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Things to Do in Lake Havasu State Park – A Complete Guide

Lake Havasu, a haven for water babies, was surrounded by 43 square miles of the Colorado River. It was given to the Arizona State Parks Board as a potential site for a state park as early as 1957, but Lake Havasu State Park did not officially open to the public until 1967.

In the meantime, entrepreneur Robert McCulloch developed Lake Havasu City near the water’s waters to pique interest; he brought the actual London Bridge from England, piece by piece.

Today, the disreputable bridge connects the shore to Pittsburgh Point, and the city is named to the park’s king. It is open for Arizona and California visitors to spend the day and relax in a hotel that evening on the water.

1. Things to Do In Lake Havasu State Park

Lake Havasu State Park invites all watercrafts
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Most state park visitors come to boat, fish, and swim, though jet and water skiing are also famous. Lake Havasu, you can even do aqua-lung diving, and it is known for its world-class largemouth, smallmouth, and barred bass fishing.

If you don’t like water, then on the ground, you can hike in the park or look for wildlife, such as birds and desert bunny rabbits. You can also walk across the important London Bridge just outside the park.

Look for the beacons along the lake’s sheath on land or in the water. Each of these 26 lighthouses is a miniature replica of a well-known lighthouse found throughout the country.

1.1. Boating

Boating is, unsurprisingly, the most popular activity at Lake Havasu. The park has four boat ramps; the northern is dedicated solely to personal watercraft (jet skis) and jet boats (no propeller boats allowable). Kayaks and other non-motorized watercraft can launch from the shoreline or any slope where they can do so safely.

Because the state line runs through the middle of Lake Havasu, boaters should be familiar with Arizona and California boating regulations.

Aside from holidays, the lake fills with boats on summer weekends, and Bridgewater Chaan, an artificial-made, no-wake channel beneath the London Bridge, becomes congested with revellers.

It’s awful during coil break when college students overrun the lake. To avoid these crowds, go further out a week at the lake or on a boat during more excellent months.

If you don’t have to wait, rent one through the park’s Bonaire, Wet Monkey Power Sporting Boat Rentals.

1.2. Fishing

It’s time to come out on bass, pass with flying colors, or catch a largemouth low-voiced weighing over 10 pounds. While you can catch largemouth and striped deep throughout the year, smallmouth bass tends to be more active during the winter. In addition to bass, anglers frequently hook bluegill and catfish.

You will need the authorization to fish Lake Havasu. They can be purchased earlier than you go. Children under the age of 10 do not need a fishing license.

1.3. Swimming

Spike Swimming - Lake Havasu

The park has a large, white grit beach. You can swim anywhere along the shoreline except near boat ramps or docks. Be careful that there are no lifeguards even at designated beach areas, and fires are not permissible on the beach.

In addition to beach swimming, you can swim in the waters near your fastened boat. Use extreme caution if you do.

1.4. Best Hikes & Trails

Lake Havasu State Park is one chosen trail, the Mohave Sunset Trail. However, you can also go through the Samino Interpretive Garden or walk along the beach from the park to London Bridge. Many hiking trails are outside the park, including the Crack in the Mountain and Mockingbird Wash trails.

Mohave Sunset Trail: This easy trail airstreams through the lowland desert and along the shoreline for roughly 1.75 miles. Although pets on leashes are allowed, bicycles and motorized vehicles are not.

Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden: This garden’s flat, gravel paths showcase the area’s diverse flora. Watch for wildlife, including birds, lizards, and desert hare rabbits.

1.5. Camping 

Campers can stay at the car park or Cattail Cove State Park, 18 miles south of Lake Havasu. Lake Havasu State Park also offers cottages and stages, a direct beach, and a water park.

Campground: The park has 54 campsites, each with 50-amp electrical hookups, a picnic table, and a fire ring. Choose between beachfront and standard sites. Most campgrounds can accommodate RVs, motorhomes, and tents; the best have shaded ramadas.

Cabins: The park has 13 furnished huts, each with electricity, heating, and air conditioning. Ply supplies the linens.

2. Visit Cattail Cove For Adventure

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Cattail Cove State Park is located on Cattail Covd on the Colorado River, about 20 minutes from Lake Havasu State Park. It has 61 RV and tent camping sites. Fifty-seven sites provide 30-amp service, while four provide 50-amp service. The park also has a primitive boat-in encampment and a boat launch. This would be your must-visit place in Arizona!

3. Tips For Your Visit

Lake Havasu State Park is a haven for RV recreation and beachfront camping, conveniently close to all the action on the Colorado River! Enjoy sandy white beaches and outdoor trails when you come off the water!
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Beaches do not allow glass containers. Neither are they pets. Pets must be kept on a leash in the rest of the park.

Campgrounds and huts must be reserved for at least two nights on weekends during the summer and three nights for spring break camping.

Because most activities take place on the water, accessibility is determined by your watercraft. Restrooms and showers are available in the day-use areas and campsites, and the cabins are also reachable.

4. Conclusion 

Lake Havasu State Park offers various aquatic and terrestrial activities, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From boating and fishing in the expansive Lake Havasu to hiking along scenic trails, there’s something for everyone.

Visitors can relax on the beaches, explore miniature lighthouses, or even stroll across the iconic London Bridge. With camping options and nearby attractions like Cattail Cove State Park, the adventure extends beyond the park’s borders. Whether seeking thrills on the water or serenity on land, Lake Havasu State Park promises unforgettable experiences amid Arizona’s stunning natural beauty.

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