things to do in St. Louis things to do in St. Louis

Things to Do in St. Louis: 10 Must-Do Things

St. Louis is an independent country in east-central Missouri, U. S and it is on the west bank of the Mississippi River. St. Louis is a major transportation and distribution centre – perhaps the second-largest inland port. Being an important city, indeed you can find lots of fun things to do in St. Louis

To clarify St. Louis as the gateway of the West has vibrant museums, gardens, and parks that become family-visiting spots. As a result easygoing travel destination and national museum and the city museum and inventor of ice cream cones hold super fun things to explore.

1. Fun Things to Do in St. Louis, MO, US

Certainly, St. Louis is one of many places where we can relax ourself with warmth and friendly people. The architecture and booming cultural venues are the major attractions of St. Louis. Nonetheless, let us look at what are the 10 fun things to do in St. Louis.

1.1 Glance History through Gateway Arch

One of the first things to do at St. Louis is to visit the iconic gateway which presents the major events of history about Jefferson’s expansion of America towards the west. Furthermore, this 630-foot Gateway was established around the 1960s. As a result in present it marks, the central west ends of the famous tourist place.

St. Louis Gateway
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However, the site becomes a national historic landmark and an attraction of different places, with lots of stories of pioneers and Native Americans. Moreover, the famous spot to visit here is St. Louis Riverfront and the Old Courthouse well known for civil rights.

1.2 Explore the Missouri History Museum

The second fun thing to do in St. Louis is to glance at the History Museum in Forest Park because it is one of the most visited places run by the Missouri Historical Society. Consequently, it is the first national monument opened to the public around 1913. Therefore, the museum is expanded to 6,000 square feet, engaging people with the dynamic history of St. Louis.

things to do in st. louis
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Finally, when you enter the museum, you get a glimpse of the Grand Hall. In fact, it holds the monoplane suspended from the ceiling. Moreover, you can also catch up on the baseball exhibits and Contemporary Art Museum that presents the 1904 World Fair and also the native lives of people at the Mississippi River.

1.3 Visit Missouri Botanical Garden and Saint Louis Art Museum

Here you can get a glimpse of the exotic plant in the oldest botanical garden, which is indeed a soothing thing to do in St. Louis. These Japanese garden not only provides beautiful flowers but also historical insights into national historical landmarks such as the Henry Shaw Cleveland Avenue Gatehouse.

The Saint Louis Museum, founded in 1879, is the grant national historic site and the greatest fine arts collector that presents ancient culture. Consequently, it engages people to know more about Louis Community.

1.4 Watch the City Hall from the Bus

The next thing to do in St. Louis is to get a glimpse of downtown St. Louis. You can get on the bus and make stops at attractive landmarks. Therefore, drop at specific tourist locations, and explore the city to the full

The attractive landmarks include the City Hall International Photography Hall of Fame Museum, the Top of the Gateway Arch, and the golf course at the Anheuser Busch Stadium. This way of seeing the places becomes the most relaxing way to trip to see the city life.

1.5 Visit the Historical Garden of Tower Grove Park

The next fun thing to do in St. Louis is to see the historic Grove Park. In light of an ornamental green space that was designed by philanthropist Henry Shaw, it is the preserved garden from the 19th century.

things to do in st. louis
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The place has attractive tree settings and gardens that were designed centuries ago. As a result, you will get to see ornate gates and historic houses at each corner. Furthermore, the park is next to Missouri Botanical Garden, making it a perfect place for visitors to enjoy and relax.

1.6 See the Leopard and Lemurs at the St. Louis Zoo

Finally, you can visit Saint Louis Zoo. If you are fond of animals and wish to check out rare animals, St. Louis Zoo is your spot. This zoo is home to over 12,000 animals and is much visited by younger kids. You can see many animals here. For example, elephants, armadillos, polar bears, pumas, and lions.

The zoo is noted for its leadership in protecting endangered species with the facility of the zoo vet clinic. As a result, the Wildcare Institute has established several research centres to study endangered species. Soon this place will be very popular in terms of animals welfare.

Things to do in St. Louis
Image by Mark Dawdy from Pixabay

1.7 Visit Laumeier Sculpture Park and the Citygarden Park

The next fun thing to do in St. Louis is to see the Laumier Sculpture Park, a 105-acre open-air art museum. It also features 60 outdoor sculptures in Sunset Hills. In fact, it is one of the best-known interactive art sculptures. For example ‘The Way’, by Alexander Liberman in 1980.

things to do in st. louis
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In summary, the City Garden is a quirky urban Park that is dedicated to sculptures, interactive exhibits, fountains, and gardens giving us the best aesthetically relaxing place. Besides, it is one of the best places to get crucial insights into life.

1.8 Play and Learn at St. Louis Science Center

Next in line, we have St. Louis Science Museum and Planetarium in Forest Park. Indeed it is the place where you can learn about different things in science. For example, you can learn about different planets, stars, and the dinosaurs.

things to do in st. louis
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Furthermore, they even host live science shows that make the visitors curious about learning different things. Even budding pilots can fly the simulator and have aerial stunts. In summary, this place is too good for numerous fun things. For example, you can bring your kids here to double the enjoyment for them.

1.9 Take a Tour of the Pulitzer Arts Foundation

The Pulitzer Art Museum features exhibits that give the visitor personal experiences with native Louis history. The Art Studio presents historical and contemporary art pieces.

You can see the contrasting artwork from Buddhist art to modern Zen paintings. The structure of the building was designed by an acclaimed Japanese architect Tadao Ando. A visit to this art foundation is a must during your trip to St. Louis.

1.10 Visit the Enchanted Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

things to do in st. louis
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Do not forget to visit the national historic site, which is at the west end of the city. Its construction began in 1907 and was constructed by Pope John Paul. The walls of the building are covered with delicate mosaics giving it a grandeur look.

2. Wrapping Up – Things to Do in St. Louis

St. Louis, the vibrant metropolis, gives us lots of reasons to visit it. It’s a place where you can enjoy yourself with your family by visiting different attractive places.

As the jewel of the Missouri River, St. Louis holds the historical charm of the important city that developed blues and Jazz music.

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