is perfect with a very friendly set of staff.

Floor to Ceiling Windows and Boutique Hotel is one of the most common and most asked features at any of the coolest hotels in NYC.

Bryant Park Hotel in New York


New York is famous for its coolest hotels, trendy restaurants, historical museums, and much more. Due to having such a huge population, the city is thought to be one that never sleeps. There is no other city like this in the world and robust energy and passion for art and design.

So if you are planning to visit this city in your coming vacations or just for a weekend getaway please try these hotels for your stay. We have intricately researched for you to have a comfortable and no-stress stay there. There are many such coolest hotels in NYC.

Some of the places to visit in New York City are Times Square, east village, the lower east side, and New York’s garment district known for its fashion, and many such places are there to visit in New York. The New York City Hat Factory is also a crucial part of New York’s rich culture and fashion. The Meatpacking District which is filled with trendy bars, restaurants, clubs, and fashion streets is also a good spot to be at. Wish you a happy journey!

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