Minnesota's largest Candy store Minnesota's largest Candy store

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store: 4 Super Things to Know

Jim’s Apple Farm, popularly known as Minnesota’s largest candy store, is located near Shakopee in Jordan, Minnesota. One of Minnesota’s most unique attractions is this easy-to-miss big yellow barn and fence along Highway 169.

Come to this seasonal business, open mid-May through November, for hard-to-find sweets, delicious and fresh baked goods, the world’s most extensive collection of sodas, a large variety of popcorn, pasta, and local meats, nostalgic candy, and other products raised or made locally by nearby farmers.

This unique and nostalgic place is ideal for people of all ages!

The Largest Candy Store’s History

Since the 1930s, Jim’s Apple Farm has been a family-owned business. After numerous difficult apple harvests, the storefront was renovated into a beautiful little shop selling sweets, pies, and confections.

Year each, the family expanded the facility and added other delights, eventually expanding from a barn to a football-field-sized complex complete with outdoor seating, life-sized superheroes, and witty billboards. ‘

Jim’s has added a unique attraction every season for more than 40 years at the current location to keep families with kids and sweet-toothed visitors coming back for more.

minnesota's largest candy store
Photo by Joanna Kosinska/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store Offers Sweets & Treats

Minnesota is the perfect spot for your kids to have fun. While the list below aims to cover everything Jim has to offer, it isn’t easy to describe how many methods there are to satisfy a sugar desire in this location.

Don’t worry if your low-carb friends and family are hesitant to visit Minnesota’s largest candy store; there are many other reasons to visit Jim’s apple farm. You can avail of the special candies for thanksgiving.

minnesota's largest candy store
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The Candy

How many choices does it take to be Minnesota’s largest candy store? More than 3,000 to choose from the world’s largest selection!

Hundreds of varieties of saltwater taffy and gummy bears are available. There’s also an international area containing sweets from the world’s largest selection from Minnesota’s largest candy store. And, as the chocolate bar section can be your personal favorite.

Jim’s focuses on vintage and hard-to-find goodies, which helps to explain why. Don’t be afraid to ask if anything is missing from their shelf, your sweet tooth, or you’ll miss the flavors.

It’s just as much pleasure for their team to look for a source as to market it to the general audience.

minnesota's latgest candy store
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Jim’s Apple Farm is known for its candy, but it sells a wide range of other products and gift shop items. After all, it is Minnesota’s largest candy store! They have candy from around the world because they don’t believe in so much candy. It is a giant wholesale candy store.

Moms and dads want to share their childhood favorites with their children! “Nostalgic sweets” is a popular choice among many. They have many hard-to-find sweets and other products from prior decades.

The Apples

We’d be negligent if we didn’t explain Jim’s company’s genuine motive for being founded four decades ago. It all began with an apple.

Jim’s is still open for business as a shop for the family’s orchard. Each fall, produce and apples harvested in the surrounding farms like Belle Plaine and Jordan are washed, bagged, and sold directly in the store’s foyer.

Minnesota classics including Honeycrisp and Sweet Tango will be available, as well as caramel apples, pies, and doughnuts.

minnesota's largest candy store
Photo by Jamie Coupaud/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Locals also know this is the place to go for pumpkins and gourds in the neighborhood or surrounding farms. Jim’s has some of the best deals in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. It is also known as Jim’s apple farm.

The Soda Fountain

The claim to fame of Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store isn’t the only one. Jim’s also claims to have the world’s largest selection of unique sodas.

Traditional colas, root beer, and cream sodas, as well as some unusually large varieties of popcorn, sweet corn, and red hot cinnamon, are available on the shelves.

minnesota's largest candy store
Photo by Blake Wisz/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Many of the sodas are mix-and-match, which we adore. It’s an excellent opportunity to pick up a six-pack box and stock up on a personal favorite while also getting a chance to try a few new flavors without having to buy a lot of extras at your perfect spot.

Some Unique Products

There’s so much to see and do at Minnesota’s largest candy store, and it’s not just candy! Sweets, a large variety of popcorn, licorice, taffy, pasta, meats, and baked products are among the numerous hard-to-find delicacies.

They also have the widest selection of sodas on the globe! It is the realization of every child’s (and adult child’s) dream.

Other Attractions at Jim’s Apple Farm

Other than being Minnesota’s largest candy store, Jim’s apple farm has 4 things to offer its visitors, have a look.

Jigsaw Puzzle

When Jim’s proprietors or the seasonal business aren’t scouring the globe for new candies, they’re also looking for new jigsaw puzzles to add to their inventory. Thousands of jigsaw puzzles for sale line the walls above, below, and around the confectionery choices.

Outside the store, the Guinness World Record for most giant jigsaw puzzles is on display, enclosed in glass for the severe puzzle aficionado.

While the candy is the main draw, the puzzle collection is a close second on my list of reasons to visit Jim’s. Apart from Minnesota’s largest candy store, this place offers some mind-boggling puzzles.

Murals and Life-Size Figurines

Don’t be shocked if you run with some of your favorite superheroes and comic book characters at Jim’s while filling your basket with goodies.

The family has collaborated with local artists for decades to produce life-size sculptures and paintings to adorn the shop’s walls.

I always enjoy seeing the children’s faces light up when they see their favorite characters from the Justice League, Star Wars, or Disney. Each room in the shop has a different theme, so be sure to look above and around.

minnesota's largest candy store
Photo by Concha Mayo/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The Animatronic Band

They’ve got everything else here, after all. Apart from being Minnesota’s largest candy store, they offer a variety of fun frolic activities for kids and families.

So, every 15 minutes, why not toss in an animatronic band performing nostalgic music? It’s next to the world’s giant gummy snake and Zoltar the Fortune Teller.

3D Mural

If you visit Jim’s regularly, you’ll notice the most recent addition right in front of you. The owners collaborated with Crystal, MN artist Shawn McCann to create a 3D sidewalk mural in 2020.

McCann has previously painted murals inside the business and now has taken his ‘unique vision’ outside.

Hotels to Stay While Vacationing in Minnesota

If you plan a staycation with kids and family for a great getaway for some days at this unique and nostalgic place. Then there are some of the hotels nearby Minnesota’s largest candy store.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

This hotel is located near Mystic lake. Follow the lights to the only site in the world that combines dining, drinks, entertainment, and nightlife into one resort experience.

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Hampton Inn Minneapolis

The Hampton Inn Minneapolis/Shakopee is centrally positioned in Shakopee and close to essential enterprises. Shakopee is located on the lovely Minnesota River Valley, about 30 miles southwest of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Historic Murphy’s Landing, Valley Fair Amusement Park, and Canterbury Park Racetrack are among the city’s area entertainment attractions, as are its own downtown central business district, regional medical center, and business park.

Comfort Inn & Suites

The Best Western Shakopee Inn Minneapolis is conveniently located near all Twin Cities attractions. Thanks to its recent makeover and designation as Minnesota’s First Energy Star hotel (including freshly baked goods), you can anticipate the best as soon as you walk in.

Start your day with a jog in the fitness center (with weights) and the new Hot Breakfast, which includes eggs, sausages, cheese-garlic biscuits/ gravy, hash browns, Belgium waffles, family fun, and more!

Then unwind in our at-home ambiance, complete with a heated indoor pool.


They are a family-owned seasonal business that is open from mid-May to November and sells various entertaining items. Jim’s Apple Farm, popularly known as Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, is located near Jordan, Minnesota.

From hard-to-find vintage delicacies to freshly baked pies and strudels, the world’s most extensive range of sodas, a wide variety of popcorn, pasta, jams, jellies, pickles, meats, cheeses, puzzles, and other products farmed or created locally by surrounding farmers, there’s something for everyone.

Large choice of sweets in a candy shop
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This is the ideal location to spend time with your children and family. I hope this article will help you visit Minnesota’s largest candy store and have a fun time with your kids!

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