Online Casinos: Separating Myths from Facts


The online casino industry has attained immense popularity recently. With such popularity also comes a lot of scrutiny. However, there are many people whose scrutiny stems not from a place of facts, but from fiction. In this article, we’d like to separate facts from myths when it comes to iGaming.

Unlicensed Casinos Are Dangerous – Fact

One prevailing belief in the iGaming world is that unlicensed casinos are dangerous. If a casino operates without a license that means it isn’t regulated, and therefore you can’t be sure whether the games are safe to play, or even if the casino is not just a front for a scam. The question is, is there any merit to this claim?

The answer is absolutely yes. Unlicensed casinos are incredibly dangerous, for all of the reasons we brought up above. If you are checking out an online casino and notice that it is unlicensed, close the tab, and look elsewhere. There are so many legit gambling websites like the Novibet casino that wasting your time at potentially dangerous websites is simply not worth it.

Online Casino Bonuses Can’t Help You Win – Questionable

One of the primary reasons for online casinos’ success is that they constantly offer some type of bonus or promotion. The idea is that you could use these bonuses to help you win the game, and earn back some cash. The problem? Many believe that these bonuses can’t really help you win any money. So, is this true?

Well, the truth is much more complex than a simple yes or no. In theory, a player using a bonus offer can win a big prize. However, this happens so rarely, that it might as well not happen at all. In truth, bonuses are much more useful as tools to explore new games and get the gist of how they work, rather than to attempt to win at a game.

So, can online casino bonuses help you win? Possibly. Is it likely that they will help you win? Not really. Which means, this statement is closer to fact than to myth.

Online Casinos Encourage Problem Gambling – Myth

There is this notion among exclusively land-based gamblers that online casinos somehow encourage problem gambling. Certainly, having a casino available 24/7 might present a problem for some, right? Well, the answer is actually a lot more complicated than that.

While online casinos are available 24/7, they are also equipped to handle problem gamblers. The team behind the website is constantly monitoring player activity. Once they spot a gambler is wagering more than they should, they contact said person. Most online casinos even have restrictions, that temporarily close down a gambler’s account. So, this belief is, in fact, a myth.

Some Things to Consider

Online casinos are, in many ways, similar to their land-based predecessors. Just as brick-and-mortar casinos have had to deal with myths and lies told about them, so to do online casinos today. Do some independent research, and try to separate the fact from the fiction before you decide to play your favorite games online.


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