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12 Amazing Jump Rope Weight Loss Workouts for Beginners

Jump rope weight loss is in increased demand nowadays. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, to keep yourself fit and healthy, exercise is the best method.

These days, people focus on various gym training, high-intensity workouts, and calorie-deficit diets to lose weight. In childhood, jumping rope was my favorite game as kids but it has great benefits for adults too.

A jump rope weight loss workout is an effective way to lose weight and playfully burn calories.

Jump Rope Weight Loss Workouts

Jump rope weight loss workout, Jump rope or skipping rope is a sport or game in which a person jumps over a rope that is swung over with their hands; it passes under his feet and over his head in a repeated manner.

Earlier it was famous as a kid’s game but now it is considered a good workout or a sport because of its benefits. This workout is good to build and improve cardiovascular strength, lung capacity, and fast fat burn.

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A jump rope weight loss workout is a good way to perform High-Intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is a workout that combines short bursts of high-intensity exercise with periods of rest or low-intensity exercise.

A jump rope weight loss workout is helpful for those who have less time or for people who are not having gym facilities or special equipment. The amount of calories burned with a jump rope workout routine depends on the exercise duration, intensity, and person’s BMI and BMR.

For example, a 91 kg person loses 362 calories, if he jumps for 20 minutes at a fast pace, and 241 calories, if he jumps at a slow speed.

Weight Loss – Gaining Your Fitness Back!

Earlier it was considered that weight loss can easily be achieved by taking into account calorie intake and calories burnt out. But it is difficult and different from that a bit.

To achieve meaningful weight loss and a healthy body, you require a well-rounded approach by following a balanced diet, and proper exercise according to every person’s body type and health condition.

A person has to be calorie deficient to lose weight which can be achieved by eating fewer calories and losing more energy through movement and exercise, or their combination. The number of calories to be burned depends on a person’s body composition and calorie needs.

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According to research, a calorie deficit of 10-20% is sustainable for average people, supports weight loss, and maintains lean muscle mass. The ideal or suitable weight of a person depends upon his height and weight and it can be calculated with the help of the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Body mass index (BMI) is defined as the body mass (weight) divided by the square of the height of a person and its unit is kg/m². With this formula, one can calculate and categorize a person’s health status. Here is the chart.

  • Underweight- less than 18.5.
  • Normal body weight- 18.5- 24.9.
  • Overweight- 25 -29.9.
  • Obese – more than 30.

In general, the daily calorie requirement of a person is 2,200 calories. He needs to lose 10-20% i.e. 220-440 calories per day to maintain his weight. But a person who is living a sedentary life requires less calorie intake while a person with a highly physically active job requires more calorie intake.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories a body requires to perform its basic life-sustaining functions at rest. You can calculate it through the Harris-Benedict formula by considering the weight, height, age, and gender of a person.

  • Women’s BMR = 655 + (9.6 × weight in kg) + (1.8 × height in cm) – (4.7 × age in years).
  • Men’s BMR = 66 + (13.7 × weight in kg) + (5 × height in cm) – (6.8 × age in years).

So, it is the number of calories burnt at rest. By taking this into account you can maintain, lose or gain weight.

  • To maintain weight- calorie intake same as calories burnt.
  • To gain weight- calorie intake is more than calories burnt.
  • To lose weight- calorie intake is less than calories burnt.

A person with high BMR will easily lose weight than a person with low BMR. So, one should decide his diet, exercise routine by taking into account BMI and BMR, and other health conditions.

Types of Jump Rope Weight Loss Exercises

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1. Basic Jump Rope

These are for beginners. The basic one is made up of cotton yard or plastic with rubber or foam handles. They are thicker and heavier than speed ropes but lighter than weighted ones.

How To Jump Rope - 6 Basic Steps

It is cost-effective but provides a good workout. In this jump, one jumps with both feet over the rope on every revolution, swinging the rope forward.

2. Speed Jump Rope

These are light-weighted ropes and provide a faster jump rate, and more calorie burnout.

Speed Ropes vs. Regular PVC Jump Ropes: What Is The Best Skipping Rope To Use? (THE TRUTH)

It is made with a thin cord and ball-bearing handles which helps in the fast-spinning of rope. These are for advanced users who want fast fat loss.

3. Weighted Jump Rope

Extra weight integrated into the handle or cable makes the person exert more energy and do a vigorous workout that helps in building strength and burning more fat.

5 Reasons We Use Weighted Jump Ropes

It focuses on arm and shoulder workouts also. These are for an experienced jumper. It is slower than speed rope.

4. Beaded Rope (Segmented Jump Rope)

How to size your beaded rope?

It has a nylon or steel inner cord encased in plastic beads which add some weight to the rope. It is thick and slow, so good for warm-ups. It is tangle-free and adjustable.

5. Alternate Footstep Jump

Jump Rope Tutorial - Alternate Foot Step from Crossrope

It is the most effective and commonly used jump for high-intensity workouts and weight loss. In this jump, one jumps on one foot and then on the other while swinging the rope. 

6. Boxer Step Jump

This is side to side classic jump rope exercise popularized by boxers.

Learn The Jump Rope Boxer Skip

In this jumpy, there is a shift of weight from one side to another (left to right) constantly, and becomes helpful if one continues for a longer duration. It boosts cardio strength and improves endurance.

7. High Knees Jump


It is a higher intensity variation of alternate footstep jump. This causes higher heart pumping, increases cardiovascular strength, and quick fat burning.

8. Jump Rope Jacks

Jump Rope Tutorial - Jump Rope Jacks from Crossrope

It is a new and playful way of the basic jump that improves coordination.

9. Mummy Kicks Jump

Jump Rope Tutorial - Mummy Kicks [Crossrope]

It is the easiest jump for beginners.

10. Side Swing Jump

How To Jump Rope Side Swing Tutorial in 3 minutes

It is a simple one for beginners as it is done with low intensity.

11. Single-Foot Jump

It is a jump on a single foot for some duration then switching on the next.

Single Leg Jump Rope | Watch all active muscles

It improves balance, coordination, and ankle strength, but it stresses on calves muscles, so it should be practiced after mastering basic jumps.

12. Criss-cross Jump

Criss Cross Jump Rope Tutorial

It is for advanced users as it targets upper body muscles more effectively.

Other Types of Jump Rope Weight Loss Exercises

  • Half and Full Twist Jump.
  • Side Under Jump.
  • Heel-Toe Step.
  • Double Under.
  • Criss-cross Double Under.
  • Backward jump.

Posture While Doing Jump Rope Weight Exercise 

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  • Take the rope and measure it to your height. Stand on the middle of the rope, with the handle end extended to the armpits. Adjust the length as per your height.
  • Prepare your lower body for the jumping impact, while standing on the proper plain floor surface.
  • Hold your rope with hands near your hip height with slightly bent elbows. Keep the upper arm close to the sides. Chest out, shoulder back and down, and jump. Make small jumps and land on the feet balls jumping straight.
  • Slowly do this process repeatedly in a consistent rhythm and pace.
  • Gradually increase your speed after mastering on basics.

For Beginners

The duration and intensity of a jump rope weight loss workout depend upon the person’s physical activity. If a person is a regular workout person, then he can easily start this and it is advisable to start slow with low-intensity workout options.

Jump rope weight loss exercises
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30 seconds of consecutive jumping; or 50 reps at the interval for 3-4 times, should be done 2-3 times a week. If a person wants to do it every day, then the session should be short and of low intensity.

First, one should let his muscles adapt, get the proper form, and then gradually increase his pace and time of jump rope workout. 

Jump Rope Weight Loss Workout as a Daily Exercise Practice

First, one should focus on his personal fitness goals. A person’s goal differs from others, some want to build stamina, whereas some would want fast weight loss.

Two primary factors are there for jump rope weight loss workout are:

  1. Jumping duration.
  2. Jumping intensity.

For building endurance and stamina, one should focus on longer jumping duration at lower intensities. Such sessions can be of 20-60 minutes depending on the person as they are great for improving aerobic fitness.

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But, one should keep a check on his legs and body during long periods of jumping and understanding it and adjusting accordingly. You can do this type 3-4 times per week. For a longer-duration jump rope workout, a good jumping surface is essential.

If you want to burn fat, lose weight fast and get lean then you should focus on high jumping intensity. High-Intensity interval training is great as it increases heart rate, burns more calories, and turns your body into a fat-burning machine even after a workout.

The high intensity of jump rope imposes stress on your body, so one to three sessions per week will be good enough. 

You can mix up short and long-duration sessions of high and low intensities and will be able to reach your goals more efficiently.

Ways to Incorporate Jump Rope Workout

Jump Rope Tricks Beginners

    1. Warm-up jumping rope for 3-5 minutes at a moderately consistent pace is a good warm-up for our muscles before a workout.
    2. Finisher jumping rope at a fast pace with a short interval at the end of a workout will raise heart rate, and high and quick burnout of calories will occur which will be helpful.
    3. Mid-workout skipping rope for 30-60 seconds in between workout sessions will keep up the heart rate. The whole workout can also be a whole workout on its own if you have less time.
    4. A sedentary break is required to break the lethargy in a person. Jumping rope for a few minutes will add up and give a boost of endorphins. 

Benefits of Jump Rope Weight Loss Workout

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  1. It is great for cardiovascular fitness because jumping rope for some time increases your heart rate and respiratory rate to supply more blood to overall muscles. Thus, it strengthens your heart and lung capacity. 
  2. It helps in improving muscle strength as jumping rope involves your lower body muscles like buttocks, leg muscles, thighs, and calves, and upper body muscles like shoulder, biceps, and abdominal muscles too. Hence, it is a full-body workout routine.
  3. It helps in increasing your muscle strength, and muscle definition, improving muscular endurance, and slowly increasing your capacity to exercise for a longer duration.
  4. It improves bone mineral density and strength because when you jump on the ground, temporary stress is produced on the bone because of the reaction, thus helping in making bones more strong sense.
  5. It improves your reflexes because it increases explosive power for fast, quick, and sudden movements, which is beneficial in sports activities and otherwise also.
  6. It improves your coordination and balance because here you have to keep a constant rhythm and coordination of your arms, legs, and torso. Meanwhile, you have to keep a proper balance to maintain your center of gravity and push your feet off the ground in a repeated manner.
  7. A high-intensity workout is beneficial because jump rope burns fat more so more calories are burned in less time.
  8. It is economical as there is no need for expensive equipment. Just a rope and a pair of shoes are enough.
  9. It is portable because you can easily keep the jump rope with you and take it anywhere. You can do jump rope exercises on any ground because is no need for a gym or fields.
  10. It is not boring but fun. When exercise seems boring and feels like giving up, you can start a jumping rope workout routine and can spread it throughout your workout routine.

Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Jump Rope Exercise for Weightloss

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  1. While doing this exercise, you should take some precautions and avoid mistakes.
  2.  Consider any previous injury or health condition before starting this and take proper medical advice or guidance from experts or qualified trainers.
  3. Be attentive and take a proper posture, otherwise, injuries may occur.
  4. The gap between the ground and feet should be not too much, jump at low gaps.
  5. One should be soft on their feet because aggressive landing can cause injuries.
  6. One should start slowly with this exercise and gradually increase his speed so that his body and muscles get adapted to this.

Final Remarks

Being fit is very necessary, as it is key to a healthy life. A healthy body is an asset for one, and it has its own benefits.

Jumping rope is not just fitness equipment, it is fun-fitness equipment. We all played with a skipping rope when we were kids, and jumping rope is nothing different.

Jump rope weight loss exercises
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What is more beneficial about these jump ropes is that they can be used to remain fit for life. Jump rope weight loss exercises are proven to be very advantageous in losing extra weight and gaining a perfect figure!

12 Amazing Jump Rope Weight Loss Workouts for Beginners

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