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Top 11 Best Flea Markets In NYC—You Must Know

If you want to visit an incredible flea market, NYC has plenty of options. Our list includes the finest flea markets that New York City has to offer. Antique markets, thrift stores, and flea market insiders understand how beneficial a good outdoor or indoor business can be. The best market stalls are those that are both full of treasure and fairly priced.

And if they serve food and snacks to keep you going after you’ve had your fill of shopping, you’ve found your new weekend ritual. Our handbook to the finest flea markets fulfills all of your requirements regarding your flea markets journey.

We’ll help you to find the city’s bazaar scenario all year long. From the Rose Bowl flea market to the Alameda Point antique fair, you’ll find every flea market and first Friday festival weekend here.

What are Flea Markets?

Garments, decor items, vintage furniture, household items such as typewriters, dishes, mobiles, and so on are among the items on sale here. A plethora of products promotes a more sustainable lifestyle through recycling and cost savings. The demand is primarily from young people looking for uniqueness at a low cost.

Many flea markets now sell baked items and local farm produce, as do most commercialized marketplaces.

In other words, it is an outdoor business where old items are sold at a discount. Irrespective of how the word is defined, it is typically an outdoor market that sells low-cost items.

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Why are Flea Markets named so?

There are two schools of thought, but the most popular is that it derives from the French term marché aux puces, which was first used in the 1860s to define an open-air bazaar in Paris where old furniture was literally for sale and full of fleas. 

There have been no leaping, nibbling bugs in sight these days at many of the flea markets that dot NYC’s five boroughs.

Flea markets are among the more unusual and enjoyable things to do in NYC, but they are not on most visitors’ bucket lists.

Flea vendors will be selling their intriguing wares, some handmade items, some vintage clothing, and some antiques, in pop-up shops. A day spent at the market looking for one-of-a-kind items or vintage items is a day well spent!

NYC can be an expensive place, but these marketplaces are not only entertaining but also great places to get a good deal along with good food.

Read below to find the top 10 best flea markets in 2022, although there’s one thing to note hours vary depending on the season.

Top 10 Best Flea Markets

1. Brooklyn Flea

Flea Markets
Photo by Robbie Noble on Unsplash, Copyright 2022

The Brooklyn Flea has relocated to Pearl Plaza, offering once again another reason to visit Dumbo. The market has downsized to about 80 vendors selling their wares beneath the Manhattan Bridge.

In addition to a new location, there will still be a recognizable assortment of loot. It’s also worth noting that Brooklyn Flea is returning to Williamsburg this spring in a brand-new spot: the second-floor patio at The Williamsburg Hotel.

GPS Directions: 80 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

2. Washington County Antique Fair 

Flea Markets
Image from: Washingtonish

This fair attracts over 200 vendors from all around the world and shoppers from near and far on the first weekend of May and August. This bazaar would fit the description of a conventional flea market.

This fair, hosted on the Washington County Fair Grounds, showcases interior and exterior shops that sell distinctive, old, and traditional items similar to those found at good flea markets. It could get congested, weather permitting, but it is well-organized. This fair’s customers are rarely disappointed.

The admission fee is $5.

GPS Directions: 392 Old Schuylerville Rd, Greenwich, NY 12834. USA

3. City Market-Syracuse

A Walk Around the City Market Syracuse

This market is pretty recent (it began in 2014), but has started to gain a devoted following. This market has continually received positive feedback from both locals and visitors.

Every second Sunday of the month from May to October, vendors from all around the city come to display their artisan talents alongside stalls selling a portion of Americana from a bygone era. When you’re in the Syracuse area during that time of year, this is a must-see for excellent food and shopping.

GPS Directions: 401 Harrison St, Syracuse, NYC 13202, United States

4. Artists and fleas

Flea Markets
Image from: Chelsea market

The diverse artists and fleas, located in the front of the Chelsea Market, have several remarkable antique finds to offer.

Artists & Fleas is home to over 30 vendors who change regularly, so search for different products with each visit.

Many vendors bring hand-crafted crystal jewelry and groovy sunnies, artwork, hand-crafted body washes, and vinyl records to the market.

It’s a great place to start your journey to the renowned Chelsea Market. In addition, you can walk straight to the High Line after dining at several of the market’s restaurants.

Creamline’s grilled cheese and Los Tacos No. 1’s carne asada tacos are two particularly tasty dining options.

GPS Directions: 88 10th Avenue @ W. 15TH Street

5. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar NYC : A walk through the weekly market on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York

The Grand Bazaar on Manhattan’s upper west side is one of the biggest flea markets in the city. It is also NYC’s oldest flea market, which was once known as the Green Flea Market. It has continued to operate as a result of the community’s ongoing support.

Every weekend, they have a new theme and feel, enabling regular shoppers to get their hands on new items. This fantastic flea market vendor offers a diverse selection of artifacts, memorabilia, and vintage finds, ranging from divine crystallites to 70s flared jeans.

Travelers to the flea market can find a variety of food pop-up shops, especially for sweet treats. The Grand Bazaar is indeed an inside and outside market that is ideal for New York’s unforeseen fall weather.

Entry is free, as with all of the flea markets on this list, but bring some money to cover payment issues.

GPS directions: 100 W 77th St.

6. Hester Street Fair

Hester Street Fair at Pier 17 Manhattan NY. Pier 17 Tour New York City. Live Walking NYC

Hester Street Fair has amazing vintage finds and a laid-back ambiance.  It is also pup-friendly, so your pets are welcome to accompany you on your shopping spree to this flea market.

Not only can you find artisanal and vintage merchandise items at the Hester Street Fair, but there are also many food vendors waiting for you to gorge on yummy food out there.

Begin your week at the flea market with a quick snack or a delicious cup of freshly ground coffee. At the flea market, numerous vendors sell fresh produce and flowers. Plant-it also has a nice table set up with fantastic premade flower arrangements.

The flea market is usually set up on Saturdays, but it may also be set up on Sundays, weather permitting.

GPS directions: 89 South St.

7. Queens Night Markets

Visiting The Queens Night Market | 2022

Even if you work on the weekends, you can still enjoy the flea market fun that NYC has to offer!

It unlocks at 6:00 p.m. and closes around midnight. While there are numerous excellent shopping opportunities at this market, one of the main reasons people attend is to eat scrumptious food and listen to live music.

The Queens Night Market offers a variety of cultural cuisines, allowing you to eat your way around the world!

GPS directions: 4701 111th St.

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8. Brimfield antique show

The Best Antiquing in America | Brimfield Antique Show

The Brimfield antique market brings together a multitude of collectors, developers, and dealers from all over the world three times a year to visit the stores in the flea market fields in the scenic agrarian region of Massachusetts. It’s a New England ritual and a must-see if you enjoy antiques. One of the most talked-about flea markets is all you can wish for!

Brimfield antique show promoters make it all happen. Some shows are open all week, while others are only open for one day. Quite a few shows charge admission, which may put Brimfield newcomers off, but there’s always a massive line well before the time of the launch for a reason: it’s always worth the money to see a huge field of brand new antiques, crafts, vintage merchandise, and second-hand goods.

Due to the pandemic, many dealers had to shut down their shops, shifting this market online. However, it is finally offline now for all the early birds out there to shop their hearts out!

GPS directions: 21 Main Street, Brimfield, MA, and follow the signs for parking.

9. Long Island City Flea Market and Food

Long Island City Flea & Food Market

This flea market in Queens is worth visiting if only for the name. This fair, as the name suggests, provides excellent food, along with a beer garden, as well as incredibly diverse shopping booths. There are also special events such as beer festivals and live music sequences. Dealers provide excellent collectibles and merchandise, making the customers want to come back for more and have a fun-filled weekend!

A trip to Long Island City is incomplete without a little flea shopping.

GPS Directions: 5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101

10. Nolita Market

[4K]🇺🇸NYC Summer Walk🗽Hot Friday in NoLita of Manhattan🌿Cute Cafes & Instagram Spots | June 2022

Despite being one of the relatively smaller flea markets on this list, Nolita Market serves high-quality products and food. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, around 15-20 vendors sit by to display their amazing craftsmanship.

This flea market has terrific hand-made jewelry and home décor items. In addition, several vendors sell antique clothing and accessories.

During your shopping spree on the weekend, try to go to the lovely Elizabeth Street Garden. It makes a great photo shoot backdrop for displaying your newly discovered vintage pieces! Also, don’t forget to stop by one of the many restaurants nearby serving scrumptious meals.

GPS Directions: Prince St, NY 10012, United States

11. Chelsea Flea Market

Flea Markets
Image by: Ben Kusik. Unspalsh. Copyrights August 28, 2021

Chelsea Flea, located on West 25th Street, is a must-see for everyone searching for insanely good flea market finds.

The flea market’s over 50 vendors sell a wide array of goods, which include hand-crafted African hoods, playful furniture, pottery, and musical equipment. The market also has a great selection of vinyl records and vintage magazines, making it a perfect spot for flea purchases for all the flea market lovers out there.

Chelsea Flea already has a fully equipped bar on-site, making it an ideal pregame stop or during a night out at one of the area’s numerous bars or dreamlike rooftop restaurants in town, so don’t forget to have a delicious meal before resuming your flea shopping.

If you plan on visiting Chelsea Flea, we strongly advise you to bring cash since many vendors don’t accept payments made by credit cards or any form of electronic payment.

GPS directions: 29 W. 25th St.


New York City has plenty to offer its visitors. From huge skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty to tiny markets and wholesome vendors putting antique collectibles on sale.

The infamous flea markets in NYC are all the more reason to visit the city and find yourself something to take away from there, and maybe come back for more! A lot of these markets have restaurants nearby, so don’t fret. You can always grab a nice meal and then continue your scavenger hunt for these vintage goodies.


The merchandise sold here is quite a few, so don’t forget to buy it once you spot something according to your taste.

Providing loads of entertainment, live music, and delicious bites to its visitors, the above-mentioned NYC Flea Markets should be on your go-to list!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is New York’s famous flea market?

A1. Out of all the outdoor flea markets in NYC, Grand Bazaar is the oldest, largest, and most diverse. Here you’ll find various vendors selling things from antiques and unique clothing to furniture, paintings, and more.

Q2. Does New York have flea markets?

A2. Flea markets are some of the more unusual and fun things to do in NYC, but they’re not on most visitor’s bucket list. You’ll find local merchants and food vendors in pop-up shops selling their fascinating wares, some handmade, some antiques.

Q3. What is Syracuse NY famous for?

A3. Syracuse is a regional hub for entertainment and is home to museums, art galleries, performance spaces and more. The city hosts multiple events each year, including The Great New York State Fair —a student favorite.

Q4. What is special about Chelsea Market?

A4. Located in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking District, the market’s collection of distinctive and diverse merchants adds up to more than just your average food hall, rather a lively marketplace where one can shop the region’s finest fishmonger, take home prime cuts of meat from one of the area’s best whole.

Q5. Where is the Brooklyn Flea Market?

A5. Located between North 11th and North 12th Streets just North of East River State Park, the Sunday Flea features the same mix of vintage, antique, handmade, and food vendors as Fort Greene, and located in prime Williamsburg.

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