The Best Time to Visit Florida keys

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Best time to visit Florida Keys-From Key Largo to Key West and everything in between, the Florida Keys are a tropical treasure, full of surprises and delights around every corner.

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Whether you enjoy snorkelling, bicycling, fishing, boating, music, seafood, animals, or simply lounging on the beach, there is something for everyone. However, timing is everything. You may undoubtedly have a less enjoyable experience in the Florida Keys if you arrive at the incorrect time of year.

Best Time to Visit Florida Keys

Best time to visit Florida keys
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Experience the Heat and Intensity From November to February 

The best time to visit Florida Keys is continue to enjoy glorious sunshine even while most of the rest of the country struggles with chilly weather, snow, or a combination of the two.

In reality, people who choose to spend endless winters in a state of hibernation or who possess a holiday home in South Florida (or other typically warm regions) are known as snowbirds.

Best time to visit Florida Keys
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Some of the larger cities and well-known tourist destinations, such as Key Largo, Islamorada, Tavernier, Marathon, and Key West, feel noticeably busier during these snowbird-filled months.

The traffic is a little heavier, restaurant wait times are longer, and the bar scene is, well, just as crazy as it is at any other time of year. It’s little wonder that so many people choose to visit the Florida Keys at this time of year with a favorable environment (high temperatures are normally in the mid-to-upper-70s) and a special tropics-meets-winter holiday appeal.

Enjoy Events and Gatherings During the Fall

This is the best time to visit Florida Keys vacation before it becomes too hot and muggy (90 degrees) if you want to. Fishing, spring festivals, and a delightful mix of residents and tourists during winter crowds are all the best during the months of March through May.

Best time to visit Florida Keys
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The snowbirds returning to the north can clearly be seen all across the best time to visit Florida Keys. The Conch Republic Independence Celebration in Key West, boisterous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and a surge of Spring Breakers are just a few of the events that draw people to this area.

Get a Discounted Flight between June and October

The best time to visit Florida Keys are famous for their enticing waterside resorts and homes, but they are not inexpensive. The summer to early fall season is the best time for anyone seeking for a deal to make it happen. There are a few asterisks next to these specials.

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You should pack appropriately because the summers are usually quite hot and humid. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30; normally, September and October see the highest activity. As a result, you should pay additional attention to the weather at this time of year.

Enjoy the Cultural Activities in January

It makes sense that so many people choose to ring in the new year in the Florida Keys with such wonderful weather and a wide variety of cultural activities.

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Key activities include Art Under the Oaks in Tavernier, Key Colony Beach’s Coconut Crawl, Marathon’s Florida Keys Celtic Festival, Key West’s Florida Keys Seafood Festival, and the Key West Food & Wine Festival.

Visit the art fairs in February

On Valentine’s Day, romance can be in the air. However, with two of the best time to visit Florida Keys top yearly attractions for art enthusiasts, art is pervasive across the whole island chain for much of this month.

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The Pigeon Key Art Festival, Old Island Days Art Festival in Key West, and Coral Head Music Fest in Marathon are significant events (Marathon).

Discover the excitement of Spring Break in March

The best time to visit Florida Keys are unquestionably a part of the mix from March through mid-April when South Florida becomes a popular Spring Break destination. If you’re not in college, St. Patrick’s Day is usually a family-friendly day with celebrations all across the islands.

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Important occasions: Marathon Seafood Festival, Islamorada Seafood Festival, Key Colony Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and St. Patrick’s Day Bar Stroll (Key West).

Take up fishing in April

April is one of the finest months to see best time to visit Florida Keys of the year for fishermen to catch a large one. Plan on going on one or more fishing adventures while the mahi-mahi, tarpon, wahoo, blue marlin, and yellowtail are at their best during the rainy season.

Best time to visit Florida Keys
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Important occasions include the 7 Mile Bridge Run and Conch Republic Independence Day in Key West (Knights Key to Pigeon Key).

The heat wave arrives in May

Summer heat is beginning to gradually replace the mild spring temps. The influx of visitors and snowbirds who had taken advantage of the colder weather begins to decrease at this point.

Best time to visit Florida keys
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The best time to visit Key West Songwriters Festival, the Queen Mother Festival, and the Cuban American Heritage Festival are important events (Key West).

Hurricane Season Begins in June

Hurricane season has begun as well as the heat. You should monitor any emerging weather systems in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico that could have an impact on your travels from June to November.

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Key events include Key West Pride Week, Mango Fest, and the Florida Keys Guitar Festival (marathon) (Key West).

July Honours a Very Well-Known Pie

This month, you can celebrate your love of key lime pie at the Key Lime Festival. Key lime pie is a favourite on dessert tables nationwide. Given how hot it is in July, you’ll want that slice of pie to be particularly cold.

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Important occasions include the Key Lime Festival, the Spirit of Islamorada Fourth of July Festival, and the Underwater Music Festival in Key West (Looe Key).

Get Your Fill of Lobster in August

During August, the Florida Keys’ ocean water is at its warmest. So plunge in. At the Key West LobsterFest, you may also celebrate a fellow marine animal: the lobster.

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Key West LobsterFest, the Kilts in the Keys Marathon, and Tropical Heat are major events (Key West).

September Offers Less Crowding

Family road excursions come to an abrupt halt, and there are notably fewer crowds in a family-friendly feel on the islands.

Best time to visit Florida keys
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Important occasions include the Big Pine Key Florida Keys Birding & Wildlife Festival, Womenfest, and the Key West Brew Fest.

In October, Dress Up for the Best Halloween Event

If dressing up and partying for ten straight days isn’t enough for Halloween aficionados, Fantasy Fest in search of best time to visit Florida Keys at West offers ten days of nonstop creative bedazzlement. There is a tonne great do on the islands on Halloween and in the days leading up to it for those who choose to observe traditions.

Best time to visit Florida Keys
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Key activities include Fantasy Fest in Key West, Goombay Festival there, Reef Fest in Key Largo, and the Zombie Bike Ride of the Living Dead (Big Pine Key).

Enjoy November’s Slower Pace and Lower Temperatures

November seems a little calm since it is sandwiched between Halloween and a holiday-packed December. Around 80 degrees Fahrenheit is the comfortable high-temperature range.

Best time to visit Florida keys
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Major occasions: Taste of the Islands and the Key West Film Festival (Marathon).

Celebrate the Holidays in December

On land, in boats, and in essentially every other method of transportation, people celebrate the holidays. The best time to visit Florida Keys are always energetic, but when the year comes to a close, they feel even more jovial and lively.

Key West Holiday Parade, Key West Lighted Boat Parade, and Big Pine & Lower Keys Island Art Festival are important events.

What Do You Think About the Weather?

Midsummer is oppressively hot, and peak hurricane season begins when the weather starts to drop off. Nevertheless, some tourists choose to visit in August when there are fewer visitors.

It’s hot, yes, but if you know how to protect yourself from the heat and you simply want to rest for a few days, it’s a wonderfully peaceful time of year with affordable hotel prices as a plus.

Best time to visit Florida keys
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The best periods to visit the Florida Keys, however, are often late April to early June and mid-November to mid-December. Hurricane season chances are slim, therefore, there are fewer visitors and the sun is not as intense.

Crowds, Visitors, and Traffic

Remember to shift your perspective and place yourself on island time once you arrive in to search best time to visit Florida Keys. There is only one route to get there, which makes the drive from Miami to Key West unique. Expect the drive to take a while if you’re travelling at the same time as plenty of other guests.

However, the traffic won’t seem like such a huge concern if you take regular breaks along the route to break up the journey. Visit the beach at Bahia Honda State Park on Big Pine Key or spend the day snorkelling at John Pennekamp State Park near Key Largo.

Best time to visit Florida keys
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Accepting the slower pace of the best time to visit Florida Keys is not a difficult decision to make. You might want to change your perspective towards crowds as well. If you’re looking for tranquilly, check out some off-the-beaten-path locations like the Key West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center or the Blue Hole on Big Pine Key.

However, if it’s a festival, take part in the festivities for key events. Whatever you do, make sure not to miss the excitement in Mallory Square around dusk, when the crowds may be boisterous, the street entertainers are amusing, and everyone is nice.

When Should You Visit Key West?

Key West should be visited by everyone at least once, if not more frequently. For a small island, it is jam-packed with attractions, including well-known tourist attractions like Duval Street, Mallory Square, and the Hemingway House, as well as diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, and an unexpectedly wide range of creative activities.

On the other side, it’s a fantastic area to visit and do absolutely nothing. Only one thing remains to be asked: When are you leaving?


A Great Time to Visit Depending on Your Perspective

Are you a fan of the heat to find best time to visit Florida keys? Travel to Key West in the summer without a doubt. At that time of year, it’s essentially just the locals, so you’ll have the place almost to yourself.

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Go during the winter if you’re set on escaping the chilly weather and heading to a tropical location, provided you don’t mind paying exorbitant fees and lodging with a lot of other people. If you enjoy the buzz of crowds and events, you should definitely visit Key West Pride in June, the Conch Republic Independence Celebration in April, or Hemingway Days in July.

August through November may be the best time to go if you’re searching for a tranquil getaway. Although it is not as frigid as other parts of the nation, the summer heat begins to subside in September, and the first snowbird visitors don’t start to come in large numbers until December. The occupancy is generally low, and the lodging costs are affordable given that Key West is Key West, with the exception of Fantasy Fest in late October.

September is when the hurricane season is at its peak, yet Key West is not as regularly struck by strong storms as you might think. Typically, they originate in the Caribbean and then move northward towards Florida, as was the case with Hurricane Matthew in 2016; it didn’t make landfall in Florida until it reached Brevard County.

Another great time to visit is in the spring when there is little risk of hurricanes, the weather is mild, and the winter visitors have returned home. However, there are various events that take place in the spring, and you will see families during unbelievable deals on spring vacation.

The Conch Republic Independence Festival is in April, there is a month-long celebration of Tennessee Williams’ birthday in March, and there are several more art and music festivals planned throughout the spring.

Key West’s Busiest Travel Period Is Winter

When the rest of the country is chilly and desolate, who can blame folks for wanting to appreciate the friendliness and welcome of Key West?

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Key West’s hotels and resorts see their highest rates of occupancy during the winter, which results in higher room rates. Additionally, you’ll be around people more often, which may absolutely ruin a trip.


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