White Mountains of New Hampshire White Mountains of New Hampshire

12 Things to Do at the White Mountains Of New Hampshire

The beautiful White Mountains are settled in the core of the Northeastern United States of Maine and New Hampshire. The spectacular mountain range covers about a quarter of New Hampshire and another small part of Maine.

The rockiest and most uneven mountain range of New England is the White Mountains of New Hampshire

For all adventure-lover tourists, The White Mountains of New Hampshire are an ideal place. The mountain range is a paradise for skiing, mountain climbing, trekking, and many more adventurous sports.

In addition, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are commonly visited by tourists from Montreal, New York, and Boston because of their closeness with these cities.

Points to Know About White Mountains of New Hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire have a total of 733 ranges of mountains, and Mt. Washington is the highest and most projecting mountain range with a height of almost 1917 meters.

The other mountain ranges of the White Mountains are Sandwich Range, Kinsman Range, Carter Moriah Range, Mahoosuc Range, and Franconia Range.

The White Mountains lie close to the northern Appalachian mountain range and are popularly known for their challenging topography and craggy range.

Geologists say the White Mountains of New Hampshire were formed almost 100 million years ago by the interruptions of magma. 

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The New Hampshire White Mountains are also known as the “Granite State.The granite cliffs and mountain ranges were believed to be left behind due to the interruptions of magma.

After the White Mountains of New Hampshire were formed millions of years ago, the mountain ranges underwent glaciation, which gave birth to U-shaped White Mountains valleys.

The U-shaped valleys are now popularly known as Notches. The two famous notches include Franconia Notch and Pinkham Notch.

There are numerous accesses to the peaks of the mountains, and the hiking trails are well-maintained. Therefore, it is a go-to destination for all mountain lovers to explore the amazing mountain ranges.

Top Things to Do at White Mountains

Throughout the year, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are accessible, along with plenty of ski resorts. However, summer and autumn are the ideal time to visit the White Mountains for all outdoor adventures, including trekking, camping, and sightseeing. 

The mountain range offers exceptional and splendid attractions, from beautiful mountain peaks to waterfalls, glacier notches, and peaceful trails. The top and best things to do at the New Hampshire White Mountain are listed below.

1. Staying In a Rural Side Cabin

To experience the beauty of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, you have to stay in a countryside rural cabin. The charm and beauty of staying in the White Mountains double when you stay in a cozy cabin. 

The beauty of this place is enhanced more when you stay in one of those cabins located deep in the woods. However, some cabins are also located in Franconia, Lincoln, and North Conway

2. Kancamagus Highway Drive

One of the most popular and best things to do in New Hampshire is taking a long ride on the Kancamagus Highway. The route is 35 miles long, and its view and scenic beauty are truly marvelous.

The scenic road runs through the heart of White Mountain National Forest, and every turn on the road offers a view of the White Mountains, valleys, ravines, Swift river, wildlife sightings, and beautiful waterfalls.

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During autumn, the trees in the White Mountain National Forest change their colors from green to orange and red. During this time, the scenic drive looks spectacular and stunning.

3. Exploring Franconia Notch State Park

Franconia Notch ranges from Flume Gorge to Echo Lake and is a stunning mountain pass.

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The park offers many beautiful sights, from the Kinsman mountain range, and aerial tramway, to the Old Man of the Mountain site, Cannon Mountain Resort, the Recreational Trail for riding bikes, a Ski Museum, the Appalachian Trail, and much more.

4. Exploring Mount Washington

The best way to explore this beauty is to take the Mt. Washington Cog Railway and experience a memorable train ride to the peak. The cog is more than 150 years old, and you can experience a thrilling ride to Mount Washington.

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Image by Pam Carter from Pixabay

The cog ride is accessible all year round but becomes more adventurous during autumn. The cost of the cog ride is a bit pricey, which is 72 US Dollars per person, but the beautiful and fun ride is worth the price.

5. Conway Scenic Railroad

If you are not into hiking, the best way to experience the wonders of Mt. Washington Valley is to ride the Conway Scenic Railroad. The train departs from 1874 Station, located in North Conway, and offers some of the best and most picturesque views of the mountain valley.

CONWAY SCENIC RAILROAD NOTCH TRAIN (4K) - New Hampshire Scenic Fall Train Ride | North Conway

You can take the Valley Train, a 1.5-hour ride, or the Notch Train, a 5.5-hour ride, to experience the beauty of Crawford Notch, its landscapes, open valleys, and uneven ridges.

6. Hiking at the White Mountains

The White Mountains of New Hampshire have several mountain ranges for exploring and hiking. There are almost 13 mountain ranges for trekking at the Presidential Range itself. Additionally, the White Mountain National Forest has some amazing loop trails.

3 Gorgeous & Easy Viewpoint Hikes in New Hampshire's White Mountains

One of the most loved trails is Diana’s Baths out and back loop which is an easy and simple hike. One of the stunning but difficult loop trails is the Welch-Dickey Loop which offers spectacular views of the valley.

The Franconia Ridge Trail Loop and Mount Lafayette are the most challenging trails which offer pretty waterfalls.

7. Exploring the Waterfalls

The White Mountains of New Hampshire have more than 100 stunning waterfalls and are a popular attraction. The Sabbaday Falls in Conway is one of the most popular waterfalls because of the easy hiking trail.

Sabbaday Falls, along the Kancamagus Highway in White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire.
Photo by appalachianview from Depositphotos

Another popular waterfall is Crawford Notch’s, Arethusa Falls. To experience the incredible Ammonoosuc ravine waterfall, you must hike for almost 4.7 miles at Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail in Jefferson.

8. Exploring Flume Gorge

Flume Gorge is an 800 feet tall, long natural gulf and one of the most famous things to see in the National Forest of White Mountains. The gulf features stairs, a beautiful waterfall, narrow and steep walkways, and a river.

The trail of the Flume Gorge passes through massive boulders, Wolf Den Cave, and covered bridges. The trail of Flume Gorge is 2 miles long and is a heavily crowded, popular attraction. 

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Photo by Kellyanne Latulippe on Unsplash

You can buy the tickets from Flume Gorge from the New Hampshire State Parks. Once you explore the Flume Gorge, you can visit the visitor center that exhibits a food court, several exhibitions, and a gift shop.

9. Staying At Loon Mountain Resort

The Loon Mountain Resort, located in Lincoln, is open throughout the year and offers fun activities in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. During winter, you can take lessons in snowboarding and skiing and even enjoy a beautiful staycation at the resort.

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Source: https://www.loonmtn.com/

The resort features mountain bike trails, a golf course, and an Aerial Forest swing. Some popular and fun things to do at the Loon Mountain Resort are a gondola ride and New Hampshire’s beautiful Skyride.

10. North Woods Rafting

If you are into rafting, do not miss to check the North Woods Rafting in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during summer. 

North Woods Rafting NH-Our Guides Can Fly!

Besides rafting, you can also go kayaking and canoeing during the season between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

11. Sunset From Artist’s Bluff Viewpoint

If you are into wilderness hikes, add the Artist’s Bluff Lookout to your bucket list. The hike offers a beautiful overlook of Echo Lake and gorgeous White Mountains scenery from the summit.

Artists Bluff Hike in Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire

The viewpoint is famous for taking amazing photos and watching calm and marvelous sunsets. The trail road is windy and is almost 1.5 miles long route.

12. Visiting Rocky Gorge

The Rocky Gorge is a beautiful scenic area that characterizes walking paths along with a bridge that oversees Swift River. However, swimming in the Swift River is not allowed due to the underwater rock tunnels and heavy water currents.

Autumn evening view of Rocky Gorge, on the Kancamagus Highway, in White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire.
Photo by appalachianview from Depositphotos

In addition, if you walk a little further from the bridge, you can also see the Falls pond. The views from this pond are splendid and eye-catching.


Undoubtedly, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are the best place to visit in New Hampshire to enjoy the scenic beauty with amazing waterfalls, rivers, trails, incredible geological features, and uncountable outdoor adventures.

White Mountains, New Hampshire at sunbrise with clouds and morning light
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The White Mountains of New Hampshire are a paradise for any nature lovers.


1. What city in New Hampshire is the White Mountains?

They are the most rugged mountains in New England and are a portion of the northern Appalachian Mountains. Because of its closeness to Boston, New York City, and Montreal, the range receives a high volume of visitors.

2. What makes the White Mountains unique?

The White Mountains have the most rugged and difficult terrain in the region, but the beauty of these terrains is worth every sweat dropping out of your body.

3. When is the ideal time of year to visit the White Mountains?

White Mountain National Forest is open all year, but the best time to visit is late spring to mid-fall. Summer is a common time for biking and going on walks because it is warm.

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