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Top 10 Amazing Things To Do In Dallas

Dallas city is known for its charismatic view and sky-high buildings. With over 27 million people visiting Dallas each year, it is one of the biggest cities in Texas.

If you are out for a vacation in Dallas you ought to include these incredible and spectacular places that will compel you to visit Dallas

Top 10 Amazing Things to do In Dallas

Looks like you found the perfect guide to plan your things to do in Dallas! Don’t worry, I’ll be getting straight to the point.

Read about these top 10 things to do in Dallas and jot them down on your bucket list!

1. Visit the beautiful Dallas Museum of Arts

Established in 1903, the Dallas Museum of Art is one of the ten largest art museums in the country with over 3 million visitors every year (let’s make it 3 million plus you!).

The Dallas Museum of Arts moved from its previous location at Fair Parks and is now located on Woodall Rogers Freeway in the heart of downtown Dallas.

The museum will take you 5000 years back in history with its amazing art galleries and displays. With a huge collection of about 25000 artifacts, this museum is a cultural and innovation hub for art lovers.

The Museum is also known for hosting various programs, lectures, workshops, and both national and international exhibitions. You will find ancient works of African, Latin American, and Asian art; European art spanning the 14th to 21st centuries; and contemporary pieces of some notable artists, Pollock, Rothko, O’Keeffe, and Renoir to name a few.

Let me give you a peep into the museum: 😉

Inside Dallas Museum of Arts
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on pexels

The museum is hosting a number of exhibitions this year- Octavio Medellín: Spirit and For; Saints, Sinners, Lovers, and Fools: 300 Years of Flemish Masterworks; and Movement: The Legacy of Kineticism. 

Make sure that you don’t miss out on them!

It aims at increasing community creativity and promoting arts and culture in the country.

If you are an art enthusiast, this is a must-visit place in the city and to kickstart your trip, I’d recommend that the Dallas Museum of Art should be at the top of your list!

2. Give your Toes a Busy Day at Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park Dallas Texas Tour

Klyde Warren Park spans an area of about 5.2 acres. This green space in the city will give you a good time with nature.

Located in Downtown Dallas, Texas it is over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway and opened in 2012.

Klyde Warren Park connects Dallas’ vibrant Uptown neighborhood with its award-winning Arts District and downtown business center. It is an underrated small green area that always sparks joy.

The park is kid-friendly and would excite the kids with its fascinating storytelling trees, fountains, playgrounds, and butterfly gardens. It would keep the tourists happily busy with the year-round programs, fitness sessions, children’s entertainment, and musical and dance performances (this is what I probably meant when I talked about giving your toes a busy day!)

The park has dozens of food trucks lined up just for you to eat and relax. The lush green open lawns are perfect to spend a few hours of picnic with your family. Ahh! Can’t wait to savor each one of them!

It hosts live entertainment– music and dance performances. The lights and decorations create a vibrant bright aura during holiday nights.

This place sounds much fun for adults too. If you are around the area, ought not to miss visiting Klyde Warren Park for sure!

3. Dallas Zoo

THIS is how you do the Dallas Zoo

This terrific and breathtaking zoo is situated to the south of downtown Dallas. The Dallas Zoo excels in way too many things.

It has a carousel just at the entrance and exit, which is actually a merry-go-round of some endangered species- sounds perfect to have a ride with your kids!

If you visit the Zoo during Halloween, you can experience the crazy “backward” ride at the carousel. It is amazing and even received a design award from the American Institute of Architects!

Besides the usual number of animals in any zoo, this place has a super fun section for feeding giraffes. The zoo also has a special section for children to have fun in the stream. It offers a fair number of spots where you can get awesome photographs.

Dallas Zoo lights and decorations at night make it a must-visit place during holidays. You might also not want to miss the zoo-themed McDonald’s at the zoo which is just as splendid as it sounds!

4. Experience the Crazy Rides at Six Flags Over Texas

Situated to the west of Dallas, next to the Texas Rangers Stadium and The Cowboys Stadium, Six Flags Over Texas has been a great spot of attraction since its opening in 1961.

Six Flags Over Texas holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for having the tallest sky-screamer in the world. Thrill-seekers and fun-loving junkies are definitely going to have an adventurous day with hundreds of twinkling and fun rides in this amusement park

The park is popular among all ages owing to its flavourful treats, cakes (specifically, funnel cakes), and exciting events all around the year. You can have a day-long of carnival rides, shopping sites, and all sorts of entertainment that make it a remarkable landmark in the city.

BATMAN The Ride, Chaparral Antique Cars, Oil Derrick, Looney Tunes Adventure Camp: an ideal play area for children, are some of the rides and places that you should pay a visit to when you arrive at the park. From about a distance, you will get the idea of what the park is all about- with its coasters and wheels.

To avoid waiting in lines, try to visit the park between June and August. Adding this to your “things to do in Dallas” would be a pure gem!

5. Dallas World Aquarium

Touring The Dallas World Aquarium! (everything you can expect to see!)

Open to the public since 1924, the Dallas World Aquarium is not just an “aquarium” as it houses stingrays, ocelots, American flamingos, eels, octopuses, and whatnot! You cannot afford to exclude visiting this place from your long list of “things to do in Dallas”

Mundo Maya will give you an immersive experience including an amazing walk-through Cenote. If you are traveling with children, they are going to have a good time with sea turtles, majestic rays, and a wide range of impressive sharks. Free flights of colorful birds in the aquarium’s huge rainforest along with lizards, snakes, and bats in the Mundo Maya exhibition are a sight of amazement.

The seven-story Orinoco Rainforest inhabits a vivid species of sloths, otters, toads, monkeys, eels, crocodiles, manatees, the beautiful Saffron toucanet, and much more. At the lower level, you will witness giant Japanese spiders, jellyfish, crabs, tangs, angelfishes, and butterflyfish.

At the South Africa exhibit outside the Aquarium, you will be welcomed by the black-footed and blue penguins, swimming in the stream. You are likely to have a different kind of new experience each time you enter a new room. The fare is low which will compel you to plan another visit as early as you can!

This is definitely a place that will bring you more joy than you expect!

6. A pleasurable Time at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Dallas city is definitely a sight with its skyscrapers and metro life. But if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and noises, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is just the place for you.

The place is only 15 minutes from Downtown Dallas and has about 19 named gardens: Margaret Elisabeth Jonsson Color Garden with vibrant beds of more than thousands of azaleas, tulips, and daffodils; Boswell Family Garden features a stacked stone wall which is the center of focus and gorgeous rose varieties and a pergola.

The Paseo de Flores is the Arboretum’s main walkway, a pathway bloomed with flowers on each side from where you’ll be able to access almost every garden in the arboretum. The flowers decorated alongside the path match the season, which is yet another amazing feature of the place.

Dallas Blooms is the main big annual event hosted by the Garden. The event begins from the start of February to mid-April, with more than a hundred varieties of spring flowers and thousands of individual tulips. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

If you are out with your kids and family do make sure to visit this amazing garden. Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden is the best place to visit with kiddos! It has indoor and outdoor galleries, interactive science games, and lots of fun activities that incite in children an urge to learn about plants, trees, and flowers in a creative manner

It is the best place where you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of White Rock Lake. Although the gardens are beautiful all around the year, if you need a peak-beauty time, I would recommend springtime as the best season to enjoy its magnificence.

7. Reunion Tower- “The Ball”

Experience Reunion Tower

If you know Dallas, you know the Reunion Tower. This is one of the most attention-seeking locations in the city and the most iconic feature in the Downtown Dallas skyline.

This 171 meters tall tower was voted the best tower in the world back in 2014. The spherical geodesic dome at the top of the gives it the name the ball“. The dome is illuminated with hundreds of LEDs at night. Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck is an open-floor area that gives a 360-degree panorama of the Dallas skyline.

The name of the tower has a riveting origin story. Generally, it signifies the reunion between the old and new of Downtown Dallas. Another story says that the tower draws its name from La Réunion, a colony of utopian origin, founded in around 1855. The colony lasted only a year and a half and fell apart after some financial troubles and difficulties.

The tower has four narrow shafts with elevators in each of them. One can have a spectacular view of both day and night through the outer glass panels. The plenty number of touch screens, telescopes, and cool breeze at the top of the tower would make your night a memorable one!

It has two floating restaurants to dine in with family and friends along with various family events. The outer floor of the dining area makes a full rotation every hour so you are likely to find your table gone when you return from the restroom!

The place is also perfect for a special date with your loved one and conducts tons of fun activities for visitors. The warm summer months would be the best time to visit the Reunion Tower, owing to its air-conditioning facilities. So book your tickets right away!

8. Have a Recreational Trip to The Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza - JFK assassination site and museum tour in Dallas Texas.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is one of the most incredible historic sites in Dallas that preserves a good section of America’s past which you might have read about in school textbooks.

The Museum will offer you an impressively sequenced timeline of the events in the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963. It chronicles the death of President John in great detail with hundreds of photographs of the scene and depiction of the conspiracies revolving around the assassination.

An amazing feature of this museum is that it allows you to draw your own interpretation from the information provided. It comprises an interactive map for visitors to study the exact route taken by the presidential motorcade. An interactive touch-screen that overlooks Dealey Plaza detailS the events, eyewitnesses, and more.

All of this is made immortal by Texas School Books Depository on the sixth floor of the museum, hence its name. Lee Harvey Oswald’s vantage point is finely preserved in a glass case, where he pulled the trigger in 1963.

The Sixth Floor Museum occupies the sixth and seventh floors of the building and is visited by thousands of tourists every year to commemorate the 35th President. This green space in Downtown Dallas is something you should negotiate while in the city. The museum is open daily except for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

9. Witness the Huge George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum Tour

Named after the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum are located in University Park, north Dallas. It houses textual and audio-visual of evidence of the crucial events of the country during its 43rd presidency.

The Museum offers visitors to have a fun time sitting in the detailed replica of the Oval Office, which is one of the attention-grabbing features. It exhibits Bush’s diary entry and various gifts presented to him by foreign politicians. You will also find records of Bush’s economic and educational reforms and strategies of his policy making.

The library hosts a special exhibit of George W. Bush’s humor which will definitely leave a better impact on the already famous man.

Outside the museum the Texas Rose Garden with wildflowers and prairies. If you want to make your trip to Dallas more informative, this is a must-see place for you!

10. The African American Museum of Dallas

The one-of-its-kind art museum in Dallas, Texas displays African and African-American art, culture, and historical material

The Museum displays a huge collection of African American folk art, Black renaissance paintings, period rooms, and centuries-old contemporary art across its four vaulted art galleries.

Take a virtual tour of the museum here.

The paintings of some renowned luminaries including Clementine Hunter, Jacob Lawrence, Larry D, and Romare Bearden. The museum also entertains the visitor with dance and music performing art venues, lectures, and book fairs.

Tour the African American Museum of Washington DC

One of the ongoing exhibitions, Black Cowboys: An American Story, displays more than 50 artifacts, photographs, documents, and films. You can explore the lives and work of the numerous Black men, women, and children here.

Facing The Rising Sun, another exhibition, arrays photographs, found objects, and archaeological documents belonging to a community called Freedman’s Town, later known as short North Dallas (now Uptown).

The Museum will offer you a memorable, well-spent historic trip. If you are interested in art and history, the African American Museum should be there on your list!

So what are you waiting for?! Let’s begin packing for exciting your trip! ( I’ll see you there!)

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