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Top 12 Amazing Boston Beaches You Must Visit This Spring

Boston, a city in Massachusetts, is famous for a lot of things. Be it the rich history of Boston in the American Revolution or a city known to be among the top 10 fittest cities in the United States, Boston has a lot to offer.

Not only is it home to the most renowned research universities in the world like Harvard and MIT, but it is also home to cultural centers like the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Berklee School of Music, etc.

With so many things to offer, Boston is a topper in the list of best US cities. Add beautiful, Pristine Boston beaches to the mix, and you have yourself a winner. Although all beaches are not technically in Boston, they are only half an hour away by public or private transport.

These Boston Beaches provide a perfect escapade from a busy and fast-moving life. So join us as we list down the top 15 Boston Beaches that you must visit to get that perfect dose of vitamin sun and sea!

Top 12 Boston Beaches to Visit

1. Revere Beach

Situated in Revere, Massachusetts, Revere beach is the first public beach in the United States Of America. It is the oldest public beach in America and also one of the largest among the Boston Beaches.

Revere Beach has a coastline that has a three-mile stretch that looks east across the Atlantic Ocean and is located to the north of Boston. It is about 4 miles from downtown Boston.

boston beaches
By Bill Ilott/ flickr. Copyrights March 29, 2013

1.1 How to Reach?

You can easily reach the revere beach through your private transportation, which only takes about 15-20 mins. Using the Boston Subway, better known as the T, one can reach Revere Beach in only half an hour. It can be easily accessed through two T-stops, The Blue Line’s Wonderland and Revere Beach Station.

On warm summer days, Revere beach attracts as many as 100,000 visitors. So if you’re looking for a more tranquil beach, it may not be your preferred location. If you wish to visit this beach at a more quiet time, then weekdays in the morning and after 6 in the evening could be a good time.

Nevertheless, the beauty of the warm sand and lovely blue water is enough to entice you into visiting this old and popular destination at least once.

boston beaches
Image by: Andrew Quinney. Flickr. Copyrights July 21, 2019

1.2 Special Events Held in Revere Beach

Revere Beach is always buzzing with boomboxes playing loud music as families come for picnics. As it is one of the most popular Boston Beaches, there are also several special events held here.

One of the most famous events of Revere Beach is its annual New England Sand Sculpting Festival. Held every year in July, this competition sees master sand sculptors turn 10 tons of sand into beautiful sculptures in their designated areas.

The winner even gets rewarded with a certain amount of prize money. This event attracts thousands of visitors from all across the world.

Another event held in Revere Beach that is famous is the Kite Flying Festival. Held each May ( Mostly on the second weekend), this event marks the beginning of spring. It is like a welcoming event to the upcoming beach season at Revere Beach. Such special events and concerts make it one of the best Boston beaches.

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2. Malibu Beach

Located adjacent to Savin Hill Beach, Malibu Beach is one of the best beaches near Boston in the Dorchester Neighborhood. It is a great option for those who are looking for a day away from the city without going too far.

Malibu Beach is just south of Boston. The east end of the Malibu Beach faces the Dorchester Bay Basin, providing a perfect view. One can also see the iconic painting by Corita Kent on the National Grid Gas tank.

Although the beach isn’t very sandy, it provide perfect for playing beach sports like Volleyball or playing with a beach ball. A few grassy patches on the beach provides a perfect location for visitors to sit with their picnics and enjoy the beauty of Malibu Beach.

There are also several picnic tables available, along with water fountains that visitors can use. Visitors can also access the snack bar outside the beach.

Malibu Beach also allows visitors to walk their pets along the shorelines. Water activities like Kayaking, surfboarding and Water Paddling. With the presence of lifeguards, Visitors can rest assured about their safety. Just a walk along the shoreline of this beach is enough to rejuvenate you.

boston beaches
Image by: Justine Ezarik. Flickr. Copyrights August 23, 2008

2.1 How To Reach?

Since Malibu beach is not too far from the city, hence one can easily visit using both public and private transport. You can avail the Subway via two lines.

The MBTA Redline drops the passengers off at the Savin Hill Station. Another option is coming through the Fairmount train. If you’re at Savin Hill Beach, then you can easily walk till here.

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3. Boston Harbor Islands

Boston Harbor Islands are a group of islands and peninsulas that are ideal for a day-away trip from the hustle of city life. You can easily take a ferry from Boston to reach the Boston Harbor Islands. This is the perfect location for a day getaway with picnic areas and family-friendly beaches.

boston beaches
Image by: Dale Cruse. Flickr. Copyrights August 30, 2014

3.1 Spectacle Island Beach, Boston Harbor Islands

Located in the heart of the blue Boston Harbor, Spectacle Island Beach is one of the best beaches near Boston. It was initially a wasteland; now, it has been turned into a tranquil island full of activities for visitors.

Spectacle Island has two sandy beaches and a rocky shoreline. The shoreline is five miles long and boasts perfect panoramic views. Spectacle Island is also home to the tallest hill of Boston Harbor Islands, from where you can get a pretty nice view of the Boston Skyline.

Exciting activities like kayaking and swimming attract visitors of all ages to this beach. Spiele Island is also a family-friendly beach.

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You can easily reach Spectacle Island by catching the Bosand ton harbor ferry at Long Wharf next to the T’s Blue Line/Aquarium station.

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4. South Boston Beaches: L street beach, M street beach and Carson Beach

Carson Beach, along with the M Street Beach, L Street Beach form an uninterrupted three-mile stretch of street beaches. Located to the south of Pleasure Bay beach, these street beaches are a part of the South Boston Beaches. These four beaches look out onto Dorchester Bay.

Carson Beach is one of the most popular among the Boston Beaches. It is a smooth and sandy beach with a beautiful view of the Boston Harbor. Carson Beach is dotted with parks that serve as attractions to these southern Boston Beaches.

boston beaches
Image by: sandra.lee06. Flickr. Copyrights June 24, 2007

4.1 Attractions

It also has a volleyball court and a huge bathhouse, making it popular among the public beaches. Concession stand as well as food vendors are dotted along the line of these street beaches.

The water is cold for most of the year and is only suitable for swimming during midsummers. The Public Bathhouse has been renovated recently with controlled and checked water quality.

How to get there: To get to Carson Beach by subway, you can take T’s red line to JFK/UMass and walk along the waterfront, which is north of the beach. The walk is only 10 minutes, so it is relatively easy to get to Carson Beach using public transport.

To get to the L and M Street Beaches or even to the Castle Island beach, you can take the Red Line to Broadway Station. After which, the number 9 bus to city point. The beaches are only a short walk from there.

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5. Castle Island

Castle Island is among the most popular and best beaches near Boston. Located on William J. Day Blvd. on the South shore of Boston Harbor, Castle Island has the perfect strategic location for a fort. As this destination is just 15 minutes away from the city, it is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike.

Castle Island is home to the historic Fort Independence, which is of great importance to the national history. Visitors interested in the castle tours often visit these forts. This island is currently a popular recreational site along with City point beach and Pleasure bay beach.

It has the perfect long shoreline for walking and hiking. The sandy beach is suitable for enjoying sunbathing plus provides a perfect location for children to play around with a ball, frisbee or kites.

boston beaches
By Robert Linsdell/flickr Copyrights Septemb,er 23, 2009

The Castle Island loop is the perfect trail for dog walking or cycling. Located close to the Boston Logan Airport, you can also see many planes flying over.

With a specific picnic area lined with picnic tables, it is surely a treat for families.

5.1 How to get here?

To get to Castle Island, you can easily take the Number 9 bus at Copley, get off at City point and walk to the beach from there.

Castle Island | South Boston | Virtual Walking Tour

6. Constitution Beach

One of the few Boston Beaches, Constitution Beach is located in the Harborview Neighborhood of East Boston area. It’s the perfect getaway for the Boston residents who are looking for a nearby and less crowded public beach to enjoy their day at.

Given that it’s located near Logan Airport and the tracks for the blue T’s line, Constitution Beach has a lot of noise because of the passing planes and subway trains.

Although Constitution Beach is not very big, it is wide and spacious enough for families to enjoy the soft sand and bright sun. The beach has gentle waves, which is why it could be a safe option for children who wish to go swimming. With lifeguards patrolling all the time, it is also an added layer of security.

boston beaches
By Vitor Pamplona/flickr Copyrights July 6, 2013

In recent years, Constitution Beach also had an upgrade. They now have concession stands, tennis and basketball courts, a big playground, picnic area etc.

If you are ever stuck in the Boston airport between flights, do try to give Constitution Beach a try.

6.1 How to get here?

You can easily reach Constitution Beach through the subway by taking the Blue Line T to Orient Heights station. After that, walk a short distance from Bennington Street to the beach.

Constitution Beach | East Boston | Orient Heights, MA

7. Crane Beach

Crane Beach is located on the Northeastern side of Boston. The 1,234-acre property is considered to be among the most beautiful Boston beaches. Located in Ipswich Bay, just north of Cape Ann, Carson beach doubles up as a nature preserve.

The beachfront is four miles long and is surrounded by massive dunes and pitch pine maritime forest.

Crane Beach is also known for its well-maintained walking trails stretching across 5.5 miles through the large dunes and the forest. The walking trail can easily be accessed from the beachfront.

boston beaches
By jpitha/flickr Copyrights August 11, 2013

During low tide, one can wade to the exposed sand bars. During summer, small ships are docked here. You can also see Plum Island Beach from Crane Beach. Given its massive size and the beautiful walking trails, it is considered among the most popular Boston Beaches.

7.1 How To Get Here?

You can easily reach Crane Beach by taking the commuter rail from North Station to Ipswich.

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8. Nantasket Beach

Nantasket Beach is located in a small town called Hull, in Massachusetts. With one of the busiest coastlines in Greater Boston, it is surely one of the relatively popular Boston Beaches. The beach shore has fine grey soft sand and vibrant water; it is perfect for relaxation during weekends.

boston beaches
Image by: Tich95. Flickr. Copyrights July 29, 2008

8.1 Attractions

The nearby promenade trail is the perfect location for a stroll with your friends or family. With scenic biking trails and a carousel that youngsters would love, Nantasket Beach can charm you for sure. At low tide, there are many tidal pools formed here.

Nantasket Beach also has a pavilion that you could use for shade during especially summery days. Concerts and other fun and exciting activities are also held here.

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9. Singing Beach

This special beach, among the famous Boston beaches, derives its peculiar name from its sands. When you walk on this beach, the fine sands produces a sound. But contrary to its name, the sound is not really a melody but more of a squeaking sound.

Situated in Manchester by the sea, this beautiful beach is among the best Boston Beaches. With soft fine sand, peaceful blue waters, and picturesque views of Victorian House and the Atlantic ocean, Singing Beach is the perfect getaway from the busy city life. It also has a summertime Bathhouse.

boston beaches
By Vitor Pamplona/flickr Copyrights July 12, 2014

The coastline of this beach is also maintained regularly and is not dotted with pebbles or small rocks, which may hurt barefoot walkers. A snack shack is also present at the premises and outside the beach, for you to grab a snack!

9.1 How to get here?

You can reach this beach via the Rockport commuter rail line from North Station.

Singing Beach, Manchester by the Sea, MA

10. Savin Hill Beach

Savin Hill Beach is another among the popular Boston beaches in the Dorchester neighborhood area of Boston. The Malibu Beach and Dorchester beach form a continuous chain of beaches. Both Malibu beach and Savin Hill beach are located very close to each other, so it might be a bit confusing for the visitors.

Savin Hill Beach was recently upgraded and now have a nearby baseball field and playground for toddlers. This beach also has a protected swimming area and lifeguards on duty almost always. If you wish to visit a beach without leaving the premises of the city, you may consider this as your next spot on the list!

10.1 How to Get Here?

To get to Savin Hill Beach, you can take the subway or the T. Visitors can take the Red Line to the Savin Hill Station. Then walk towards your right to Savin Hill avenue, and again take a right onto Denny Street. There at the end of the street, you will find the beach.

Savin Hill/Malibu Beach | Edward MoSweeney Park - Boston, MA

11. Pleasure Bay Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Boston, Pleasure Bay beach is located next to the Massport Conley terminal. It is the perfect destination to have recreational activities while learning.

Pleasure Bay Beach is part of the park created by the famous American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead. This project went on to connect Castle Island to the mainland.

boston beaches
Image from: Beach Searcher

11.1 Attractions

Positioned adjacent to the City Point Beach and Castle Island, it has a 2-mile long hiking trail. This trail is perfect for dog walkers, nature enthusiasts and runners. This beach is also vastly popular during the summers.

Walking around Pleasure Bay, Boston, MA

12. Good Harbor Beach

Among the top Boston beaches, we have Good Harbor Beach. Known for its beauty and strict cleanliness rules, Good Harbor beach is located on Thatcher Road on RTE 127A. The beach has lovely white, fine sand and picturesque views overlooking the Atlantic.

boston beaches
By Bex Walton/flickr Copyrights August 1, 2017

This North shore location includes outdoor showers, food concession stands, and restrooms. Alcohol is prohibited on this beach, so do take note of this if you wish to visit. Following their cleanliness maintenance, you have to carry all your trash with you when you leave the beach.

12.1 Attractions

During High Tides, you may find many people bodysurfing or boogie-boarding. During low tides, you can even walk up to Salt Island. Being a famous swimming and water activities place, there are lifeguards from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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With this, we come to the end of our list of Top 12 Boston Beaches. Given that there are many beaches in and around Boston, it surely is a delight for all beach-lovers.

Living in a busy city, each one of us wants to escape now and then from the drudgeries of normal life. If you find yourself wishing for the same, then you can always give one of these  Boston beaches a try.

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