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Montana Mountains: 9 Mountains with Breathtaking Sights

Montana is also known as Bis Sky Country, which has many mountains. You will find more than 100 mountain ranges, and you will also get some of the sub-range mountains in Montana.

Most travelers who have been to these beautiful mountains are amazed by the beauty of the Montana Mountains.

Guide To Montana Mountains

The word Montana is a Latin word that means “mountains.” As you can see, the word itself signifies mountains, so you can understand how many mountain peaks you will find in this state of the USA.

You will find crazy mountains with the best hiking trails and beautiful northern rocky mountains in Montana.

The mountains listed here are the most visited, even if you can put these mountains on your to-do list. 

1. The Rocky Mountains

This northern Rockies mountain stretches for about 4,800 km, and as the name suggests, rocks, so you can expect to find many rocky terrains. The range of this mountain extends in a spherical distance.

Rocky Mountains Green Glacier National Park Mountains from Highline Trail
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The Rocky Mountains stretch from New Mexico to some parts of the US on the southern side. In addition, you will also notice that the range has covered some distance to the easternmost part of the North American Cordillera.

In The Rocky Mountains, you will find at least a hundred peaks. Out of that, 78 mountains can be found in Colorado.

The other ten peaks are in Wyoming, three of them in Montana, one rise in Utah, and the last six peaks are in New Mexico. These rocky ranges are the major mountain ranges of this state.

In addition to these, there are also a few facts that you must know before you go hiking in these mountains.

  • They are quite familiar with being the home to nine national parks in Montana.
  • The Rocky Mountains stretch for approximately 3000 miles, crossing five other states and major cities.
  • The Rocky Mountains are in close contact with Athabasca Glacier.
  • The recorded highest peak is Mount Elber peak.
  • These mountains are home to the indigenous people.
  • Northwestern Montana has dominant peaks.

2. Bitterroot Mountains

This mountain is the sub-range of the Rockies and can be located in the westernmost part of Montana in the panhandle of Idaho.

The total area covered by these mountains is 24,224 square miles, which includes 9000 feet of average peak height. The highest peak of the Bitterroot Mountains is Scoot Peak which is 11,394 feet tall and can be found in Idaho.

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In the middle of these mountains, you will find a stunning forest where you will find several habitats. In this 1.6 million spread forest, you will see mule deer, bighorn sheep, whitetail deer, and some other fascinating and rare wildlife.

Go hiking in summer, spring, or fall. During the fall, the hills take a completely, different look and overpower any natural beauty.

The features of this destination are as follows.

  • These mountains have two major rivers, the Selway and the Salmon.
  • It has a wide range of wildlife.
  • Hiking in these mountains can be your best experience.
  • These mountains are known to be impenetrable. However, the foothills are not so hard.

3. Divide Mountain

This mountain range in Montana has the highest peak in the Lewis Range area. It records 8,665 feet peak high, the highest of any other mountain in Glacier National Park, Montana.

This mountain also forms a border between two places. The name of this mountain has emerged due to the division it creates between Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

 Divide Mountain is explored by many climbers from all over the world. Since this mountain is easy, most climbers love to explore the area and capture the peak. However, reaching the top of these mountains will give you a stunning view of some famous mountains.

You will get an awesome sight of St. Marry, the highest peak of the Rockies, the Yellow Mountain, and some other mountain peaks.

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The features of this destination are as follows.

  • If you are planning to explore Divide Mountain, you must look to the right side of this mountain. It features a very beautiful slope, and in this way, you can avoid the risk of climbing between the cliffs.
  • The best part of this mountain is that there are no large trees to obstruct the beautiful view from the peak. However, you can find some flowers bloom during a specific season.
  • But, mostly, the vistas remain wide open, and you will also find a fire camp on the top. However, this fire lookout camp is abandoned, where you can stop taking rest.

4. Holland Peak

Holland Peak in the Swan Range is the highest, about 9,356 feet tall. It is also known to be the highest peak in the western part of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Holland Peak

If you wish to take the mountain, you must understand that the journey will be 5 miles long. However, after climbing the first mile, you will gain 5000 feet high, which means the remaining mile holds 1000 feet on average.

If you go on with some serious hikers, it might be possible to capture the peak in one day since there is not much vertical rise, and it is mostly of narrow brushy trails.

The features of this destination are as follows.

  • From the top of Holland Peak, you can see “The Bob” in the east, and if you look in the west part, you will find the Swan Valley.
  • However, the western end of Holland Peak is more famous due to its vertical rise, which is above the upper lake and goes up to the lower lake.
  • The lakes of this mountain are filled with numerous fish, and mostly the nearby villagers come here for fishing. You will find more fishermen here in the lower lake than hikers.

5. The Tobacco Root Mountains

The Tobacco Root Mountains cover the Jefferson and Madison Rivers. These mountains can be found on the northern side of the Rocky Mountains.

The Tobacco Root Mountain range has registered 43 peaks in southwest Montana, and the highest peak out of these 43 peaks is Hollowtop Peak which is at 10,604 feet.

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These mountains are quite popular among climbers for their complex geology, and it is also quite popular for their snowy basins, forested slopes, pristine lakes, and soaring peaks. The range of mountains stretches till the Butte.

The Tobacco Root Mountains facts include the following points.

  • These mountains witness a history of mining dating back to the 1800s.
  • It has almost twelve trails.
  • The Tobacco Root Mountains are home to Louis Lake.
  • It comprises the rocks starting from the Tobacco Root Batholith.

6. Flinsch Peak

You will find this peak in the Lewis Range, which stretches for about 2.3 miles west of Rising Wolf Mountain.

The Flinsch Peak also covers the Continental Divide, and you will also get to see Young Man Lake on the east side of this peak. The peak is approximately 9,225 feet, but it is considered an easy climb due to some factors.

Old Man Lake Sits Below Flinsch Peak in Glacier National Park
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If you conquer the peak of this mountain in Montana, then you will get the amazing sight of its nearby mountains. The Flinsch Peak was named after a young Austrian climber Rudolf Ernst Ferdinand.

He came to this mountain in 1892 to hunt some goats.

The features of this destination are as follows.

  • If you wish to climb this peak, then you must start in the early hours.
  • Also, ensure you carry enough water for your climbing as there is not much water available.
  • The only lake you will find on the top of this peak is the No Name Lake which does not hold much water.

7. Triple Divide Peak

This Montana mountain peak has registered 8,020 feet high elevation, and to climb this mountain, you will have to head towards the Lewis Range. The Triple Divide Peak passes through the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park.

This peak also has an interesting diversity of flora and fauna. The water from the mountain can go to either the Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, or Atlantic Ocean.

Due to this probability, the peak has been named the Triple Divide Peak. Besides this, the Triple Divide Mountain also divides this ocean for hundreds of miles.

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The features of this destination are as follows.

  • If you wish to conquer to top of this Montana mountain, then it will take at least two days. Since you will have to climb 16 miles to the peak, you will need at least a few days.
  • The major trails of this peak go to Cut Bank Creek from the Cut Bank trailhead.
  • If you wish to see the sapphire blue Medicine Grizzy lake, you must make a sharp south turn towards the Triple Divide Pass.

8. The Bighorn Mountains

The Bighorn Mountains are a part of the Bighorn National Forests, and this area is filled with all the breathtaking views you can ever see in any other national forest.

This mountain range is about 150 miles long and more than 30 miles wide and runs in north-central Wyoming. Besides admiring the beauty of the Bighorn National Forest, you can even participate in some outdoor activities.

It includes camping, trekking, and fishing. These activities can even be enjoyed with your family.

The Bighorn mountains are expected to rise more than 70 million years ago. The Bighorn Mountains have also registered the highest peak, Cloud Peak, which is 13,175 feet tall. Besides this, it also has a Black Tooth Mountain, which is 13,005 feet high.

The features of this destination are as follows.

  • The mountains here are the perfect place for a recreational memory. You can go for winter recreation skiing in these mountains.

  • There are also some abundant lakes and streams on this mountain. They are mainly used for fishing.

  • The Bighorn Mountains stretch for about one million acres, now used for camping.

9. Mad Wolf Mountain

You can reach Mad Wolf Mountain by moving in the west direction from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The average elevation of this mountain is 8,341 feet, and you can find this mountain in the Lewis Range in Glacier National Park. Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Glaciers often cover the landscape of this mountain. When you reach the max height of Mad Wolf Mountain, spectacular views of the nearby areas will surround you.

From this mountain’s peak, you will see the Sweet Grass Hills, about 3000 feet from the flat prairies. However, you might obstruct the view due to the tree lines. It covers a wide range of wildlife. Mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and bears are common wildlife.

The features of this destination are as follows.

  • If you wish to know which trailhead you must use to get down this Mad Wolf Mountain, then it would be better to use the Cut Bank Campground.
  • Some channels of gravel roads run through the Blackfoot Reservation, and it will again lead you to the top of the Cut Bank Ridge.
  • However, to go there, you will require a Blackfoot Recreation Permit.

Other Mountains In Montana

You can also see some other mountain ranges from Bozeman. The Sacajawea is a prominent peak that is visible from Bozeman. There is also some other mountain that you can visit. Even the Crazy Mountains are 7000 feet above the Yellowstone River Valley.

  1. Mission Mountains.

  2. Clements Mountain.

  3. Granite Peak.

  4. Bearhat Mountain.

Hidden Lake with Reynolds Mountains and Bearhat Mountain, Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountains, Montana, USA
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The Land of the Shining Mountains often refers to Montana. It does not have only 77 ranges along the Rocky Mountains, but it divides certain states, and hundreds of more mountains are in the western part of the state.

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People not only come here to visit the long-stretched mountains, but Glacier National Park is also quite popular among travelers and locals.

In Montana, mountains give travelers a wide range of options to choose their time for outdoor adventure on hiking trails.

After reading this article, we are sure you have some insight into these mountains. If you are also planning to hike in these crazy mountains, you should know everything about the mountains here.

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