25 Fun and Spooky Things to do in Salem ma

Things to do in Salem ma
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On the north coast of Massachusetts, you will find the city of Salem right above Boston city. A city well-known for its 1962 witch trials wherein many city locals were executed for indulging in witchcraft. Although an unfortunate period in history, Salem is now the nicest and most lovely place to visit in the United States.

Just like Boston is famous for its beaches, Salem is now a sought-after destination for many tourists as there are loads of fun activities and enjoyable things to do in Salem Ma.

25 Fun and Spooky Things To Do in Salem Ma

Salem Ma is famous for historic sites that have preserved some of the early American architecture. Visiting Salem to view the oldest and foremost museums in the country is one of the must things to do in Salem ma. There are many visitors to Salem Massachusetts during October to enjoy the thrills and the chills of the several spooky attractions and stores.

1. Explore the Dark History of Salem Massachusetts at the Salem Witch Museum

One of the well-known periods in history is the Salem Witch Trials. You can explore Salem’s dark past by visiting Salem Witch Museum.

If you are keen to uncover the true reason behind the witch-hunt hysteria and way the society accused innocent people and persecuted them in the name of witchcraft then you must visit Salem Witch Museum.

One of the most exciting things to do in Salem Ma would be to witness the thirteen life-size recreations of the prominent historic events and experience the drama firsthand. Visiting Salem would not be complete without exploring Salem Witch Museum personally.

2. Have an Encounter with an Actual Witch at the Salem Witch Village

Another fun activity at Salem ma would be to have a guided tour of the city by a real-life witch at the Salem Witch Village.

One of the must things to do in Salem ma if you are keen to observe the way the city dealt with witchcraft in the early days. There is enough entertainment for everyone to ascertain the facts from fiction.

You will soon realize that at the Salem Witch Village, there is much to enjoy amongst the scares and souvenirs. Expect to see some ghoulish stuff that might bump into you at night or spooky shenanigans that will thrill you and frighten you at the same time.

3. Delve into Amazing Art at the Peabody Essex Museum

One of the wonderful things to do in Salem Ma is to visit the Peabody Essex Museum which happens to be the foremost and oldest art museum in the country. Explore Salem’s history at the Peabody Essex Museum which boasts more than 8,40,000 pieces of artistic artifacts from around the world.

Enjoy amazing American architectural-styled houses at the Peabody museum. There are several historic homes at the museum. A significant building that is currently existing since the 1600s is the John Ward House. Here you can have a first-hand experience of the unknown features of early New England Architecture.

4. Take a City Tour on the Salem Trolley Tour

Things to do in Salem ma
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Since 1982 the Salem Trolley Tour Institution has been giving visitors to Salem Massachusetts hour-long tours. It allows them to witness tourist attractions in the city and also get to know all about the haunted houses.

The Tour covers important sights and entertains the visitors by diverging historical facts as well. The whole tour comprises about eight miles around the entire city center. It stops at 14 various places such as the Charter street cemetery, Salem Witch Museum, House of seven gables, and also the beautiful waterfront area.

An interesting feature about the tour is that you can get on and off as and when you desire. You can explore Salem in your own leisure time. A top priority in the list of things to do in Salem ma would be the Salem Trolley Tour. An activity that every visitor to Salem Massachusetts should experience.

5. Enjoy the Sea Breeze at the Salem Willows Park

Another splendid way to enjoy Salem City is to hang out at Salem Willows Park. Located towards the ocean side, it has over 35 acres of picnic grounds and sports facilities.

You can find quite a several beaches at Salem Willows Park as well. Your kids would love to spend time in the Kiddieland area. It is complete with small rides and a historic carousel dating to 1905.

Things to do in Salem ma
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For modern visitors, the Salem Willows Arcade would be perfect. It is packed with arcade games such as Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Skeeball. You can enjoy tasty food at any of the popular restaurants like Peppy’s Pizza, Clam Shack, and Cappy’s Seafood.

Among the many things to do in Salem Ma, visiting Salem Willows Park would be a great one. With so many interesting activities to choose from, visitors to Salem would rarely be disappointed.

6. Pay a Visit to the Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Salem Witch Trials Memorial is one of the most important historic attractions in Salem Massachusetts. Paying a visit to the memorial is a solemn event as people come here to remember the gruesome witch trials that took place in 1692.

Things to do in Salem ma
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Although the land located at Proctor’s ledge which is right next to the Old burying point cemetery was purchased in 1935, the actual memorial was constructed in 2016. Those who would like to pay their respects to the 20 innocent victims can do so at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.

The memorial is a stone wall that has dedicated benches for each of the victims. Many visit Salem Witch Memorial to spend a peaceful day thinking about the dark period in history.

7. Become a Pirate for a Day and be Captivated by the Booty at the New England Pirate Museum

If you wish to become a pirate for a day, then you must visit New England Pirate Museum. The museum is a fun place to visit in Salem Massachusetts. Inquisitive children would love to know all the factual information on the real-life pirates that lived around Salem City.

What better way to enjoy the day than to hear stories of the dangerous pirates such as Captain Kidd and Blackbeard and to behold the actual pirate artifacts and treasures?

The Pirate Museum is also home to Pirate’s world. It is a lovely place with recreations of colonial-era port, pirate ship, and a treasure cave. Your kids would love to go on an adventure here and learn about the most infamous men.

One of the must things to do in Salem is to know all about the interesting and unknown history of America’s ‘Gold Coast’ pirates.

8. Take a Cool Dip or Make a Splash at the Water Park of New England

The Water Park of New England is a major indoor activity center in the city of Salem. It is just 20 minutes from the main city centre. Being an exciting place, one of the most fun things to do in Salem ma would be to enjoy the thrilling water slides at the Water Park of New England.

There are rapids, pools, slides, and an aquatic play area for all the young kids. They can float along the Coconut Grove Adventure River or spend a marvellous time at the outdoor whirlpools for a wonderful tropical experience.

9. Go For a Spooky Walking Tour of the City

Taking a haunted walking tour is one of the fun things to do in Salem ma. Challenge yourself to go on the spooky walking tours and you will be enthralled to view Salem city’s elegant architecture and hear some eerie tales of witches.

You may even come across some haunted happenings in the city when you walk through the old cobbled streets of the city. An evening tour by lamplight to view some of the famous sights of the city such as the Town Hall, First Church of Salem, and the spookiest of them all the most controversial Bewitched Statue that is sure to bring a sweat to your brow and chill to your bones.

Be sure to visit Essex Street Pedestrian Mall to shop for some fun stuff to remember your visit to Salem.

10. Watch a Witch Trial at the Witch Dungeon Museum

If you want a live experience of watching one of the most talked about court trials in the history of Salem, then be sure to watch them at the Witch Dungeon museum.

Things to do in Salem ma
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One of the most exciting things to do at Salem ma is to witness the gruesome 1692 witch trials that have live actors and stage sets. You can follow the entire witch trial from its awful beginning to its bitter end.

The highlights of the Witch Trial will include accounts from the historical transcripts and the general idea about the superstitious beliefs of the 17th century. Furthermore, you can go on a guided tour of the dungeon that is similar to the one that existed many centuries ago.

You will learn that the accused witches were subjected to unbearable torments and punishments. Although the account is chilling and rather sad, it is one of the best ways to experience the actual mood of the 17th century.

11. Have a Great Time Go-Karting at the Castle Creek Adventure Land

A great place for fun and frolic for the entire family would be the Castle Creek Adventure Land. You can race with friends and family on the electric go-kart track, play a round of mini golf or simply hang out for ice cream.

An exciting and new way to enjoy the 18-hole mini golf course is to use some vivid imagination. Enjoy yourselves at the best place by scoring your way through the enchanting landscape of castles and waterfalls.

If you want to play some serious golf, then you can do it at the driving range under the watchful eye of a professional golfer giving you all the tips you need. It is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things to do at Salem ma and a place that should not be missed whenever you are in this marvellous city.

12. Check Out The Witch House

If you wish to see what the home of one of the judges at the witch’s trial looked like then you must visit The Witch House. Also known as the Jonathan Corwin house, it was built in the early 1600s and also happens to be only one of the many buildings that existed at the time of the Salem witch trials.

It is now a house museum and many visit to know and understand the way the wealthy people lived in the 17th century.

13. Have Fun at the Salem Wax Museum

Take a look at the city’s history in the most delightful and fun manner at the Salem Wax Museum. Many of the wax figures here at the witch history museum will depict scenes of the infamous Salem witch trials and the city’s maritime history.

The famous gift shop at the Salem Wax Museum has t-shirts, books, and spooky magic ingredients to cast your spell. The best time to visit Salem Wax Museum would be in October. The Museum will host along with the Witch village the “Haunted Neighborhood” that will include 6 spine-thrilling attractions.

14. Take Up Horseback Riding Tour

So what if you are not a history buff or just not too much into spooky magic stuff? You can enjoy Salem Massachusetts as much as anyone else. With so many things to do in Salem ma, there are a great many ways to have a delightful time.

Horseback Riding Tour or Lessons is a marvellous activity that is loved by one and all. You can take up lessons and have a glorious time with majestic horses. All classes here are suitable for beginners and there will be expert instructors to guide you throughout.

15. Have An Enjoyable Outing at Salem Common Park

Another national historic site in Salem is the Salem Common Park. Located right next to the Witch Museum, it is a symbol of historic Salem in all its beauty. An ideal place for a walk or just to relax right here in the city, Salem Common Park also has a bandstand that dates back to the 1920s. Kids will enjoy the children’s play area.

16. Have a Psychic Reading Done At the Crow Haven Corner

The perfect place to shop for occult books, jewellery, spell kits, and candles is at the Crow Haven Corner. Having been in business since 35 years ago, Crow Haven Corner is a great place to look around and also to get a Psychic Reading done from its owner- Lorelai.

As a local celebrity and self-proclaimed ‘Love Clairvoyant’, Lorelai habitually gives psychic reading and spell casting to her customers.

17. Visit The Actual House of Seven Gables

Things to do in Salem ma
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America’s much-loved building, the “House of Seven Gables” was an inspiration for the novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the year 1851.

Paying a visit to a house that was constructed in 1668 would be one of the most awesome things to do in Salem ma for any lover of history and literature. The house of Seven Gables belonged to many owners before it ended up in the possession of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s cousin.

It is now one of the main Salem attractions and visitors will be delighted to view the well-preserved 17th-century architecture in this timber-framed mansion.

18. Camp with Family at the Winter Island Park

Things to do in Salem ma
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All through the years 1643 to 1930, Winter Island Park was once a busy boatyard. It had an active fort that was beneficial for defending Salem Harbor from the enemy’s capture. It has since then become a recreational facility that has seasonal campgrounds, beaches, and boating facilities. Other activities include exploring Fort Pickering and the Winter Island Lighthouse.

19. View the Mesmerizing Art at the Punto Urban Art Museum

The Punto Urban Art Museum in Salem’s El Punto neighbourhood has some of the best urban ones, one can find in the city of Salem.

An initiative exclusively designed to regenerate and rejuvenate the area brings a great deal of pride and joy. There are over 75 large murals that have been painted by local and international artists.

Some of the best things to do in Salem ma would be to take educational tours of the paintings, participate in workshops, and also to sponsor a mural at the Punto Urban Art Museum.

20. Travel Through History at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site is a significant location to visit in the city of Salem if you are keen to look at the real history behind this great city.

It is one of the first of its kind to be built in the entire nation and covers nine acres of land situated on the city’s waterfront. Furthermore, this historic location includes 12 buildings of historic importance that look-alike like the late 18th-century ship.

Things to do in Salem ma
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21. Explore The Historic Fort Pickering

Fort Pickering was built to guard Salem Harbor in the early 17th century. It served its purpose till it fell out of use in the 1930s. There were quite a several names given to the fort till 1799. Finally, it was named Fort Pickering after Timothy Pickering, the US Secretary of State.

A wonderful place to visit if you are interested in the maritime history of Salem. To view the remains of the fort that has still preserved three ammunition bunkers built in 1800 would surely be a thrilling experience.

22. Have Your Moment of Fame At the Elizabeth Montgomery Statue

Things to do in Salem ma
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Elizabeth Montgomery, the star of the hit 1960s TV show Bewitched is synonymous with the city of Salem. So, it is quite understandable to find the Elizabeth Montgomery statue at the town square.

A fun monument located amidst some serious witch-based activities in Salem. The article encourages you to visit it and have your moment of fame at the Elizabeth Montgomery Statue.

23. Be Scared Out of Your Wits At the Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Of all the Salem’s Haunted House attractions, Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery is the most sinister. A museum to all things monster, the gallery has a unique collection of horror and science fiction creatures.

It is amongst the must things to do at Salem ma if you do want to miss out on the fun movie paraphernalia. A great place to see the gamut of universal monsters, Hammer Horror legends, 80’s psycho-slashers, and the movie monster himself, the Nosferatu!

24. Relax At the Singing Beach

If you are looking for the most relaxing things to do in Salem ma, then you must head to Singing Beach which is the most popular attraction on the North shore. The beach gets its unusual name due to the unique sound that the sand makes each time you step on it. It is not exactly a sound of singing but it is more of a squeak.

The most picturesque location to be in Salem ma, Singing Beach has a great view of the Bay area. Have a great time going for a swim or sunbathing. Please do remember that it will be crowded in the summer months.

25. Take a Tour at the Historic New England Phillips House

A notable place for historic architecture, the historic New England Phillips House was first bought by the Philips Family in 1911. It was then remodelled as per the colonial style. It is on the list of things to do in Salem ma as here you can find furniture and furnishings that date to the late 1700s. It is said that the Philips family had bought with them treasures accumulated over five generations.

Visitors to the historic New England Phillips House can view all of the rooms in the mansion in their original setting. The beautiful collection includes a well-preserved 1929 Model A Ford. It is a great place for history buffs who would love to know the living conditions of an aristocratic family living in the early 20th century.

A Final Note

The wonderful city of Salem founded in 1626 is a class of its very own and a list of many things to do in Salem ma. With its splendid colonial architecture, modern world-class museums, fantastic shopping, and great places to eat, you will rarely find Salem Massachusetts dull.

Take a day off to visit Salem and have a great time exploring its history or enjoying a walk by the beach. Whether you are interested in art, pirates, or witches you will have plenty of things to do in Salem ma.


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