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The 8 Best High Schools in Brooklyn

Where the new academic year is just around the corner, we have curated a list of the best high schools in Brooklyn. 

It can be one tough job to look up for good high schools in a town both as an adult looking for a child or from the point of view of a student himself.

The list includes all the best high schools in Brooklyn based on the rank they were awarded in a report published by U.S. News and World Report on top-ranked public schools in Brooklyn for the year 2015.

Let’s Get Acquainted with the Best High Schools in Brooklyn NY

According to the report, the schools in Brooklyn NY were awarded gold (for the best ones) and other medals according to their rank. We have divided them based on their ownership for convenience.

1. Public High Schools In Brooklyn NY

Public schools in Brooklyn provide quality education with equally good facilities to all the students, at a concessional and affordable tuition fee.

Below is the list of top public high schools in Brooklyn which are also considered and ranked as some of the best high schools in New York.

1.1. Brooklyn Technical High School

Brooklyn Technical is considered one of the best high schools in Brooklyn as well as the whole of New York with Math and reading proficiency both in the top 1% for the year 2020-21.

It currently has about 6000 students enrolled and offers classes from 9 to 12 grade.

Brooklyn Technical also has a commendable ratio of teachers as compared to other schools in NY.

This school believes in fostering an idea of community and belongings among its students along with inculcating some of the best learning practices making it a deserving candidate in our list of best high schools in Brooklyn.

1.2. Leon M Goldstein High School For Sciences

Located at Manhattan Beach, Leon M Goldstein is ranked highest overall with a top 1% proficiency level in reading and a top 5% proficiency level in math for the year 2020-21, making it an ideal name in the list of best high schools in Brooklyn.

This high school is located on the campus of Kingsbourough Community College Of the City University of New York, hence it shares many of its facilities and along with the emphasis on Science, they give equal importance to the arts.

1.3. Brooklyn College Academy

Brooklyn College Academy houses 666 students with courses for grades 9-12 and is ranked in the top 1%; that is one of the best high schools in Brooklyn NY. Its reading proficiency is placed in the top 1% and math proficiency in the top 5%.

Best High Schools in Brooklyn
Courtesy: Brooklyn College Academy

With a widely diverse population, the main focus of this high school is to provide all the support and preparatory training to students for their college life, for which they have designed their curriculums accordingly to accommodate their vision and also to prepare students to face the industry.

1.4. Brooklyn Latin School

Brooklyn Latin high school accommodates about 800 students and offers courses for 9-12 grades. Its reading proficiency is rated more than math proficiency among the top 1%, whereas the latter is among the top 5% for the year 2020-21.

The most intriguing thing that sets apart this high school from other high schools in Brooklyn NY is that the students teach the teachers on some days.

They also offer extensive courses in classical languages like Latin and Greek with a rigorous teaching environment, making it truly one of the best high schools in Brooklyn NY.

1.5. Coney Island Preparatory Charter School

Coney Island High School is ranked among the top 1% in reading proficiency and among the top 5% in math proficiency. It serves about 1030 students and offers education to grades kindergarten to 12.

This high school is all about making its students great learners and ready to face the world.

Best High Schools in Brooklyn
Courtesy: Coney Island High School

They have a diverse student body where the child learns through relevant interactions in the classroom, making their families proud, making it one of the best high schools in Brooklyn NY.

2. Private High School In Brooklyn

These are the three popular private leading and best high schools in Brooklyn.

2.1. BASIS Independent Brooklyn

Basis Independent deserves a position at the top of the best high schools in Brooklyn NY and is ranked among the top 20% of private schools in New York. Basis offers 26 courses across the grades of PreK-12.

It is also ranked for the highest average SAT and ACT scores, along with offering most AP courses as well as most extracurricular activities offered.

Best High Schools in Brooklyn
Courtesy: Basis Independent

This high school has also launched a new early learning program at their other campus located in downtown Brooklyn for PreK to 2 grades.

The teachers focus on imparting thought-provoking lessons based on their globally inspired curriculum. In addition, the students here are also encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities.

2.2. Bay Ridge Preparatory School

With the largest student body and the most number of teachers with advanced degrees, Bay Ridge Preparatory School has to be on our list of one of the best high schools in Brooklyn NY.

It offers courses for grades PreK-12, Bay Ridge applies a new and fresh approach to education.

Best High Schools in Brooklyn
Courtesy: Bay Ridge Preparatory School

This high school aims at imparting skills that enrich the student’s social and emotional intelligence, preparing them for life outside the school.

They have several open-ended courses where students are free to choose what they want to learn. They also provide a full array of interesting arts programs.

2.3. Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn

Located in the serene locality in a tree-line section of historical Bay Ridge, Adelphi Academy is one of the oldest running high schools in Brooklyn NY.

It serves around 235 students spread throughout the grades PreK- 12.

Adelphi is a day preparatory school that offers young minds the vital knowledge to build themselves as self-confident individuals.

Best High Schools in Brooklyn
Courtesy: Adelphi Academy

Its course does beyond academics, one that strives for excellence through instructional and support programs, truly making it one of the best high schools in Brooklyn NY.

To Sum it Up

So, based on our list it is safe to say that even though it is tough to find a good school that fits our academic, financial as well as extracurricular needs, Brooklyn won’t disappoint you. It has several schools with various aims and teaching styles to choose from. 

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