Prettiest Cities In the us Prettiest Cities In the us

Top 15 Prettiest Cities In The US You Will Love To Visit!

The United States of America is known for its beautiful old town and new cities. It is one of the best countries to come across beautiful locations, including many of its buildings and places with famous architecture adding to its great historic district.

The art deco with beautiful oak trees surrounding small towns with cobblestone streets along with breathtaking views from the Willis Tower gives you year-round excitement. The 19th-century historic buildings give off a European aesthetic vibe. It almost feels like any other European small town with a Spanish colonial style of architecture in the prettiest cities in the US.

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Let’s Explore the Top 15 Prettiest Cities In The US

Walking down the street of beautiful cities in the US is undoubtedly the most pleasurable thing to do. Although these cities have a lot in common, we can see how every city has its own unique identity. From enjoying the prettiest scenery of the Willis Tower and strolling by the River Walk in Chicago, Illinois, situated around skyscrapers in the North to the popular hiking destination called the diamond head in the southern part of Honolulu, Hawaii. Here are the top prettiest cities in the US.

1. New York City, New York

prettiest cities in the us
Image by: Emiliano Bar. Unsplash. Copyrights January 2, 2019

As we all know, New York City is known for its beautiful skyscrapers along with stunning 5-star hotels in Central Park. It is home to numerous celebrities as well as YouTubers, which makes it one of the most populated cities in the states. The popular tourist attraction Times Square is located in the heart of New York. It is known for the huge Broadway Theatre District, welcoming almost 50,000 million visitors annually.

The drive through the Brooklyn Bridge excites every visitor since the views are immaculate. The Statue of Liberty is another top attraction where you get views of the beautiful liberty island. A spot you can find for great photography is the High Line railroad surrounded by much tree-lined art, taking almost 30 minutes to cover. You can capture the views of The Empire State and the Chrysler buildings.

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2. Chicago, Illinois 

Chicago, Illinois, is one of the best cities in the United States with famous and great architectural buildings along the city center. The major tourist attraction is the River Walk stretching from Lake Michigan to Lake Street, covering almost all the beautiful places. Speaking out of the experience, marching through The Millennium Park lets you look at the city more appealingly as the Chicago Bean attracts a huge crowd with monumental architecture and city sights at the back.

Talking about city views, the Centennial Wheel in the part of Navy Pier and the Chicago Sky deck gives you a whole 360 view of the famous city. Visiting the attractions in early fall or the summer would not be an extreme hassle. Alongside the Riverwalk, you can discover beautiful waterfront restaurants and amazing people who welcome you at best. These prettiest cities in the US will give you your best time.

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3. Honolulu, Hawaii

prettiest cities in the us
Image by: Aaron. Flickr Copyrights March 5, 2010

Hawaii is the only US state with two official languages, English and Hawaiian. The first thing that pops up in your mind is surfing through the beautiful waves of the city of Honolulu. A huge crowd can be seen all year round enjoying the cold and warm water waves of the beaches in Hawaii. The cities of Honolulu, Maui, and Oahu capture the most amazing sunsets and sunrise into the mesmerizing clouds.

The major tourists you’ll come across are from the east side, considering the winter weather. These people like to visit warm places and have the benefit of a new life. Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the best cities in the USA. Although the place is the most expensive one out of all the states and towns, it is like another home to the people flying over from different parts of the United States as well as internationally. A cool and fun pedestrian activity people take part in is walking up to the Diamond head volcanic cone.


4. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah, is fundamentally known for its religious center of the Mormons ( Latter Day Saints). Many tourists come to Salt lake city for mountainous adventures giving them breathtaking views of the scenery from a height. The downtown area is most crowded due to the Temple Square and the Mormon Temple. Apart from the historic buildings, you’ll see how people honor important people and occasions.

It is a great location to stroll around the beach and will make a good spot for lunch and dinner dates. A fun and easy place to spend time with friends and family is at the Ski Resorts, where the two best resorts – Snow basin and Powder Mountain will give you its best hospitality. Salt lake city is also known for the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, earlier called Hotel Utah, named after the first president of the Mormon Church.

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Charleston, South Carolina, can be seen as a part of the French Quarter’s lavish architecture and incredible views, where you can find thousands of old crafts, clothing, and beautiful artworks. South Carolina is also famous for its spooky nightlife, having ghost tours to give you a new outlook as one of the fun cities in America. Tourists spend half their time at the waterfront park on the Cooper River, enjoying hot meals and fun activities in the wind.

Rainbow Row, a landmark with beautifully painted row houses, has its distinctive qualities and is a unique sight people love to discover. It is a small guided walking tour taking almost two hours to cover and encounter the history of the civil and revolutionary war. Charleston, South Carolina, also has Alleys and Hidden Passages open to people looking for some adventure. A restaurant called Husk Restaurant is known to be the best in town, dining upstairs in the bay area with a great atmosphere, highly well-prepared meals, and memorable times.

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6. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, is appreciated for its favorite attraction Paseo Del Rio where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and lounging in stunning cafés and restaurants. Highly recommended by tourists is the Riverboat tour, which makes you think you are in Venice, Italy, except for the boats being motorized. After each turn, landscapes, bridges, and other architectural details are too beautiful. Once the sun sets, people are seen taking night walks along the river walk and chilling with friends.

An essential stop in San Antonio would be The Alamo, where a guided tour is available to get a good narrative of the history of this predominant historic site. The city has its giant game board, Scavenger hunt adventure, which is a race 3-hour street city walking tour. Teams have to solve San Antonio clues and complete the challenges while they learn about its historic and beautiful local tales.

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7. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, is one of the oldest cities where you can find plenty of historical sites, a few museums, and a pretty oak-lined street to explore throughout the day. The economy around the city is healthy, which makes it a low cost of living. The coastal climate gives it warmth all year, attracting people from the east side. A top tourist attraction known as Forsyth Park is a must-see. Walking through its beautiful Parisienne-style park is breathtaking and is a perfect spot to relax and observe the quiet side of the savannah. The park has a big fountain in the center with cute playgrounds and monuments.

After circling the park, you can grab some snacks at a café built inside. The oldest roman catholic church in Georgia, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, is a good hallmark to learn about all the details and the meanings behind it. The Cathedral offers beautiful architecture with stained glass inside. The church may not be that appealing from the outside; however, when you enter this amazing obelisk, you’ll realize its worth.

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8. Anchorage, Alaska

prettiest cities in the us
Image by: Marculescu EugenIancu. Flickr. Copyrights March 22, 2018

Anchorage, Alaska, has to be the most beautiful city in the state considering the Alaskan opportunities of polar ice caps and tundra. You could go biking and tour the Prince William Sound. You can find many chances for winter sports which will give you a lifetime moment. The Scenic railroad, known as the Alaska Railroad, is one of the most popular destinations in the place. It connects the beautiful cities, where you get plenty of time to go out, stretch your legs, take a hike, and make it back to the train. The duration of this trip is a 12-hour ride, serving 3 meals throughout.

Flea and street markets are common in the city, selling thousands of clothes, artistic works, food, and many more. It was opened to the public in 1992 and is a family-friendly attraction to the locals as well as outsiders. There are a lot of items to catch your desire- from beautiful local art pieces, demanding preserves, Alaska-inspired art and its clothing, carnival snacks, and amazing hot eats at the stalls.

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9. Madison, Wisconsin 

prettiest cities in the us
Image by: Karen. Flickr. Copyrights July 30, 2006

Madison, Wisconsin, is famous for its city university filled with pretty cafés, appealing bookstores, pubs, and various cuisines. It has a good share of historic districts with culturally praised people. When you visit the campus, do not forget to try the famous Babcock Ice Cream at Babcock hall. There’s a museum called Elvehjem Museum of Art’s collection of three antiquities – Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. The neighborhood of Schenk-Atwood brings you to the astonishing Botanical garden of Olbrich. This Oasis includes a perennial garden, rose garden, rock garden, herb garden, wildflower garden, sunken garden, and a pretty-looking tropical conservatory.

You can find the best-hidden gems and discover every little bit of them in a fun scavenger hunt company that owns the heart of Madison. This activity hunt is a popular and fun way to celebrate birthdays at some events and collaborate with people—a chance of competing with your team or being against them to create a beautifully memorable experience.

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10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

prettiest cities in the us
Image by: Peter Miller. Flickr. Copyrights January 30, 2021

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is essentially known for its historic district city. The Constitution and the declaration of independence were signed at the liberty bell and independence hall; make sure to check them out. Benjamin Franklin, the city’s most famous ambassador and the founding father of the united states, is honored by building the Franklin Institute of a science museum. One of the historic buildings- Eastern State Penitentiary, an expensive prison in the united states stands now as a haunted cellblock. The tour of this grand architecture covers its cellblocks, punishment cells, Al Capone’s cell, and death row.

A sightseeing tour on a hilarious trolley sipping your favorite drink and passing by major hallmarks like the city hall, a few art museums, the rocky steps, the boathouse row, and the old historic city district is also on the list. It takes you 2 hours to complete this beautiful tour making it a great time for first-time visitors.

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11. Boston, Massachusetts

Explore the city’s glass-enfolding galleries along the street downtown with nightclubs lit all around the city. The performances in the renowned theatres will give you a lifelong experience. Right next to it, you can shop at the artisanal markets and spend some time at the boutiques. Enjoy the famous glittering concerts and take a walk to relax. If you’re a fan of igloos and outdoor skating rinks, winter is the best time to visit this great place.

Winter wonder in Boston has filled wine festivals, sporting events, performing arts, culinary activations, and many more. It is at the top of the prettiest cities in the US.

12. Providence, Rhedo Island

Prettiest cities in the us
By Timothy Valentine/ Flickr. Copyrights January 2, 2020

Providence is one of the historic and prettiest cities in the US, situated in Rhode Island with museums to explore alongside new additions to the place like the downtown mall, pretty scenic river walks, convention center, hotels, and approved restaurants. The beautiful woodlands of the place have its zoo called the Roger Williams Park Zoo, allowing visitors to look at the animals from different parts of the world. It is home to natural surroundings with species of various kinds living together.

Another tourist attraction to visit is the haunted boat tour bordering starlit bridges, cobblestone streets, and old parks of downtown through the waterways. Ghost stories are narrated throughout, and the duration is a one-hour evening tour giving you the real feel of the tales. So, if you’re looking for all these features, do visit our prettiest cities in the US.

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13. Santa Fe, New Mexico

prettiest cities in the us
Image by: Andrea Guagni. Flickr. Copyrights June 7, 2013

New Mexico is one of the prettiest cities in the US, having that Spanish colonial charm of the historic architecture, art deco, and buildings in the town of Santa Fe. This town is not complete without Rocky Mountain Vistas and the variation of ancient native norms and beliefs. This place has been drawing travelers for decades. You can see some mind-blowing and mesmeric art installations with inviting elements. Don’t forget to join the fun food tour the beautiful city has to offer the guests and dive into their local food from New Mexico, which could be spicy for some guests. This amazing tour will give you mouth-watering food, non-alcoholic beverages, and many more.

If you’re looking for an adventure at the end of the day, a memorable addition to white water rafting, including wine tasting, would be an amazing combo. You could raft with your family and friends for a nine-hour duration. Give yourself a fun and relaxing day!

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14. San Francisco, California

San Francisco comes under the beautiful places of California and the whole of the United States. It has the identity of the famous Golden gate bridge, which changes from city to city. If you’re into hilltop views, you should consider taking the cable car ride. People fond of chocolates never miss the Ghirardelli Square, a 3-level landmark filled with shops and restaurants with a former Chocolate Factory near Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the prettiest cities in the US. The neighborhood of Chinatown has around 100,000 people wandering into the pagoda roof restaurants behind the dragon gates, which depicts China.

Make sure to visit excellent fish markets, jewelry stores, Chinese fortune tellers, their beautifully carved temples, and cute little restaurants giving you a whole China look. Some secret hidden gems you can find in San Francisco are the Filbert step, Andy Goldsworthy’s Woodline, The Wave Organ, and Seward Street slides.

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15. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a perfect city in the united states to start a party with thrilling music, famous food, and drinks throughout. The main Bourbon street will give you an influence of a party animal as well if you’re lucky enough to catch the parade between the crowds of mardi gras. New Orleans is one of the prettiest cities in the US, considering the elegant French Quarter, a neighborhood featuring jazz clubs serving potent cocktails, and many more. The street also leads you to a quieter place with new epicure snacks and local crafts.

The French Quarter is also known as Vieux Carré (one of the prettiest cities in the US), the oldest in Louisiana designed as The Quarter of Paris. It is related to a traditional gathering place Congo Square, which was for enslaved people, where rhythms heard are reviewed to be the 19th-century origin of Jazz and Gospel music. You can also explore New Orleans sights and history on a small-group bike tour. Cycle along the famous street of the French Quarter, New Orleans, from a crowded area to a less-visited neighborhood like City park, Faubourg Tremé, to learn about the city’s elite history and culture. New Orleans is also home to many musicians.

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These 15 Prettiest cities in the US are stunning to take you to the rollercoasters of wonderland. I am a big fan of the beautiful city of San Antonio and its old town and many places to visit in the united states. The United States is home to thousands of beautiful parks with mesmerizing art forms and prints. These places should be on the top visit list that can take you to see every corner of the prettiest cities in the USA. Many of the buildings in America have amazingly carved and built architecture. Everyone loves to visit the prettiest cities in the US, don’t forget to add them to your list!

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Top 5 Prettiest Cities in the US

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