things to do in national park wales things to do in national park wales

Things to Do in National Park Wales And 5 Other Places to Visit

The National Park of Wales in the United Kingdom is a specific area that preserves the natural environment and landscape of Wales. A region where trees cover 20% of the land is home to more than 80,000 people. In Wales, each national park is a free entity. Above all, constrained by the local governmental structure for conservation and protection. The National Park Wales came into being to protect the beautiful landscapes of the UK.

The statutory designation makes it important with a higher degree of protection. The members of the local authorities manage the National Parks.

1. Three National Parks in Wales

Currently, Wales as a whole has three national parks: the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park of Wales, the Brecon Beacons National Park of Wales, and the Snowdonia National Park of Wales in the Northwest and South Wales portions. Let’s find out the fun activities available in these three national parks located around Wales.

1.1. Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park Wales

Snowdonia National Park is the mountain region in the northwestern parts west coast of Wales and covers 823 square miles of national parks in Wales. Moreover, the name Eryri is in the manuscript of Historia Brittonum. Also, it tells the tale of 5th-century King Gwrtheyrn.

The tallest peak mountain in the region, Snowdon, is where the term Snowdonia comes from. Since 1951, the Snowdonia national park has been home to roughly 26,000 people. Let’s examine the enjoyable activities in Snowdonia.

National Park Wales
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1.1.1. Go for a Refreshing Walk

You may take a hike to a number of nearby high peaks, which includes the magnificent Tryfan and Mount Snowdon. While North of Cwm Idwal is the circular walk. However, Snowdonia’s highest mountain, Yr Wyddfa, or Mount Snowdonia itself, is a wonderful sight to walk. On the other hand, Cader Idris is a majestic mountain encircling the Glacial Lake.

On one clear day, You can clearly see the down to Pembrokeshire. However, to reach there, you have six routes to the top.

1.1.2. Have an Adventure

In the adventure capital of the country, surfing done here adds thrill to the experience. In addition, to surfing the Wave Garden Spa, the Skate Bowl Swimming Sessions, and mountain biking are more enjoyable pieces of stuff present here.

The wave garden spa connects directly to Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia. Moreover, there are five treatment rooms that rejuvenate the face and body. In fact, the spa present here offers locally sourced natural ingredients to get the restorative power of nature and the sea. while the National white water center offers the best kayaking and rafting experience on the River Tryweryn.

1.2. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

The Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park is the only national park in Wales to have a large coastal landscape. Moreover, the coastline has amazing cliffs, beautiful beaches, and coves with rock pools. The national park authority is the hub for walking, surfing, and kayaking. Despite these the things to look out for while visiting Pembrokeshire Coast national parks are described below:

1.2.1. Explore the Flora and Fauna of Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park undoubtedly is famous for its wildlife watching that has wonderful woodlands with native species of bluebells, Cowslips, and green meadows to relax oneself in nature. Furthermore, during warm weather, the Clifftops are filled with crickets and ladybirds.

1.2.2. Discover the Heritage Sites

You can discover the attractive heritage site, the Neolithic Stones of the Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber. While the next stop is Castell Henllys Iron Age Village with whose natural beauty cultural heritage and history attract people.

Blaenavon Site in Wales
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1.2.3. Visit the Beautiful Beaches

Broad Haven Beach is famous for its space for family activities and fun whereas Barafundle bay beach is among the country of top destinations to visit with its special value. However, the beach has even more many special qualities as the best cove owned by the National Trust of the South Coast.

Beach in wales
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1.3. Brecon Beacons National Parks

This Brecon Beacons National Park is defined as Red Sandstone Peaks in South-West Wales. Apart from this, sometimes Brecon Beacons national park is called Central Beacons with one of the highest peaks Pen Y Fan. In addition, the area holds cultural events such as the Hay Festival and Brecon Jazz, attracting lots of visitors. Let’s find out interesting things to do at Brecon Beacons’ national parks.

1.3.1. Explore the Ancient Landscape

The Brecon Beacons hold beautiful moorlands that were carved out in the Ice Age through human activities. Further, you can find a dozen of prehistoric monuments and rich agricultural traditions.

You can visit the Black Mountain Range and Fforest Fawr where you can choose the deep valleys for a refreshing walk. Despite these, south walkers can look for limestone pavements. Although contrary to this the west walkers can visit the tilted rock regions that can have waterfall walks.

You can find caves of geological interest that were designated UNESCO Geopark, which have stories of history, time, and people. Undoubtedly, this natural splendor could be a fantastic learning experience for future generations.

1.3.2. Gaze the Stars

When you stay out in the Brecon Beacons National Park, at night you can soothe your soul by gazing at the stars. Apart from this, the local authorities at the National Park organize star gazing events that offer the view of constellations. And if your luck is good enough, you can catch up with meteor showers.

2. Other things to Look out for in Wales

Wales is the Celtic area of England that attracts people to discover the old traditions of Wales. It has a beautiful landscape following greenery and wildlife. You can enjoy the subtleties of the country and also the myth and legends. These castles with magic and dragons present different stories which attract people’s imagination.

Given all the facts and interesting things to know, you will surely want to explore more of Wales. Let us look at these outstanding beautiful places to visit in Wales.

2.1. Caernarfon Castle

One of the important tourist destinations that are declared as UNESCO World Heritage is the Caernarfon Castle. Furthermore, the castle was built around the 11th century, adding heritage to Welsh history. The ruined towers are a must-see accordingly which reflects the dramatic symbol of England.

Today also it remains the most impressive castle visited. You can walk through the interconnected towers.

Caernarfon Castle
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2.2. Take a Tour of Hay-On-Wye

The magnificent Market in the Brecon Beacons’ northern region is a delightful location with magnificent booksellers and the yearly Hay Festival. If you enjoy learning about new places through books indeed, this location might be just what you’re looking for. Don’t pass up the opportunity to tour Hay-On-Wye. Especially travelers are drawn to upscale accommodations and restaurants with delectable cuisine.

2.3. Enjoy St Davids Cathedral

The historic cathedral, built in 589, is located in Pembrokeshire, which is Wales’ narrowest peninsula. It serves as the primary location for pilgrimage in the West. As a result, you ought to visit this location before you depart from Wales.

2.4. Visit Aberystwyth

It is the small seaside in west Wales, which is famous as the university town. Along with it, the place holds the National Library of Wales. Furthermore, Aberystwyth University is the best place for learning where you can explore excellent research facilities.

2.5. Enjoy the Town of Aberaeron

The most fashionable coastal town is the charming Wales town. This is located at the mouth of the Aeron River, which appears on postage stamps due to its breathtaking beauty. It should be noted that Aberaeron’s architecture is exceptional in a rural area of Wales since it features Regency-style buildings. Along with these, you can have cozy restaurants serving fresh fish, sea bass, and mussels.

Town of Aberaeron
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You can engage in adventurous activities at the nation’s stunning beaches and surf-friendly shores. The botanical garden and national parks became popular destinations for astronomy and relaxation. You will experience warm hospitality and vibrant culture in Wales. So make sure to visit each of the locations listed above. Additionally, share your Wales-related experiences with us in the comments section.

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