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Top 10 Historical Malls in Charlotte, North Carolina

A mall is a shopping complex of new the new world. In this article, we will look into the top malls in Charlotte. Since they started their emergence, malls have been the quintessential American shopping experience—bustling temples dedicated to the wonders and excesses of retail, food service, and entertainment. The rise of the mall coincided with the growth of the suburbs. 

The peak of mall culture was the 1970s, sometimes called the malling of America. They thrived at providing some kind of public gathering space and social life in addition to actually giving people places to shop. 

Over the past few decades before then, lots of developers started building malls, and it kind of conceded with the growth of highways. So as more people started traveling and interstates started being built, developers really wanted to put something to attract people to stop. 

1. About Charlotte, North Carolina

malls in charlotte
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It takes 10 minutes drive to reach Charlotte downtown from the airport. Hence it is really close and efficient city. Charlotte is nicknamed a queen city and has a lot of greenery. Charlotte is the 15th largest city in America, with a population of around 900000 people. It is also the second-highest city in the southeast, just behind Jacksonville, making it bigger than Atlanta.

Charlotte is a modern city that is getting better every year as it is becoming a cosmopolitan city. This city has many museums in the city like the NASCAR Museum, mint house museum, and several other museums. 

Charlotte has a subtropical climate, and because of that, it is rainy most of the time in the year, making this place have many gardens. It has Bank of America Stadium, home of the carolina panthers football team. This city also has a NASCAR museum where many cars are displayed.

2. How Shopping Malls Operate

Malls strived on the basis of their anchor stores. Anchor stores are the stores on the edges of the malls and they are outward facing on the parking lot. So if you are a shopper, you are gonna walk through one of these big, usually department stores. And if you are thinking about Macy’s, Sears, or JCPenny, those are called anchor stores.

Once shoppers are done shopping there, they may wander to the middle part of the mall, shop at the other apparel shops or even buy some food. 

Because Anchor is bringing all those people, they tend to pay very little rent. Around 80% of income from all owners comes from the inline stores inside the mall. Historically, malls have been places for teenagers to visit and click photos for Instagram while shopping. It requires shop owners to keep the store trendy so it can attract people.

A shopping mall is a large retail complex with varied products and services available under one roof. 

3. Best Malls in CharlotteExplore Some of the Best Malls

3.1 SouthPark Mall, the Best Mall in Charlotte

South Park Mall is among the best malls in Charlotte, and it serves as a great place for shopping in Caroline and surrounding counties. It has more than 150 stores for your services.

This mall has a variety of branded stores like Apple, Burberry, and Nordstrom. Here you can have a great shopping experience in Charlotte


After shopping, you can sit and have a meal at the restaurants in this mall or even entertainment options are also available at SouthPark Mall. You can visit the place by Car, Taxi or Bus. An ample amount of parking space is available at this mall. 

4.1. Circle Center Mall One of the Best Malls in Charlotte

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis Circle Center Mall is one of the most popular malls in Charlotte. This mall has a lot of stores that sell products like toys, fashion accessories, clothes, shoes, home appliances, novelty items, health and beauty products, and many more.

4.2. Washington Square Mall

Washington Square Mall in Indianapolis is a local shopping mall, and you can visit the mall through the East Washington Street highway.

4.3. Castleton Square

 Castleton Square Mall can be accessed through 82nd Street, and this mall offers an indoor climate-controlled environment where people can shop in Comfort. This mall houses 130 stores featuring Macy’s Forever 21, Lego, Dick’s Sporting, JCPenny Vans, and Van Maurer.

4.4. Greenwood Place Shopping Center

It provides one of the best experiences in Indianapolis, and this mall also has a variety of shopping stores for all your needs. You can reach this popular spot through East Stop Road.

4.5 Lafayette Square Mall

This mall is located 7 miles Northwest of downtown Indianapolis. Lafayette Square has various options for shopping stores, and it also offers office space. Lafayette Square Mall has stores that sell items like fashion accessories and many more.


4.6. Speedway Shop Shopping Center

Overlooking Eagle Creek Speedway through Crawfordsville Road, the shopping center currently hosts over 50 stores, including popular brands such as GNC, KFC, Goodyear, Route 21, and Anytime Fitness.

4.7. Glendale Town Center- One of the Best Malls in Charlotte

You can easily reach this mall through North Keystone Avenue, and this mall has stores that sell all kinds of items, such as clothing, fashion accessories, and footwear. Glendale Town Center is one of the most popular malls in Charlotte.

Lafayette Square Mall and Glendale Mall Indianapolis, 1970

4.8. Southern Plaza Shopping Center

You can easily reach this mall through Southeast Street. This mall houses a range of retail stores, entertainment areas, and restaurants.

4.9. Indianapolis Pavilions

Indianapolis Pavilions is located near Sam Golf Course and can be easily accessed. This shopping center houses more than 24 stores with many big brands.


4.10. Fashion Mall at Keystone

Located near the white river, this shopping mall at Keystone is a popular shopping center for purchasing clothes, Fashion accessories, and footwear. This mall houses more than 120 stores, including many big brands.

The Fashion Mall at Keystone - Indianapolis, IN - Mall Wandering

5. Current Situation of Malls in Charlotte

As the median income of the middle-class American person is reducing, the mall culture is also declining in America. People visit the malls, but they can be terms as thriving malls per their business revenues. 

Because of this, many malls are taking their focus away from only shopping to other aspects of the business. Also, the Pandemic hit the mall business hard. Many malls are offering services like swimming pools or hosting concerts to bring people for a purpose other than shopping.

You can find multi-million dollar American dream malls having indoor ski slopes. Studies have shown that in Post pandemic period, the net income has decreased by 10%; hence the buyers’ purchasing power is also reduced. 

There have been many bankruptcies in real estate firms that invest in the malls, and that caused many problems for the malls, which were not doing quite well as per the revenues. If we take 1000 malls in America, then only 250 malls are thriving rest are the malls that need to get some boost.

Very few malls in America have invested money in making the shops look good, designed well, and providing all the services a wealthy customer wants. So the less sought-after malls are either getting demolished or getting converted into fulfillment centers for big online companies. 

Many malls are getting reused and redesigned to be a workspace, or they are being used for healthcare and education purposes. A lot of malls are getting converted into community colleges, and even elementary schools are moving into those abandoned malls.

Top 10 Shopping Malls to Visit in Charlotte | USA - English

6. Online shopping Effect on Malls in Charlotte

Also, with the rise of online shopping, the mall is facing a big setback. People order so many things online. People do not need to travel to the mall, follow the shop’s timings, and wait in long lines for checkout. Online shopping lets you view a variety of items and purchase them at your convenience.

Online products are very cheaper despite having to travel across the globe to get to the customer. Also, opening the delivery box of the product they ordered online gives them more pleasure than buying the product at the store.

Study shows that people purchase many electronics, makeup, and other items online compared to the shopping statistics of purchase when online websites are not present. 

malls in charlotte
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7. Conclusion

Here we have checked the Malls in Charlotte in this article and tried to select the best mall in Charlotte. You can understand the difference in new shopping trends which have affected the malls in America, and also the same effect can be seen in the Malls in Charlotte. 

Many attractive and big brand shops are available in Malls in Charlotte with options for entertainment and restaurants.

You should visit these Malls in Charlotte for a unique shopping experience, click some photos, and post them on Instagram or social media accounts.

Online shopping has given many issues, like people ordering many items which they end up not using because studies show that people hesitate to return the product they have ordered online and they throw it in the trash after some time. 

It has increased the creation of plastic and electronic waste, which is harmful to the environment.

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