Foot pics for men. Foot pics for men.

Is There A Market for Men’s Foot Pictures?

Foot fetish is one of the top three fetishes in the world, according to Psychology Today. Around 47% of people who admire body parts have a fetish for feet.

The market for women’s foot pictures is booming. Female models and performers earn thousands of dollars each month selling foot pictures and videos. 

Moreover, countless platforms have sprung up to allow females to sell foot pictures. 

However, can the same thing be said about men’s foot pictures? Are they in demand and allow male models to earn a livelihood?

Let’s explore. 

The Market for Women’s Foot Pictures

Women have no shortage of earning opportunities when it comes to selling foot pictures. Chrissy, an erotic content creator, makes $5,000 per month selling pictures of her feet

She uses platforms like Fun with Feet and OnlyFans. 

However, there is no limit to how much a single photograph can fetch. The rate depends on the buyer and how much they are willing to spend. 

For example, Tara Lynn Foxx sells a single picture for anything between $5 to $100. However, models like Madi Collins had even made $450 from one picture. 

Moreover, a collection of images can sell for even $1,000, as happened for Sophia West. Additionally, she got a $500 tip from her client. 

Women’s foot pictures are in high demand all across the world. They can make thousands of dollars each month just by selling images. 

Additionally, they can earn more by selling videos and custom content. 

Is There a Market for Men’s Feet Pictures?

It’s not very easy to come across data about the market for men’s foot pictures. However, we do have a few personal accounts that give us an idea of how much you may earn. 

Jason Stromm from Arizona, USA, a 35-year-old, makes $4,000 a month selling foot photos. He started his career as a webcam model when a fan asked exclusively for pictures of his feet.

Jason is now famous on Instagram, with over 5,000 followers. He also sells his content on OnlyFans since 2020. 

Fans pay $7.99 per month to buy Jason’s subscription on OnlyFans. Moreover, he earns more than $400 from feature videos and tips. 

Jason says male foot fetish has become a large and popular market worldwide in the adult industry. 

George Woodville, 20, is embarking on a similar path of success. He has promised to stay barefoot till the day he dies. 

George had a TikTok account where he shared his barefoot journeys across the town. He visited clubs, bars, restaurants, and any place imaginable without a pair of shoes. 

Soon, his TikTok fans started asking him for pictures of his feet. George created an OnlyFans account and now makes enough to pay his bills

Moreover, he plans to become a millionaire in a few years, selling his foot pictures. 

Who Buys Men’s Foot Pictures?

The personal accounts indicate a thriving market for men’s foot pictures. Moreover, men with any type and size of feet can jump into the profession. 

However, who buys pictures of men’s feet? Are they male or female?

Jason told Daily Mail 99% of his fans and followers are males. They are the ones to pay handsomely for his pictures and exclusive foot fetish videos. 

Additionally, he says an increasing number of women are now spending on male foot pictures. 

According to Psychology Today, gay and bisexual males find male feet sexually arousing. They find male feet arousing in the same way heterosexual males find female feet sexually exciting. 

As a result, a large part of men who buy men’s foot pictures may be gay or bisexual. 

A 2018 study throws some light on the preferences of queer folks. It is also believed that queer people are more into fetishes compared to the straight population. 

As per the study, 21% of bisexual and gay men have a foot fetish. In comparison, only 18% of heterosexual men fantasize sexually about feet. 

Interestingly, the study found 5% of heterosexual women fantasize about feet. That explains why Jason said more women are spending on pictures of male feet. 

Additionally, 11% of bisexual and gay women have a foot fetish. 

Where Can You Sell Men’s Foot Pictures?

A number of platforms allow men to sell foot pictures. The seller has to pay a monthly fee to host their content on these platforms. 

Some of the popular platforms to consider are:

Feet Finder

Feet Finder is another popular place to sell foot fetish pictures. It has over 1 million users and gives you a large market to sell your content. 

Moreover, anyone of any gender and ethnicity can sell on Feet Finder. 

Sellers keep 80% of their earnings, and the platform charges 20% as fees. 


OnlyFans is not a strict foot fetish platform. Rather, it is a place for creators, especially in the adult industry, to sell content for subscription. 

All the male models we talked about in our blog have an OnlyFans account. It can give you a large customer base to sell your content. 

Male models may even sell pictures on stock photo websites to earn additional income. 

Final Thoughts

 The market for men’s foot pictures is promising. A male model can sell their foot pictures for anything between $10 and $100. Moreover, stock photo websites, advertisers, and similar entities may pay for foot pictures. 

Popular models make up to $4,000 per month selling pictures and videos. They also earn from tips and selling image collections. 

Men are the top buyers of male foot fetish content. Additionally, a majority may be gay or bisexual. 

Moreover, an emerging number of women are splurging on foot fetish content. Therefore, the male foot fetish industry holds potential for newcomers to generate impressive income. 

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