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Lahaina Baby Beach in Maui: Your One-Stop Travel Guide

Hawaii is the perfect beach holiday destination. The beaches are so unique and have something to offer. The Hawaiian archipelago contains 5 small islands. These include Maui, Honolulu, Kaua’i, Hawai’i, and Kalawao.

Maui is a Central Pacific Island. It is known as Maui County. As of 2020, the population of the island was 164,754.

Maui has several protected areas, beaches, towns, and a huge volcano known as Haleakala peak at 3,055 m on the eastern side of Maui. Some of the beaches here are Known as the baby beach in Maui.

Baby beaches are called so due to the calm water which is safe for children and young kids. Even babies can go snorkeling in this water. These baby beaches Maui is in Lahaina, Baldwin, and more.

Given below is everything to know about Lahaina Baby beach in Maui.

baby beach in maui
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1. Introduction –  Lahaina Baby Beach in Maui

Baby beaches are mainly for kids as the water is calm and serene. Lahaina Baby beach is also known as Pu’unoa Beach. It is situated in the center of Lahaina by Front St. This is the best baby beach in Maui for kids.

It is perfect for the kids to play around the ocean without fearing the big waves. The whole Lahaina beach is blocked by a big reef. The water here is shallow and clear, and the sand is soft without rocks.

The Lahaina beach has a protected area with no waves. Kids are even allowed to go snorkeling here at Lahaina beach. The beach is not crowded during the weekdays.

The cons of Lahaina Baby beach are that the parking is limited with a small sandy area. As the beach is safe and shallow, there are no lifeguards. Public restrooms are also not available here.

There are places to stay around here. There are condos in the condo complex around the beach.

2. How to Get to Lahaina Baby Beach?

To reach Maui Island, you have to take a flight to Honolulu International Airport on O’ahu. Then you have to further take a 30-minute flight to Maui’s airports.

The main airport is the Kahului Airport. There are 2 small ones, i.e., Kapalua Airport in the west of Maui and Hāna Airport in the east of Maui. There is also a ferry service daily to the nearby land of Lāna’i.

There are two ways to have beach access to Lahaina Baby beach in Maui, North, and south ends. The south entrance is at the Front St and Kai Pali Place intersection. Then turn to the ocean on Ala Moana Street.

baby beach in maui
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Pass the Jodo Mission with the Giant Buddha, park there are walk to the beach adjacent to it. The baby beach access starts there. It is near the Mala Wharf.

Parking is available by the north end. The south entrance offers street parking only. If you come early, parking is available on Kenui Street by Front Street. To park in the parking space, go to 99 Ala Moana St.

3. Things to Do in Baby Beach in Maui

There are many things to do at Baby Beach in Maui. These activities include swimming, jogging, sunbathing, and much more for family fun.

Given below are some of the activities preferred by tourists and local families.

3.1. Swimming

It is the most usual activity by the sea. The shallow water here is best for kids, beginners, and toddlers. The reefs and the clear water are great places to swim. It is quite beautiful too.

3.2. Snorkeling

While this isn’t the top spot for snorkeling, this can be a great place to learn and practice. As the water is shallow and the waves are not there, it is a pretty safe place to practice, even for kids.

You can occasionally see sea turtles, various fishes, monk seals, and more here.

baby beach in maui
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3.3. Sunbathe on the Beach

Sitting and laying on the beach and having a great time with family and friends is common here. There are always shaded spots for people to sit and sunbathe.

If you are with small children, then building sandcastles is often here, soak in the sun and see the boats in the ocean.

3.4. Go Paddleboarding

You can also go paddleboarding in Lahaina. You have to rent out a Stand-Up Paddleboard. It is a beginner-friendly place, and it can be even done together with kids.

4. Quick Tips & Tricks to Know Before Heading to Baby Beach Maui

There are some tips to have a better experience in the Lahaina baby beach Maui. This is a great beach for families. Below given are the tips:

  • Beware not to step on the corals. This might injure you and can kill the coral and the seaside along with it.

  • Bring your food and drinks. While food and drinks are available outside of the beach, it can be a walk which isn’t preferred.

  • Don’t litter the beach, an area with reefs and corals. It can also ruin the ambiance of the place.

  • When you go out in the water, make sure to try sunscreen that is not harmful to reefs. Try the Reef-safe sunscreen.

  • The safety of the kids is the responsibility of the elders. Even though it is a safe baby beach, make sure to look out for small injuries that can happen.

  • Bring beach umbrellas and chairs as it can get windy or sunny.

  • Bring a large bottle of shower water to wash your feet or body when you are done with the beach. It can be kept in the car also.

baby beach in maui
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5. Conclusion

Baby Beaches are one of the unique places to visit for kids. It gives little kids and toddlers the experience of being in the sea without any threat of getting hurt or hitting waves. Maui in Hawaii has almost 8 or so baby beaches.

Scenic tour with hyper lapse quickly shows all features of Baby Beach at Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 4K

It is a calm beach worth visiting if you are traveling as a family. It is a beautiful place with crystal clear and shallow waters. Lahaina near Front Street is one famous baby beach in Maui.

Make sure to visit the beautiful baby beach in Maui and have a great time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How to get to the Lahaina baby beach Maui?

Ans- There are two entrances to get Lahaina Baby beach. The entry is known as the Southern and Northern End.

Q.2. Why is it called a baby beach?

Ans- The baby beach is called so due to its shallow and clear water which is safe for kids and toddlers.

Q.3. Are there any Sharks in Lahaina Baby beach?

Ans- There are no sharks in the Lahaina Baby beach in Maui.

Q.4. Can non-swimmers snorkel in Maui?

Ans- Yes, you can go snorkeling in Maui without knowing how to swim, it is good to know swimming.

Q.5. How many baby beaches are there in Maui?

Ans- There are almost 8 or so baby beaches in Maui perfect for kids.

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