things to do in Astoria Oregon things to do in Astoria Oregon

17 Best Things to Do in Astoria Oregon: Places You Must Visit

At the mouth of the great Columbia River resides a small town in Oregon, Astoria. This town is well known for Lewis and Clark’s Expedition, who spent their last winter here in this town before returning home. When you get to Astoria, you will realize many things to do in Astoria Oregon.

This town is a lovely place to visit, especially for road trippers, backpackers, honeymoons, and typical vacationers. Astoria will give you the feeling of a small town, and simultaneously you will feel the popularity of this small town.

In this town, you can include yourself in many activities and visit some famous tourist attractions. For people looking for some thriller adventure in a relaxing, peaceful place, Astoria, Oregon, is a good option.

Things to Do in Astoria Oregon

Astoria, Oregon, is a tourist attraction. Most people wish to spend their vacation in Astoria. This town will fill you with numerous activities, from sightseeing to river walks and many more things.

However, if you plan to visit Astoria, Oregon, you should call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit. Let us see some famous attractions, where you can hop on with your family and friends.

1. Garden of Surging Waves

The locals of Astoria celebrate the Chinese heritage who founded Astoria in this city park called Garden of Surging Waves.

Astoria is a huge reflection of the history it learned from the city-dwellers and the different cultures worldwide. Even the Chinese settlers had a significant role in Astoria’s history. Many descendants in Astoria are from the family of the early settlers in Astoria.

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Suppose you are interested in knowing the history. In that case, you can sit back in the beautifully carved public place and learn about Astoria’s canneries, jetties at the Columbia River, and railroads.

The relaxing place also includes an amphitheater and a huge open space, which is often used for any kind of outdoor performance. At times, this open space is also used for some community gatherings. If you come to this town, you can see Astoria’s different communities.

2. Astoria Riverwalk

This leisurely Astoria River Trail stretches through six miles of the city, and if you are new to Astoria for a vacation, then this place is a great starting point to see the different sights of the city. You can understand from the name that Astoria Riverwalk is mostly along the river. You can see ports, lighthouses, ferries, maritime museums, and coastal features through this path.

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The sea lions in this river jump off the rocks or lounge on piers to touch them. If you arrive at the right time, you may see sea lions. This long trail also has some restaurants, breweries, museums, and old-fashioned ins. If you are tired of walking the trail, you can sit back in their restaurant and fill your mouth with delicious local meals. It also allows you to encounter the unique things identified along the trails in the museum.

The feature of the Astoria Riverwalk Trail does not end here. You can even ride a bike under a covered bridge. It gives you the chance to ride a trolley down the railroad. You will get to experience a lot of fun here. When unsure about Astoria’s famous attractions, you should definitely visit the Astoria Riverwalk.

3. Columbia River Maritime Museum

The Columbia River Maritime Museum is known to preserve the maritime heritage of the Columbia River region. Columbia River Maritime Museum was initially started in 1962, and since then, it has started collecting things made up of artifacts. They have collected over 30,000 objects, over 20,000 photographs, and a research library where you will find 10,000 publications.

Columbia River Maritime Museum | Astoria, OR

With these huge collections, the Columbia River Maritime Museum is now the country’s most important Pacific Northwest Maritime Artifacts source.

Other than this, you will also find different types of exhibits, and they are designed especially for the tourist to teach them about the history of some of the powerful forces along the Columbia River Bar.

You also learn more about the 40-foot waves that crashed into the city during the winter storms. They also celebrate the great work of the United States Coast Guard and the Columbia River Bar Pilots. Indulge yourself in this celebration, and then you can head over to visit the Lightship Columbia, a historic floating lighthouse.

This museum is not like any other ordinary museum. If you move inside this museum, you will realize it. It offers the widest range of courses, mainly related to the Columbia River maritime culture and the Barbey Maritime Center.

4. Buoy Beer Company

The Buoy Beer Company serves Bud’s most mouthwatering burgers and ice bottles. The appearance of these foods can be very deceiving since the Buoy Beer Company works out of an abandoned cannery.

So, you might think that there is no tasty food out there. But, this place is one of the best places to grab a bite in Astoria. You must not miss the huge, rectangular building, which looks exactly like the industrial warehouse it used to be.

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Only the exterior has not been replenished, but when you go inside, you will see that the place has been given a makeover, with new machines, ovens, and some new assembly lines with wooden chairs and tables. Since the Buoy Beer Company works as a microbrewery on its own, so you may see the steel drums during tours and sampling events. Thought his place is very famous by the name of the restaurant.

The menu here is very simple, but it will soothe your tongue. The Buoy Beer Company always has some news that can go over foods to make them more delicious. You will realize this place’s great once you munch on its crispy, freshly seasoned fries. If you are working up your appetite, then you should definitely visit this place and taste its yummy foods.

5. Arc Arcade

If you have been to Astoria but didn’t visit the Arc Arcade, then you will make the biggest mistake. There is nothing anywhere like the thrill of Space Invaders 95. It will take you back to your childhood day.

The Arc Arcade is known to embrace some nostalgic memories, with a few toys, posters, and some old-fashioned games. Tourists who wish to have a traditional arcade experience always visit Arc Arcade. There are different types of titles which also include Pong and Pac-Man.

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Other than this, there are also some other vintage books, and you will find some old-comic posters lining the bathroom walls. Even for the modern-day Greek, Arc Arcade holds life-sized models, which include Doctor Who, Sypro, and Crash Bandicoot.

If you pay the cover charge of Arc Arcade, which is very little, you can enjoy unlimited hours of gaming in Arc Arcade. However, if you are not willing to pay, there are also several free things that you can try. If you take a walk down the memory lane of Astoria, you should definitely visit the Arc Arcade since you will find many fun things to do in Astoria.

6. The Astoria Column

The Astoria Column is about 600 feet above sea level at Coxcomb hill. It offers spectacular views of Astoria, Young’s Bay, and the Columbia River. This Column is one of the 12 monuments built to honor Astoria’s early settlers, including the Chinese people.

Astoria Column | Top Tourist Attractions in Astoria, Oregon

The lights of this tower are turned on to remember the early Astoria residents and honor their ancestors’ pride, strength, and ultimate resolve.

Not only this but the Astoria Column is also inspired by the Trajan Column, which is situated in Rome. The paint was designed by an Italian immigrant artist named Attilio Pusterla. The nearby park that surrounds the Astoria Column is one of Astoria’s most visited parks.

7. Fort Stevens State Park

This fort has been in service for 84 years, till World War II. Fort Stevens State Park was one of the main military defense outposts near the Columbia River delta, built during the American Civil War. This fort covers more than 4300 acres of land, now a park.

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In this park, you will get the opportunity to learn about the history and nature of Fort Stevens State Park. It is now a typical recreational site for the residents of Astoria. If you visit Fort Stevens State Park, you can experience camping, canoeing in Coffenbury Lake, swimming, hiking, biking the long nine miles of trails, and beach-combing.

It also offers activities of observing wildlife and exploring the historic military fort and some of the historic shipwrecks. This park’s habitat ranges from the hemlock and spruce forest to the wetlands, pine forests, and dunes on the shore. If you are trying to explore some historical places filled with adventures, then this park in Astoria is for you.

8. Astor Street Opry Company

The Astor Street Opry Company is a multifaced entertainment venue that has most of the adventures. It will offer you haunted houses in the month of October to some of the holiday shows in December. If you are looking for fun, this place is perfect. At times, it also includes plays, concerts, musicals, comedies, and many other things.

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Source: Astor Street Opry Company

When you get inside this venue, you will know that though this venue has a small place, it is actually warm and has an intimate feeling. The actors who perform in the shows of Astro Street Opry Company are original members of the community, and they are also very proud to showcase their talent.

You should rush to this venue if you are willing to witness some family-friendly musicals or stand-up shows.

9. Columbian Theater

You can add this theater to your to-do list when visiting Astoria. This place has a distinct old-fashioned charm even though the place is small. The picture rooms have red and white seats arranged in a specific order, with black and white checkmarks lined on the floors for the concession stands. If you are not comfortable on the chair, book a couch on the upper levels, which will give you the best view.

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You can have some pizza, nachos, beer, or another snack from the stalls in the theater, stretch out on the couch and enjoy your show. However, you will not find any latest blockbusters show at this theater.

But, if you like to watch older flicks, then you should watch your favorite show in this theater. The cozy feeling of this theater will make you so comfortable that you will feel like you are watching your favorite show at home.

The Columbian Theater is the best destination for people who like to take a rest by watching some old-classical shows.

10. Astoria Riverfront Trolley

The Astoria Riverfront Trolley is a long historic streetcar that is more than three-mile long and runs on the streetcar line in Astoria. This tram, over time, became very popular, and now it is used by locals and tourists to go downtown Astoria. It became a symbol of Astoria.

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The Astoria Riverfront Trolley has been operating since 1999. The lines of this tram operate from May to September, and it is run and maintained by the Astoria Riverfront Trolley Association and the volunteers.

This car is the only popular model with the name Old 300. Later this model was bought by the Astoria residents and their donations. They purchase this car from San Antonio, Texas.

11. Flavel House Museum

The Flavel House Museum is a beautiful mansion built in 1885 by one of the first millionaires from Oregon. The Flavel House Museum has started featuring in films, brochures, and blogs.

Flavel House Museum
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This house’s size is massive, covering almost 11,600 square feet. This museum takes up the area of an entire city block. The attractive feature of this museum is the lavish Queen Anne-style architecture.

The Flavel House Museum has spiraling staircases with stained glass windows, statues, fountains, and elaborate gardens. You will find an old-fashioned parlor near the Flavels, which used to welcome important guests from back in the past.

If you love taking selfies, you must take one or two out here. The fine architecture makes it perfect for a vacation photo. Also, if you wish to look like a native of Astoria but you have no clue, you should check the Flavel House Museum. You will get detailed knowledge about the outfits.

12. Orgon Film Museum

There is another site in Astoria where you can watch some famous movies scene. The Oregon Film Museum was once used for The Goonies. The fans of this film can identify the jailbreak scene. The Oregon Film Museum is not always a museum. Instead, it used to be an old-fashioned jailhouse.

The Goonies Goondocks • Oregon Film Museum Astoria

However, the Oregon Film Museum building’s walls and doorways have been repurposed for other movie shootings. Although you visit this museum, you will find The Goonie is still the main attraction, with all pictures, costumes, and memorabilia displayed everywhere.

Not only this, but you also find some other movie memories. Kindergarten Cop and Free Willy are some movies also shot in the Oregon Film Museum. You can also enjoy some other activities at the Oregon Film Museum. If you are looking for a good place for amazing things to do in Astoria, Oregon, then you must visit this film museum.

13. Fort Clatsop

Fort Clatsop is located along the Lewis and Clark River, about five blocks from Astoria. It was built resembling the least Corps of Discovery encampment before their trip to St. Louis. If you are a national park lover, this place is a must-visit. The Fort Clatsop National Memorial is where Lewis and Clark Expedition is made home.

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In Fort Clatsop, you will find two films about Lewis and Clark expedition. When you reach the center and want to visit Fort Clatsop, you can see rangers in period costumes. They will guide you to the fort and several other trailheads.

This site is now a part of the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park wing. You will find many diverse habitats, which include forests, rivers, wetlands, lakes, and coastal regions in the park.

14. Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum is located in Astoria’s Old City Hall Building. This museum is placed with the Historical Society’s Archives. The classical structure of the Heritage Museum is a part of Astoria’s history, designed by the prominent Portland architect Emil Schacht.

Astoria Museums - Oregon Travel Attractions

As a visitor, you can experience the Clatsop county historical society and learn about its rich history. There are also many permanent and temporary museums in the Heritage Museum galleries.

15. Fort George Brewery

You will find this brewery in the Lovell Auto Building. It is renovated to provide a home to store a 30-barrel brewhouse. It also stores taprooms, canning, and huge wooden beams.

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You will get to do many things here at Fort George Brewery. There are board games, puzzles, books, and a large TV that will feature sports, a shuffleboard, great food, and beer. Here you will find at least 40 different kinds of beer, burgers, and live music, making this place a popular place. Visit this place, and grab a glass of beer, but it would be best if you visited on Saturday and Sunday.

16. Columbia River Eco Tours

The journey on the mighty Columbia River is one of the best ways to witness the city’s cultural attractions and other great things. With the Columbia River Eco Tours, you can see some of the major cities in Oregon.

Columbia river eco tours

The journey starts with Christina Cousteau, a large yacht that can hold enough people, from honeymooners to families and even corporate teams. Once the sail starts, you will sail along the shoreline, and then you can see the riverside views. On this trip, you can also see Astoria-Megler Bridge.

17. Downtown Astoria

If you want to do amazing things in Astoria, you should definitely check out the downtown district. This area is filled with fun activities, including festivals you will never find in other places in Oregon.

Besides the bars, restaurants, and museum, this place has many amazing things you can do downtown district. There are numerous things to see in downtown Astoria and many things to do in Astoria, Oregon.

Other Places That You Can Visit

The list of tourist attractions in Astoria is very long. You will have time to see and experience all the historic sites, the Rocky Mountains, downtown districts, river falls, and art galleries.

Besides the above-mentioned tourist spots, you can also check out some famous places.

  • Iconic Astoria Megler Bridge
  • Oregon Coast
  • Youngs River Falls
  • Twilight Creek Eagle Sanctuary
  • Uppertown Firefighters Museum
  • Cathedral Tree Trail
  • Astoria Aquatic Center
  • Astoria Sunday Market


In Astoria, Oregon, you can involve yourself in many different activities. There are tons of activities to do in Astoria. In addition, the countless number of tourist attractions is a bonus point for your vacation.

If you plan to visit Astoria, Oregon, you should make a to-do list to visit the attractions. We hope after reading this article, you got to know what things to do in Astoria Oregon.

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