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Liquid Diet for Weight Loss – How to Follow and Its 7 Useful Facts!

Liquid diet for weight loss—should I follow it, is it safe—these are the questions that come to mind whenever we want to reduce our spare tire, right?

If you want to lose weight quickly, liquid meals can be a suitable option for you. But you need to know that all liquid diets are not the same and if a liquid diet for weight loss suits your needs and body type.

Here, in this article, I will tell you about different types of liquid diets. You will also get to know their pros and cons, and most importantly, which one is best to shed some kilos.

So, let’s find out now!

What Is a Liquid Diet for Weight Loss?

A liquid diet for weight loss can help you temporarily. This diet includes foods in liquid forms like fruit or vegetable juices, smoothies, or meal replacement shakes. And you will get all your calories from these liquid meals.

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People go on liquid diets either by replacing one or two meals or sometimes the complete meal. A liquid diet for weight loss can cut down the excess calorie intake you consume daily and help you lose weight fast.

But you need to consult with a registered dietitian before starting this diet. And make sure you are taking in enough calories.

Types of Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

If you have that rapid weight loss goal in your mind, following a liquid meal can do some good. As a beginner, it can be a tough job for you. But rather than eliminating all the solid foods, you can alternate between solid and liquid foods as per your choice. 

Meal Replacements Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

In this meal-replacement diet—you have to replace your normal diet with some meal-replacement shakes and soups. It will aid weight loss by having fewer calories—designed as an alternative to solid foods high in calories.

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They are power-packed with essential nutrients, including macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) and some micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)—that you need for your body’s functionality. 

Consuming these liquid meal replacement diets can be as satiating as any solid food, which will be beneficial for regulating hunger for a longer time and help you lose your excess weight.

Cleansing Or Detox Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

As the name suggests, this diet is helpful for detoxification. In this diet, you can only drink juices extracted from fruits and leafy vegetables—that come with a proper amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

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This diet can make you feel refreshed—water fasting, juicing programs, and Master Cleanse are some examples of detox diets. But you should not follow this diet for a long time, as it comes with fewer calories and is low in healthy fats and proteins.

Furthermore, there is no strong evidence—about its relation with losing weight and toxin elimination.

Medically Prescribed Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

Well, this diet is not for losing weight, and you need to talk to your doctor before starting this diet. It includes —a clear liquid diet and a full liquid diet recommended before or after surgeries.

Following a clear liquid diet, you can only have clear liquids—water, tea without milk, fruit juice without pulp, fat-free broth, sports drinks, plain gelatin, and so on. 

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A full-liquid diet contains more nutrients and is less restrictive. This diet allows beverages and some foods that turn liquid at room temperature—like syrup, shakes, popsicles, Jell-O, and some smoothies.

The Best Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

Not all liquid diets have weight loss benefits. So, now the question arises—which one should we follow, right? 

Well, according to dietitians—liquid meal replacement is more effective than other liquid diets. This diet does not solely depend upon liquid—you can get the nutrients of solid foods as well as some smoothies or liquid juices—more effective than any temporary diet program.

A detox liquid diet is OK when you opt for it once a week—such diets include the use of laxatives as Master cleanse—good for short-term weight loss.

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On the other hand, medically prescribed liquid diets that rely on only juices, teas, or beverages are not beneficial for long-term weight loss. If you plan short-term programs, you can choose them.

They are designed to shed some kilos quickly by losing the carbs and water from the liver and muscle.

But keep in mind these short-term plans do nothing in terms of the fat deposition in your body. Once you get back to your usual eating habit, you will regain the weight—you lost as carbs or water.

So, incorporating liquid diets that are overly restrictive will do more harm than good in terms of your losing weight. Instead of these liquid diets trying some meal replacement strategies for a longer time will benefit you.

Role Of Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

Liquid diets can help you reduce your weight in several ways, and the overall outcome of following a liquid meal is quite beneficial. There are some reasons why dieters choose liquid diets over other ones. 

From saving time and detoxifying your body to enhancing your metabolism and digestive system—it can improve overall health and ultimately leads you to lose weight.

Liquid Diets Are Low in Calories

Preferring a liquid diet will consume fewer calories, which is more effective than other restrictive food diets. It will use up all stored fat or glycogen as fuel for our body and drop the fat ratio—fulfilling the goal of a liquid diet for weight loss.

Moreover, some study finds that a very low-calorie diet results in muscle glycogen depletion—decreasing body fat for a short period.

A Liquid Diet Helps Detoxify Your Body

Liquid diets, especially Detox Diets, can aid in removing toxins from our bodies. Broth and smoothies are high in dietary fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

It improves gastrointestinal health and the digestive system—has a good impact on losing weight.

Liquid diet for weight loss
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A Liquid Diet for Weight Loss Is Convenient

What can be better than preparing your meal just by tossing all the ingredients in a blender, right? They are so convenient that you don’t need to skip a meal or pick some unhealthy foods to save time.

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Liquid diets like smoothies and shakes are easy-to-prepare drinks and healthy as any other solid food. And not to mention it offers you all the nutrients you need.

The Liquid Form Is More Nutritious Than the Solid Form

In a liquid meal, foods that we convert into liquid, like raw vegetables and fruits—are more nutritious than their solid forms.

Replacing your breakfast or dinner with this diet can enhance your body composition. What’s more—following a low-calorie diet throughout the day can satisfy the required nutrients for your body.

A Liquid Diet Can Improve Your Digestive System

Liquid foods that we take in the forms of broths, juices, and smoothies come with fibers—act as a power players in terms of digestion, absorption, and finally, excretion. 

The pulps in juices or smoothies are rich in dietary fibers that keep you fuller and aid in suppressing your hunger for a longer time.

Better digestion can give you better health, and according to some studies, liquid meal replacement contains more fiber than a solid meal replacement.

Foods To Eat In a Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

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  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Flavored water or plain water.
  • Creamy soup (plain, no solid meat or veggies).
  • Broth.
  • Smoothies, shakes, powdered proteins, or dry milk.
  • Tea or coffee.
  • Greek yogurt or low-calorie yogurt (plain).
  • Malted cheese.
  • Oats, almonds, soya milk, or full-fat milk.
  • Sports drinks and dietary supplements like Ensure.
  • Ice cream, ice pops, sorbet(without toppings or coatings).
  • Honey, syrup, and sugar.
  • Pudding, gelatin, and custard.
  • Proteins such as mushrooms, soy, chicken, fish, tofu, lentils, and beans.

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss Menu Plan

A liquid diet for weight loss might be hard in the beginning. But soon it will be easy for you when you get used to it.

Here is a diet plan for beginners who wants to replace one or two meals with liquid diets to lose some weight

Liquid diet for weight loss
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  • Low-calorie shakes or smoothies.
  • One glass of fruit juice.
  • Buttermilk with protein or nut powder.


  • One cup of liquid dietary supplement.
  • Half a cup of yogurt.
  • One glass of eggnog.


  • Two cups of broth(vegetable or chicken).
  • One bowl of vegetable soups.
  • One bowl of gelatin.


  • Tea or coffee with milk or honey.
  • Chocolate pudding.
  • Oatmeal, dates, almonds, or blueberry.
  • One or two scoops of ice cream or popsicles.


  • Vegetable soups with grilled fish or chicken.
  • Whole milk with blended cereals.
  • Meal replacement shakes or smoothies.

Tips to Remember While on a Liquid Diet

The above diet plan is for people who want to follow a Meal Replacement Liquid Diet. Or, if you follow Detox Diets, don’t consume anything in its solid form—juice them or make smoothies.  

One more thing that you should not do while on a liquid diet is to avoid doing vigorous exercises—instead of that, doing some yoga, freehand exercises, or meditation will do good for you.

Liquid diet for weight loss
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Risks Of Following A Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

How risky a liquid diet is, depends upon what type of liquid meals you are into and how long you are following it. 

Most liquid diets are suitable for temporary weight loss. But if you have that goal in your mind, you can follow this diet. But that also comes with some drawbacks. 

Very Low-Calorie Diet

Some liquid diets are very low in calories (400-800 calories per day)—following them for a longer time may cause excessive weight loss and other health issues like slowing down metabolism and increasing the risk of gallstones

For example, in a clear liquid diet, you can only have clear liquids and no solid foods—such type of liquid diet for weight loss—is not applicable without any medical supervision.

Liquid diet for weight loss
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Poor In Nutritional Supplements

Some liquid diets can give you balanced nutrients throughout the day, but that is not true in the case of all types of liquid diets. 

Very low-calorie diets do not contain all the necessary nutrients like carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals that you need for your daily activities. And on the long term, these nutritional deficiencies may lead to health problems like hair loss, fatigue, dizziness.

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Furthermore, some liquid diets contain low fibers—resulting in constipation—that may lead to disturbance in your digestion. 

Loss Of Muscle Mass

One of the main problems with a liquid diet for weight loss is—it may cause muscle mass depletion. In most liquid diets, it is not possible to include the right amount of protein in your daily meal—this may lead to muscle loss.

And in the long term, it will cost you consequences like poor immunity or weight gain.

Not Suitable For Everyone

A liquid diet for weight loss is not advisable for everyone—especially nursing or pregnant women, adolescents, and older adults. 

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People with diabetes should not consider this diet as it may cause hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. You should consult with dietitians if you are up for any dietary changes or want to include liquid diets—this diet is not for people having a history of eating disorders. 

Feeling Less Energized For Exercises And Daily Activities

Following a low-calorie liquid diet for weight loss can make you feel fatigued and less energized if you continue these diets for a long.

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A few liquid diets come with low calories—exercises or other outdoor activities will be difficult for you.

Take Home Message

Weight loss is not easy. But, if you want to follow a liquid diet for weight loss, you can consider it for a short period only.

But if we talk about that short-term liquid diet for weight loss—those are just temporary solutions, which will help you lose some water weight and muscle mass.

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Reducing your weight depends upon your body type, and it may take about a few months to a few years.

The purpose of the above article is for general information only and not a substitute for professional help. So, if you are determined to start a liquid diet for weight loss, you should first talk to your doctor before starting it.

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