things to do in Vancouver WA things to do in Vancouver WA

Things to Do in Vancouver, WA: 12 Must Visit Attractions

Vancouver, Washington, is where you can learn a lot about this city’s history and see its authentic charm. Though this city shares the same name as another city in Canada, it is not as popular as other big cities in the United States. Even though tourists often explore this place.

If you stay in Vancouver for some time, you will learn many things to do in Vancouver WA. In the north of Vancouver, Washington, you will find the Canadian city same as this one, and in the south of this city, you will find another popular town in Oregon, Portland.

Things to Do in Vancouver WA

When people talk about Vancouver, Washington, most of them imagine the Canadian destination, which is well known for its gloomy weather and the ski slopes. But, near the Pacific Ocean, in the Pacific Northwest, you will find this unique city, Vancouver, which also has dozens of attractions.

This is a historical city that was incorporated in 1857. When you visit this city, you will be overwhelmed by its charm and beauty, which is ideal for any tourist destination. The magic of this city gives a unique mesmerizing feeling to travelers who visit this gorgeous city of Vancouver.  

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This city might not be as big as other popular nearby cities, but it will give you everything you wish for in a travel destination. In Vancouver, Washington, there are many things you can indulge in and enjoy with your family members or partners. Here, in Vancouver, Washington, you can explore the different architectures, hidden ravages, and other famous tourist attractions.

1. Discovering Downtown Vancouver, WA

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Downtown Vancouver, Washington, is one of those places which should be visited foremost. This place is marked with several other attractions, including Main Street downtown. If you wish to explore Downtown Vancouver, Washington, it could be done best on foot. .

Major buildings can catch your interest while you stroll downtown Vancouver, Washington. All the famous and important buildings are far from Main Street and can be reached easily. Even check out the Kiggins Theater, the Proto-Cathedral of St. James. These buildings are very important and can be found on the southwest side of Esther Short Park. There are also some other attractions which can be best to explore. 

2. Visit North Vancouver National Historic Site

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This is the central attraction of the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area. You can find this place on the northern side of the Columbian River. This national historic site is a national park and an urban oasis that used to have a rural culture.

North Vancouver National Historic Site was founded in 1948 to preserve the original Hudson’s Bay stockade site. They also have four other major sites which display the ancient culture and the history of the great Pacific Northwest area. 

Exploring North Vancouver National Historic Site will be best if you want to explore the forts. There is some fur trade fort which can be of your interest.  

3. Hiking A Mountain

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If you go outside the city, you will find Silver Star Mountain, a volcano from once upon a time. But now, this is an extinct volcano that is now a part of the Cascade Mountains. Even if you start exploring the city, you will see traces of this mountain since it is also an important part of the skyline.

The beautiful Silver Star Mountain offers a spectacular view from the top. Most tourists who love exploring and hiking love to reach the mountains’ summit. If you are also someone who loves hiking and biking, this can be one of the best adventures for you. 

4. Esther Short Park

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This park is stretched over more than five acres of land. It was initially donated to the Vancouver government by the Short family. Since then, this land is now used as a park. Most importantly, this place now stands out as the most visited place in Vancouver, WA.

In this park, you can stroll between the gigantic trees. You can even spread out a blanket on the lawn of Esther Short Park and relax or even have a picnic lunch. Indulging yourself in these things to do in Vancouver WA can be your best adventure. You must not miss these fun activities at any cost, mainly if you are in this city for vacation and sightseeing.

However, the main thing that will catch your sight in Esther Short Park is the Salmon Run Bell Tower if you find some unique characters coming out from the tower to tell some unique stories of the Chinook tribe. Watching the performance of these characters and enjoying other activities are surely the best things to do in Vancouver WA.

5. Exploring the Uptown Village

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In the Uptown Village of Vancouver, WA, you will find many fancy restaurants and shops that are marvelously decorated and have well-equipped dispensaries. You will get all your traveling equipment and daily needs in the Uptown Village of Vancouver, WA.

To get to the Uptown Village, you must walk down Main Street. Now, if you move to the west off Main Street, you will find the Hough district, the oldest residential area in the city.

In this area, you will find many bungalow-style houses made in the early 1900s. Exploring the cities and old lifestyle and knowing about the past is one of the best things to do in Vancouver WA, for people who love to know the city in detail.

6. Strolling at The Waterfront Renaissance Trail

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This popular tourist attraction, the Waterfront Renaissance Trail, is a long five-mile riverfront perfect for an evening stroll. You can even ride a bike here to stable your mental state. You can bring your partner here to share some romantic words. 

Esther Short Park and Winter Park are the nearby parks to the Waterfront Renaissance, sharing areas with two famous parks in Vancouver. The first is Esther Short Park, and the second is Winter Park. You can indulge yourself in many things here on this walking trail. The path following the Waterfront Renaissance Trail will take you to an intimidating place where you can dine or enjoy the great outdoors. You cannot miss these things to do in Vancouver WA.

Also, you can take out some quick snaps of yours. The background of this area will serve your Instagram feeds very well. You will also get the chance to enjoy the unparalleled views of the I-5 and the I-205 bridges. The longer you spend here, the more jealous you will be of the people here. Mount Hood is also near these places.

7. Shopping at Vancouver Farmers Market

Who does not want to buy some cheap and best products? The Vancouver Farmers Market features approximately 250 vendors who sell almost all kinds of veggies, baked goods, handcrafts, and fruits. In some corners, you will even find some local handstitched clothes.

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The best thing about the Vancouver Farmers Market is that the Vancouver Farmers Market is open to both people and pets. This market is also the second-largest Vancouver mall in Washington State. You can visit this market, especially on Saturday and Sunday. 

But, this market remains open only for six months. So, if you plan your trip between March and October, you might get the chance to purchase some fresh vegetables from this market. This market is filled with the best vegetables harvested from the local farmlands this time of the year.

However, if you are looking for ready-to-eat items, we must assure you that this market will not fail you. When you explore the entire market, you will notice several vendors selling some eating items. Eating those food items and enjoying the performance by the local musicians are the best things to do in Vancouver WA.

8. Paying Tribute to The Veterans

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Every city in the world once strived hard for something significant. Which every city you visit, you will find some memorials who once fought with their lives for the good sake of the city. Similarly, you will find one popular memorial between the City Hall and the railroad tracks in Vancouver, Washington. Though this place is for paying tribute to the fallen, it is very popular and an expressive attraction in Vancouver.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Plaza is a block-long park that mainly features the memorials of the US military members who once served in the wars. This park is quiet, and the walls of this place are highlighted by some magnificent wall murals by a Native American artist, which express the events which occurred during the wars.

If you love knowing about any place’s past, this place can greatly enlighten you. Also, you should visit this place, not as an expressive attraction but to pay some respect to the fallen, who had ensured the safety of the beauty of Vancouver, Washington.

9. Strolling at Officer’s Row

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This place is located north of the Vancouver Barracks Parade Grounds. The Officers Row is an urban setting structured in the early 1800s. This beautiful place was made by fixing 22 homes from the 19th century. The Officers Row was mainly built to give a living place to the U.S. Army officers stationed at the Vancouver barracks.

This popular tourist attraction is registered on National Historic Register. Built-in mid 18’s, the Ulysses S. Grant House also houses the Officer’s Row. Another old house is the Marshall House which also offers some guided tours to visitors. You must take the chance to explore these old historical sites and add these things to do in Vancouver WA, to your list. 

10. Visiting the Clark County Historical Museum

Vancouver, WA - Then & Now, Part 1

This historical museum was built in 1917, and since then, it has been operated by the Clarke County Historical Society. This historical museum is responsible for collecting and preserving the important things found in this city. You can even learn about some history from the Clark County Historical Museum. You will be enlightened with the practice culture of Clark County.

This famous attraction is located in the 1909 Carnegie Library. This museum also features exhibits that showcase the county’s heritage and development. Exploring museums is the best thing to do in Vancouver WA. Besides them, you can even get a vast knowledge about the various long-preserved things in this museum. 

This attraction also sponsors some community-based educational sites and other programs highlighting Clarke County’s past and the people responsible for making it so popular. You can even include yourself in community events if you arrive at the right time. The community events that the Clark County Historical Museum sponsors host Harvest Fun Day, First Thursday Museum, and Holiday Open House.

11. Visiting Pomeroy Living History Farm

Pomeroy Farm Virtual School Program Preview

If you visit this farmhouse, you might think that time has stopped for this farm. You will clearly understand how life was rural and simple when people used to farm and live in the 1920s. The Pomeroy Living History not only depicts rural life from its exterior, but this famous attraction does not even have electricity. You can clearly understand how difficult life was in the early 18th century.

Visiting this house can be your best exploration, and knowing about the past life in Vancouver, Washington, is surely the best thing to do in Vancouver WA. Besides only understanding and exploring the farmhouse, you can check out the garden and grounds, which were once home to the Pomeroy family.

This place still has the blacksmith shops and the barns. If you are in Vancouver, you must check this place out, especially if you love to know about history.

12. Salmon Creek Park

Salmon Creek Park

The Salmon Creek Regional Park in Vancouver, WA, is a green urban park with both developed and undeveloped parkland. This park presents an array of different activities that attract most outdoor enthusiasts.

The Salmon Creek Trail can also be called home to the Klineline Pond. This pond also features a historic bathhouse. Children’s play areas and roped swimming areas. The on-duty lifeguards protect the people who come here to enjoy the activities.

Other Places to Visit in Vancouver WA

There is no shortage of places where you can set foot and enjoy the sights. Despite being a smaller city, Vancouver has plenty of things to explore for everyone. 

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  1. Vancouver Lake Park
  2. Vancouver Land Bridge
  3. Pearson Air Museum (Highlights Fort Vancouver)
  4. Water Resources Education Center
  5. Moulton Falls Regional Park
  6. Vancouver Lake Regional Park
  7. Captain William Clark Park (In Columbia River)
  8. Burnt Bridge Creek Trail
  9. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Outdoor Activities Are Available in Vancouver?

Vancouver offers a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as hiking in the North Shore Mountains, riding Stanley Park’s seawall, skiing or snowboarding at neighboring Whistler Blackcomb, kayaking or paddleboarding on English Bay, and strolling Kitsilano and English Bay’s beaches.

2. What Kind of Cultural Activities Can You Do in Vancouver?

The Museum of Anthropology, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, and walking tours of Chinatown and the historic Gastown neighborhood are just a few of the cultural attractions in Vancouver.

3. What Restaurants and Beverages Should You Explore While Visiting Vancouver?

The city’s rich ethnic food can be sampled, as can the artisan breweries and distilleries in the area. You can also enjoy local delicacies like salmon and poutine and explore the Granville Island Public Market.

4. What Day Trips or Excursions Are Available from Vancouver?

Visit the picturesque Bowen Island or Gulf Islands, tour the old-world city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, go hiking in Garibaldi Provincial Park, ski or snowboard at Whistler Blackcomb, or take a gorgeous drive along the Sea-to-Sky Highway as day trips or excursions from Vancouver.

Final Note

In this article, we have featured only a few of the famous attractions. But in reality, there are many places where you can wander off and enjoy the pleasant weather of this city. Staying in this city for some days and exploring every tourist attraction will not be a bad idea. 

If you are planning to visit Vancouver, WA, but have no idea about the places to visit and the best things to do in Vancouver WA, then you can refer to this article. After reading it, we hope you have some insight into some super attractive places.

The places mentioned above are the most visited place, and they remain crowded almost every time of the year. However, if you are not reluctant to get into a crowded place, you can even go to a quiet place. Vancouver, Washington, is a mini-tourist attraction where you can have mental peace from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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