Lake Havasu Beach: 10 Amazing Things To Do And Much More

lake havasu beach
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Arizona’s Lake Havasu Beach is a well-liked vacation spot recognized for its crystal-clear water and breathtaking environment. The beach is situated next to Lake Havasu, a large reservoir built as a result of the Parker Dam’s construction on the Colorado River.

The beach is a well-liked location for water sports like fishing, boating, and swimming.

The London Bridge, which was brought from England and rebuilt at Lake Havasu City in 1971, is one of the attractions at Lake Havasu Beach.

The bridge is a well-known landmark and a representation of the region. When crossing the bridge, visitors can wander and take in the stunning views of the lake and nearby mountains.

Visitors to Lake Havasu City can enjoy a number of other attractions and activities in addition to the beach and London Bridge, such as hiking trails, golf courses, and dining options. The city is renowned for its yearly celebrations like London Bridge Days and the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival.

Here Are The 10 Things To Do in Lake Havasu Beach

If you want to spend some time outside and in the sun, Lake Havasu Beach is a terrific choice. It’s not surprising that it’s a well-liked destination for both locals and tourists given the area’s pure blue sea, sandy beaches, and breathtaking surroundings.

Check out these 10 amazing things to do in Lake Havasu Beach.

1. History And Actual Location of lake Havasu Beach

lake havasu beach
Photo by Susan Weber from Unsplash

In western Arizona, close to the California border, is where you’ll find Lake Havasu. It was built in 1938 as a result of the Parker Dam project on the Colorado River. The lake is named after the Mojave phrase meaning “blue water” and spans approximately 45 kilometers along the Colorado River.

Significant alterations were made to the area after the Parker Dam was built in the 1930s. The construction of the dam was a component of a wider plan to manage flooding along the Colorado River and supply water and electricity to the expanding Southwest cities.

The city of Lake Havasu City was established in 1963 to take advantage of the new prospects brought about by the development of Lake Havasu as a source of recreation and tourism.

The London Bridge was bought and delivered to Lake Havasu City by McCulloch Chainsaws founder Robert McCulloch in 1968. After being rebuilt, the bridge quickly gained popularity as a significant tourist attraction, making Lake Havasu City a well-liked holiday spot.

Lake Havasu and the surrounding surroundings still draw tourists from all over the world today. Lake Havasu City provides a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, while the lake is well-known for its crystal-clear blue water, sandy beaches, and other recreational opportunities.

2. Best Time To Visit Lake Havasu Beach

Photo by Susan weber from Unsplash

Depending on your interests and what you want to enjoy while you’re there, you should choose the best time to visit Lake Havasu.

The summer months of June through August are the most popular seasons to visit if you’re interested in water sports like swimming, boating, and fishing because the weather is hot and sunny with temperatures ranging from the mid-90s to over 100 Fahrenheit. These months are ideal for water sports due to the warm water temperature.

The spring and fall months of March through May and September through November are excellent times to come if you prefer milder temperatures and less crowded beaches. These are pleasant months with mid-sixties to low-nineties Fahrenheit temperatures on average. These months also offer fantastic chances to go biking, hiking, and exploring the neighborhood.

If you decide to travel during the winter, from December through February, be prepared for chilly weather with lows to mid-40s Fahrenheit. The region is less popular during these months, but there are still lots of activities to do, such as hiking and sightseeing.

It depends on your tastes and what you have planned to do while you visit Lake Havasu. Lake Havasu has lots to offer all year long, whether you’re searching for a relaxing escape in the spring or fall or a fun-filled summer vacation.

3. Things To Do In Lake Havasu Beach

Photo by Susan weber from Unsplash

3.1 Go Swimming

In western Arizona, Lake Havasu Beach is a well-liked location for swimming, boating, and other water sports. The beach’s sandy beaches and crystal-clear water make it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the sunshine.

It’s crucial to remember that there aren’t any lifeguards on duty, so guests should use caution and follow safe swimming procedures. Swimmers should be aware of any warning signs that may be present and avoid swimming in any locations where there may be solid currents or underwater hazards.

In addition to swimming, Lake Havasu Beach offers a wide range of other leisure pursuits, such as boating, fishing, jet skiing, and hiking. Also, visitors can spend the night at a nearby campground or resort or explore the area’s numerous stores and eateries.

In general, Lake Havasu Beach is a fantastic vacation spot for anyone who likes to be outside and engage in water activities. This well-known Arizona beach has something for everyone to enjoy with its stunning surroundings and selection of activities.

3.2 Rent A Paddleboard

Photo by Susan weber from Unsplash

Exploring Lake Havasu Beach on a paddleboard is a wonderful opportunity to get some exercise while taking in the stunning views and exploring the area. In the well-liked water sport of paddleboarding, participants stand on a sizable board and navigate the water using a paddle.

At Lake Havasu Beach, there are numerous rental businesses that provide paddleboard rentals. The hourly rate normally costs between $20 and $30. A paddleboard, paddle, and life jacket are typically given to renters; however, some rental businesses may charge extra to include instruction or guided excursions.

People of all ages and ability levels can enjoy paddleboarding because it is a pleasant and simple exercise. It’s a pleasant sport to do with friends and family and a fantastic opportunity to get some exercise and explore the lake.

It’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance if you want to hire a paddleboard at Lake Havasu Beach, especially during the busiest months. On your paddleboarding adventure, you should also dress accordingly, apply sunscreen, and bring plenty of water and snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.

3.3 Relax On The BeachSide

Photo by Susan weber from Unsplash

The best way to unwind and take in Lake Havasu Beach’s natural beauty is to relax on the beach. Because of its sandy shoreline, crystal-clear waters, and warm Arizona sun, the beach is a well-liked gathering place for both tourists and locals.

Lake Havasu Beach has a lot of chances for relaxation, whether you want to soak up the sun, read a book, or just take a dip.

Many restaurants and bars offer outdoor seating with breathtaking lake views, and sunbathers can bring their own chairs and umbrellas or rent them from nearby vendors. In order to stay hydrated in the heat, sunbathers should make sure to bring plenty of water and wear lots of sunscreens.

Visitors can relax on the beach, enjoy a nice walk down the shoreline, see the passing boats and jet skis, or just take in the peaceful surroundings. Lake Havasu Beach is the ideal location for people looking for a relaxing holiday due to its natural beauty and serene ambiance.

3.4 Going For Fishing

At Lake Havasu Beach, fishing is a well-liked hobby, and the lake is home to a number of fish species, including catfish, bass, and crappie. Spending time with friends and family while enjoying the outdoors may be made fun and relaxing by going fishing.

Visitors must have a current Arizona fishing license, which may be acquired online or at a nearby outlet, in order to fish at Lake Havasu Beach. Many fishing supply shops in the vicinity also provide guided fishing expeditions and equipment rentals.

There are numerous fishing piers and boats at Lake Havasu Beach, as well as other locations where tourists can fish from the shore. Also, the region is home to a number of boat rental businesses, enabling guests to cruise the lake and fish from the comfort of a boat.

Visitors should be careful to follow all fishing laws and keep in mind that there is size and catch limits. It’s also crucial to pay attention to any posted caution warnings and steer clear of fishing in places where people are boating or swimming.

Overall, fishing at Lake Havasu Beach is a rewarding and enjoyable activity that gives visitors the chance to capture a variety of fish while taking in the lake’s stunning environment.

3.5 Jet Skiing

Photo by Susan weber from Unsplash

In Lake Havasu Beach, jet skiing is a well-liked water activity that gives guests an exciting and daring way to explore the lake. Jet ski lovers of all skill levels will love Lake Havasu Beach’s crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery.

Visitors can pick from a range of rental options, including hourly, half-day, and full-day rentals, from one of the many rental firms in the region that offer jet ski rentals. The basic rental package includes a jet ski, a life jacket, and safety instructions. Some businesses may also charge an additional price for guided trips.

Jet skiing is a fun activity to do with friends and family and an exciting way to explore the lake and take in the scenery. Guests must wear the proper safety equipment, such as a life jacket, and follow all safety rules while jet skiing.

Lake Havasu Beach is the ideal location for those wishing to enjoy the thrill of jet skiing while taking in the beauty of the outdoors thanks to its warm climate and breathtaking surroundings.

3.6 Going For A Sunset Cruise

A romantic and relaxing way to take in the beauty of the lake at sunset is to go on a sunset cruise at Lake Havasu Beach. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the sun setting over the lake on one of the many sunset cruises offered by area tour operators.

Visitors can enjoy refreshments and snacks on board a sunset boat while enjoying the lake and the mountains that surround it. A variety of species, including birds and fish, may be visible to visitors. They may also get the chance to learn about the history and ecology of the region from educated tour guides.

Overall, seeing the natural beauty of the outdoors and making everlasting memories can be done by enjoying a sunset boat at Lake Havasu Beach.

3.7 Taking A Boat Tour

lake havasu beach
Photo by Susan weber from Unsplash

One excellent approach to discovering the lake’s history and natural beauty is to take a boat tour at Lake Havasu Beach. Many tour operators in the area provide a range of boat experiences, including historical, wildlife, and scenic cruises.

Pontoon boats, speedboats, and luxury yachts are just a few of the different watercraft kinds that are available to visitors. Additionally, some boat cruises could provide onboard conveniences like refreshments, bathrooms, and even live entertainment.

Visitors can learn about the region’s history and animals while enjoying the breathtaking view of the lake and its neighboring mountains on a boat excursion. A variety of species, such as birds, fish, and even wild burros that reside in the area may be visible to visitors. Exploring Lake Havasu Beach and taking in the natural beauty of the area by boat is enjoyable and peaceful.

3.8 Playing in Beach Volleyball Courts

Beach volleyball is a well-liked sport at Lake Havasu Beach, and there are many volleyball nets and courts there that guests can utilize. A fun and social way to enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise while soaking up the Arizona sun is to play beach volleyball.

Many surrounding restaurants and bars offer outdoor seating with views of the volleyball courts, and visitors can bring their own volleyballs or rent one from a local vendor. On the beach, pickup games are frequently played, but vacationers can also plan their own games with friends and family.

A beautiful view of the lake and a laid-back environment can be found while playing beach volleyball at Lake Havasu Beach. Bring sunscreen, lots of water, and proper footwear if you plan to play in the sand.

3.9 Going on a Guided Kayak Tour

Photo by Susan weber from Unsplash

A wonderful way to discover the lake and its surrounding natural beauties is to take a kayak tour with a guide at Lake Havasu Beach. Numerous tour operators in the area provide guided kayak tours, giving tourists the chance to learn from knowledgeable experts about the lake’s biology, fauna, and history.

Kayaking is a relaxing and enjoyable way to enjoy nature, and Lake Havasu Beach has calm waters that are ideal for kayaking. Tours can take anything from a few hours to an entire day, and visitors can select from a range of kayak styles, including single and double kayaks.

Visitors can paddle along the lake’s shores while on a guided kayak excursion and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and local wildlife. Visitors may be taken by guides to isolated coves and beaches that are inaccessible by foot or car.

A wonderful and interesting way to appreciate Lake Havasu Beach’s beauty and learn about its distinct environment and history is to take a guided kayak tour. For kayaking, visitors should dress in the proper gear, bring a cap and lots of drinks, as well as bring sunscreen.

3.10 Having A Picnic

A selection of picnic sites, including shaded areas with tables and grills, are available at Lake Havasu Beach. Guests have the option of bringing their own food and beverages or ordering takeout from one of the neighboring cafes or restaurants. Also, the beach has wonderful lake views and lots of room for setting up a blanket and taking a leisurely picnic.

It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a romantic sunset or a bright afternoon. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and lots of water, and be aware of the “pack in, pack out” rule at the beach, which requires guests to carry their rubbish with them.

4. Best Food Options At Lake Havasu Beach

Photo by Alexander tran from Unsplash

The food culture in Lake Havasu City is fantastic and offers something for everyone. Try the fish tacos, which are a local favorite, if you enjoy seafood.

There are several options available for individuals who enjoy burgers, and many restaurants use fresh local meat. It’s also a necessity to try the BBQ at Lake Havasu City, which features delicious brisket, ribs, and pulled pig.

Try some of the local ice creams from one of the many ice cream shops if you’re in the mood for something sweet.

Also, there are many restaurants serving mouthwatering street tacos, burritos, and enchiladas for people who adore Mexican cuisine. Whatever you’re craving, Lake Havasu City has something to satisfy your taste.


Lake Havasu Beach in Lake Havasu City, AZ, is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun-filled and relaxing vacation.

With its beautiful beaches, including London Bridge Beach, Lake Havasu State Park, and Cattail Cove State Park, visitors can enjoy white sand beaches, sandy beachfront, and stunning coastline.

There are also plenty of recreational activities to enjoy, such as jet skiing, boating, swimming, and beach volleyball.

Those who prefer more peace can have a picnic or take a sunset cruise. The famous London Bridge and Bridgewater Channel are also nearby, providing a unique sightseeing experience.

With plenty of facilities like picnic areas, volleyball courts, exercise stations, and enclosed dog parks, Lake Havasu Beach caters to everyone’s needs.

Visitors can also explore the Arroyo Camino Interpretive Garden, Mohave Sunset Trail, and Rotary Community Park within walking distance. Lake Havasu’s crystal clear water and shoreline make it an ideal place for water activities and day use beach.

Lake Havasu Beach is easily accessible and an excellent spot for holiday weekends or day trips.

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