Stone silent sunrise on the Chesapeake Bay. Stone silent sunrise on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sandy Point Beach – 10 Rules to Follow at the Beach!

Sandy Point Beach located in the Sandy Point State Park, along the Chesapeake Bay and serves as a popular picnic spot and offers outstanding scenic views.

Sandy Point State Park is a popular recreation spot and is located at Chesapeake Bay Bridge’s western end in Maryland’s Anne Arundel County.

The beautiful attractions of Sandy Point State Park are Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Sandy Point Lighthouse, and Sandy Point Beach. If you want a break from the busy mundane city life, Sandy Point Beach is the perfect go-to destination with your friends and family.

You can enjoy a good picnic along the calm waters or go fishing, boating, swimming, sunbathing, crabbing, and other water activities.

Sandy Point State Park also includes the famous Sandy Point Farmhouse and falls under the National Register of Historic Places. Sandy Point State Park receives more than 1 million tourists every year for its beautiful swimming beaches.

The park covers an area of 786 acres of land and is open all throughout the week from 7 am to the morning.

History of the Sandy Point Beach and Park

In the year 1948, the state of Maryland bought the Sandy Point site which served as a Ferry System for the Chesapeake Bay. Sandy Point Park officially opened in the year 1952 and ethnically separated the bathhouses and Sandy Point beach.

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In the year 1955, a hearing was made and the park was combined by the US Supreme Court. Ultimately, the Fourteenth Amendment provides recreational facilities and swimming beaches within the park.

Things to Know About Sandy Point Beach

The south beach of Sandy Point is the main swimming area of the beach. The beach offers picturesque views of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge as well as massive international cargo ships sailing by. The end of a peninsula is bordered by Sandy Point Beach.

There are many such interesting facts about this place. Some of them are listed below.

  • The southern part of the beach faces the Bay Bridge whereas the eastern part of the beach faces an open widespread view of the eastern coastline. The bathhouses and the playing areas are all located on the southern beach.
  • The sand of Sandy Point Beach is orange in color. The orange-ish color is because of the natural iron ore rock of Maryland. Although the sand looks colorful, it is not at all dangerous. The color of the sand changes with the intensity of the sunlight.
  • If there is a lot of wind or a storm, the waves on the beach can get really big. The bottom of Sandy Point Beach is a regular slant and does not have any grasses or debris.
  • There are critters like crabs that can go scampering in the ocean water. Therefore it is always better to wear water shoes. You can collect small rocks as well as pretty shells in the beach’s fishing areas.
  • In the mid to late summer, Sandy Point Beach has plenty of jellyfish. However, the amount of jellyfish depends on annual rainfall, river flowers, and the salinity of the area.
  • Sandy Point Beach has a huge parking area and during the holidays and weekends, the parking lot gets quickly filled up. Once the parking area is full, you will not be allowed to enter Sandy Point State park. 
  • Visitors will be charged a fee per vehicle. However, the price of the fee increases during holidays and weekends. There is access to an automatic toll machine that accepts 1-dollar bills or quarters. The toll machine also accepts visa cards and MasterCard.

The picnic tables on the beach are only offered to visitors who arrive first. In the Eastern beach area, picnicking is only allowed through pre-reservations.

Rules of Sandy Point Beach and Park

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There are various beach activities that you can enjoy and experience at Sandy Point Beach. However, there are certain things and rules you must keep in mind and follow when you are at the beach.

  1. To maintain a healthy and appropriate family ambiance at the beach, the Maryland Park service allows alcoholic drinks and beverages only under a certain limit. However, carrying alcohol and glass containers at Sandy Point State Park is prohibited.

  2. Visitors are only allowed to swim in selected swimming areas. Lifeguard facilities are available in South Beach from 10 to 6 in the morning all year round.

  3. Near the beach of Sandy Point, a bathhouse with toilets, changing rooms, and shower facilities are located for Sandy Point State park visitors. Additionally, the beach has volleyball nets for all 12 months.

  4. The beach of Sandy Point is trash free. Make sure not to throw any litter or garbage on the park and the beach.

  5. Along the Sandy Point State park, small sunshades are allowed at the beach and grassy area. In addition, beach chair is available and visitors can take umbrella rentals as well.

  6. The area along Sandy Point Beach sells beach supplies as well as picnic supplies along with snack eatables and drinks. Additionally, you can also find items from the Marina Store located by the boat ramps.

  7. Along the large parking area, there is the availability of picnic tables along with grill machines.

  8. Pets are not allowed on the beach as well as the park between the month of May and September.

  9. Swimming is only allowed at certain beach areas and visitors are not allowed to swim after the sun goes down.

  10. Metal detectors are allowed in the swimming areas before the weekend of Memorial Day through Labor Day only during park hours.

Eastern Beach of Sandy Point

If you want to experience a less crowded and more natural area on the beach, head towards Eastern Beach. This area of the beach has grassy picnic areas and benches with a covered shed to watch the beautiful sight of the bay. 

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However, Eastern Beach does have its own swimming beaches and bathhouses. But it is only reserved for any private celebrations and functions. Although the Sandy Point Shoal is a great spot for swimming, it is dangerous for boats.

In the year 1883, a lighthouse was built in this area of the peninsula. The lighthouse is an Empire-style construction which is 37 feet in height and a red brick tower facing all eight sides with a roof white in color and a black lantern.

Best Things to Do Near Sandy Point State Park

Sandy Point State Park offers innumerable things to do with your family. Besides giving a perfect holiday beach destination, the place offers innumerable exciting things to do. 

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  1. Visitors can experience a full-day or a half-day sunset cruise and enjoy a private sail charter in the Chesapeake bay with the captain. You can take a tour along the lighthouse, and sail through the Bay Bridge, or you can just experience the beautiful sunset over Annapolis by sipping over some fine wines.

  2. Numerous cruises are sailed by the Schooner Woodwind Annapolis Cruise for the public as well as private cruises. The capacity is around 30 to 40 people and you are definitely going to have a good sailing experience.

  3. Enjoy and experience some adventurous water activities with Capital SUP like kayaking and paddle boarding. There are facilities for sports activities lessons, water racing, tours, and adventures.

  4. If you want an exclusive and unforgettable experience for your child in Annapolis Harbor, Chesapeake’s Pirate Adventure is a go-to place. There are innumerable activities for children which includes face painting, pirate fashions, and tattoos, defending the ship with water cannons, and treasure map hunting.

  5. Stop at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and experience breathtaking and splendid views all throughout the year. You get to see the beautiful Chesapeake Bay along with the sailboats and ships. The view it offers is majestic and interesting.


Undoubtedly, Sandy Point Beach is a perfect and ideal go-to beach with your family. The beach offers fun activities for both kids and adults.

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However, it is important to maintain and follow certain rules and regulations while you are at the beach to maintain the sanity of the beautiful area. Sandy Point park and beach is thus a popular holiday and weekend destination in the state of Maryland.

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