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Top 10 Exciting Amusement Parks Las Vegas!

When we think of Las Vegas city, what usually comes to our mind are casinos, exotic nightlife, shopping, and whatnot! But get ready to be shocked as the city of Las Vegas is not just for adults but also young kids.

Las Vegas offers several wonderful amusement parks that give a great adrenaline rush to the whole family. If you are searching for amusement parks in Las Vegas city, then you’ve come to the right place, we have searched and filtered the Best Amusement Parks the city of Las Vegas, Nevada has!

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Lets us find out what the top amusement parks in Las Vegas have to offer for a fun day.

1. Adventuredome Theme Park

amusement parks las vegas
Image from: Las Vegas

Adventuredome Theme Park is one of the most-talked-about theme parks – Adventuredome Theme Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. This vast indoor theme park(which covers around a 5-acre area) is known for its indoor roller coaster named Canyon Blaster and its ride called El Loco.

Adventuredome theme park also has other rides such as a mini golf course, rock climbing, bungee jumping, laser tag, and many more fun rides. The weekends are special here as there is a neon-themed celebration on most of the weekends, accelerating your thrill and adventurous vibes.

1.1 Attractions

  • It is located at the back of the Circus Circus Hotel and Resort Casino near the Las Vegas strip. You can reach here by taxi, Deuce bus, or rideshare.
  • If you coming via bus, the Bus lines you can use are – 119, DEUCE, and SX. The nearest bus stations to Adventuredome are Sb Sammy Dav Jr after Circ Circ Dr and Nb Las Vegas at Circus Circus.
  • The nearest monorail station to Adventuredome is Las Vegas Convention Center Station(7 min walk).

2. The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade

Now moving further to the second name on our list of the best amusement parks Las Vegas have is the Big Apple Coaster has a 180-degree bending roller coaster with a speed of up to 67 mph that can quickly satisfy anyone’s thrill-seeking emotions.

Manhattan Express Big Apple Roller Coaster 4K 60FPS NYNY Las Vegas Hotel Casino Front Seat POV

But keep in your mind that you need to be at least 54 inches tall to ride on this super-fun ride. This place is not only about roller-coaster but also an arcade area!

2.1 Attractions

It is an adrenaline-filling ride at the Big Apple Coaster in the New York- New York Hotel of Las Vegas. It is designed as a replica of Manhattan. The ride takes full 180-degree loops from a height of 203 feet.

3. FlyOver Las Vegas

FlyOver Las Vegas is one of the most unique experiences you can get in Las Vegas. It is situated on the Las Vegas Strip right to Hard Rock Cafe.

It offers you a great virtual reality experience of the skyline without actually leaving the building which makes it easier for everyone especially those with a fear of heights to try skylining. The flyOver is a 4D ride that lets you feel the adventure of moving in the sky while you are just suspended from the ground in actuality.


3.1 Attractions

The ride totally gives a real fed and won’t disappoint you in the terms of performance. It even gives the smell of nature while you roam through the 4D world.

You can see many attractions of Las Vegas with this ride such as the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, and many natural attractions.

4. Skyzone Trampoline Park

The fourth name on our list of best amusement parks Las Vegas has is yet another happening place in Las Vegas named Skyzone Trampoline Park.

The first-ever indoor trampoline park- Skyzone Trampoline Park has made its presence in many cities and one of them is Las Vegas. It is definitely a great spot wonderful day as it is one of the best amusement parks Las Vegas have.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park | Las Vegas

Skyzone Trampoline Park is a place where you can burn some calories while you play as it demands a lot of energy to enjoy all activities here.

4.1 Attractions

Popular activities you can enjoy in Skyzone indoor trampoline park are ultimate dodgeball, freestyle jumping, sky slam, foam zone, zip line, challenge zone, and many more.

5. Sky Combat Ace

If roller coasters aren’t enough to fill you up with a feeling of rush, then Sky Combat Ace is the perfect choice for you. This place lets you fly a real stunt plane under the guidance of a trained instructor.

You can play anything with your plane in the sky, you can even play laser tag in the sky. Various types of experiences are provided here based on your needs. For example, if you go with a family or want to know and feel a real fighter plane you can simply opt for that and enjoy your time in the sky on a fighter plane with an experienced pilot.

Fly Like A Fighter Pilot With Sky Combat Ace

5.1 Attractions

According to your preference, you can choose from different experiences such as Adrenaline Rush, Sky Combat, or Top Gun.

6. Sin City Smash

How do you feel about a room where you can freely throw and break things without worrying about anything? If this is something that intrigues you then next on our list of amusement parks Las Vegas has, Sin City Smash will be a perfect place for you.

Things To Do in Las Vegas | Sin City Smash

Sin City Smash is based on ‘destruction therapy‘ where you enter a room set-up (kitchen, living room, workplace, or bedroom) with safety gears and break things without any hesitation.

6.1 Attractions

Different activities or attractions provided by Sin City Smash are Smash Rooms, Splatter Paint Room, Airsoft Range, Axe Throwing Las Vegas, and Date Night.

7. K1 Speed

For those who are into racing, next on our list of exciting amusement parks Las Vegas has is K1 Speed. This place offers a safe indoor racing experience to anyone who is at least 48 inches tall.

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, they even have karts made for kids, so everyone in the family can enjoy racing together while you are in Las Vegas. The go-karts can run up to a speed of 45mph.

K1 Speed E-Kart track in Las Vegas

The place covers an area of approximately 60,000 square feet which gives ample space for an experience of real racing without any serious threats. It can be enjoyed by a person of any age, whether you are 10 years old or 70 years old racing here is for everyone.

7.1 Attractions

This place is quite famous as many famous celebrities like Harvick, George Lucas, Travis Pastrana, and Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger have visited Pole Position Raceway.

Moreover, you can explore a new space called Omni Arena by Virtuix where you can enjoy VR adventures.

8. Defy Extreme Air Sports

Next on our list of best amusement parks Las Vegas has, we have a fun place called Defy Extreme Air Sports, Las Vegas.

DEFY Extreme Air Sports

8.1 Attractions

Defy Las Vegas is an air sports park with a motive to let you defy the constraints society has made. This trampoline park is quite unique as it gives the option to indulge in various air sports such as air basketball, air hockey, battle beams, wall tramping, stunt fall, zipline, and trapeze & aerial silks.

9. Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides at Strat Hotel, Casino & SkyPod

Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides at Strat Hotel, Casino, & SkyPod are next on our list of the best amusement parks Las Vegas Has! This place is a package of many adventurous rides which will definitely fulfill your rush.

amusement parks las vegas
Image from: The Strat

It is well known for its restaurant at SkyPod and Casino in Las Vegas NV. The popular rides at Stratosphere tower thrill rides are Big Shot, X-Scream, and Insanity.

  • Big Shot is a very thrilling ride that launches you 160 feet in the air within seconds at 45 miles per hour. You can get a view of the Las Vegas Strip while enjoying this fun ride.
  • Insanity is not for those with a weak heart as it takes you to a height of over 900 feet and tilts you which makes you face the ground.
  • X-Scream is a heart-racing ride over the edge of Skypod which will surely make you scream!

[HD] FULL Stratosphere Tower Tour - 4 Rides - Highest Thrill Rides in the World - Las Vegas

9.1 Attractions

If you don’t wish to ride, you can even enjoy your time at the Skypod with some breathtaking views, excellent customer service, and mouth-watering food. It also has a casino where you can indulge and try your luck.

10. Cowabunga Las Vegas

Last on our list of best amusement parks Las Vegas has is Cowabunga Las Vegas.

Cowabunga is one of the well-known water parks in Las Vegas. It has two water parks namely, Cowabunga Canyon Summerlin and Cowabunga Bay Henderson. It provides various pool activities according to age.

Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas Waterpark Tour & Review with Ranger

10.1 Attractions

At Cowabunga Canyon Summerlin, you can enjoy numerous water rides at its large outdoor water park. Some of the popular attractions at this amusement park are Texas Tornado, Hi-Ho Silver, Buckaroo Bay, Wave pool, The Lone Ranger, Dust Bowl, and Cactus Creek.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Does Las Vegas have any amusement parks?

Many well-known and super-friendly amusement parks in Las Vegas provide, and good food during your visit.

Q.2 Does Las Vegas have a roller coaster?

Yes, Las Vegas has many roller coasters. Some of the popular roller coasters for a thrilling hour are High Roller, Canyon Blaster, and the Big Apple Coaster.

Q.3 Which are the best theme parks in Las Vegas?

Some of the best theme parks in Las Vegas are AdventureDome theme park, Thrill Rides, Magical forest, and the Big Apple Coaster.

Q.4 Which are the best water parks in Las Vegas?

Some of the best water parks in Las Vegas are Cowabunga Las Vegas, Paradise Water Park, Wet-n-Wild Water park, and Desert Breeze Pool.

Q5. How much does Sky Combat Ace cost?

A5. Pricing for Las Vegas Sky Combat Ace varies, based on the experience selected. Whether you’re interested in learning aerobatics, air combat, combination, or flight training, most experiences range in price from $249-1,999.

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Final Thoughts

Over time Las Vegas has been named an adult city that provides only adult entertainment such as casinos, strip clubs, etc. But it is a myth! Las Vegas has another side too which is totally family-friendly entertainment with good food and fun games.

Hop on to the other side of Las Vegas and enjoy a thrilling and adventurous time with family and friends while having good food & in a good mood!

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