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Museums in Florida : 11 Must Visits

Florida is known for its world-class museums. Florida is home to some of the most unique and diverse museums in the U.S. Let us look at some of the best museums in Florida to find out about them.

1. Best Museums in Florida

1.1 The John and Mable Ringling Museum  – Best of Museums in Florida

The John and Mable Ringling Museum, also known as the Ringling Museum, is one of the most prominent museums in Florida. It is a state art museum famous for its beautiful collection of artwork displayed in its inbuilt gallery. The Ringling Museum is the epitome of fine architecture combined with beautiful artwork.

It is built in Renaissance style and is surrounded by lush green gardens and beautiful statues and fountains. This building is painted in a beautiful pink hue supported by collonaded structural architecture.

museums in florida
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The museum boasts an enticing collection of the finest artworks from world-renowned artists such as Rubins, Gainsborough, Velazquez and Titian. The Ringling Museum is named after John Ringling, an American entrepreneur, and was built in honour of John Ringling and his wonderful collection of artworks.

It is believed that he bought many of them from European estates because of the estate’s death taxes or the maintained economic status. The museum features a unique combination of temporary exhibition galleries and a permanent collection.

It is a unique museum that is home to the amusing Venetian-Gothic Cà d’Zan mansion, the winter residence of John and Mable Ringling, the Tibbals Learning Center, the John M. McKay Visitors Pavilion (housing the Historic Asolo Theater), the Johnson/Blalock Education/Conservation Building and The Ulla R. and Arthur F. Searing Wing.

This museum has a significant collection of Asian art. It is governed by Florida State University and is one of the largest museum university complexes in the U.S. 

1.2 Great Explorations Children’s Museum

The Great Exploration Children’s Museum is an interactive place where children can be creative, have fun and indulge in making discoveries. It is a children’s museum and program centre located in Florida, which is also one of the best museums in Florida for children. The museum is for children ten and below 10, a huge museum spread across 23,000 square feet.

museums in florida
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It is an amazing place with exhibits and activities that help children stimulate their creativity through fun, play and exploration. This great exploration museum is also a museum cum preschool which is a national award winner that even has an after programmes, community programmes and exciting field trips.

1.3 NASA Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex

NASA Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex is a must-visit in Florida. It is one of the best museums in Florida, USA. The museum is exciting and thrilling for the space science enthusiast. It is a great place to explore and learn new things about space. 

The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex was first founded in 1967. However, it was only after 1995 that the space centre got recognition. In 1995, it expanded and became a futuristic and unbelievable visitor experience.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Overview

At NASA Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, you get to explore the ongoing missions along with their space explorations and achievements of the past. You can get a first-hand experience of how they operate their space missions and get an up close, intimate experience, a unique experience of its own.

There are a huge number of visitor attractions at the visitor complex. Some are must-visit attractions, such as the Rocket Garden, where you can witness the great Mercury 3 Redstone rocket launched in 1961. Also, the special programme called the astronaut encounter called “Heroes and the Legends” allows you to meet, hear and interact with former NASA astronauts, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

At space shuttle Atlantis, you get to see the entrance of the home of the space shuttle Atlantis. Another one is the space v rocket programme, where you learn about the rocket’s power and the whole experience of launching into space on such a huge machine.

1.4 Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a beautiful combination of the awe-inspiring museum and breathtaking gardens. Vizcaya Museum is named after a beautiful shoreline along the Spanish coast of the same name. Additionally, the museum is a wonderful amalgamation of the amazing European extravagance set in the American context. 

museums in florida
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

It was built by a great industrialist named James Deering, who was inspired by Renaissance architecture. Also, it is inspired by the early architectural style. Moreover, it was amusing that he drew inspiration from the modern-day technology available during 1914, such as the telephone switching system and incorporated it into building his estate. 

A trip to the main house leads you to a wonderful tea room decorated with a sleek marble floor, reflecting the vibrant colours beaming through doors made up of glass. As you enter the breakfast room, you will see the beautiful Mofi style, which displays a unique combination of Chinese ceramics and Neapolitan seascapes.

1.5 The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum was designed by an architect named Yamm Weymouth. One of his most notable works in Dali includes the Enigma, which, as the name suggests, is a geodesic dorm made of glass triangles that allows the beautiful sunrays to fall into the atrium.

A helix staircase leads you to the third floor from the ground floor. There is a beautiful gallery on the third floor. 

The Dali Museum is a lively museum that is happening the whole year. They host different events and functions for every age group, such as yoga classes, film clubs, and children’s events. 

1.6 St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum, INC 

The Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime, Inc. is a classic educational maritime museum situated 165ft above sea level. You can enjoy the amazing sights from the top of the St. Augustine lighthouse; however, to enjoy the breathtaking view of Matanzas Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, you can climb up to 219 stairs, the maximum number of stairs allowed. 

4K Walk Tour | St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

A trip here makes for a unique experience if you want to learn about the maritime history of the lighthouse and the glorious past of Saint Augustine.

The museum has a ground with a natural hammock, boat building, children’s play area, etc. This museum also boasts a gift shop that offers a great collection of local souvenirs and nauticals. You do not need a ticket to visit the gift shop. 

1.7 Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of Modern Art, commonly known as Morse Museum, is home to some of the most sophisticated and comprehensive collections of artworks by American artists and designers named Louis Comfort Tiffany. 

This museum has an extensive collection of words such as jewellery, pottery, leaded glass lamps and windows, and art glass. 

The Morse Museum Of American Art | The Louis Comfort Tiffany Glass Art Collection

The gallery also features his chapel interior from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition, which was held in Chicago. The chapel was reassembled and reopened in 1999 to the general public for the first time after 100 years. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is also home to Louis’s architectural objects and artworks from his Long Island country estate, Lourelton Hall. 

Morse Museum is regarded as one of the finest museums in Orlando. It is a very famous museum in Florida. The museum is best known for its comprehensive galleries, home to the Tiffany collections.

The gallery includes every form of art he worked on and produced from different periods of his life. This museum also boasts famous American pottery and paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. 

1.8 Indian Temple Mound Museum – Best 11 Museums in Florida

The Indian temple mound museum first opened in the year 1962. However, the museum’s current building was opened to the public in 1972. 

Indian Temple Mound and Museum Visitors Guide

The museum is home to comprehensive exhibitions that display the 12,000 years of occupation by the Native Americans in the U.S. It boasts a unique collection of artefacts, such as the one made up of bone, stones, shells and clay. It also houses one of the finest and most amazing collections of cremains from prehistoric times in the southeastern United States. 

The exhibitions of the museums also include artefacts of the explorers who came from Europe, the early settlers, and local pirates.

The Indian Temple Museum displays a rich collection of prehistoric native american artefacts and tools and weapons of ancient times. It also has exhibitions on native american history and the history of Florida.

The place where the museum is located used to be a centre of huge exchange of social, cultural, religious and political activity. The place is one of the largest mounds found by salt water, with a footprint of about 50,000 square feet.

If you visit Florida, you must not miss a chance to visit this historic museum with a rich history to tell. Indian Temple Mound Museum should be a must on your bucket list.

 1.9 Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of Florida was established to preserve the significance of the local commercial fishing industry. It is situated on four acres of land and is one of the best museums in Florida for the fishing enthusiast. The maritime museums work on accumulating, collecting, and preserving the transitional knowledge to share it with many others.


It also offers cultural artefacts and personal stories unique to Florida’s maritime and fishing heritage. These stories are shared through engaging exhibits, educational resources and public programming. The exhibitions display boat models, historic photographs, and other artefacts. The Florida Maritime Museum also houses native plant gardens, ancient historic structures, fountains, and maritime objects.

1.10 Orlando Museum of Art 

Orlando Museum of Art is a not-for-profit organization founded by a group of art lovers in 1924. It is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and best museums in Florida. The Orlando Museum of Art is known for its stunning collection of art that displays Florida’s ever-green and vibrant art culture and growth.

The Museum is the best place to discover and explore the past by witnessing the historic artistry. You can indulge in beautiful sculptures and paintings you won’t find anywhere else. 

Orlando Museum of Art | Welcome to Sam Jose

The Orlando Museum houses some of the most stunning, unique collections of artefacts in the most compelling way. It is known to provide the best experience to its visitors and aims to change and inspire the lives of each of them in an optimistic way.

The museum also boasts amazing innovative programmes that are part of the cultural legacy of Florida. Furthermore, the museum aims to continuously inspire curiosity, creativity, and passion by acting as the connecting point and connecting people with their ideas and art.

1.11 Florida Museum of Natural History

Florida Museum of Natural History is no less than a paradise. It is a must-visit museum if you ever visit Florida. Also, the museum It houses more than a million cultural artefact specimens. It has the best and the largest collection of different species of moths and butterflies.

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Image by Observations? Science needs your data from Pixabay

The museum is set on the mission to research, preserve and interpret cultural heritage and biological diversity. Some of the main attractions of the Florida Museum of Natural History are the exhibitions that explore and highlight the cultural history and unique habitats of Florida.

At the museum, you can experience a of its kind experience as you witness hundreds of butterflies from all over the world in the unique butterfly rainforest exhibit of the museum. You can explore the unique habitats and feed your curiosity here, along with Florida’s cultural and natural history. 

2. Conclusion – 11 Best Museums in Florida

Florida is home to a great number of unique and fun museums. Some of the best museums in Florida have been mentioned above, such as the Ringling Museum, the Dali Museum, the Maritime Museum and so on. Each museum has a unique theme and offers a unique experience. Museums in Florida are a gateway to Florida’s rich culture and heritage. Click here to read more such articles.

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