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Museums In Orlando – 7 Places To Visit

There are many museums in Orlando. However, the city of Orlando is primarily famous for its worldwide famous theme parks. Despite this, the scheduling of these theme parks is quite busy. So, if you want to take a break from these parks. The museums in Orlando are another best thing to explore.

All the museums here are organized with different and unique themes. Further, these museums are filled with treasures like historical art and artifacts from the ancient era. Although, going through all the museums may not be possible due to the lack of time for spectators.

Meanwhile, you can still explore the famous museums in Orlando. You will find all the necessary details below in this article. So, let’s get started.

1. Famous Museums In Orlando – 7 Museums To Visit

There are various famous museums in Orlando. Following are the 7 famous museums in the city:

1.1.Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center is situated in Orlando, Florida. It is among the top famous museums in Orlando. Further, this is a private science museum. However, the authority of the museum focuses on offering opportunities. It’s based on experience and these opportunities help in learning about technology and science.

Also, it supports promoting the awareness of Science and Technology among people. The AAM is an acronym for the American Alliance of Museums. AAM licensed the Museum of Orlando Science Center. However, it also has a membership of ASTC. This is the Association of Science-Technology Centers.

Orlando Science Center Tour

Furthermore, the museum was officially established in the year 1955. It was formerly included as the Central Florida Museum (CFM). In 1960, it was opened in Orlando Loch Haven Park. At that time, a museum was based on anatomy and had artifacts collections. These artifacts were related to the Caribbean Basin and Florida.

The board of directors of CFM decided to change the selection. This was the center of a science center in the early 1970s. In 1984, the name of this institution was changed. Orlando Science Center was the new name. It was an expansion part. Another major expansion took place in the year 1985.

Following are more facts:

  • Its current exhibits include Kinetic Zone, Our Planet, and Observatory.
  • NatureWorks, DinoDogs, and KidsTown are also part of it.
  • Also the Fusion: A STEAM Gallery and The Hive: A Makerspace are also included.
  • Moving on, the Digital Adventure Theatre and Dr. Phillips CineDome are the theatres.
  • Besides, these theatres are Traveling exhibits.
  • Moreover, the Neanderthal Ball and Science Night Live are the annual events here.
  • It also includes Science of Wine and Spark STEM Fest

1.2.Orange County Regional History Center

Orange County Regional History Center is situated at 65 East Central Boulevard, Orlando, Florida, US. It is a privately owned historical museum. Further, it is also a non-profit organization. Also, it is standing in the historic Orange County Courthouse. However, it consists of five-story (s).

The museum showcases regional and local history. It’s from about twelve thousand years ago. A courthouse made of red brick. It was constructed at the edge of Orlando in 1892. In 1927, the history center’s present home was added. This was a classical building. Besides, the courthouse of Red-Brick was demolished in the year 1957.

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The board of County Commissioners included a new historical commission. This was to carry on the work. In 1960, besides the 1927 courthouse, another building was constructed. Further, in 1976, the Loch Haven Park of the Orange County Museum was officially opened. It became the pioneer of the History Center.

Over the years, several demolitions of different courthouses and expansions near the location occurred. Officially in the year 2000, the Orange County Regional History Center was begun. This center is sheltered in the courthouse of 1927. Murry S. King designed the architecture of the museum. He was the 1st registered architect of the city of Orlando.

In May 1926, the construction work of the building took place. However, in the same year, Murry S. King died. So, all the further work was finished by James B. King. He was the son of Murry S. King. Also, the History Center showcases both exhibitions. First, the permanent exhibitions. Meanwhile, the second is the traveling exhibitions.

1.3.  Pulse Memorial and Museum

The Pulse Memorial and Museum is also known as the National Pulse Memorial and Museum. It is situated in Orlando, Florida. However, it’s a prepared museum and a memorial. Further, it is made to remember the 2016’s Orlando Nightclub Shooting victims at Pulse. Besides, it was originally planned to begin in 2022.

The Congress directed this site as a national memorial. It was in the year 2021. A fence was erected in Orlando. This is to memorize the location of the Pulse Nightclub building. Moreover, it is also to commemorate 49 victims. It took an investment of 4,518 dollars. Afterward, Orlando City suggested buying the Nightclub for 2.25 million dollars. But, the discussion was postponed later.

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Meanwhile, Barbara Poma didn’t sell the Nightclub’s property. She was the owner of the Nightclub property. However, she said that she could not sell it. It was because of her emotional and personal connection to the property. Until this time, the onePULSE Foundation raised funds for museums. Also, funds for scholarships and memorials by Poma and other members.

In March 2019, the foundation of onePULSE launched a request for proposals. Besides, the proposals were due by January 31, 2020. There were a total of 68 submissions of designs. Out of which, 6 finalists were chosen. Finally, Coldefy & Associates with RDAI became the winner of the final design. A Blue Ribbon Jury completed the selection process.

However, the final decisions were the result of a collective decision. Before giving any result, keep in mind more than 2,300 comments. The survivors submitted these comments. Also the families of the victims. Meanwhile, the current design has many representations. It’s like 49 color lines, a reflecting pool surrounding the PULSE building, 49 trees, and more.

1.4.  Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

The Skeletons: Museum of Osteology is situated in the city of Orlando, Florida, US. It is the first osteology museum in Orlando City. However, it offers you the skeletons. These are more than 500 animals. This is to view visitors in more than forty exhibitions.

Also, it includes many types of animals. Besides these are vertebrates, invertebrates, terrestrial, aquatic, scavengers, and more.

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

It displays the animals that mimic the habits. Meanwhile, these habits are related to their original life. Further, it educates visitors about the animal kingdoms’ amazing beauty. However, the primary goal is to let people know about animal conservation. Sketching with Skeletons and Forensic Pathology: Human Skills are a couple of exhibitions here.

1.5.  The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is situated near Orlando in Winter Park, Florida, USA. It showcases a wide collection of artworks. Louis Comfort Tiffany does these artworks. However, his famous work includes art windows & glasses along with leaded glass lamps and paintings.

It is a large museum with historic interiors. Also, it is among the famous museums in Orlando. This is also home to American paintings and pottery. Its calmness and quiet atmosphere are extremely favorable for the visitors here. You can enjoy the beautiful lighting show at the Tiffany Cathedral.

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art Louis Comfort Tiffany  exhibition part13 Winter Park

The lights of different colors are organized to reflect the bright lights. It reflects through stained glass windows. Also, it organizes exhibitions to watch. Also, to explore historical American art.

1.6. Orlando Museum of Art

The Orlando Museum of Art is a non-profit museum organization. It is situated at 2416 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, Florida, US. However, a group of devotees established this museum. They established it in the year 1924. Further, it is dedicated to interest, passion, and creativity. This is to link people with art.

The museum showcases a wonderful series of short-term exhibitions. Also, it offers constant education programs for all age people. Furthermore, it offers workshops, seminars, and lectures throughout the year. Besides, guided tours are provided as well. The Florida Prize in Contemporary Art is an exhibition launched in 2014 by the museum. It features renowned artistic works. These are works of various famous mid-career artists.

Orlando Museum of Art | Welcome to Sam Jose

Most of these artists are based in Florida. The American Alliance of Museums licensed the Orlando Museum of Art. It also has a membership to the program of North American Reciprocal Museums. Moreover, it is known to have over 2,400 objects. These objects include American Art and Contemporary Art. This is from the 18th century to the mid-19th century.

Also, it has Ancient American Art and African Art. The Ancient American Art Collection is among the finest in South-East United States. However, the Orlando Museum of Art is among the famous museums in Orlando.

1.7.  Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is a Titanic museum. This is situated in Orlando, Florida, US. People have different imaginations regarding the mount. Also, the departure of the Titanic for decades. It showcases the recreation of 1912. Besides, it has more than three hundred artifacts to look.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition - Orlando, Florida

You can interact with the costumed actor. Also, you can look around the full-scale room recreations. The museum offers Guided Tours. It is from Monday to Friday. Here, you can learn the passenger’s real-life stories along with the onboard crew. In addition, you can observe the recovery work that was done with objects.

2.  Conclusion

The specialty of the museums in Orlando is the awesome historical architecture of these buildings. Many museums are situated around the city parks. This gives them beautiful natural vibes. Also, several museums host exhibitions all year round. Besides, some host on weekends. So, ensure about the exhibitions before visiting.

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