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Top 10 Bars in Atlanta to Explore for a Boozy Weekend

With excellent new bars in Atlanta sprawling around, it feels overwhelming to choose the best bars to visit during weekends with friends or family.

If you are planning to spend an evening with your partner at one of the top-notch bars in Atlanta and grab a good pint of beer, this article has got you all covered.

So, next time you are planning a vacation to this amazing Georgian city and want to explore the best bars in Atlanta, keep reading where to find the finest drinks with delicious food in the city.

1. Best Bars in Atlanta to Visit

In this article, we have a compilation of all the best bars in Atlanta to explore on every special occasion.

Whether you are looking for some just regional comfort food, a friendly ambiance, live music, rooftop bars, or an array of beer options, bars in Atlanta have something for everyone.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Read on to see the list of all the leading bars in Atlanta for a “beery happy weekend”.

1.1. Biltong Bar

If you are a fan of South African cuisine, Biltong Bar in Atlanta can’t go wrong. With outstanding food and craft cocktails, the ambiance of the Biltong bar is cozy and relaxing.

The bar houses holistic and ethical wines and craft beers along with house-invented classic cocktail remixes like “See You Space Cowboy” and “Heart Shaped Box”.

Also, the very popular recommended cocktail in the bar is the “UN-Fu*k Your Day”. “Caught in the Rain Sherry” is another very approved drink by the Atlanta locals.

The bar boasts an array of South African beef jerky, snacks, and hand pies. The Biltong sample board with some good beers is a must-try.

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Courtesy: Biltong Bar

The bar also houses amazing pizzas, sides, desserts, and small appetizers to go with the drinks and some great South African wines; undoubtedly falls under the list of the top bars in Atlanta.

If you are a teetotaler, you can order the very unique alcohol-free order, zero-proof elixirs.

1.2. Bar Margot

Located in the midtown neighborhood of Atlanta, Bar Margot is one of the very popular bars in Atlanta with character-rich interiors and round booths and serves one of the perfect spots to gather with your friends and colleagues for a few drinks. 

The bar has a long arrangement of drinking options to choose from including champagne, local beers, wines, whiskeys, and cocktails. When it comes to dining options, the bar houses excellent salads, roasted chicken, beef tartare, crab toasts, lamb chops, and burgers.

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Courtesy: Bar Margot

Every month, Bar Margot hires an experienced mixologist to educate people on how to put together ideal cocktails.

The combination of “Lady Victoria Cocktail” with delicious truffle fries is highly approved by the guests. Also, do try the “Gin Margot”, a cocktail drink with gin, a fever-free tonic, Thai basil, and salted limes.

1.3. Northside Tavern

Northside Tavern is one of the classic bars in Atlanta near Knight Club. The definition of a dive bar suits perfectly with Northside Tavern, with great live music by local bands.

It houses some of the best drinks in Atlanta at a very cheap rate. The atmosphere of this bar is comfortable with bright and quirky decors. This is undoubtedly an ideal spot to have a true Atlanta experience.

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Courtesy: Northside Tavern

The bar is open throughout the week and also boasts a big list of dining options and cheap eats.

Do try out their “Blue Ribbon Beer” and “Sparkly Princess Alley” and enjoy the drinks with live performances.

1.4. SkyLounge

SkyLounge, as the name suggests is one of the very popular bars in Atlanta when it comes to rooftop bars. The panoramic view of the city of Atlanta skyline from SkyLounge is just breathtaking.

The seating area of this rooftop bar is very cozy and comfortable that includes high-top chairs, couches as well as armchairs.

It houses a list of fancy cocktails with a great selection of small plates including chorizo flatbread, hummus, soft pretzels, and mixed nuts.

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Courtesy: SkyLounge

Some of the approved cocktails to try from SkyLounge include “Mexican Mule”, “Rum Punch” and “SkyLounge Sour”.

The covered rooftop bar is a perfect spot for any private events and functions including marriages, business events, and social functions.

1.5. Bar Vegan

Located on the second floor of Ponce City Market, Bar Vegan will captivate your attention with flashing lights and music. The bar houses all the classic cocktails that include mojitos, sidecars, and margaritas.

It also houses great side plates including meatballs, BBQ chicken, tacos, quesadillas, spaghetti, and cheesesteak.

Bar Vegan also has a long list of vegan options that include hummus, Caesar salads, Brussels sprouts, onion rings, and many more.

Some of the signature cocktails that are a must-try from Bar Vegan are “Don Juan”, “Marta Express”, “Ring The Alarm” and “Fall For You”.

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Courtesy: Bar Vegan

If you are a fan of mocktails, do try out the “Cucumber Lime Spritz” and “Crooklyn”.

After, all the drinking, if you crave some desserts; don’t worry because Bar Vegan boasts some great deserts options too including ice creams, sweet potato bread pudding, cookies, and peach cobbler.

1.6. The S.O.S. Tiki Bar

The S.O.S. Tiki Bar in Decatur Square is one of the most loved bars by the locals of Atlanta because of its relaxing ambiance.

You get to experience the true Georgian tropical sunny vibe at this bar which serves as a great hangout spot on a lazy sunny afternoon.  

The bar is equipped with pretty tiki-shaped glasses and has an interior decorated with palm fronds, colorful lights, and island decorations. Also, the best part is you can buy tiki glasses if you want. 

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Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels

The bar is popularly known for its cocktails, signature rums, and fancy drink items. Additionally, the bar also houses delectable snacks including buttermilk fried chicken bites, portobello fries, and teriyaki shishito peppers.

Additionally, they also serve filling burgers and desserts.

Do try their classic “Mai Tai” rum infused with lemon and coconut. A few of the most recommended drinks of this bar include “Frozen Painkilla,”, “Sand In My Skiyyies” and “Bird Of Paradise”.

1.7. Manuel’s Tavern

Settled in Atlanta’s Poncey island district is one of the coziest bars in Atlanta, Manuel’s Tavern. The bar welcomes guests from all different backgrounds and tries to acquire a healthy community.

Mostly famous for sandwiches and craft beers, Manuel’s Tavern has a pyramid of drink options to choose from.

The atmosphere of the bar is simple yet outgoing. It serves as a great spot for parties and small celebrations. The owner of the bar, Manuel Maloof, hosted and entertained many politicians in the tavern.

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Courtesy: Manuel’s Tavern

The tavern is also a food lover’s paradise and includes delectable beef tacos and pulled pork, soup and salads, burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs as well as desserts.

A few of the most approved draft beers in Manuel’s Tavern include “Hazy Little Things”, “Two Hearted IPA”, and “Maduro Brown Ale”. The bar also houses various cocktails, wines, and bottled beers.,

1.8. The Bookhouse Pub

One of the very casual bars in Atlanta located in the Virginia highland area is The Bookhouse Pub. The joint has an option for board games and boasts classic American drinks and cocktails.

The décor is fanciful with abstract art and stained glass windows. The vibe of this bar is old-fashioned with different locals and tourists interacting with each other.

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Image by bridges ward from Pixabay

The Bookhouse Pub is one of the most loved joints by the locals of Atlanta due to its pretty relaxed and easygoing vibe.

Besides housing some amazing drinks, the tavern also has a long list of delicious food options including salads, soups, appetizers, and sandwiches.

1.9. Hotel Clermont Atlanta

If you are looking for a bar joint with a mix of modern and aesthetic vibe, Hotel Clermont is one of the popular bars in Atlanta for offering two bars at the exact location.

The rooftop bar with the excellent Atlanta skyline attracts a lot of locals as well as tourists. The bar features velvety bar chairs, murky lighting, and dark colors with golden tones.

The lobby bar has a very unique kind of ambiance and therefore makes it a great drinking spot.

The Clermont Lounge, the heart and soul of Atlanta #clermonthotel #blondie

Hotel Clemont also houses fine lunch, brunch, dining, and dessert options. The drinking options are huge with a variety of beers, wines, cocktails, champagne, vodkas, gin, agave, whiskey, rum, and whatnot.

Sipping on a hot toddy while enjoying the scenic Atlanta skyline at the Hotel Clermont’s rooftop bar during the sunset is absolute bliss.

1.10. Joystick Gamebar

If you are a fan of arcades and video games, Joystick Gamebar is the ideal spot. Play while you booze; the funky bar with modern designs and a retro vibe is one of the absolute go-to bars in Atlanta for all the game fanatics.

The interior of the bar boasts artistic murals, ultraviolet lights, and lounging areas. Joystick Gamerbar specializes in house-made sodas, interesting cocktails, beers, and boozy slushies.

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Courtesy: Joystick Gamebar

Do try some of their draft beers with bar appetizers like tacos while playing one of the vintage video games, or pinball; I am sure you won’t regret it.

2. Takeaway

This is the list of all the top 10 bars in Atlanta to try and get boozy. I am sure these wonderful bars won’t disappoint you with their extensive range of drinks and hospitality.

Do let me know if you are more of a beer or wine person and also some of your favorite bars in Atlanta.

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