Beautiful landscape of Old Mill in Pigeon Forge - Smoky Mountains area ,Tennessee USA. Beautiful landscape of Old Mill in Pigeon Forge - Smoky Mountains area ,Tennessee USA.

6 Best Reasons to Visit Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge

Although Pigeon Forge is a mountain resort city in Tennessee, its offerings will have you believe otherwise. The town generates over $1.5 billion from tourism annually, with 10 million people visiting it yearly.

It has a variety of family fun activities, from Adventure Park to mini golf courses, go-kart tracks, zip-line courses, roller coaster rides with local and international cuisines, and a variety of lodgings.

Pigeon Forge is 35 miles from Knoxville in east Tennessee at the bottom of the Great Smoky Mountains.

You can take a chairlift, jeep ride, cable car, or hike up the mountains. You will come across scenic hiking trails with ancient communities, villages, parks, and other hotspots.

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Pirates Voyage is one of the best places to eat with live entertainment, performances, pirate-themed ships, and costumed staff serving unique delicacies and other family entertainments you must not miss.

It is especially enjoyable for kids and caters to people of all ages who can get a chance to witness pirates in action along with pirate ships and other pirate gear. They can get to witness what they see on TV in live action.

There are several reasons to visit Pirates Voyage while you are on vacation in Pigeon Forge. 

A Perfect Way to Make Fun Memories Together

Attending dinner shows in Pigeon Forge is the perfect way to make memories with your group of friends or family. You will not forget the experience and take incredible memories back home that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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The dinner show and the meal would be so incredible that you would talk about it during your entire trip.

In addition, you will find something for everyone here at Pirates Voyage. The place offers a wide spread of creamy vegetable soup, ham, pan-fried chicken, and delicious desserts that will take you into a food coma. 

Special Activities and Group Pricing

At Pirates Voyage, the notion ‘the more, the merrier’ follows suit. The place offers special discounts; additionally, you can split the cost among your group members to make it more affordable. 

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Before purchasing your ticket, remember to fill out group forms to avail yourself of special group deals. You can take a mixed group of kids, young adults, and elders, as it is a place for all. Kids can get special pirate makeovers from the show.

Sit for the show after getting makeovers for a complete experience package. Watch the pirate battle on land, in water, on the deck, and above the pirate ships in the indoor hideaway lagoon.

Enjoy the fun and action-packed pirate spirit with music and an evening full of excitement.

The Pirate Experience 

Enjoy the experience of being served and entertained by pirates and mermaids. From trapeze to water stunts, and entertaining skits, you’ll enjoy a complete Pirates Voyage experience. 

Watch the performance and enjoy dinner that has signature snacks, and delicious grub, for all ages. The pirate experience will certainly make your Pigeon Forge experience worthwhile.

There are a variety of souvenirs for all ages. These gifts range from ceramic mermaids to child-friendly toys like swords and more. These souvenirs will take you back to your enjoyable vacation or getaway.

Heartiest Feast

Pirates Voyage Dinner Show Pigeon Forge Tennessee (Full Review)

Come to Pirates Voyage on an empty stomach after a hike or exploring other places. Once you start feasting, you will not want to leave. The dinner comprises pirate-themed four-course meals. The place offers:

  • Corn on the Cob.
  • Herb-basted Potato.
  • Tea or Coffee.
  • Buccaneer biscuit.
  • Voyager creamy vegetable soup as starters.
  • Cracklin’ pan-fried chicken.
  • Swashbucklin’s sugar-cured ham for the picky eaters. 

The menu is such that people of all ages and preferences will enjoy the full-course meal. The best part of the place is that you get to witness amazing performances while you feast. 

Pirates and Mermaids

Watch your child’s face light up as they’re transformed into a pirate or mermaid with makeup and other accessories.

You can ensure their complete entertainment, and they will leave happy. Your kids are likely to stay glued to the performance and will enjoy mixing in with the theme of the show.

Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show | Fun, Feast and Adventure | Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The performances such as acrobatics, water-based stunts, and comedy shows are sure to fill the hall with excitement and laughter. 


Pirates Voyage is a complete entertainment package for the entire family of all ages. You can take kids, teenagers, young adults, and adults and enjoy special group discounts. Make uncountable memories together that will last a lifetime. 

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Feast on amazing and unique delicacies, desserts, and main course meals. Witness an epic battle on deck, land, and water. Get makeovers for your kids before the show for a fully fun experience. Let them experience entertainment beyond words, in a way they cherish the time spent here. 

The possibilities are endless, especially with a convenient location at Parkway amid all tourist activities. A vacation or getaway to Pigeon Forge is worth the experience. But, even if you’re going there as a couple, there’s much fun to be had.

You can still have a ball taking in the talent and the overall friendly, welcoming atmosphere. 

If you’ve already visited Pirates Voyage, do share your two cents regarding this to add to the experience of first-comers. We’d love to know what you enjoyed at this show and what was your most memorable experience.


1. How much do Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge cost?

Often, there are different admission prices for adults and children. Adults must pay $49.99 for normal admission seating, and children over three must pay $29.99 to reserve a seat inside the Pigeon Forge pirate performance.

2. Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge’s duration is how long?

The performance will last between 1.5 and 1.75 hours.

3. Does dinner come with Pirates Voyage?

Not only will you be amused at Pirates Cruise in Pigeon Forge, but you’ll also enjoy a great four-course dinner!

4 Reasons To Visit Pirate Voyage In Pigeon Forge

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