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Round Barn Winery: Explore the Rich History and Exceptional Wines

Attention wine lovers! Gather your friends and get ready to take a road trip, because in southwest Michigan you will find a place that will tantalize your taste buds and ease your soul.

Located right in the heart of the state’s wine country, Round Barn Winery is home to some of the most incredible flavors you could ever imagine. Not only does this family-owned business offer decadent wines, but they also have special spirits and beers to try!

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1. Round Barn Winery’s History

If you love history, this former winery estate is perfect. The Moersch family discovered the amazingness of Southwest Michigan’s soil many years ago when they started growing their grapes. Now their 85-acre estate is one of the best vineyards for producing high quality grapes.

2. The Family’s Legacy

Each grape grown has been cared for by someone who deeply cares about what goes into your glass, from vine to bottle. This dedication makes every customer feel part of Round Barn’s warm and cozy family.

3. Wine Tastings at Round Barn Winery

A New Way to Experience Wine Tasting

3.1. The Selections Are Endless

Whether you love red or white, there are plenty of options for everyone! From a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon to a light fruit-flavored Chardonnay, each sip will transport your palette somewhere new.

3.2. Don’t Miss Out on Dessert Wines

Finish off your tasting with a sweet treat! These dessert wines have been designed to be the perfect way to end any meal or round out any cheese board.

4. Award-Winning Wines You Need To Try

You don’t leave it up to customers to decide if something tastes good or not, right? Well, neither do Round Barn wineries! That’s why these talented winemakers have won multiple awards for their superior creations.

5. Exploring the Round Barn Estate

Round Barn Winery | Distillery | Brewery

5.1. Take a Look at The Famous Barn

Round Barn’s famous barn is more than just an iconic structure. It also holds lots of history and memories that can be felt when standing before it. Walk around and take some pictures to make your visit complete.

5.2. Visit The Vineyards and Winery Estate

Are you the kind of person that’s always dreamed about living in a vineyard? Well then this is heaven on Earth for you! Round Barn’s 85 acres are home to some of the most beautiful growing plants you’ve ever seen. Spend some time strolling through them and enjoying all the beauty while sipping your favorite wine!

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5.3. Winery Distillery And Brewery

If you’re tired of drinking wine, don’t worry because they also have other fun spirits! Their fruit-infused vodka has been perfected over time by the Moersch family and is now one of their best sellers.

5.4. Live Music Events

Wine + Live Music = Your New Favorite Combo! They know how to party at Round Barn, so every weekend from May through October, most weekends, they have live bands perform.

Vineyard Lawn Nested between the Round Barn and a tranquil pond is the perfect spot to enjoy a fun-filled day at the winery. Sip on your favorite wine while enjoying a good time and listening to music with great company!

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Screenshot from the official website: Round Barn Winery

5.5. Table Service Area Details

In the table service area, everyone can sit back and relax. They only need to worry about sipping on their drink and enjoying the restaurant and magnificent view. The staff are trained to be attentive so guests have everything they need.

5.6. Food truck delights

One of the best ways to complement wine (or typical drinks for those who don’t drink) is with tasty food from a food truck. Round Barn Winery has got you covered with its delicious food and snack selection.

6. Ordering Options at Round Barn Winery

6.1. Online Orders for Convenience

Even though the winery team wants people to show up in person, they understand life gets busy, and sometimes, you realize it’s nice to sit at home and enjoy a drink. That’s why this place offers online ordering options.

6.2. Public House for On-Site Enjoyment

For those who prefer doing things in person, there’s always space at the Public House at Round Barn Winery, where guests are welcomed throughout the year. Here, you can sit down with friends, family, or even strangers at this point, cozy up next to one another, and enjoy all that the winery and brewery have to offer while making new memories.

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7. Special Features of Round Barn Winery

7.1. Blueberry Wines

Round Barn doesn’t mess around when it comes to variety. Among many other unique wines are their cranberry and blueberry ones, which are said to be both bold and flavorful. They’re perfect for people looking for something different whenever they come here.

7.2. Original Location and Construction

The construction process of this place was unique from start to finish. It seems the property was built for a purpose, maintained with care throughout modern times, and remains a central part of this winery property’s charm.

7.3. Year-Round Offerings

No matter the time of year, there’ll always be something new waiting for customers here. When you visit during spring or summer, you’ll see vibrant greens. Come in fall and you’ll see rich golds and reds. Even though winter can be gloomy, the winery will always have a warm place to come in from the cold.

Round Barn Winery
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7.4. Seasonal Events and Activities

Round Barn Winery loves to keep things fresh, so it hosts many activities and events each season. Whether it’s a full tasting room, a summer concert series under the stars, or one of their intimate wine-pairing dinners served in the winter, every event shows off what makes this winery great and what makes your community so special.

The people behind Round Barn wines do everything they can to ensure you drink something high-quality. And they don’t stop there, they also try to make sure bottles of their products don’t harm the environment in any way which is why all of their practices are sustainable.

Round Barn Winery
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8. Final Thoughts on Round Barn Winery

Round Barn Winery is a place that teaches you wine history, flavor, and culture. You can expect to be an expert or dip your toes into wine tasting; you’ll leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Stop waiting and plan your visit today! Bring friends or family and prepare for an unforgettable wine-testing adventure better than any other.

This winery ensures guests feel the passion in every bottle they sip from. Walking through the green vineyard makes it easy to see how much love is put into the craft of making these wines.

There’s more to Round Barn than taste; their devotion to community and sustainability speaks volumes to visitors. They go above and beyond to contribute eco-friendly practices that truly give visitors a chance to understand what goes on behind the scenes.

If you’re looking for more knowledge, Round Barn has got you covered, too. They offer seasonal workshops about sustainable agriculture, culinary pairings, or even winemaking to create a deeper connection between them and guests.

This hands-on approach is an unbreakable bond between the two parties, making a typical visit unforgettable.

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