The 40 Best Things To Do For Christmas—You Can’t Miss

A Merry Starbucks Coffee Christmas.
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Things to do for Christmas are a question on every Christmas lover’s mind. Christmas, the time for Jingle Bells, Family Gatherings, winter breaks, cookies, Christmas dinner, gingerbread house, Santa Claus, snowfall, and lights is here. Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, it makes you realize that you can have a wonderful life too.

It is the time of the year when the whole family comes together. With the holiday season and Christmas celebrations approaching, everyone is in the Christmas spirit. No matter how old you turn, Christmas just lights up the holiday mood.

As Christmas is approaching everyone gets busy with Christmas holiday shopping, and cleaning up shelves but many more fun Christmas activities can be done during this Christmas season. This Christmas get ready for some festive fun Christmas activities. Let’s see some of the best things to do for Christmas this year.

40 Best Things To Do For Christmas

Things to do for Christmas
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In this article, we have made a list of things to do for Christmas to bring up the holiday spirit in you. So read below and find the best things to do for Christmas. These fun Christmas activities will create memories to talk about.

1. Time for Ice skating

Christmas comes with loads of pleasant opportunities for you to explore. Outdoor Ice Skating is the best way to spend your Christmas holidays and is one of the most fun Christmas activities to do.

So, call your friends or your family and put on a scarf, and a pair of blades, and start gliding around the ice skating rink. You can sip on hot cocoa or coffee after it and create some very happy memories. Ice skating is one of the best things to do for Christmas.

2. Play with Snowman

A Snowman in the backyard
Photo by erin on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Snow and Christmas are like best friends, they come in together. So, it is the perfect time to build a snowman and play with it. This is the absolute best thing to do for Christmas for kids.

You don’t need too much snow to build a snowman. You can give it a carrot nose and stone eyes to make it look more charming. If you have a pet then let us tell you that dogs love playing in the snow. So, get out and make a snowman or maybe a snow angel.

3. Decorate a Tabletop tree

Make your house more beautiful by decorating a tabletop Christmas tree. Put a little tree on the table and place a small gift around it and sprinkle some glitter and garland and you are done. This activity is fun and is one of the best things to do for Christmas.

4. Time for an ugly holiday sweater party

ugly Christmas sweater party
Photo by on Flickr, Copyright 2022

It’s officially the time to call your friends and family members for an ugly holiday sweater party and put on some ugly Christmas sweaters. It is one of the most fun Christmas activities to do during Christmas.

5. Donate your toys, mittens, or sweaters

Donating something is one of the most fun Christmas activities and will light up the Christmas spirit in you. You can donate money, gifts, old toys, mittens, or sweaters with your whole family this holiday season.

Donate extra clothes that you have at a local shelter. Visiting a local homeless shelter is one of the most enjoyable things to do for Christmas.

6. Time for a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House
Photo by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar on Flickr, Copyright 2022

The smell of gingerbread filling the house is the perfect way to start your day. Make gingerbread and decorate a table and call everyone for a sweet treat. You can easily look for a gingerbread house recipe or buy yourself a gingerbread house kit and make multiple gingerbread houses.

7. Advent Calendar

An advent calendar helps you to mark the days left until Christmas or mark each day with different fun Christmas activities to do. You can make your advent calendar or buy yourself one. It is one of the most fun things to do for Christmas and it fascinates the kids a lot.

8. Sip on some homemade Hot Cocoa

Sipping on some Hot Cocoa is one of the most fun things to do for Christmas. Instead of getting an instant hot chocolate make yourself a steaming cup of hot cocoa to get a rich homemade taste and sip on it beside the fire. Hot cocoa turns the Christmas mood into a happy hour and is one of the best things to do for Christmas.

9. A family slumber party

A family slumber party’s one of the most fun activities to do for Christmas. It is the time to gather your family members and organize a Christmas-themed family slumber party around the Christmas tree and experience the Christmas magic around you.

Sleeping around the Christmas tree the night before Christmas Eve is the best way to feel the festive spirit and is so much fun.

10. Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies for Santa
Photo by Sue Thompson on Flickr, Copyright 2022

One of the best things to do for Christmas is baking cookies. Baking cookies is among the fun Christmas activities and is the perfect Christmas tradition.

Baking is so much more fun when shared with others. It’s the perfect way to call your neighbors for a Christmas party and some cookies swap.

11. A Family Breakfast

A family breakfast sounds perfect for a Christmas morning. You can cook easy breakfast recipes and if you wish to have a dessert-type breakfast then you can go for Cinnamon Roll Skillet Cake.

12. Watch a Romantic Holiday movie

There are many romantic Christmas movies made especially for the festive season. Snuggle up on a couch with a mug of hot cocoa and play a Christmas movie. A holiday movie will surely light up your mood.

13. Go for a Tree Lighting Ceremony

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Photo by GPA Photo Archive on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Many cities and places organize a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. In the ceremony, people held a ceremony for lightning up their tree. It is a ceremony worth attending.

You will see lots of people there holding hot chocolate and dressed up in warm clothes and gathering around the tree waiting for the switch to flip on the tree to start lightning. You can pack some Christmas snacks such as Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and candy canes and enjoy them.

14. Create a Christmas Music playlist

Many Christmas songs perfectly go with Christmas. Listening to Christmas Music is one of the best things to do for Christmas. You can drive to donate while playing holiday tunes and sing along to enjoy the holiday magic even more.

15. Go for a Christmas lights tour around your neighborhood

Neighborhood Christmas Lights
Photo by Sergey Galyonkin on Flickr, Copyright 2022

During Christmas, the entire neighborhood is decorated with lights. Go for a walk around the neighborhood with your whole family and admire the Christmas lights.

It is one of the best things to do on Christmas eve. You can also go for some Christmas lights shopping. So take a walk or a ride and check out the holiday lights and decorations in the city.

16. Time to visit a Christmas Tree Farm

Visit a Christmas tree farm along with some Christmas tunes and chop down a tree of your choice. Although in the past few years people have replaced the real tree with plastic ones we all know the real feel of your own Christmas tree.

The fresh smell of the Christmas tree will light up the holiday mood even more. So this festive season visits a Christmas Tree Farm and choose the best among the Christmas trees for yourself and create happy moments.

17. Send Christmas Cards to someone in the armed forces

Christmas cards for the armed forces
Photo by The U.S. Army on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Living away from family is tough even for the soldiers who work day and night for us. So this holiday season creates your own handmade Christmas cards and sends them to someone in the armed forces.

Your Christmas Cards will make them realize that you are thinking of them during the holiday season and show your love.

18. Time for Christmas caroling

Christmas caroling is one of the best things to do for Christmas or Christmas eve. Call a group of friends, practice some Christmas carols and then take a walk around your neighborhood to spread the joy of Christmas carols with others.

Christmas carol brings so much joy during the holiday season. So go out for some Christmas carol.

19. Cook a Christmas meal from different cultures

You can cook a Christmas meal on the day of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Try cooking a popular Christmas meal in different countries. This way you can learn a lot about other cultures and how they celebrate their Christmas.

Your family will also turn happy about eating something different. Cooking a different Christmas meal can turn into one of the best things to do for Christmas.

20. Ride the North Pole Express with Santa Claus

North Pole Express Owossi, MI
Photo by marada on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Go for a ride with Santa on the North Pole Express across the country. You get to discover the Grapevine Vintage Railroad which is elegantly decorated in Texas.

Board the train and feel the excitement. You also get a cup of Santa’s special Frosty Chocolate Snow Milk by the Santa’s elves. Take a seat on the train and relish the delicious flavor of the Christmas cookie that is served for you.

21. Create a homemade garland

This Christmas make your garland instead of buying one. It will make you happy and will give you a chance of showing off your craft skills. It can also turn into a fun activity for kids.

Some of the most fun are popcorn garland, dried fruit garland, or garland which is made out of mittens. Making popcorn garland is a fun Christmas activity to spend time with your family on Christmas eve.

22. Organize a Secret Santa

There are many games to be played during the holiday season. This holiday season plays secret Santa if you have a large family.

Secret Santa is an easy and fun Christmas activity to exchange gifts with your family and friends and it also creates memorable moments.

23. Candy Cane fun

Candy canes
Photo by Pen Waggener on Flickr, Copyright 2022

There are many ways to eat a Candy cane. You can either bake a Candy Cane cake or organize a Candy Cane Hunt. The hunt is a fun game for the kids. For this get different colors of Candy canes.

Each child will choose a color for himself. Now an adult will hide all the canes and the kids will find them. They only have to find their color, if they find another, they don’t pick it or tell about it. Just continue searching until you find all. So fill up this season with sweet treats of Candies.

24. Wonderland of Lights—winter wonderland

In Texas, a splendid Wonderland of Lights is hosted. It is one of the most splendid lightning events in the USA and you don’t wanna miss it.

Click pictures with Santa at the Wonderland of Lights. Get lost in the beauty of the Old Harrison Country Courthouse and explore the charming downtown area.

25. Visit Santa’s Village

After going to Winter Wonderland make sure to visit Santa’s Village. It is a fabulous Christmas tradition for over 25 years and visiting it with your kids is even more memorable.

The village has three small houses. Each house host a different activity. Watch your kids play with a wooden toy train and show their craft skills. It is one of the best things to do for Christmas. The Christmas activities here will make many beautiful moments.

26. Decorate your kitchen

Kitchen Christmas Decoration
Photo by Jug Jones on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Start decorating your kitchen for the season. Don’t showcase your talent only in the bedroom or the Christmas Trees room.

Add small details to the kitchen, and put on a garland. Turn it into a festive décor. Have fun with your holiday décor in your kitchen this time.

27. Organize an Eggnog cocktail

It’s the time of the year when you get to holiday parties everywhere so why not organize one of your choices. Call your friends for a warm cozy night in and whip up an eggnog cocktail.

The eggnog is a classic Christmas beverage and you can make it by adding your twist to it. So snack on an eggnog desert.

28. Time for Salt Dough ornaments

Making salt dough ornaments is a fun way to spend time and show your craft skills especially if you have kids.

It is one of the best things to do for Christmas, especially for kids. The recipe is quite easy, all you need is salt, flour, and water and then you can start making your salt dough ornaments.

29. Host a Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party
Photo by Split the Kipper on Flickr, Copyright 2022

This time of the year is for fun activities such as a Christmas party. Host a Christmas party, call your friends, bake cookies, prepare eggnog, hot chocolate, a sizzling dinner and have fun in these Christmas activities. You can also host a white elephant gift exchange at the party.

30. Make your own Christmas collection

This Christmas start making your own Christmas collection. Collect nutcrackers, snowmen, Santa figurines, and other small adorable Christmas decorations.

You can also shop for Santa figurines. You can show off your Christmas collection at the Christmas dinner. It is one of the most fun Christmas activities both for kids and parents.

31. Make the Christmas Tree room your bedroom

Convert your Christmas Tree room into your bedroom and sleep around the tree. The activity will raise your Christmas spirit and is also among the most fun Christmas activities.

32. Explore other traditions – new dessert

Christmas Plum Pudding
Photo by Jon Roberts on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Christmas is the season to explore. This Christmas try a new dessert recipe and surprise your loved ones. New desserts from a different region will help you learn more about other traditions and how other places celebrate their Christmas. It is one of the most fun Christmas activities to do.

33. Turn your evening into wrapping presents

Although the gift stores do the wrapping for you perfectly but wrapping your gifts will give you happiness and also the person who receives them will see your love and effort in the gift.

It is an amazing way to spend Christmas evening. The kids also enjoy doing this. So sit with your kids and start wrapping presents.

34. Make contact with old friends

We all have lost contact with our friends one way or the other. This year contact an old friend who lives far away and tell them you miss them and still remember them. It is one of the most pleasant things to do for Christmas.

35. Go Sledging

Sledging this Christmas
Photo by Gary Robson on Flickr, Copyright 2022

One of the most fun Christmas activities is sledging. Go sledging with your family and friends, click pictures, make memories and enjoy your holiday.

36. Marshmallows and Fireplace

It is time to light up a fire in your fireplace. Sit by the fireplace and roast up some marshmallows with your friends and talk about the old days and the Christmas activities that you are going to conduct. Turn the fireplace into a memorable place.

37. Make a homemade gift for your grandparents

Grandparents are the most lovely gift of God. This Christmas make a handmade Christmas present for your Grandparents and make them smile. It can be a hand-knitted cap, a handmade Christmas card, or a decorative piece that makes happy memories.

38. Hot Chocolate by the fire

Hot Chocolate
Photo by oatsy40 on Flickr, Copyright 2022

If you stay alone and miss your family, you can sit by the fire and sip on a mug of hot chocolate and relish the old memories. These Christmas activities will help you calm down and smile over little things in life.

39. Enjoy a Festive Christmas Breakfast by the Tree

One of the most fun activities is to have your breakfast by the tree. This activity will light up everyone’s mood and the kids will love it. It is a great way to have a conversation with your family.

40. Share Christmas Cookies

It is officially the time to bake and share cookies. Christmas and Cookies go together. Select a day and spend it baking different shaped Christmas Cookies. This treat will enlighten the mood of the kids.

Final Thought

Everybody loves Christmas and waits for 25th December to arrive. Each year people spend their Christmas holidays doing some fun activities to create a memory. Mentioned above are some of the most fun things to do this Christmas. These fun Christmas activities will surely become a joyful memory. So check it out and let us know which one is your favorite activity.

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