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Little Beach Maui- A Guide to Makena’s Hidden Gems

The lush tropical scene is known for sunbathing and relaxing.  With the best spots for surfing and windsurfing, you can access the best parks with various facilities, restrooms, and lifeguards. You can swim, body surf,  bathe, and snorkel.

If you visit on a Sunday, you will be awestruck by the performances of the fire dancers as free entertainment. You can also explore places close to Little Beach Maui, such as Makena surf resort and Maui with a wonderful world of bread and breakfast.

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1. Little Beach Maui –  A Spectacular Beach With Diverse Activities

If you choose beaches over mountains, then this spectacular location is made for you. Check out these various activities that you can try doing there.

1.1. Best Time To Visit The Beach

April, May, August, September, and early October are the best months to visit Little Beach Maui. The glorious sunset appears to be golden while descending.  A secluded beach that makes it a beach for optional clothing. The hues of the sunset blending into the sea are a marvel. The enchanting views mesmerize the visitor.

The tree-lined beach interconnects with a well-known big beach. The soft golden sand strikes the turquoise sea surrounded by gnarled trees. The formation of lava rocks on both shoreline sides makes it a mesmerizing spot. The shore break at the smaller beach is convenient for swimming and body boarding as it is gentle compared to the big beach.

1.2. Try Different Adventures On The Beaches

An island that is captivating with exposure to Pacific cultures and exotic eateries makes it a well-rounded experience for travelers. Activities to explore while on the beach include surfing, sunbathing, body surfing, boogie boarding, snorkel when there are fewer tides.

2. Best Parks Around Maui

2.1 Waianapanapa State Park 

En route to Hana, you will find this spectacular beach. The magnificent black sandy beach offers panoramic views of the dark ocean and green spiky cliffs. Walking trails, blowhole arches, campsites, and cabins are present.

Several years of surfing have created this black sand beach mounted on the geological lava flow. Hot sand may tan you, so carry your sunscreen. The park has a blowhole, multiple sea arches, pillars, and caves filled with legends.

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2.2.Kamaole 3 Beach Park 

The ocean environment and grass empower persistent activities in Kamaole Beach Park. The spot harbors tremendous activities, such as kids playing on jumpy castles, slip-slides, playing frisbees, and playing kites. A magnificent spot for having fun with family, sunbathing, and beach activities.

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2.3.Makena Landing Park 

The relaxed waves of Makena’s landing park make it perfect for kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and snorkeling. A narrow sand trail in the sand beach heads towards secluded beaches.

3. Attractions to Visit Around The Beach 

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A mountain predominantly in the southeast of the island is an enticing place. Well-known as the house of the sun, Haleakala embodies the largest dormant volcano in the world, 10.023 feet above sea level.

Massive mountains at the ocean base constitute a predominant portion. Driving to the place to watch the sunrise is mesmerizing. The breathtaking and magical sunrise view enchants a visitor and makes them visit the summit.

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3.2.The Road to Hana

The road to Hana is mysterious, with two-lane narrow twisting roads emerging on the northern shore that twists along the coastline to Hana’s tiny eastern Maui town. Along the way, you will be spellbound by waterfalls and lush rainforests with aromatic guava and ginger. The scenic spots delight the visitor.

Kahului to Hana, a highway connection, is a tourist attraction on the magnificent Maui’s mountainous east coast. You will surely be enticed by spectacular waterfalls, fragrant flowers, local hand-made jewelry with fresh pineapple, banana bread, and Hawaiian culinary delights.

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4. Maui’s Beaches 

Unique and picturesque beaches make it an ideal spot for a visit. From small bays to expansive stretches is covered in exotic sands of different hues: golden, green, black, brown, red, or green. A popular spot for windsurfing and surfing is ultimate to stroll. Snorkeling and swimming are other activities to do on the beaches.

4.1.Kanaha Beach 

The rugged coastal beaches and reefs are a charm with surf and shore. Winds and waves govern the beaches. The beach is conducive for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Steady winds make it convenient for water sports.

A beach area with baby and Baldwin beach parks. The bay, with white sand around the lava rocks, makes it ideal for travelers to climb to the top to explore nature’s beauty. Many nice restaurants and shopping areas line the beach.

Photo by Mauiguidebook.com

4.2.Hamoa Beach 

The crescent beach makes it ideal for surfing, with a spot meant to relax and swim. The sandy bottom and crystal clear water make it one of the favorite destinations on the road to Hana.

hamo beach
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4.3.Maui’s South Shore 

The beach has many ocean activities. The shorelines stretch 10 miles comprising 20 beaches. An ideal spot for snorkeling and diving. A place with captivating resorts and luxurious hotels.

4.4.Les Braves 

The beach with rocks is a favorite among advanced snorkelers. The green sea turtle’s head bobs out of the water once in a while. The rocky terrain is ideal for hiking and clicking pictures. You get spectacular views of sea life from the shore.

Photo by tracesofwar.com

4.5 Baldwin Beach

An ideal beach for surfers and during winter makes it a great destination for boogie boarders. A sandy beach picnic table with a fairly large, regular shore break makes it perfect for boogie boarders. You have a sea trail where you can walk and jog. You get a surreal experience during the morning. Baldwin Beach is popular for magnificent sunsets.

Photo by mauiguidebook.com 

4.6.Whale Watching At Kaanapali Beach 

At the beach is a whale playground that makes its home during winters in warm waters. Get into the catamaran to enjoy enticing marine animals. Set yourself on a whale-watching adventure with eco-rafting. You get to see migrating whales.

You are served hand-crafted cocktails and snacks while you are engrossed in watching the breathtaking view of the sunset.

whalewatchingatkanapali beach
Photo by hawaiiactivities.com

4.7.Maalaea And Kealia Pond 

Indigenous people have named it mud flats. The pond sprawls across 691 acres of wetland preserve. The beach begins at north Kihei’s sugar beach till Maalaea Harbor and is a prominent nesting site for the endangered Hawaiian hawk’s bill turtle. The wetland is a nurturing and nestling ground for several birds migrating from farther away than Alaska.

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5. Activities To Do In The Ocean and Visit

There are ample activities to perform in the ocean. Watching whales, sunset cruises, boat tours, kayaking, canoeing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, jet skiing, and parasailing. Be cautious of winds and currents, and take care of your skin with topical application.

5.1.Maui’s Atlantic Submarine Adventure 

The submarine is a state-of-the-art vessel that glimpses spectacular marine life, including radiant coral and multi-hued fish. The glass-bottomed boat is ideal for sub-aquatic adventures but does not suit snorkeling and scuba diving.

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5.2.Cultural And Historical Activities 

You can explore cultural traditions like food, dance, music, language, arts, and crafts. Many resorts and shops offer hula shows. Many museums and festivals are present to visit.

The rustic views and surroundings have expensive real estate where millionaires wanted to invest. You get to see goats grazing over lava rock fields. You get to explore activities like sand art and a glimpse of flora, fauna, and the reef that has many guides for the paths to many beaches in Maui.

5.3. Golfing 

Popular as a golfer’s paradise, you get to explore a plethora of golf courses for the public. Whether you are new to golfing or have experience, you have courses to make your golfing exciting and memorable. You will cherish the breathtaking views while playing golf.

5.4.Makena Cove 

A secret secluded beach houses many homes. The scenic view of the waters and sand intermingling at the oasis creates serenity for relaxation and peace. The picturesque backdrop makes it ideal for stunning views and romance.

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5.5.Snorkel With Green Sea Turtles 

A famous beach for snorkeling with sea turtles. The stunning beach makes it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and spending some time in solitude. You can enjoy snorkeling with family and friends.

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Photo by Pixabay

5.6.Kapalua Bay 

The bay has lawns and palms lining the sea. A perfect spot to experience calmness in shallow waters and sand. Relax in the bay while watching sunsets and sunrise.

You can try diving and swimming apart from snorkeling. An ideal place to sunbathe and have a glimpse of spectacular surroundings.

5.7.Honolua Bay 

A stunning crystal clear blue bay has tropical sea life. You can try activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, and mesmerizing views. Honolua, meaning two harbors, is used to shop for products and receive supplies. You get to see fish, corals, and turtles.

The rocky beach with a narrow stream makes it ideal for a visit to relax on the shoreline.

Photo by gohawaii.com

5.8.Sunset At Ka’anapali Beach 

Relax yourselves at Ka’anapali Beach on a cruise off the coast of Maui. You get impeccable island views, spot whales, and click photos.

Photo by flickr.com

5.9.Lauiniupoko Beach Park 

A perfect spot for BBQ and surfing, the beach park is shaded with a lagoon-type swimming area. Many amenities are available and are popular for boogie boarding and family picnics. The rugged South Maui’s remote beach exudes nature’s charm and is perfect for hiking.

5.10.Olowalu as a Snorkel Spot 

A popular spot for coral and rock formations. The spectacular marine life and water clarity are magnificent, and you can snorkel without much changes in the water depth. The best destinations for snorkeling, swimming, nature’s charm, colorful reef, and stand-up paddleboard.

olowalu as snorkelsport
photo by hawaiitours.com

5.11.Napili Bay 

Situated on the west Maui, the high-rise resorts with hotels and inns, waves protect the beach and make it comfortable for people to spend some time. The bay has green sea turtles visiting often.

Photo by –Mauiguidebook.com

5.12.Puuno Beach 

A beach meant for the family is ideal for swimmers getting into the water without worrying about currents and waves. The beach is within walking distance of restaurants and shops. An off-shore reef protects the beach and exudes calmness when there are no waves.

5.13.Wailea Bay 

The underwater scooter at Wailea Bay helps you dive deep to explore marine life. The vivacious reefs, manta rays, and ls are a treat to the eyes.

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6. Maui’s Spectacular Waterfalls and Places 

Waterfalls in the backdrop of lush green forests make it a spot for clicking selfies and family pics. The water levels frequently change because of multiple springs. You get to see floral varieties. The diverse floral varieties inhabit forests that include exotic flowers.

6.1.Haleakala National Park 

The park reflects Hawaiian culture and is home to endangered species. A place that is ideal for seeing sunrise, camping, and hiking. The secret landscape reflects stories of ancient Hawaiian culture protecting connected land and people.

6.2. Helicopter Tour for Maui and Molokai 

Maui’s scenic landscapes provide us with panoramic views. You can see cliffs, waterfalls, and valleys that are hidden.

Photo by Helicopter Maui tours-mauihelicoptertours.com

6.3.Charles Lindbergh Gravesite 

  An antique church built with limestone coral. The church has Lindbergh’s grave at the back. The encompassing scenic views and coastal surroundings beyond the grave gardens are mesmerizing.

Photo by hvcb.org

6.4. Private Stand-up Paddle Boarding Tour in Maui 

The magnificent Maui coastline is soothing to watch from Kihei’s stand-up paddle board tour from Kihei. Paddling through pristine waters along the bay and getting views of rugged lava reefs, enticing beaches, and volcanoes, training is given to first-time paddlers. However, it can be an amazing experience. 

6.5.Maui Tropical Plantation 

The village of Maui’s tropical plantation includes a rolling mill, food truck, and mill house roasting co. The lush green vegetation gives you mesmerizing view. You can shop for products that are hand-picked and crafted to be sold.

Photo by mauitropicalplantation.com

The gallery features artwork that includes resort fashion, jewelry, and accessories. Visit the gallery to get a spectacular glimpse of art and sculptures.

Maui Best Beaches! Little Beach

8. Conclusion: 

Little Beach Maui is Makena’s hidden gem, with adventurous treasures and sightseeing spots that make your day memorable. Spend quality time watching pristine sea waters and soft white fluffy sand with family and friends.

Sunrises, sunsets, and the surrounding views provide you with a unique charm. Watch out for different beaches and sea adventures. Experience mesmerizing views at national parks and waterfalls. Enjoy panoramic sea views with sea scooters.

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Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii January, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Little Beach Maui famously known for?

An ideal place to relax and a spot to swim and snorkel.

2.  Why is Little Beach also known as Baby Beach?

A safe beach that is shallow allows children to play in the offshore reef.

3. What makes Maui famous?

  • The road to Hana.
  • Whale migration.
  • Snorkeling Molokini Carter.
  • Haleakala Volcano.
  • Windsurfing.

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