Pigeon Forge Tennessee TN Old Mill. Pigeon Forge Tennessee TN Old Mill.

The Ultimate Guide To Pigeon Forge Shopping

Visitors to Pigeon Forge engage in several fun-filled activities and marvel at some of the most celebrated destinations in the state of Tennessee. These destinations include many theme parks (such as Dollywood as a famous example), museums (such as the ones dedicated to the Titanic), and moonshine stores.

However, the shopping craze that Pigeon Forge-bound adventure enthusiasts are engaging in is what we’re talking about here. There are 300+ stores in this town neighboring the Great Smokys, scattered across several malls and locations for your traveling. This article guides you in choosing the best possible locations for buying amazing stuff during this journey.

So, here’s our ultimate guide for shoppers who wish to visit Pigeon Forge in 2022:

Where to look for desired products?

  • Feeding & Treating:

Let’s begin our journey with something that draws foodies to Pigeon Forge. We know that the city of Pigeon Forge’s known for its dinner shows, where they entertain you while serving several delicacies. The southern hospitality nourishes you via establishments such as Big Rock candies. Wandering from this sweets-filled oasis, you can visit some beef jerky outlets to nurture yourself. There are different stores here selling various sorts of food for visitors who come here to taste the magic of the south.

  • Clothing & Apparel:

Numerous stores sell reasonably priced, high-quality clothing, making shopping in Pigeon Forge a wonderful experience. You can purchase everything from shirts and pullovers to hats and decals at Smoky Mountain Jeep Outfitters. A visitor should buy some souvenirs to make this journey memorable. Get some accessories for the upcoming winter season in Pigeon Forge if you forgot to pack the right clothes for the trip. So, your shopping frenzy in Pigeon Forge may help you choose quality apparel for yourself and your family.

  • Housekeeping & Decoration:

Who doesn’t wish to decorate their home with Pigeon Forge-made furnishings? We suggest you visit Paula Deen Store as it’s a paradise for folks looking for the right home décor items in 2022. Get all the utensils, pottery, and furniture you need for refurbishing your apartment from Pigeon Forge. You can also discover different types of accessories. However, don’t allow yourself to overspend and get the necessary things. Make your journey worth the effort.

  • Beauty & Wellness:

Several esteemed Pigeon Forge-based enterprises deal in quality cosmetic products to boost visitors’ good looks. In this shopping-friendly town, you can find everything from creams and lotions to lipsticks or chapsticks. Visit the Savannah Bee Company and neighboring stores to purchase a wellness-oriented range. The exquisite sights and charming scents of this city will make you more attracted to purchase beauty products available here. So, shop all you want here!

  • Fun & Games:

Lastly, children shouldn’t be disappointed on their first visit to Pigeon Forge. There’s enough fun for kids available in this city’s theme parks. While visiting the Island, say hello to Doc’s Magic Shop. You and your children will quickly learn how to do magic tricks at Doc’s Magic Shop. Young and old will enjoy our magic toys, and everyone will have a good time.

Shopping locations for curious visitors

  • The Island:

It’s the most wholesome destination for would-be shoppers. No questions asked! Most of the abovementioned things are easily available in this amazing location. It’s open from 10 AM – 11 PM and has become a top-notch visitor shopping location. With over 10 million visitors arriving at this town annually, the Island serves as a mecca for these adventure-loving shopping enthusiasts. Don’t forget to taste the famous moonshine, available exclusively in Pigeon Forge for those who can welcome it.

  • Old Mill Square:

The second most interesting place for shipping lovers will be Old Mill Square. Experts believe no trip to Pigeon Forge will be complete without a pilgrimage to this historic location. Besides heaps of history, the Mill can become an amazing shopping destination for your family. There’s a candy store and a creamery to nourish your taste buds. Visit the general store to purchase some gifts for all your pals back home. We strongly suggest you munch on the buttermilk biscuits baked for tourists here.

  • Lumberjack Square:

They changed the name of Walden’s Landing, and now it’s called Lumberjack Square. You may have heard of the famous Lumberjack Feud. This Square serves as a family-friendly shopping place in Pigeon Forge centered around the Feud. Visit the Forge Cinema, go to the art gallery, and eat some local delicacies in any restaurant. So, shopaholics can have a pretty good time in this place. You may shop for as long as possible because these stores are open until 9 PM. So, enjoy your shop-mania!

  • Antique Mall:

Finding some vintage stuff in Pigeon Forge? Well, you won’t be disappointed after visiting the well-known Antique Mall. Maps, records, and posters – everything antique and history-touched is there. This mall’s open for you from 10 in the morning ’till 6 in the evening. You can explore its stores while looking for treasures to purchase. Collectors love Pigeon Forge’s Antique Mall because they can find many hidden gems buried in the mounds of history kept by the shopkeepers for the right guy!

  • Red Roof Mall:

It is alternatively known as the Factory Outlet Mall. This location is available for everyone looking for the right bargain in an alien town. We have mentioned the Red Roof Mall here because you can find lots of country music fans visiting Tennessee. You can find some precious country music CDs and albums at acceptable rates here. Don’t forget that these shops also sell musical instruments you’ll take back as souvenirs. Remember that this mall stays open from 9 in the morning for twelve hours.


Engaging in some memorable adventures in locations such as Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge can help you escape the monotony of a routine lifestyle. And the “retail therapy” available in these quaint southern areas is a service most visitors utilize. Studies indicate that over 60% of shoppers purchase something today to cheer themselves up! Guess there are several cheerful shopping options available in this tiny city. We’ve discussed some of them in this article – places and genres – to hone your shopping experience.

In the first section, we described how we could find beauty products and decorative objects in this town as memorabilia. Many southern establishments sell you top-notch garments at affordable rates. Also, an individual can easily purchase quality meals here; don’t forget to sip some of Pigeon Forge’s moonshine. Children can have some fun in theme parks and other family-focused enterprises. These places make an outsider’s shopping experience worth it! So, book your flight to Pigeon Forge in the upcoming season.

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