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Multnomah Village – 13 Best Things to Do at the Village!

Settled on the heart of the business district of Multnomah Village, Multnomah is a pretty neighborhood located in the southwestern part of Portland, Oregon. In the year 1900, Portland’s Multnomah Village did not appear on the map.

Later, a station with an electric railroad was added in the Multnomah neighborhood thus making a traveling time of 15 minutes between downtown Portland and Multnomah Village.

Today, the Multnomah Village is a sparkling and active neighborhood, with pretty parks and residential areas, and some of the popular local businesses of Portland. The Multnomah Village was invaded by Portland in the year 1950.

The neighborhood of Multnomah is surrounded by Crestwood, Ashcreek, and Maplewood on the west, Hillsdale, and Hayhurst on the north, and West Portland Park, Markham, and South Burlingame on the east and the south.

Life of Multnomah Village

The word “Multnomah” is referred to a tribe that dwelled in the area of Portland called the Chinookan people. In the early years of the 1900s, a train station named Multnomah was built at John’s Marketplace by the Oregon Electric Railway.

The community developed and evolved surrounding the station thus the name Multnomah Village.

Get To Know Multnomah Village

From downtown Portland, Multnomah Village is a short drive of 5 to 10 minutes. People who love cycling can also take a bike ride to Multnomah Village from downtown Portland in less than an hour. There are also facilities for buses. TriMet bus numbers 44 and 45 will take you to Multnomah village.

The quaint streets of Multnomah Village have uncountable styles of homes and apartments including Craftsman, Bungalows, Condos, mid-century modern houses, and Victorian houses. All the grocery stores, shopping markets, restaurants, coffee shops, eclectic shops, and pubs are easily accessible.

You can either make use of public transport or can take a bike, or simply walk. The beautiful village life is a perfect place who wants to dwell close to the downtown. The village life is quiet and calm and has a small-town charm.

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Photo by Austin: Pexels

The luxurious and modern apartments of the village are customized with unique details and styles. The boutique apartments are located at Capitol Highway and SW 33rd Avenue and hold a great ambiance and charm.

The vibrant four-story apartments come with spacious big rooms and top-class amenities.

Best Things to Do at the Village

Multnomah Village boasts alluring and fascinating vibes with numerous sidewalk eateries, exclusive shops, and widespread outside attractions from the commotion of downtown Portland.

There are great and fantastic dining options starting from lip-smacking hand-tossed pizzas to local breweries.

Most of the businesses of Multnomah Village lie on Capitol Highway. The business of the village is mostly operated out of the village’s historical buildings including The Lucky Lab, Multnomah Art Center, and The Marco’s, thus managing and preserving the original attraction and charisma of the town.

The village offers its residents various fun activities, hangouts that are dog friendly along with supreme quality restaurants.

There is something for every resident and for every price in the village. The village is surrounded by pubs, wine bars, innumerable food carts and trucks, and ice cream parlors along with dozens of options for vegetarians and vegans as well.

Below mentioned are some of the favorite things to do in the village.

1. Snacking and Sipping

If you are looking for the best sourdough in town, you must visit the most loved bakery in Portland named the Grand Central Bakery. The founder of this bakery is Gwen Bassetti who initially started her business on Lopez Island in the year 1960 on a roadside farm.

Since then, the residents of Portland are obsessed with this bakery. The most beloved items of this bakery are the classic sourdough bread and the Blue Ribbon sandwich.

The Fat City Cafe offers classic and authentic heavy dishes including cinnamon rolls, biscuits, gravy, waffles, pancakes, burgers, and scrambles.

Next, is Marco’s Crafe which is located in the Nelson Thomas Building. Marco’s Cafe has a lot of history as initially, it served as the neighborhood’s post office, builder’s lodge, and dance hall.

The ceiling of this cafe is decorated with open umbrellas so that the voice of the customers does not echo. The cafe serves delicious breakfast and cocktails all day long and a happy hour meal from 3 to 5 in the evening.

If you are looking for delicious pizzas in the village, you must definitely visit Tastebud. Tastebud is a food cart turned into a restaurant and is a family-owned restaurant.

They serve the best pizzas in the village along with seasonal local ingredients including crabapples, poblanos, peaches, and tomatoes.

macros cafe
Courtesy: Macro’s Cafe

The Lucky Labrador Public House in the village is a popular pub cum restaurant that sells barley flour pizzas that are hand-tossed. Along with pizzas, they also sell local Lucky Lab ales including Black Lab Stout and Dog Day IPA.

A popular pastry shop is run by the name Otto and Anita’sand is a famous patisserie in the village for serving traditional and authentic Bavarian dishes including dill pickle soup, strudels, wursts, and schnitzels. The cakes of this patisserie are a must to taste if you are visiting the shop.

2. Shopping Stores

John’s Marketplace is a perfect shopping destination to choose your favorite drinks. The shop has more than 400 varieties of wines and more than 1000 varieties of beers along with seltzers, kombuchas, and ciders.

Switch Shoes is a famous and ideal shoes and clothes shopping destination for all fashion lovers. The shop sells organic clothes and environmentally friendly attires by professional and famous designers from Israel and Portland.

Switch Shoes official website screenshot

If you are looking for hand-dyed fibers made by artists from the region, you can visit Northwest Wools. The store is one of the oldest yarn shops in Portland.

Annie Bloom’s Books store is an independent bookstore in Portland that sells a great variety of travel guidebooks, cookbooks, fiction books, and children’s story books.

3. Other Activities

The Multnomah Art Center brings pocket-friendly and reasonable art education to the Portland community and is one of the biggest art centers in the United States of America.

Colored Pencils @ Multnomah Art Center 2012

In addition, every year the community of the village hosts a Halloween party in the village. The streets are beautifully decorated with numerous game stalls and local vendors.

The children can take part in the costume parade and can trick or treat in a friendly and safe environment.

Gabriel Park is a popular 89 acres park in the Multnomah Village. The park also includes a skating park, a volleyball court, waking footpaths, a playground for kids, a community garden, dog parks, and outdoor fitness equipment.

Other Neighborhoods Around the Village

Downtown Portland is a paradise for all food lovers along with scenic views of the river. The place is surrounded by affordable restaurants along with organic cafes.

In addition, the place is also home to several stores including clothing, books, jewelry, home decor, candy, and home goods.

Visit Homestead and make sure to stop by Duniway Park and Terwilliger Parkway.

Stop by Sellwood Moreland and enjoy the amazing restaurants and monuments. Also, make sure to take a look at Oaks Amusement Park and Riverfront Park.

Hawthorne District and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry are the must-sees if you want to spend some time in Hosford Abernethy.

Do not forget to visit the beautiful Multnomah Falls which is one of the highest waterfalls in the whole of Oregon.

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Photo by Perry Kibler on Unsplash

Visit Portland’s Old Town Chinatown decorated with Chinese-style red street lamps. You get amazing Chinese cuisine along with southern and northern dishes and Chinese medicine shops.

Take a visit to Pittock Mansion, one of the most famous houses in Portland. The decoration and architecture of this mansion are deluxe and expensive.

Settled in the south of Oregon is the Crater Lake National Park which is one of the deepest lakes in the United States of America.

A popular tourist attraction, The International Rose Test Garden features more than 500 varieties of roses. The garden looks vibrant and colorful.

The Pioneer Courthouse Square has high-end shopping malls along with a variety of shops and eateries. Many large-scale activities like live music performances and special marketing activities are held here.


Therefore, Multnomah Village in downtown Portland is a beautiful place to reside as well as to have a good quality of life. The village looks vibrant and lively with a lot of options for eating, hanging out, and shopping.

Living in Multnomah Village Oregon (Portland Oregon City Tour)

The apartments and the houses are decent to reside with plenty of options and amenities according to your choices.

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