things to do in hudson ny things to do in hudson ny

Top 10 Attractions And Fun Things To Do In Hudson NY

Are you looking for a quick weekend trip? Hudson NY is your getaway! There are plenty of things to do in Hudson NY that you will go for. Isn’t it amazing to know more about the place that the New Yorkers are crazy about? Let me help you to find out! Before moving forward let’s dig into detail about what Hudson NY is.

Hudson NY City

Driving Through Downtown Hudson, New York - A Beautiful Small Town in America

Hudson NY is a county seat (largest, oldest, most central town, or a location of a county government) of Columbia County and a city in New York, United States. It is located on the east side of the Hudson River so the city is named after the river and its namesake explorer Henry Hudson. The city is also known as the first city to be chartered by the United States.

Hudson NY is a beautiful town and it will take two hours to reach Manhattan by train. It is a natural space to discover and explore if you love shopping or enjoying delicious food and spectacular landscapes. No wonder! The city was a center of inspiration for the painters of the Hudson River School of Art in the 19th century.

There was a time when the city was neglected for many years. Thanks to those antique dealers who rediscovered and refreshed the city their keen eyes were able to see the old architectural buildings from a new perspective.

So, No doubt at all! If the city is called the most architecturally diverse city. There are lots of amazing things to do in Hudson NY. Let’s know one by one about the attractions of the city.

What Are The Fun Things To Do In Hudson NY?

The city is loaded with award-winning restaurants, coffee shops, boutique hotels, and also a hot spot for musicians. The city is the cultural capital of the Hudson Valley and is a getaway to doing fun things for New Yorkers who are seeking a relaxed weekend.

1. Warren Street: A Shopper’s Dream

things to do in hudson ny
Photo by pixelnaiad on Flickr, copyright 2022

Let me introduce you to the commercial avenue and the main artery of Hudson, Warren street which probably is every shopper’s dream and one of those important things to do in Hudson NY that everybody thinks to do here.

Warren Street is the heart and soul of this historic Hudson. The vibrant culture, lovely restaurants, art galleries, and antique shops are some of the main reasons to visit Warren Street.

It would be a great start to your vacation to roam around Warren Street. It is a mile-long single street flanked by colorful and historic buildings.

The first step in bringing Hudson’s downtown to life was taken in the 1980s when a wave of antique dealers was fascinated by the street layout with breathtaking architecture and storefronts on both sides of Warren Street.

The shops are filled with antique vintage treasures and it is not enough for them. There are many chic boutiques, botanical shops, accessories, modern home furnishing shops, and antique furniture stores which makes Warren street one of the most desirable things to do in Hudson NY if you have come to visit Hudson.

Exploring Charming Warren Street in Hudson, NY - Shot with Dji Pocket 2!

After finishing your all shopping, you must walk to the end of Warren Street just before sunset to the Hudson River, the place known as the Promenade hill to witness the spectacular view of the sight to see the whole place sinking in the golden light of the sun.

After visiting Warren Street, you must be ready to decorate your house with such unique and antique stuff as there are more shops than the whole city on this street.

All you have to take is a short walk around the town and you will find all of them. Naga Antiques, ANTIGO, FINCH Hudson, Sutter Antiques, and White Whale Limited are some of these amazing wonders.

2. Olana State Historic Site: A Worth Visiting Place

things to do in hudson ny
Photo by Matt Jiggins on Flickr, copyright 2022

Frederic Edwin Church, the most famous artist in America from Hudson River School designed Olana which is his family home. The architecture, art, and landscape of this place make it a national historic site. the place is among the most interesting things to do in Hudson NY that you can’t afford to miss.

The massive canvas of Hudson Valley was painted by this artist from Olana. So, this is the place to have the best view of Hudson Valley. You can book your visit in advance that will be enough to go and explore a great number of amazing things.

things to do in hudson ny
Image from: New York State Parks

Olana is the epitome of natural landscape design with a Persian-inspired home on top of it, five miles of carriage roads, and unmatched panoramic views of the Hudson Valley region. It is a 250-acre artist-designed landscape that opens from 8 am until sunset. You will also find an old art studio at this national historic site which is restored outstandingly.

You are going to be blown away by the integrated environment of this state’s historic site which has a beautiful mixture of Victorian, Persian, and Moorish architectural styles all over there.

The place is considered the most important home and designed landscape in the United States. The place is open for guided touring so, you can make a reservation to visit.

Walking Tour of the Olana Estate - Historic Home of Frederic Church - Hudson Valley New York

The most popular things to do here are hiking, bird-watching, picnicking, snow-shoeing, and many more along with cross-country skiing which is available seasonally with special events. You can take a permit from the Site manager’s office to do such activities. So, this amazing national historic site is worth visiting.

3. Henry Hudson Riverfront Park

things to do in hudson ny
Image from: The Wall Street Journal

One of the best things to do in Hudson NY is to walk at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park which is located at the edge of the city. The spectacular and eye-soothing view is enough to make you feel more relaxed and to turn your all-tired mood into beautiful memories. Henry Hudson Riverfront Park is a green space in the town of Hudson NY. New york’s Hudson valley gives a spectacular view.

None thing can be more beautiful than walking on the banks of the Hudson River to praise the enormous beauty of this natural landscape. Other than that you can also sit and watch the fall foliage which is also quite relaxing.

The park is named after the famous explorer and navigator Henry Hudson who is the person who dropped his anchor in 1606 at New York Harbor which was known as lower bay before. Two key highlights are there—Henry Hudson Park and the Henry Hudson monument.

【4K】WALK New York Hudson River Park NY Travel vlog 4k video

There were remaining remnants of the past containing trees that predate the park’s takeover namely Cooper Beach and Large Hackberry trees. There are dozens of additional, slightly smaller types of trees which are scattered throughout the park including maple, white pine, red oak, and many more.

Mostly, the northern part is a popular playground but the southern part of the park is known as the recreational half providing a baseball diamond, handball court, basketball court, and many playgrounds.

Exploring this park is one of the most exciting things to do in Hudson NY, you can choose hiking trails and start a tour of the park.

4. Hudson Opera House

things to do in hudson ny
Image from: Hudson Valley One

The historic Hudson Opera house is one of the major attractions and most popular things to do in Hudson NY. The building was constructed in 1855 and was named Hudson’s city hall which makes it the oldest surviving theater in New York. It was home to the things such as city hall such as Franklin Library, the post office, and the first national bank of Hudson.

It is a long time back story when the building was beginning to decay. The historic building was renovated and the Opera House was formed. On 22 April 2017, the Opera House was renamed Hudson Hall at the Historic Hudson Opera House.

Various events and activities which are suitable for all ages are hosted by the Opera House whether these are live music and performances, or art exhibitions. Hudson’s biggest tourism event—Winter Walk, is produced in Winter.

Hudson Opera House

People love to do such activities as watching dance performances and visiting local shops, and food courts during Winter Walk. People take part in the workshop to learn singing, dancing, painting, and many more.

Hudson hall is a constant resource of art and education for the Hudson Valley which is open year-round. The place has its significance among all the historic buildings of Hudson Valley and is one of the most popular things to do in Hudson NY.

5. Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

things to do in hudson ny
Photo by Doug Kerr on Flickr, copyright 2022

Right in between the Hudson and Athens, this is the most stunning sight on the Hudson River which is an iconic landmark of the town and the northernmost icon of the river. Hudson Athens lighthouse is a second empire architecture-style building located on the Hudson River.

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse is sometimes called Hudson city light which was constructed in 1874. The purpose behind the construction of the lighthouse was to guide ships safely down the river and it is still in service.

There are several things to do in the lighthouse, let us discuss them in detail.

  1. You can enjoy it while having a 10-minute cruise from the lighthouse with a stunning view of the Hudson River.
  2. Experiencing the real stories at the lighthouse from Emily Burner about growing up in the lighthouse.
  3. You can enjoy a 360-degree view of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River while having family time on the picnic tables outside the lighthouse.
  4. You can also bring some snacks or food items to have the best time there.
  5. And last but not least, don’t forget to wear comfy shoes as you have to be on your foot most of the time with a metal staircase.

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

Note: Take caution as the tour departs from Athens or Hudson NY, which takes two hours upstate New York.

The place is a historic treasure itself and has an essential role in representing the rich culture of Hudson NY. You can also experience the live sightseeing cruises by Lil’ Spirit boat tours which do historic lighthouse cruises out to the Hudson-Athens lighthouse across the river.

If you go there on Friday, you will get to see the Hudson Cruises which hosts a Murder Mystery cruise which is also very fascinating. Hudson Cruises then become the center of attraction and one of the main things to do in Hudson NY.

6. Storm King Art Center

things to do in hudson ny
Photo by Doug Kerr on Flickr, copyright 2022

Located in Hudson Valley, Storm King art center is an outdoor museum that expands into 500 acres of area. Storm king adventure tours are best to explore this art center. This is one of the most interesting things to do in Hudson NY where the visitors can experience the sculpture in large-scale and site-specific commissions and all are under the open sky.

Storm King has been dedicated to managing the hills, grasslands, forests, and the surrounding landscape and the best part is that Storm King supports artists and their work taking a visionary vision.

Although it was envisioned originally as a museum that was devoted to Hudson River School Painting by the time in 1961, it was committed to modern sculpture. It is one of the world’s leading sculpture parks which is growing continuously and evolving for more than 60 years.

things to do in hudson ny
Image from: I Love New York

You are going to face limitless discovery every time you visit the park. The beautiful bond between art, nature, and people is incredible as it connects through dynamic exhibitions and programs.

The mission behind the art center is clear; the conservation of modern and contemporary art to provide educational programs, public events, and engaging exhibitions. It is important to have some value in the relationships with artists so that it can help develop their ideas and practices.

If we talk about the landscape, it is a subtle pastoral which includes, grasslands, hills, vistas, ponds, tree stands, and walkways. In short, the landscape of Storm King Art Center is dramatic and works on a large scale of art to encourage wildlife.

Storm King Art Center

It is an amazing feeling to see so much dedication to practically nurturing true nature. As the plantation is also done according to the climate and ground conditions. So, this becomes a worth seeing sight for lovers of plants and the environment.

On weekend, a highlight tour is offered by Storm King at 1 pm and a reservation is also not required. There is a limit of 25 people on a first-come, first-served basis. You have to be on your foot during the tour. And if we talk about duration, it takes 45 to 60 minutes to run.

The way of installation and exhibition is unique to be displayed. The galleries and museums with the touch of the natural landscape are just incredible and make it a worth-watching place.

7. Art Galleries Tour—You can’t miss

things to do in hudson ny
Photo by Elvert Barnes on Flickr, copyright 2022

It would not be wrong saying that Hudson valley is a heaven for art as there are more than 35 art galleries long before Hudson river school was founded. These are the most important things to do in Hudson NY, Let’s discuss them in detail:

The Carrie Haddad Gallery—It is the first fine art gallery in Hudson valley that represents professional mid-career artists and emerging talent as well all over the Hudson Valley. In all types of paintings whether it is large or small sculptures. The gallery is just two hours from Manhattan on Warren Street. Your trip would not be completed if you miss going there.

The Limner Gallery—The specialization of the gallery is in alternative figurative paintings with the narrative of political and social influence. The gallery also features international artists in group exhibitions on various themes. Limner Gallery is located at 123 Warren Street in Hudson Valley.

The Green Street Studio—This is also one of the famous art galleries in Hudson NY that you must go for! The true representation of art will take your heart away. If you are a lover of art, you are going to like this place for sure.

The John Davis Gallery—The John Davis Gallery is yet another renowned art gallery that spans over 5000 sq feet of the area best known for paintings and sculptures.


These are just a few of the stunning galleries, Davis Orton Gallery, Time & Space Limited, BCB art, SEPTEMBER and many more are there to complete your list. Being a fan of art and photography, it is going to be like a feast for you if you are in Hudson NY.

8. Fasny Museum of Firefighting

things to do in hudson ny
Photo by Doug kerr on Flickr, copyright 2022

Fasny Museum of Firefighting is the best place to learn about the history of firefighting. It is an interactive museum and an amazing place to know all things related to firefighting. Sounds interesting!

you will be amazed to go there as the place is full of energy and positive vibes. You can spend hours with your family easily and it would be a great experience. The museum is best known for the World’s best collection of American firefighting artifacts, artworks, equipment, and interactive exhibits everywhere.

The museum is a specimen of the history, culture, and science of firefighting. You are going to love the world’s largest and most comprehensive museum that is highly dedicated to representing its rich history.

FASNY Museum of Firefighting | Explore. Discover. Learn.

The museum was established in 1925 with the motive to educate audiences to know more about the history, and culture of firefighting as the result, it is grown as an educational institution. This is one of the must things to do in Hudson NY to make your trip more memorable.

9. Where to Eat in Hudson, New York

One of the exciting things to do in Hudson NY is to try different kinds of food in the best restaurants in the place. Also, there are Vegan-friendly options available that you are going to love the food. Here we are going to highlight some of the vegan and some of the general but best restaurants in town.

things to do in hudson ny
Image from: Vacation Ideas

Lil Deb’s Oasis is one of the leading restaurants where you are going to love food. It would be based on your choice whether you want to have vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also too good to be there.

Kitty’s Market is yet another option for you to have such tasty food and it is perfect for your day trip food destination as well. The famous breakfast sandwich, pastries, and chicken plates are some of the main attractions.

Baba Louie’s is a pizza place, that includes vegan pizza and you can also prepare your pizza with your desired toppings. This is an ideal place for delicious food, you will love to have in Hudson, New York.

Wunderbar Bistro is an American food restaurant with the option of vegan food on its menu.

15 Best Restaurants in Hudson, NY

10. Where to Stay in Hudson, New York

The city gives you a lot of options here to stay according to your requirements whether you want to be at a pocket-friendly restaurant or boutique hotel, it is your choice. Many people also enjoy historic homes while antiquing in town to match their antique vibes.

The Rivertown Lodge is one of the top hotels in Hudson, you are looking for. It is the most unique boutique hotel in the city. You will enjoy staying here as well as having delicious food.

things to do in hudson ny
Image from: River Town Lodge

The Howard Hotel is a modern inn with a neat and clean room with a spacious atmosphere too. Everything here is modern and updated. It takes a 5-minute walk from the station to reach and right on Warren Street.

St. Charles Hotel is something with a good price and a great location. The hotel has very basic amenities but a very neat, clean, and cozy atmosphere.

The Wick is the more luxurious boutique hotel right in the town. As it is a luxury hotel, there are more amenities such as a fitness center, restaurant, 24-hour front desk, and many more with more spacious rooms and other important necessities.

Best Hotels In Hudson Valley - For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget

Now the question is, How can you get to Hudson? Reaching by car is the best way, you can do a road trip to Hudson river towns or via the Catskill Mountains.

Wrapping up

Is this a location that is worth choosing for your next holiday? Yeah, it must be, if you are a fan of art and antiques, if you know how to celebrate the beauty of true nature, and if you know how to spend quality time with your family and friends. And if you know how to take escape from your boring and occupied life.

There are a lot of things to do in Hudson NY and it is a great place to explore and satiate your thirst for shopping as well.

Best things to do in the Hudson Valley (New York)

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